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Despite major love for Gossip Girl from the fans and all corporations affiliated with the OMFG brand, the rumors of any solid plans for a Gossip spinoff are SNT (so not true).

After CW boss Dawn Ostroff hinted at the possibility of a Gossip Girl spinoff, there was big buzz in the media about the prospect of a new Gossip Girl series, and yesterday Star magazine reported that a Lily-and-Rufus-centric series would begin filming in February.

Again, so not true!

Unfortunately, Star mangled the story beyond recognition, and here's what really is happening...

Gossip Girl's producers and Warner Bros., the studio behind the series, tell us, "Contrary to the rumors and false reports breaking in the tabloids, there is no approved concept and/or confirmation of a Gossip Girl spinoff at this time."

If only Star magazine read this silly little gossip column we know called Watch with Kristin (check it out at kristin.eonline.com!), they would know that the Rufus-and-Lily-as-young-rockers stuff was never meant as a series concept, but rather that was a pitch for the Verizon-sponsored webisodes. And as executive producer Josh Schwartz first revealed to me a little while back, that concept was scrapped in favor of the upcoming Dorota webisodes! Holler.

Gossip Girl spinoff rumors are nothing new. There were rumors last season that Taylor Momsen's Little J might be getting a series of her own, but those were also debunked when Josh Schwartz told me back in June, "Not sure how this got out there, but no plans for spinoff at this moment. The books do have a spinoff, but we have nothing in the works right now other than making sure season two gets off to a great start."

According to inside sources, the network certainly would like to build on the success of its marquee series, but I'm told that producers want to focus on maintaining the high-quality Upper East Side stories as we know them know.

Not to mention, the characters of Jenny (Taylor) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) aren't widely accepted as fan favorites, and honestly, can you see any of the other regulars leaving the show? Maybe they can cast Amy Poehler if they do a new one...


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