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April 3 - Live Feed Updates

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7:00 PM BBT: James, Shelia and Adam in the kitchen. Still alot of static over the nominations. James saying that he doesnt want to fight for his life. Shelia says that everyone is fighting for their lives. Shelia says she is going to go out and fight for her life. She tells Adam that she wants Adam to stand on the other side of the kitchen, Only a "W" Will make her feel better. Shelia says PoV is tomorrow. Shelia says she needs a glass of red wine because it does wonders. James says Ryan is pissed at him. James says if he wins he is going to keep it the same. James says that Shelia is not going home (He thought Joshuah was going to stay too though...) Shelia does not want anyone to flip off on her. She wants it to stop. She wants to play the game with little drama. Adam says he did a what if type of move.

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And Ryan has gotten through to Adam at 7:22 BBT on the pool table...

Ryan explains to Adam he got played and BB was an accessory (they kept Adam in DR after James cried all over HoH to get himself not nominated).

"Dude, I fucked up" (GEEE...ya think??--Chipmunk).

Ryan explains that James's word isn't good for anything. And he tells Adam Sheila had his back and now she doesn't.... and if James wins he'll go back on his word and take Sharon off block.

Adam "they fucked me in DR. they wouldn't let me out"

Ry "you still woulda been fine putting his ass up"


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Ry continues: (7:27 bbt)

"there aint no two fuckin happier people in the house than james and sharon right now.

adam "i'm screwed dude"

ry " he's a fuckin conman dude"

adam "we'll be fine"

ry "it will make the POV monumental dude...... The kid is thinking now...if he wins this house is totally flipped." Ry points out that he wouldnt be faced with the possibility of making a decision betw. ry and nat on Sun if he wins because sheila would be the pawn....

[iT'S OFFICIAL...***ADAM IS A FRIGGIN' MORON*** --chipmunk]

sharon comes out. conversation switches...

7:30 BBT.

Adam is walking around the BY pool table area looking kind of disturbed. He knows he got played and he says it a few times. Says "tomorrow we gotta win"

Ry "they better not tailor this shit to him" (referring to BB manipulating for James to win).

Adam "we can't risk it...w.e'll fucking do it...done... i dunno I fucked up"

Discussion of last week's POV.

Adam "i dunno. i dunno what i just did...idiot...they wouldnt let me out they fucked me over hard" (referring to bb)


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7:32 BBT in BY

Adam to Sharon "he's all pissed off...<referring to ry>...."

Sharon "we're not working together. it's my time to go"

Adam "I fucked myself"....

Sharon "i dunno. i dunno babe. i dont know what to tell you. i'm on the block. i can't help you.... so...."

<talk about the HT and cleanliness of HT>

back to game talk Adam " guess we'll find out tomorrow."

Shar "i dunno....i dunno what i think anymore"

Adam "think i did the right thing or wrong thing?"

Sharon waffles... "i dunno what right or wrong thing is."

Adam "you dont know the thing is you dont know."

sharon waffles again "hope i dont get screwed..."

Adam "me too..."

Sharon "this game is crazy. you dont know when people are gonna screw you....i could be walking about that door... i dunno. i think people underestimate my loyalty in this game.

Adam "i dont. i dont think you'll fuck me over"

shar "thats what's so amazing. i went on the block for josh...and he campaigned against me. and i was like wow... he campaigned against me...and i realized i will go on the block every single week unless i win HoH...i'm always the pawn.... i'm curious as to why i'm the chosen one in the bunch....third week in a row.... everything happens for a reason..if i walk out the door it was not my time... "

adam " who knows"....

shar "i hope you didnt put a target on yourself.

adam "i think i might have" [gee...ya think...???]

shar "i dunno i'm not psychic but i can see a lot of stuff going down soon..."

....Sharon continues talking about the vibe in the house...the instability.... being on the outside "like having the plague".... "i think you'll be a bigger target ifi i go home...i really dont know..but we'll see tomorrow. i'[m only one person"

adam "yeah...i fucked up...i did the wroong thing..."

sharon "i really dont know. i honestly think he'll stick to his word..."

adam "i just screwed myself in this game...i just screwed myself big time..."

sharon "well they're not going after the girls..t.hey're easy to beat... i dunno. i dunno babe...all i know is that i have six days left in this house... and if not... we'll see...i dunno man..."

<adam sighs in frustration>

Shar "so if james wins hoH he wont put you up..."

adam " idunno man. i guess not:

shar " he also told natalie he wouldnt put up matt..."

adam "that's different"

shar "i hope so...but now it's down to the wire."

adam "i dunno i fucked up."

shar "if you win pov will you put him up?"

adam "i dunno probably"

shar "it'd be a smart move.... " (sharon seems to advocate that which would be the safest for her...) " i dunno babe i really dont know"

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Sharon goes on about how she takes being on the block better..doesnt know why people get so mad. adam says that he fucked up again...she tells adam that this will give him more drive tomorrow.... tells him she thinks sheila will forgive him.... [fat chance***]

Feeds switch....

7:44 BBT Ry Nat and Sheila talking about the situation. They are rueing the day they brought James back in a box. Saying they're idiots for voting him back in....

Nat "i'm an idiot"

Sheila "it's not your fault. we can't redo it.... " Sheila says james made them turn on each other like he said he would....

Nat is going out to talk to adam....

sheila and ry stay inside...

feeds switch to nat in BY with adam and sharon " you did wrong" says nat to adam...

adam "i fucked up. they wouldnt let me outa the DR...they trapped me...i'm an idiot..."

Nat "ry or I are going home if he takes her off...james is a con artist...he likes to flip the house...he likes to be the wow factor..t.he surprise factor...he wont tell you he's using you until POV meeting...." And Nat tells Adam that he's going to mock him at POV...and James will use the whole "adam you cant play HoH" thing....

Adam admits several times he "fucked up".

Nat and Sharon "everything happens for a reason..."

Plane flies overhead...can't hear...

nat "i'm gonna kick ass in this POV...." discussion of POV....

Adam says "I think he'll keep it the same..." Nat reminds him of the Matty thing... Adam says he's different and he believes James.... now he's back " i dunno what i was thinkin'"

nat "cuz he was crying you a fuckin river..."

<ryan is sitting outside but not saying anything>

Adam " i fucked up"

(Adam is switching back and forth...trying to justify his move....****)

He brings up the DR again and how they trapped him and we get FotH again....

They're yelling to BB about their outdoor toys.... they want their toys....

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8:48 PM BBT: Shelia, Natalie, Adam in the Kitchen. Adam is getting the grilling over his poor nominations. Shelia is saying that if anyone but James wins, James MUST get put up and MUST leave, no campaignign. BB apparently told James that if he wins tomorrow he will be the first person in BB history to win four times in a row. Shelia asks Adam what the hell he was thinking when he didnt put her key in the box, he said that she will be safe regardless. Adam says he was conned. Alot of crap giving to Adam about the nominations.

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9:05 PM BBT: Shelia and Adam in the kitchen. Shelia yelling at Adam about James. Still same old stuff, putting Adam on the guilt trip... (Bye all! I am going to Los Angeles for the weekend for the Army Reserves, I dunno if there is internet at the hotel but if there isnt Ill see you all on Monday!)

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