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Top 9 - April 1 & 2


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1.Michael Johns crown him

2.Carly Smithson

3.Kristy Lee Cook

4.David Cook

5.Brooke White

6.Syesha Mercado

7.Jason Castro

8.Ramiele Malubay

9.David Archuleta


bottom two:Ramiele Malubay & Syesha Mercado

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We have just been notified that due to an action by the League of American Vocal Coaches, tonight's episode has been preempted. In its place will be a special hour of Moment of Truth staring Simon Cowell.

April Fools! This is American Idol!

We've not nine great performances in the next hour so lets hit the ground running and say hi to Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Simon Cowell. They're on hand to help you at home but tonight's contestants had someone else to lend advice, Dolly Parton.

We get a video review of Dolly's 40 years of supserstardom in both music and film and her interaction with the Idols.

Brooke White is up first tonight as we get to see her interaction with Dolly who thinks she has a warmth to her voice. Singing Joline and playing acoustic guitar, this was not surprisingly a straight country performance. There was not much to it and the chorus repeated too often, but how often do you get to see a violin and a washboard on the Idol stage. Randy said this music suits her voice but a few pitch problems, maybe a little rushed, but all right. Paula said she is consistent, her heart and soul went into it, excellent, wonderful and beautiful. Simon said what was lacking was any emotion, and went further to insult the on-stage accompanying trio.

David Cook is the second Idol to perform, and we got a peek at his meeting with Dolly, who said he seems secure with himself. Performing his own arrangement of Little Sparrow, this performance was magical from the start. Accompanying himself on acoustic guitar, this was a laid back, spellbinding rock version of a country song. Randy said he has shown his range with the falsetto, another hot, consistent performance. Paula liked his hair cut and she had never heard a guy do that song, fantastic, well rounded artist. Simon said not as good as last week, but if he can make a song about sparrows good, and he did, congratulations.

Up next was Ramiele Malubay, and we got a peek at her star struck meeting with Ms. Parton. Singing Do I Ever Cross Your Mind, the vocals were country enough but the performance seemed a bit uncertain, unenergetic. Randy said he wasn't jumping up and down but not mad either, a pretty good performance, a 6.5 out of 10. Paula said she had a great performance, connected with the audience and was having fun. Simon said we won't remember this in 10 years, it was cute and sung quite well but reminiscent of something seen on a cruise ship.

Performing fourth was Jason Castro, and we took a look Dolly's experience with the dreads. Singing Travelin Through and accompanying himself on the acoustic guitar, this was a simple but effective performance. Nothing that stood out either good or bad. Randy said it started out a little rough but be picked it up by the middle with a singer/songwriter vibe. Paula said this was one of his strongest performances, strong and rich, he let go and was confident. Simon didn't like it at all, sounded like the same song before, he didn't sing it well and the song didn't suit him.

The fifth performance came from Carly Smithson, and in our flashback to her experience with Dolly, she felt Carly's voice was perfect for the song, Here you Come Again. Slowing it down with an on-stage acoustic accompaniment, the voice was pure but the arrangement a little disjointed with only 90 seconds to perform a classic country ballad. The power finale end was a little pitch, and the whole performance didn't really showcase her talent. Randy said that will be one of the better performances of the night. Paula called it glorious, she is beautiful, that voice of hers. Simon said it was good but not great, that she needs to have a word with whomever is dressing her, she needs to start looking more like a star.

David Archuleta completed the middle trio of the night, and Dolly called his voice pure and emotional. Singing Appalachian Memories, this was perfectly slow ballad for him to showcase his vocals, his performance full of the emotional tug he was reaching for. Randy said he was back tonight and that was the best performance of the night. Paula said he had an amazing strong tone, a beautiful aura about him. Simon said this week he was absolutely on the money.

Next up was Christy Lee Cook, who met with Dolly who said she took a personal song and made it her own. Singing Coat of Many Colors, this as a traditional country performance but didn't do much more than tell the story. There was no fun in her voice, no pep in her vocals, just bland emotion where passion and love was expected. Randy said she gave a good performance, definitely her wheel house. Paula said she looked stunning, a beautiful performance, maybe her best. Simon thought last week was better, this was pleasant but forgettable.

After the break it was Syesha Mercado, of whom Dolly Parton said could take a simple song and make it hers. Singing I Will Always Love You, Sitting on top of the accompanying piano, it was a simple and pure vocal performance that walked the line between Dolly and Whitney, although there were there were a couple pitch problems before she hit the Whitney notes. But she won the audience the the long sustained semi-final note. Randy said she took on the biggest tiger of the night and did OK, it was all right. Paula said her voice has a velvety tone and she connected with the audience. Simon said this is one of the best songs ever written and while she got the first Dolly part right, the second part failed to compare with the Whitney version.

