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April 3 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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Thank you!

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Natalie and Adam are outside re-hashing the HoH and Josh's eviction and how upset Sharon was.

James is in bed and Sharon is on her bed reading her bible.

(I'm off to bed)

9:30ish BBT: Natalie and Adam are outside. Natalie says when she wins HoH next week she is going to put up Sheila and Sharon because the people who deserve to win this game are people who have won competitions and she is positive that next week will be endurance and she will win. Adam tells Natalie that he told the DR that the HoH competition was catered to James and they denied it and he said,

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11:00PM BBT

James in bed tossing and turning. Sharon is in the DR and all others are in HOH. Talking about what they showed on tonights show. Sheila just knows they showed James screaming at her and that no one stepped in to help her and how scared of him she was. ryan says he knew James wouldn't do anything physical so he just stayed out of it. Sharon gets out of DR and Natalie is called in.

Sheila is trying to understand why James would give Josh a "pity" vote but would not give Chelsia one last week.

11:15PM BBT

Sharon and James in bedroom with lights out talking. James says it sucks the way ppl isolate you, its part of strategy that he was supposed to leave 5 wks ago..sound sniffly like he's maybe been crying. Sharon says "This is so weird I don't like it. Are they all upstairs in the HOH? James says yeah. Sharon says they're picking us off one by one.

James and Sharon crying and saying how much they miss home. Sharon says, "You have no idea." James misses hugs. Sharon even misses Jacob's stupid ass. James says My heart's racing. I'm trying not to pump myself up but my body's already going to that state. It's times like these you turn to the Lord and ask for help and Sharon says I do that every day.


James and Sharon thinking they might have a luxury comp since there is an even number of girls and boys. James hopes so because he needs clothes really bad. Talk abot the things they miss about Chelsia (her lip curl) and Josh (his laugh and smile)

Adam and ryan also talking like they may have a luxury clothes comp. Ryan says Natalie and Sheila are in HOH listening to Adams music. Ryan says they are confused and think it is still their room!

12:30AM BBT

Everyone is getting ready for bed. Ryan and Adam snacking in kitchen. James and sharon in their own beds. Ryan is brushing teeth and heading to bed. Adam comes out of toilet washes his hands and tells ryan good night.

12:45AM BBT

Natalie to Sheila in the boat room: James needs to start being nice and start enjoying the rest of his time here. You don't know when your time is up so you need to enjoy every minute of it. Regardless of all the negative stuff around you, realize you're in the BB house and getting to experience something other people aren't getting to experience. Sheila: Yeah.

Ryan comes in. They're discussing which beds are more comfortable, they're annoyed that James and Sharon never fold up the fold away couches so that people can hang out in there. They just leave them out as beds, and they used to always sit on the couches, weeks ago, when there were still lots of people in the house. Ryan says James always rags on Sheila's age. Sheila said James' mom has only a two year age difference from her and Sheila looks so much better than her. Ryan says that if he was single in the house, he would totally hook up with Sheila. Sheila looks flattered. Says she likes being her age.

12:50AM BBT

ryan gets up from bed now and goes to Kitchen. Adam comes out of room and calls down to him. A asks Ry if he's eating and Ryan says "That's a good idea. Wanna party." Adam comes to KT. Nat joins them and starts digging into the easter basket candy.

Adam says tomorrow is a big day. Nat is discussing how many carbs are in one of the protein drinks, when to have carbs and protein in relation to your work out. Nat says both of her ex-boyfriends are trainers, had a female trainer for a year that had her on a great program. She's very knowledgeable about the subject, and Ryan is listening intently. She says she was ripped. Ryan says she needs to start working out more here. Nat says I can't do what I need to do without a pullup bar. Ryan asking lots of questions, and Nat is really animated. He's asking her if that was for the cheerleading, she says yeah and sort of changes the subject.

1:20 AM BBT

randon convo in the kitchen between Nat, Ryan and Adam . saying that they (big brother) favor James in the comps they start listing reason how bb favors james then we get FotH and Trivia.

