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Top 10 - March 25th & 26th


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1.Michael Johns lights out performance

2.David Cook balls to turn a mj song into rock

3.Syesha Mercado best pure vocals

4.Kristy Lee Cook much improve getting better each week

5.Chikezie Eze good vocals

6.Carly Smithson good not great midrange performance

7.Ramiele Malubay doesnt connect with song she outsings the song

8.Brooke White one trick pony same mellow song each week piano is her clutch imho idol needs to limit the use of instruments

9.David Archuleta even simon jumping off this sinking ship

10.Jason Castro bad instrument playing and horrible vocals


bottom two : jason castro and ramiele

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Just gonna go out on a limb and predict that number 10 on my list is Kristy Lee Cook.

LOL- you and I will most likely have the same number 10 then! She's going to have to give an absolutely AMAZING performance to move up to the number 8 or 9 spot on my list-or someone else will have to give an absolutely dreadful performance...

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very good week for a few and horrible for a few

paula as a judge is a disgrace to the show

i like the guys a bit more tonight

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1. David Cook

2. Syesha Mercado

3. Kristy Lee Cook

4. Michael Johns

5. Carly Smithson

6. Brook White

7. David Archuleta

8. Jason Castro

9. Chikezie Eze

10.Ramiele Malubay

Bottom 3: Ramiele, Chikezie and Carly. Leaving: Ramiele

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They made it to the top ten. They secured their place on the national tour. Their next goal is the Nokia Theater LA Live. The countdown to the finale has begun. This is American Idol!

Ricky and the band are ready to roll tonight. And it gives me great pleasure to introduce to your our superstar judges, Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. But its these people you are rooting for. Say hello to the Top Ten!

Here they are, the faces you love. Tonight's theme is The Year You Were Born, which gives tonight's contestants a huge spectrum from which to choose their songs. Song selection is going to be vital.

Singing first is Ramiele Malubay, born September, 1987 in Saudi Arabia, singing Heart's Alone. A quiet intro to a simple piano accompaniment, she kicked up a notch, blending in with the background singers. But the performance was kind off wooden and a little slow. Randy said it was not the right song choice, too big of a song, a little pitchy all over the place. Paula is glad America has heard you sing, because that song was hard to sing while sick. Simon didn't think it was as bad as Randy said, the first song was OK, the middle a little shrieky and shouty, but if you got through on last week's appalling performance, you will get through on this one as well.

Jason Castro is up next, born in March,1987 in Dallas, TX. singing Sting's Fragile on his birthday. Playing the acoustic guitar, the vocals were a breathy, capturing the emotion of the song. The performance was not bad, but it did not really stand out. Randy said it was a good choice of song, he liked the little Spanish thing, a nice little song although it didn't do much for him vocally. Paula said he is staying true to who he is, it wasn't different or wow, a little safe in the zone. Simon said he has had 2 bad weeks and its time he started taking the competition a little more seriously; that was like someone performing outside the subway station, too laid back, too much in your own world.

Up next was Syesha Mercado, born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, January, 1987, singing If I Were Your Woman by Alicia Keys. The beginning seemed a bit pitchy, but it could just be the song. She had a bit of stage presence working to tell her story, and the power vocals were running at full strength. But the whole thing just seemed to be a bit off key. Randy said it was a good moment for her, the best she has sung including the audition, stellar, unbelievable, shocked, another competitor in the competition. Paula said this will be the moment everyone remembers she flipped it and became the dark horse competitor, from the high to the lows, pitch perfect tone. Simon said the end was not as good as Randy thought; there is a limit on the vocal and she stretched it.

Next to perform was Chikezie, born in September, 1985 in Los Angeles, CA, singing If Only For One Night by Luther Vandross. Taking risk again on a ballad, the were pitch problems all over the place, maybe from the knees shaking. The performance set the mood, and the vocals emoted the story well. But this one did not work for me. Randy said it was very old school, not his hip and cool vibe, kind of boring. Paula said he is a throwback, but its a good throwback and the upper had amazing texture to his vocals. Simon said he sang it well but the performance was very cheesy, you were singing for yourself and didn't show any originality.