Closing out tonight's show was Michael Johns. John told Dolly he had seen her in concert back in 1986 (he was a baby), and she thought she could write some good songs for him. Singing Its All Wrong But Its All Right to a blues bass guitar, this sensual treat was both an unexpected and pleasurable performance with a message that will appeal to teenagers everywhere. Randy called it a blazing hot performance. Paula said he is a star, a rock star. Unfortunately, the show ran long and Paula was cut off in mid gush by Big Brother so I did not hear what Simon had to say.


Whose favorite performances of the night came from Michael, David and David...

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Tonight's performances

1. Michael Johns (I almost voted him at the bottom for that HIDEOUS purple ascot thing he was wearing but his performance just too good)

2. Carly Smithson (she was pretty much a tie with Michael for the best performance tonight, imo)

3. David Cook (great voice- ok song)

4. David Archuleta (nicely done)

5. Syesha Mercado (pretty good- she was much better at the beginning)

6. Brooke White (eh)

7. Kristy Lee Cook (forgettable)

8. Ramiele Malubay (boring)

9. Jason Castro (Will his songs ever stop sounding like they're all the same songs? I totally agreed with Simon.)

My guess for the bottom three: Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Kristy Lee Cook

Going home: my guess is Syesha, but it should be Jason or Kristy...or even Ramiele.

I'm pretty sure it'll be a lock for Michael, Carly, David C., David A. and Brooke in the top 5... but I've been wrong many times before :P

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1 Michael

2 Syesha

3 David C.

4 Kristy Lee

5 Carly

6 Jason

7 Brooke

8 David A.

9 Ramiele

Bottom 3: Ramiele, David A., Carly Home: Ramiele

Kristy Lee gets better and better each week, imo. Syesha doesn't get the credit she's due, imo. "I will always love you" has been done MANY times on Idol and besides Ms. Whitney herself and Dolly... I think it was the best rendition I've ever heard some one attempt on this show. Jason's voice was better than I've ever heard but, the song choice was horrible. David A. still has a beautiful voice but, I'm so over the sappiness. Michael had the perfect song and perfect vocals tonight. David C. might be the next American Idol. Carly's voice is just so damn amazing but, I totally agreed with Simon, she needs to work on her image and/or wardrobe. Ramiele, hun... it's time to go... and I hate saying that. Brooke, totally forgot about her twice tonight... I think that says a lot.

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i dont see any chance of david a. being bottom three imho

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the ascot was hideous indeed!

I want David Cook and Carly or Brooke for final 2!

I enjoy Jason...but I'm getting bored with the same routine from him each week...he can stick around for a while too, but any of the others can go home as far as I'm concerned.

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not shock

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Last night the top nine performed, tonight you send one of them back to real life. This is American Idol!

Is your favorite safe? We'll let you know over the course of a jam-packed night. Dolly Parton will sing live tonight. Plus we'll take your calls and get country music from a great new band, the Clark Brothers. And our judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

But we know who you really want to see. Singing 9 to 5, here are the American Idols! With a country kick in their step, the group song makes its appearance. Great song, can't say the same for the dance moves or the performances - some just aren't born to sing country - and the best part about is that it's over, although I haven't seen Archuleta smile that much when performing.

The votes are in so who is out? Before we get to the results lets take a look at last night's highlights. We watch a video of Dolly, the performances and the judges comments.

That was then, this is now. You know the drill, the sofa means safety, the seats are reserved for our bottom three. Nine contestants waiting nervously backstage.

Michael Johns, come on out. What did you decide? You sang It's All Wrong But It's All Right. America voted and you are safe. Take a seat. Congratulations. You are coming back next week

David Archuleta. You sang Smokey Mountain Memories. After the vote, you moved America, you are in the top 8, go take your seat.

Here is Carly Smithson. You sang Here You Come Again. You are no stranger to the bottom three. But not tonight, you are safe.

Three empty stools. Good news for Michael, David and Carly. Bad news could wait the six remaining back stage. More results after this break.

Your results are on the way plus Dolly Parton is on the way but now it is time to turn you on our judges and contestants, all of whom have been brought out for this segment. So lets go to the phones.

Line 3, Haley, 13yrs old from MI. What does Syesha miss most about home? Hanging out with friends and family, but AI is my family now.

Next we go to Robert in Belleville, NJ. For David Cook, if you could succeed at any other talent, what would it be and why? He wishes he were more organized, he's kind of a slob. My mom is in the audience and I am sure she will attest. As will my roommates (Michael and Jason agree).

Next we go to Line 7, Bill from LA for Randy. It seems like you've kind of worked with everybody. Is there someone you have not worked with before? Randy says he would love to do a song with whomever wins AI this year. Ryan asks who he would most like to work with from the remaining Idols. Randy says it would be a boy or a girl.