1:40AM BBT

Nat looks at Matt's picture and says "Oh poor Matty, I miss Matty, I hope you're having fun in sequester. Now Ryan and Adam went in the BY and Natalie is whispering to different people's pictures on the memory wall

She says to each picture:

sorry Chelsia, you just weren't very nice.

Adam, you're the man.

Allison, you just could not be trusted.

Sheila, you better win something.

Crazy James, you're a psychotic evil doer that can't be trusted.

Parker. (doesn't say anything)

Alex, you're a nice guy.

Amanda, wonder if you're still watching.

Poor Matty, you did not deserve to go.

Natalie goes to brush her teeth. Ryan and Adam come back in and join her in the bathroom. Ryan says Natalie, now you can stop counting things. They laugh. Adam says it's going to be awkward when does the noms. Nat says no it won't, James is just being a sour apple. Ryan saying James thinks he owes him something.

2:00AM BBT

Everyone is in bed at this time. Adam reading his letter then goes to reading the Bible.

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2: 30 am BBT: Adam goes outside for a smoke and then back to HoH. Looks like it

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6:40 am BBT: Still sleeping.

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8:50AM BBT: Still FotH.

9:00AM BBT: Feeds are back and Sheila and Ryan are up and around. Ryan told Sheila there is probably a food competition today and Sheila says, "Don't say that! I need fooood!" FotH again.

9:10AM BBT: Natalie and Sharon are finally up for the day. Last time they showed Adam on the feeds he was in the HoH bed with the covers over his head. No sign of James yet. Sheila is cooking breakfast and Ryan is in the kitchen too. FotH again...

9:15AM BBT: Sharon feeds the "beeeebies" and Ryan has made the coffee. He and Sheila are sitting at the daisy table eating. Adam is up for the day. He's in the WC in the HoH room. General chit chat in the kitchen.

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9:55AM BBT: Sharon is back in the bed reading her bible. James is still sleeping. The rest are at the kitchen counter giving Natalie a hard tome about Matt and giving him BJs. Sheila makes a comment about night vision cameras and how they pickup a lot of stuff.

10:00AM BBT: Sheila just told Adam off for being negative and pulling her down just before a competition and tells Natalie she does it too. Sheila doesn't want to go on slop AGAIN.

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James is up and eating breakfast. Natalie is putting her clothes away in the pink room. Sharon is reading her bible. Sheila is doing the dishes in the kitchen.

James is now alone in the kitchen eating. Natalie is making her bed. No conversation on feeds.

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10:57 Sharon and James talking in KT. They're discussing votes and possibilities. James says he was thinking last night there is a reason he didn't win the HoH. Sharon says she's mad at herself because she blew the one she knew. James says he thinks he baited someone with the "don't win the HoH". Sharon says Josh will freak in the jury house if "she" comes next. (*I think the she is Sheila*) they talk about what videos will be shown. Nat walks through as Sharon and James are laughing.

Sharon asks if Julie made a comment about Natalie's shirt. Nat says no and goes over the questions from Julie. She leaves out the Chelsia remarks she made last night and focuses on the family part of the conversation. Nat, Sharon and James all talk about their families and how they're bragging on their BB kids.

Meanwhile- Ryan in HoH "crankin' on the tunes" as we used to say.

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11:04 Sheila and Nat in BR talking about counting items in the house while James and Sharon are in Kt talking about the schedule of the evicted houseguest. They talk about how Josh will have lots of plane time to think about what to say on the talk shows. Sharon wonders if Julie gets intimidated by people like Chelsia and Josh. Sharon says the only time she ever saw someone explode was DrWill saying he hated everyone, and then it wasn't even really an explosion. Sharon says since Josh said "I hate you all" that means he would elaborate and it appears she thinks that will happen on the talk shows.

Sheila talking to Nat about her grandmother. (sound issues on the feeds make it more irritating than usual) Sheila says she had a learning disability, and he brother also.

Just chit chat today...(will come back when they're kibbitzing!)

Sharon and James discussing the exact definition of "backdoored". Sharon says she thinks it can still happen, and James says not really. Sharon says when you think you're safe and then you're nominated, that's a backdoor.