Closing out the first half of the show was Brook White, June 1983, singing Every Breath You Take by the Police. After a false start at the piano, she delivered a sultry country version of this Sting classic. She picked up the energy at the piano and the vocals, but lost a little pitch and melody control the more complicated the orchestration became. After a great start, by the end, I was not impressed. Randy said it was interesting song choice, the front part was pretty good but the arrangement after the bridge was not that great. Paula enjoyed it so much more than last week's and they want contestants who are unique, her voice is unique. Simon said if she had just stayed with her on the piano, it would have been cool, good enough to stay next week, the first half was fantastic.

The second half of the night began with Michael Johns, born October 1978 in Perth Australia, singing We Will Rock You by Queen. The first to rock out this evening, the strobes were on overdrive as he started out hard then dialed it back for the lyrical portion, building back up to the We Are The Champions. I think it was a good performance, the audience certainly liked it but it seemed a little pitchy in places, or maybe it was just the difference between a British and Australian accent. Randy said finally he believed in himself and used his big old voice, the best performance since he's been on the show. Paula said he found his right song, his shining moment. Simon said this is the first time he saw star potential because he just got it right, he looked confident, he performed well, the only memorable performance so far of the night.

Carly Smithson, born in September 1983 in Dublin Ireland, came next, singing Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse Of The Heart. With vocals that were a little edgy in keeping with the song, she worked well with her backup singer and then exploded into the main portion of the song. May only complaint was that when she dialed it back for the finale, she didn't go far enough and then went all funky with the ending. Randy thought it was an interesting song choice, didn't really love it especially that sharp note at the end, it was just OK. Paula admires that she can take any song she is not crazy about, make her a believer and she'll go buy it, she loved the end because it shows she is willing to stretch herself, she could do no wrong tonight. Simon said something didn't quite work, she was so tense during the performance that he didn't enjoy it; parts were sung very well but you have to just lighten up a little bit.

Performing 8th was David Archuleta, born December 1990 in Miami, FL, singing John Farnham's Your The Voice. Bouncing on his toes, it was a energetic performance that started low a little pitchy but then picked up when he hit the chorus. Then he hit his power vocal and showed some emotional range in a high energy climax. Randy said it was a strange song choice, but it proves once again he can sing whatever, very nice, very nice, very nice. Paula said they were all trying to figure out the song, but he can sing the phone book and they would follow him. Simon said he sang it well in parts but he didn't like the performance at all, reminiscent of a theme park performance, one of those ghastly songs you sing with animated creatures and everyone joins in; the song wasn't him.

Second to last only in sequence came Christy Lee Cook, born January 1984 in Seattle, Washington, singing G-d Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood. The vocals were pure and pitch perfect until the power vocals kicked in at the end, which is important because you don't want to mess with patriotism. But I am not sure this song belonged in the Idol competition, where it sounded like every other July 4th performance. Randy said other than some pitchy spots it was a really good performance, a great song selection. Paula said a very poignant and respectful song, a good choice for her; she has seen better performances but her voice is growing stronger and she just needs to watch the pitch problems. Simon said it was her best performance by a mile, and that was the most clever song choice he has heard in years, overall a good performance that will keep her in the competition.

Closing the show was David Cook, born December 1982, singing Chris Cornell's version of Billy Jean. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, the song started out slow and breathy and it was a breath of fresh air from the Michael Jackson pop version. With the gravelly voice and a deliberate beat, this was an incredible signature performance that showcased every ounce of talent he could muster. Randy said he is the most original, most bold, and with that performance, he might be the one to win it all, hot, blazing molten hot. Paula said she was blown away, how smart he was, how brave he was, how willing he was to stretch the boundaries, right to the edge without going over, he is brilliant and can win it all. Simon said that was brave, could have been insane or amazing and it was amazing.


Who thinks the top three performances go to David Cook, Michael Johns and Carly Smithson...

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1. David Cook -Absolutely phenomenal. He totally turned Michael Jackson's Billy Jeaninto a unique and completely different rendition of the song-loved it!

2. Michael Johns - when the song first started I thought- oh no, he's going to sing a Queen/Freddie Mercury song- but he actually did a great job!

