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April 7 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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8:57 - HGs in kt. Sharon and James working with food at the counter and the others are sitting chatting. Ryan getting into shower. Adam and Ry in BR now discussing allergies as Sheila and the girls are in kt discussing food. James has gone to the grill.

Adam asks James how long dinner will take. James says he doesn't know. Nat and Sheila discussing a fish recipe with mayonnaise - pronounced mAN AZE by Natalie -and wondering how to modify it for the grill. (*I do baked salmon with mayo and it's awesome!*) Adam went to HoH and is laying down. Sharon doing some dishes.

Nat says "Man that was a crazy dream!" Sheila says that they need one of those things to take garlic smell off your hands..it's almost like a stone. (uh, use a knife sheila..it's just stainless steel!)

9:10PM BBT: James teases Sharon by calling her the

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9:19Natalie and Sheila at grill and Nat asks what James is saying. Sheila says she doesn't care what he says, it's not working. He's going to try to stay here and it's not going to work. Sheila says it's me and you and Ryan baby. He just wants to stay.

(*really out now*)

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9:30 PM BBT: Ryan and Natalie are at the BBQ. Natalie says that Sheila told her James is trying to get her vote. Ryan tells her that James is trying to turn Sheila and Adam against Natalie. He says Adam told him that

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11:30PM BBT

Sheila, Adam and Natalie sitting on sofa in Bathroom, Ryan in DR and Sharon and James out at HT. Ryan comes out of DR and they call Adam in. Ryan joins bathroom group. Sheila says Adam is freaking out about not being able to play in HOH this week. They are going thru events in the house and how it made things change.

Ryan says When they tried to get me to backdoor Matty, and you (Sheila) talked sense into me, that's when the house split - says he would have been the odd man out if he did it. Natalie says she knew she had to start winning challenges after the disco ball comp.

James tells Sharon that before he leaves he is gonna try to pump everyone for info "since he is leaving" and then feed it all to Sharon. Says he is gonna campaign but it won't really do any good this week. He knows he is going. Tells her to watch out for Adam and Sheila - they are still a team he thinks. Sharon says if Natalie wins HOH then Sharon is gonna be the next to go.

11:45PM BBT

Natalie now called to DR.

12:10AM BBT

Ryan, Adam, Sharon planning Pool Party 2008 for tommorow. Sharon says I feel crippled. Adam says he usually walks alot outside and ryan says that adam only walks from grocey cart to his car. Sheila says something and adam tells her to shut her hole. Sharon laughs.

12:40AM BBT

Sharon just went to bed. James singing and grinning in the shower. Adam reading in HOH

12:45AM BBT

James out of shower and jumps in bed with Sharon to chat. They discuss the "most intense" thing that ever happened to them. Sharons most intense story is she almost died in a car wreck in October. James most intense story is a 'high speed motorcycle chase, with police hitting palm tree at 110 mpr and then jumping in the ocean and almost drowning. Sharon says well that tops mine! He also says his biggest regret was not going through with getting married. apparently there was some woman that he proposed to in some bar in LA, he said he was "young and left the girl (woman) in Florida, rode his bike to Los Angeles, she came out, loved it here, he proposed, then didn't go through with it, he was too young.

1:00AM BBT

Sharon now telling James about all her ex boyfriends other than Jacob. Everyone else appears to be sleeping but these two.

2:15AM BBT

James and Sharon still up talking. They are reminiscing about event that have happened in the games. James said he blames Chelsia for losing that first competition. She was trying to get the pillow to become the power couple but she quit and just dropped. Sharon asked who he would have put up. He says Matt and Nat, she says really! that would have changed the whole games. Then they discuss that since Neil would have still left, who would have Josh picked to come back. They crack up that it might have been Natalie. Then Sharon says "or Matt!" and they crack up again because they are thinking how Josh thought Matt was cute and how Matt would have reacted.

James goes to his own bed and now everyone appears to be asleep.

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5:15 am BBT: House guests still asleep.

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We're back. Sheila and Ryan are chatitng in the kitchen. James went back to bed after changing his mic. Sharon is making her bed. No sign of Natalie or Adam yet.

Natalie is in the bathroom. ADam is in the HoH still in bed. They're all doing ADLs.

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10:49am - (*my feeds sucking - in and out and undependable- this is just the bits and pieces I can get*)

I come in to Sheila on audio only discussing her Tylenol PM addiction and how since she has been in the BB house, she is not taking it and is sleeping so much better and deeply is dreaming very vivid dreams. (*then cut out again*) Her dreams are always about the game and last a long time.

Ryan says maybe Natalie is losing her psychic ability. Nat says something about petting lions or tigers like kitties. Ryan says he's getting some sun.

Sharon Nat and Sheila in BY. Sharon says the second they get into their cars to go home, everything will have seemed to happen so fast. The girls agree. They all discuss dreams. Nat says she has dreams of fans wanting autographs and Sheila says "That to me is weird. I find that strange". (*lol yeah right Sheila*) Talk goes to past competitions and Nat reliving her glory days.