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10:55 am BBT Came into to part a conversation between Nat who's in the bathroom and Sharon who's in the kitchen. Evidently, Nat must have been talking about her dad in the Navy cause Sharon said her her dad retired as a colonel at the top of the food chain (ok so that is up there but certainly not the very top of the chain). Nat tells a story about when she was little getting mad at her grandfather because he kept asking her to read things until she got it right. Finally she went up to her grandmother and said wasn't it time for her grandfather to go to work.

11:05 BBT Sheila and nat in bathroom on round couch. They are rehashing the hoh competition from yesterday. Whispering now so I can't tell what they are saying.

James & Sharon at kitchen table talking about sleeping. James says he heard her around 5 am. Now talking about people going off in the house. Sharon says she's never seen anyone explode in past bb seasons, except Will when he said I hate you all. Sharon thought Josh was going to explode when he was evicted. She says she saw the quiver in his lip that happens when he's about to cry or is so angry. She thought he was going to go out like Chelsia. James says he's never seen anything like that (referring to Chelsia).

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11:10 BBT Sheila & Nat in bathroom still. Sheila says how if they asked how many laps in the pool makes a mile she would have known that (um so would everyone else sheila). Sheila telling Nat how she never told her she was crazy for counting everything. Sheila says bb probably doesn't want them to guess what the competition is, that bb probably wants them to go out and be surprised. Nat says she likes to be prepared. Sheila says it was a lot of numbers and that's something she's not good at, numbers. Nat saying she's not good at reading instructions, she needs someone to visually show her and then she's locked in. Sheila not sure if her visual or audio is the best way for her to learn things. She admitted earlier that she has a learning disability that wasn't diagnosed when she was in school.

Sharon & James in kitchen. They must be on indoor lockdown because Sharon just said "I want to play cards. BB can we just go out back to get the cards."

sorry, my feed sound is really funky right now so it's very hard to understand them much of the time.

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11:16 Sharon and James in kt still and James remarks that they "never turned on anyone!" They believe their loyalty to the "James Gang" will win them votes. Sharon and James hope they'll be around to see Sheila and Natalie break. James says he wants to screw up the plan of the other side "I want to fuck it up real bad." and Sharon agrees. James says they need to kick butt in the POV. (*Sharon is so damned good at whispering! I can't hear half of what she says!*)

11:25 FotH - comp time?

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11:15 BBT James telling Sharon they watch out for each other and that's something to be said. Can't catch what he said before but he comes out and says "Those were true players. Not this $hit." Sharon ummm hmmmming. James talking about how they are all trying to work deals like Ryan and Natalie ect. He says he wants to f all of that up. F all of it up real bad. And he wants to work with Sharon. Sharon says umm hmmm it's interesting, we'll see. (could she be any more noncommittal)

Nat telling sheila about someone who was in a helicopter crash and paralyzed from the neck down. The person was told they would never walk again, but now he is walking, talking etc. Nat says her grandfather told her to never let people tell her she couldn't do anything. That she could do anything she wanted. I believe she is talking about the book(s) "the secret".

11:23 BBT feed switched to hoh room with adam & ryan. Ryan asks if adam heard anything downstairs. couldn't hear adam's answer. Ryan looks at adam's pictures and adam wonders what his mom was thinking with that "$hit", that he was only about 10 years old in that picture.

11:25 Foth on all feeds

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11:30 - Nat Sheila and Ry in BR discussing the wonders of Second Hand Stores! Now on to sports memoribilia and Steve Largent jersey Nat got for 95cents. (*I love 2nd hand stores!!*)

James and Sharon in kt area. James saying something about being the first one in the door and last one out. James says he's pumped. Sharon says "Wow, that's so crazy!"

James says either they hate him or they will not catch on. James said he wouldn't have even made sequester (after his first eviction).