3. Carly Smithson - I disagreed with Simon- I really liked her performance, all except for the ending, that is.

4. Syesha Mercado - she keeps improving with each performance.

5. Chikezie Eze - Unlike Simon, I liked his "old school" performance and his voice keeps growing on me. I hope he doesn't go home yet!

6. David Archuleta- eh, it was ok- what was that song anyway? I'm with Simon and I'm betting his dad picked it out (to try and appeal to the tv audience).

7. Brooke White- I didn't think she was that bad but I did agree with Randy and Simon that she shouldn't have had the band come in in the middle of the song.

8. Kristy Lee Cook -Wow, I actually didn't put her in last place! I did think her song was just a bit too "clever" though, as Simon put it. (pandering for votes)

9. Ramiele Malubay - I feel bad for her because she was sick so that's why I cut her some slack and put her at my #9 spot. Her performance was really dreadful though.

10. Jason Castro- Very bland performance. He's such a likeable, cute guy but his songs all sound the same. I just can't see anyone buying his music-seeing him in concert, maybe. Buying his cd-no.

I'm guessing the bottom 3 will be: Ramiele, Chikezie and Kristy. I'd like to see it be: Ramiele, Kristy and Jason.

I'm guessing Ramiele will be leaving. I'd like it to be: Kristy. (I'm really hoping it won't be Chikezie!)

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I don't have time to go through the entire list. I have a theory about who is going home though. Ramiele definetly had the worst performance of the night. Whether it was because she's sick or not, I don't know. But it was bad. Kristy on the other hand, sang pretty good. However, I predict it will be Kristy going home. She's been bottom 2 for like the last 3 weeks. She doesn't have a huge fan base. Ramielle has probably every Filipino in the nation voting for her. So I can see Kristy going home this week.

My props to David Cook. I liked him before, but after last night he blew me away.

I wasn't impressed with Michael Johns. He looks like he's taking a dump when he sings.

David A lost my vote. He's a great singer, but Dave stick with songs people know and like. He needs to stop dancing too.

Jason was Jason. I like him, but he needs to change it up.

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I wasn't impressed with Michael Johns. He looks like he's taking a dump when he sings


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I think Carly and Cook had the two best preformances, I dont know why randy and Simon didnt like it.. I will be really upset if she is bottom 3 again..

Bottom 3

Kristy, Rambiel, and Jason

I will be happy if any of them leave, but hoping its Kristy or Jason.

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So far we know that Chikieze is bottom 3. Carly and Brooke are safe.

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Oh I thought it came on at 8 east... Thats good.. Im really glad Carly is save!! I like brooke too.

prediction.. Chickeezie- kristy- Rambiel bottom 3 (thats what I said earlier on.. lets see if im right)

Keep us updated please.. :D

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Syesha bottom 3. Michael, David A. and David C. are safe.

So to recap:

Bottom 3: Chikezie, Syesha

Safe: Carly, Brooke, Michael, David A. and David C.

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pure bs at bottom 2

no matter what idol board i visit i see folks giving david a. props even when he stinks

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Jason was the final contestant in bottom 3.

But, he's safe and so it's either Syesha or Chikezie that's going home.

Chikezie is gone!!!

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Ten, ten, do it again, you're no Idol, ten, ten, do it again, you're no Idol.

Which of these contestants will sing on this stage for the last time? How did you do? Who is headed home? What happened with the votes? This is American Idol!

Your votes have been counted, over 30,000,000 the highest this season for a single show. But still, it is the end of the road for one of our contestants. Tonight we'll head behind the scenes with our Idols, we'll take more of your calls and Kimberly Locke is here to sing. The judges are ready to pitch in: Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

Last night's theme was the year they were born, so now they are going to take us back to where they started from. Its your Top Ten Idols in tonight's group song, Right Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale. The performance had kind of an Up With People feel (which made Archuleta feel at home) and was not as bad as some others. But still, it was a group song. 'Nuff said.

After the break we get a behind the scenes look at recording sessions for the iTunes session recordings. If you are into super huge audio boards, then this was exciting. If you area really into the Idols, it was fun. If you just want the results, it was agonizing. A lot of work go into those songs, and the contestants pulled out all the stops on last night's show. Before we get to the results, here are the performance highlights and judges' comments.