Sheila wonders if they'll be allowed to send a birthday message to Matty. She says Parker's b-day was yesterday and they determiine he turned 27. Sheila says Parker works for TMZ and they're a big company and probably threw a good party for him. Sheila then says when you get older, you don't want parties, but in your 20s you love it. So Nat says "So you mean here no parties?" (*nice!*) And Sheila says "Oh here, yeah, but not out in bars and stuff! I stopped at 41 and now I have them privately."

Sheila says "This one I'll never forget!" (*wonder if she's getting one at all!?*)

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11:00 - Talk goes to Daniele and Nick and Sheila thinks Nick and Jen would have been a better couple. They discuss when Jen said Nick kissed her in the storage room and blah blah rehash. Sharon the knowledgable one. Sharon tells story of Jen being jealous of Nick hanging out with girls and it seems to me (*jmho*) that maybe she was making the connection between Jen/Nick and Natalie/Matty. Sheila says maybe Nick played Daniele and Jen both. Nat picks up on it a little and says "Like me and Matty?" Sheila says "they only show what they want you to see and the fact that he's hooked up with her now, come on. You can't tell me something wasn't going on." Sharon and Sheila say something happened...maybe at wrap party. Natalie just watching.

(*seems to be lots of talk of the wrap party this season...*)

11:05 - Sheila says "It really is like a soap opera isnt it?" Sharon and Nat agree. They say it definitely isn't scripted. Natalie says it's crazy here but it's fun crazy.

Natalie talks about the rain machine in the BY during a comp. She said she thought it would come down. They talk about how hard it rained.

BB - Houseguests, the LD is over.

They all go inside to see about changes and find the GPs were fed.

(*gotta run*)

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12:55 - The girls in the BR and Sheila is going on about how much stress she's under. She said if the Richter scale went to 100, she'd be at 99. They want to go outside, but apparently are on LD. Nat says maybe they're taking the tents down or something.

All the guys are sleeping.

Sharon doing a mini pedicure on herself as Sheila repairs a cabinet door. Sharon has something wrong with her toe and starts to tell how she messed it up quite a while ago while working in a DayCare center and we get FotH.

Back after 20 seconds or so and Sheila says she has successfully fixed the cabinet door as James exit the WC. Sheila just now realizing the wonders of the butter knife as a tool around the house. (*as every housewife knows!*) Sheila says she's impressed with herself.

They discuss James not washing his hands on way out of the WC. Sheila says "I know he ain't cookin' tonight!" James just standing in the red room (*maybe listening?*) More talk of Sharon's toe and dirty hands.

Sheila says one of the great things about the BB house is laying out and going into the pool.

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1:02 Girls still in BR. Sheila says thank God there are 3 girls here. She says the guys never hang out and talk. Sharon says she was asked if she ever had a one night stand and says no. Sheila says no, and if she did, she wouldn't tell. Nat says she would.

Sheila says she only reveals what she wants to. Talk goes to boyfriends.

James back in bed.

Sharon reveals she didn't have sex with Jacob til they were 19 and even then it wasn't planned. Sheila says she made one guy wait 15 yrs. But they had a breakup and he was married then divorced before she gave it up then she amends it to 10 years.

FotH again

Sharon says she met Jacob when she was 12 turning 13. She didn't even kiss Jacob til she was 17. Sheila is dumfounded and says "Girl your parents must be proud of you!" Sharon says she had kissed other guys though.

Sheila comments on how Sharon and Nat call guys boys and she calls them guys. They discuss when a guy is a man vs still a boy.


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1:10 Sharon talking Jacob and how this is the longest she hasn't talked to him and how it's opening her eyes and she has no need to speak to him. She says when she sees him she will be excited because she still loves him, but there is a difference with loving and being in love.

She and Nat ask what it was like when she saw him in BB house...she said she couldn't breathe and her heart stopped. She says Jacob told her he heard her voice before he came in so he was more prepared.

Sheila asks if there is a 4th couple since there are 4 colors. Shar and Nat say no. Shar thinks they wanted to form couples this season.

Sharon says the USMC called him to go back and he chose BB instead.

Sheila says it seems Sharon is doing well. Sharon says yes, because she is too busy being on block and playing game to think about it but she knows that she'll see him in a month. She says she and Jacob are best friends and he didn't have other friends and Sharon was his whole world.

(*I would so much rather report game talk guys, but there is none!*)

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1:14 Sheila says that not only does coming on BB benefit the player by getting them out of their world, but that it helps their "significant other" by them not being there to clean up their stuff and how their guy has to deal with their own shit.

Sheila says she and Sharon both are caretakers...sharon calls it co-dependency. Sheila calls it being motherly. They say it's best for their men that they aren't there to take care of them so they can grow up.

Meanwhile, Ry sleeping and James laying looking at red wall.