Adam and Ry to HoH - Adam says BB told him do whatever you gotta do. I think adam is drinking a beer. ha! :food-smiley-005: (*It must be 5pm somewhere*) Ry asks if Adam has been to Amsterdam. Adam says yes then gets sexually explicit. (*sorry guys...I'm just not into reporting on this one*)

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11:28 all feeds come back onto Nat & Sheila on round couch. Sheila is talking about how she collects something, and she never collects anything but now she's thinking about selling them on ebay. Nat talking about selling her hooters outfits on ebay because girls are always looking for them for halloween costumes (smart thinking). She's sold her hooters shirts to her customers for $30-$50, she paid $12.95 for them. Sheila now saying she has old Mickey Mouse stuff that she is going to check on the prices of them. Nat can't remember the name of a seattle seahawks player and ryan helps her remember steve largent. Nat says that's it! She bought a steve largent jersey from goodwill for 95cents. just general chat about sports people.

11:33 feeds switch to james & sharon by mem wall. james talking about solo games not sure what he's saying. right when they went to solo games he was out. says he wouldn't have even gone to sequester.

11:35 feeds switch to Ryan and Adam in hoh. Complaining because "they said 90 minutes ages ago." Adam opens a beer and is sharing it with Ryan. Ryan reads Amsterdam on the bottle and asks Adam "you went to Amsterdam right?" Adam talking about being in amsterdam. Recounting how much it cost him for a woman in the red light district and how many times he paid for it. That the good ones get up early do their job and don't work late at night. Ryan says his boy is obsessed with the Bunny Ranch. (well let's see, this really isn't worth recounting but all 4 feeds are on them)

Out for a bit. Sounds like there will be a comp sometime soon.

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11:41- Adam and Ry in HoH still now discussing Hulk Hogan and Florida. Adam has shared his beer with Ry and now just finished it. They agree they're ready to go now and that the Amstel was "tasty bro".

Ry "cranks on the tunes" again while Adam is in HoHBR.

11:42 Feeds change to James in bed and Natalie and Sheila and Sharon talking in BR. They seem to be discussing siblings. Nat says Chelsia was REALLY making her mad. Sheila says she never saw it. Nat says if they hadn't been in the BB house, she would have socked her in the face and told her to shut up. Nat says she was the only one in the house to make her that mad because she just sounded like an ignorant fool and made fun of Nat. (*I had a friend who told me once he "doesn't laugh at people's stuff" - I thought it was funny and ridiculous to say that but apparently Chelsia does and it hurts people! *) Sheila says she's glad Nat didn't go off on Chelsia. Ryan enters and teases Nat by saying they had JD upstairs. Sounds like no one believes them. Sheila smells Ry's breath and says no way, it's coffee and beer!

Sharon in with James saying the girls were talking about how calm she is, etc. She says if they only knew. Sharon whispering again. Then loudly says "It's crazy!" Then she says "I think it comes out more further along." Ry interrrupts then leaves on his way through to wash his hair. Sharon says it's crazy to her and that the true her was the first 3 days. She says when she was laying in hammock with Jacob she was ripping on him but when she was brought back, she thought No. James says Chelsia, Josh and he didn't deal with anybody. Sharon says the first thing Josh said to her is "Oh my God you are not going to believe what's gone down." then told her about alliance with the James Gang. Sharon says she isn't allowed to talk about before she got into the house again. Says she was told to befriend "them" and stay cool with them.

James says Adam leaves a dirt taste in his mouth. Talks about Adam and what happened with Jacob and Adam saying he'll have James' back, then turning and the other game play of Adam's. James says "don't try and muscle me." James says he's playing it cool right now and he wants to earn Adam's eviction next week. He says if he doesn't, then he'll shake Adam's hand and walk out.

James says he chose the hard route in this game. Sharon says it all happened the way it was supposed to. They discuss Matt and how much influence he had and how different it would have been if Matt had gone right away.


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1:01 am BBT - Feeds showing HG's doing some strenuous work in the BY... weeding through mush and looking for items...

They are mushing through mashed potatoes... very messy odd food comp... haven't figured it quite out yet...

They are all huffing and puffing and being very supportive of one another (nice to see) They keep saying "James here are more potatoes"...

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