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Wednesday Live Show 3/26


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  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Chelsia
    • Sharon
  2. 2. Who will win HOH tonight?

    • Natalie
    • James
    • Ryan
    • Josh
    • Sheila
    • Chelsia (if not evicted)
    • Sharon (if not evicted)

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i don't want natalie to win. but if she does, and she probably will...it will at least be fun watching her get even more nutty and holier-than-thou than usual. i don't like the adam/ryan/sheila/nat side because nat and sheila make me nuts. adam...despite how much i hated his "retard" comment, and ryan i can take or leave. but if their side wins...is final 4... i will at least enjoy watching them all turn on eachother.

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Did I hear that there will be a double eviction tonight? I cant remeber how that works. Did Jessica and Eric leave at the same time last year-both people that were up on the block? That would really suck if Chelsia and Sharon both left. I really do not care for Sharon but I think after yesterday she is going to split from Josh and join the other side so in that respect we would need her for votes.

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Last year in the double eviction show, Jessica had just been evicted and in the fastward, Dick won HOH, nominated Eric and Jameka, Zack won POV (remember the dropping balls) and chose to keep the noms the same, and Eric was evicted. Zach won the next HOH, and Jameka the following week was evicted, leaving Zack, Dick and Dani the final three.

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seems there is always a dbl eviction at some point in the game, but it is always at a different time point each year, I myself would love love love to see it happen in a big surprise tonight, oh wouln't that be a hoot, I can wish can't I??

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please chelseia has to go, and I would love to see Sheila or Natalie win HOH just to watch the craziness that would ensue, and I really would love as a big surprise to have a dbl eviction tonight, I think it would be such a gas!!!!,lol

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Just a thought, if they had not brought James back (or Alex), they would not need to have a double eviction. Just a thought. Someone, can't remember who, said that this year James was going to win, b/c of Allison G. So I'm sure the HOH at the double eviction will be set up for James to win, if he's not evicted before hand.

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Thanks, Jem!

Still not sure , though.

In seasons past, there were episodes on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the Finale show was on Tuesday.

This year, we have shows on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays.

Maybe the Finale will end the season on Wednesday instead of Tuesday?

(That's April 30th, I think.)

Just gonna think out loud here as I type:

Final HoH is a 3-parter.

Part 1 is endurance, starts on Wednesday.

Sunday's show will reveal who wins part 1,

and will also show who won Part 2.

Then they will hold Part 3 (question-based comp) LIVE,

followed by the final 3 HoH evicting the last person.

This means we need one more episode to wrap it up,

and they need time to have the jury ask the final 2 their questions,

plus a little time for editing.

So yeah, if they do it the same way,

that gives them JUST enough time for editing,

BUT they CAN'T end it on a Sunday,

UNLESS they give us 2 hours in a row!

(And the second hour would be LIVE.)

Otherwise, they are going to have to put the LIVE Finale show on Tuesday (at 8pm instead of 9pm), Wednesday or Thursday.

Now I have to get someone to work backwards from there and see if they still will need to evict more than one houseguest a week from now until then, to get the numbers to work out. (I'll give it a crack myself, but um... I'm not that good at this kind of math!)

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5. Prizes:

a.) Grand Prize: (the "Grand Prize"):

A 3-Day/2-Night trip to Los Angeles, CA for the Grand Prize winner and a guest to attend the Big Brother 9 Finale. Grand Prize consists of round-trip coach air transportation for winner and guest to Los Angeles, CA from a single major U.S. gateway airport nearest winner's home (as determined by Sponsor), double occupancy standard hotel accommodations for two (2) nights in Los Angeles, two tickets to the Big Brother 9 Finale, transfers in Los Angeles from hotel to Finale and an American Express Gift Card for $500 (ARV $4000). Finale tentatively scheduled for 4/29/08 and is subject to change.


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