Line 9 for Michael Johns and/or David Cook. Is there a song you have to sing on the Idols tour this summer? They were supposed to do it during Dolly's week, but Islands In The Stream; David was going to sing Dolly's part. Truthfully, they haven't thought that far, they are just trying to get through week by week.

Mary, age 52, from Saugus, CA for Simon. Why do you feel it necessary to apologize after giving a negative critique? Mary, I like you! You're right! I'm never ever doing it again.

Now, there is definitely a country theme to tonight's results show and it gives me great pleasure to introduce these next three guys. They won the title on Fox's Next Big Band competition and they are set to take the charts by storm. Singing This Little Light Of Mine, the Clark Brothers! Not your father's rock-a-billy.

And then we go to the Ford Music Video, which pitted the Idols against some tough B-ball players. Naturally the Idols took it to the hoops and won this inner city rumble. And that game more time and energy to the Ford Music Video than it deserved.

And now it is time to go back to the results. The three people on the sofa are safe. Backstage are six increasingly nervous contestants.

How about David Cook. Lets go back to yesterday for a second. It was a tough day for you before you sang, and then there was a story that you were rushed to the hospital. What happened?

David says the whole thing got blown out of proportion: I have high blood pressure and it spiked. They took me to there as a precaution but I'm fine, I'm cool, I'm not going anywhere.

All right, you sang Little Sparrow. America voted and David, sofa, safety, congratulations.

Up next, Ramiele Malubay. You sang Do I Ever Cross Your Mind. After the vote, unfortunately you are the first in our bottom three tonight.

Christy Lee Cook, please come onto the stage. She thinks she is going over to the bottom three. She sang Coat of Many Colors. America voted and the note is leading you to the right place, take a seat next to Ramiele, you are in the bottom three.

Paula thought both of the girls in the bottom three had a good night. It comes down to whether they connect with the audience. Simon says wise words.

You guys are in control. Everyone on the sofa can relax, but there are three people waiting for the news that could, well, end their time with us. More results coming right after the break.

After a promo for American Idol Gives Back, one week from tonight, its back to American Idol.

Who is joining Christy Lee and Ramiele in the bottom three tonight? We'll find out in a moment. But first, its a live performance by Dolly Parton on this stage. We will continue with our country flavor. It seems that Nashville has been a draw for many of our past Idols.

We get a video of Idols in Nashville, the home of country music, including Bucky Covington, who did not have to win to be able to go and do something with himself, Phil Stacey who recorded an album due out April 29th, and one of Idol's original rockers, and Bo Bice who has had a rough few years in the hospital and after taking a year off to recuperate, built a recording studio, put out an album last October and had his first child, a boy who likes to bang the drums.

Now back to the competition, there is one stool waiting to be filled.

Let's bring out Syesha Mercado. You sang I Will Always Love You. After the vote, Syesha, America's decided that you are safe. Go and take a seat. Congratulations, Syesha.

Which leaves us with Brooke and Jason. One in the bottom three, the other is safe. Brooke, you sang Joline. Jason, you sang Travelin' Through. Brooke, I need you to stay with me, you are in the bottom three tonight. Jason, you are safe.

Christy and Ramiele, please join me center stage. America, this is your bottom three tonight. One of these roommates is going home.

Simon said this is absolutely right, he watched clips of the show again and he thinks honestly no one on the sofa should be with these girls now. Simon thinks he was right about everything last night. One of these faces is out of the competition, but which one we will have to wait until after the break to find out.

We have a quick promo for Idol Gives Back before a video of the troubles of growing up in Ethiopia in which two orphaned girls were separated on the street, one girl who was picked up by a charity supported by the $77m from Idol Gives Back. After a nearly hopeless search, the sisters find each other again and are of the streets. This is how your donations last year were put to work. Next week we will ask for your help again. Please give generously. April 9th, be there.

We are now delighted to bring to the Idol stage, singing Jesus and Gravity from her new album Backyard Barbie's, Dolly Parton!

After a trademark Dolly performance (she just kind of takes over), Dolly said she had such a great time with the contestants last night, and she sat at home and watched the performances. Dolly said she has Jesus and Ryan has Simon. Ryan said he got the short end of the stick.

It is time to get down to business. Ramiele, Christy Lee and Brooke are in the bottom three tonight. Randy thinks Ramiele will go home. Simon said it will not be Brooke, who is emotional on a number of levels. Let's get to the results.

Ryan sends Brooke to Safety. Now its to the final two, Christy and Ramiele.

After the nationwide vote, Christy, you are safe for another week. Ramiele leaves us tonight on American Idol.

We take a video look at Ramiele's journey on American Idol. With tears and a frown, Ryan calls up the audience to a standing ovation, and backed by the four remaining girls, she reprises her farewell performance.


Who felt Ramiele never felt comfortable with the musical genre...

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:animated_bouncy: OMG! did someone say Sanjaya! EEEEEEEEEEEEE! :animated_bouncy:



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