1:18 - Good lord, more talk about BB house as an escape from life for the caretaker and how single motherhood is so hard.

1:26 Sharon telling the Jacob saga without the details she can't discuss on TV. I haven't heard her talk this much personal stuff whole game! Sharon seems to be making her life VERY interesting by witholding details....interesting tactic.


BB- Houseguests, LD is over.

Nat goes to make a tuna sandwich and Sharon goes out to the BY. Sheila joins Nat in partaking of the tuna. Sheila using pita chips instead of bread.

Nat and Sheila agree Sharon's story is horrible but Sheila says she has stories like that too.

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1:36 more ex boyfriend talk in kt with Nat and Sheila before they join Sharon in the BY to hear her finish the epic saga of Jacob.

Guys still sleeping.

(*gotta run*)

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There has been a lot of sunning, sleeping and eating going on in the BB house.

Around 3pm Natalie told Sheila and Sharon that as long as one of the girls win HoH it

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4:00 PM BBT: Sharon and James in the kitchen, just chit chat... not much else. Talking about the girls being out sunbathing... They fix things to eat. Sharon tells James that he is the only one who eats that particular kind of soup, no one else has eaten it. He mumbles back to her. They fool around with the trash can. Sharon goes back outside and James is left sitting in the kitchen. (Im back from LA! It was a great trip, have to go back in two weeks for a few weeks, but until then, I am going to be updating like normal, after that i have to pray {help me Natalie} that my hotel has internet again! :) )

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Natalie now in the shower and Sheila, Sharon and James all sit on the side of the hot tub

Sharon asks if they are having tuna for dinner. Sheila says she is going to cook it and says Natalie is going to make pasta but Sheila doesnt want pasta, doesnt want anything heavy.

Sheila mentions people might not want fish two days in a row. James asks what food is back there and Sheila says lots of pasta, sauce, ground turkey and some pork - but mentions she doesnt eat pork. Says there is also brown rice and that would be good with the tuna.

Sharon says one more day with nothing to do, sitting around waiting for nothing.

Sheila says all there is to do is eat and lay in the sun.

Sheila mentions that you forget that you are HERE and that people are watching you and listening to all

of your conversations.

Sheila back in HT and James over by washing machine - Sheila tells him he may have to clean out the lint

because there is prob alot in there. Sharon back in HT. Sharon asks Sheila if she thinks Nat has the boys back.

Sharon mentions she has to know they are going to take her out. Sheila mentions she has made alot of enemies in the game, Chelsia, Josh and now James and if you go that will be four.

James back in HT and says the guys would most likely take you two because the guys cant beat her and Sheila says

what? James says again that they would probably take you two. all three back in the HT now. Plane flying overhead.

James says when the time comes and the person is up there then you just unload on them and that will be it and you will be half the house by then.

Sheila saying that Nat just tolerates her and that she doesnt have these conversations with the guys

like she does with us. James says she doesnt talk to them the same way.

Sheila asks Sharon if she has ever lied to her and Sharon says she hasnt.

Sheila thinks that Nat will put up S/S if Nat wins HOH and James says for sure

she wants to keep the guys. Sheila wonders what the guys are thinking - they want to take her to the end. James says I dont think so

Sheila - she doesnt want to lose to me because it would be pathetic? James say I hope you kick her ass.

Sheila says she will never turn on her but Nat will turn on her. She said she wouldnt turn on Adam like he turned on her and now she has to woman up. James says Adam did what he had to do.

Sheila says she understands why he (adam) did it - he wanted to give you (james) a chance and she respect Adam for that and it is dog eat dog now. everyone has to look out for themselves.

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5:30 PM BBT: Shelia and Sharon bashing Natalie in the Hottub. Shelia is talking a lot if smack on Natalie. Sharon is mainly just agreeing and then saying little comments that made Shelia go off again. Shelia is saying that she could not put up Ryan next week becuase he saved her (He didnt save her to keep her around, he saved her to get James out of the house... he played for him not her) Shelia says she needs to stop thinking like that though because she will go fast if she doesnt stop. Shelia tells Sharon that she trusts her the most in the house, Sharon responds by telling Shelia that she has nothing to hide.

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7:07 pm BBT - Adam and Sharon are doing dishes after tonights dinner... Sharon is putting up the leftovers... A ll is fairly silent... Adam - Good stuff... Shar - Yeah... James just came in from the BY and he looks like he is checking something out... Shar - Do you smell that? James - Yeah Shar - What is that???? James - I don't know, I just got in here... Nat just came in from the BR, Nat walks over to GP home and starts talking to them... Shar not knowing what to do with the leftover rice... Nat - Whats up piggy! It's ok! It's ok! Nat - Hi baller!!! Ry nowhere to be seen... Adam still doing dishes... Shar - Yay all this is done... sighs.... Nat went to kitchen and left... Adam - let that $hit soak... right? Shar - Yeah! Everything is done! Shar - getting all your stuff? Someone answers back to her - Yeah...

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