If the contestants make it to the sofa, they are safe for another week. If I send them to the stools, then they are in the bottom three and could be going home this week.

Chikezie to the stage, please. You sang If Only For One Night. America voted and Chikezie, you are pointing to the stools. You're right, you're in the bottom three tonight. He could survive, he could go home.

Brooke White, ladies and gentlemen. Is she going to join Chikezie. You sang Every Breath You Take. America voted and Brooke, you may sit down on the sofas, you are safe. Congratulations Brooke White.

Carly Smithson, center stage. You sang Total Eclipse Of The Heart. It was emotional for you last week during the results show. And its an emotional night for you tonight as well. Is there something you want to tell us? Apparently I am pregnant, Carly says, but I'm not she replies, waiving her hands emphatically. Carly, you're safe. Congratulations.

Now, shifting gears. What's up with Chikezie? Chikezie may be safe tonight but there are still two more to share the jeopardy with him. We'll find out whose taking those two spots next to Chikezie live, after the break.

When we come back, we get I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick for the Ford commercial.

Now, back to your results. Brooke and Carly are safe. Chikezie is first into the bottom three tonight. Who is joining him?

Please welcome to the stage David Archuleta. You sang Your The Voice. America voted, they liked your fun, you are safe. Go to the sofa.

Ladies and gentlemen, David Cook. You sang Billy Jean. Chris Cornell loved it. So did the judges. America voted. You took the risk. It paid off. Head to the sofa.

Syesha Mercado. You sang If I Were Your Woman. America voted and disagreed with Randy and Paula, you are in the bottom three tonight.

Ladies and gentlemen, now Michael Johns. Good to see ya mate. You sang We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Congratulations, you are heading to the sofas, you are safe.

Take a look over there on the couches, they are very happy. They are meeting Dolly Parton by the way next week. Chikezie and Syesha, not smiling so much right now but we still need one person to join them. We'll find out who that is, and take your calls plus Kimberly Locke is singing on this stage next.

Now we put everyone back onto the sofa of safety as we take your calls.

Question for Chikezie from Sara in Atlanta. You have such a great personality, are you single? I am currently very very single, he says.

Nicole in Ohio for David Archuleta. Why did you choose Your The Voice last night. David says it was one of his all time favorite songs, everything about it, words, music, I love it so much and thought it would be great to sing it on stage. I don't know why it was so weired that I picked it.

Ari from Danville, CA with a question for Simon. What do I need to do to take Ryan Seacrests job. The good news is you don't need a lot of talent. There is a chance for everyone.

Caitlin from New Mexico with a question for Brooke. Who would you duet with? John Mayer.

Vanessa from Kingwood, Texas for Simon. Do you consider yourself the most attractive person on the show and why? It's not what I say it's what other people say.

Now its Ryan's pleasure to welcome back Season Two's top 3 contestant, Kimberly Locke. But first, a look back at her Idol journey and her success since then. Here she is singing Fall, ladies and gentlemen, Kimberly Locke.

Idol gives back Wednesday April 9th with stars galore including Brad Pitt, Fergie and John Legend. They will help us top the $76m raised last year. With the help of our sponsor Exxon, we showed how you helped in Africa. This week we look at how you helped in our own back yard. With your generosity yo have helped change thousands of lives right here, at the Boys and Girls Club. Thanks to your donations, you have given other kids a safe place to play and study after school.

Your generosity didn't stop there, supplying food to desperately hungry people all over America. Three new medical mobile units are treating kids across the country thanks to you. And you kept on giving when you saw in Kentucky how one book can really change lives. Since last year, you have helped over 13,000 kids in impoverished neighborhoods improve their reading skills. And even when disaster struck in California, in Tennessee during the tornados, emergency support and shelter were there because of you.

America, we couldn't have done all this without you.

Back to tonight's show. Chikezie and Syesha are in the bottom three and could head home tonight. We need one more person.

Ramiele Malubay, ladies and gentlemen. You sang Hello. You pushed out enough, you are safe. Head to the sofa.

Jason Castro and Christy Lee Cook. One of you is going to the sofas, the other will be in the bottom three on the stools.

Let's start with Jason. You sang Fragile. Christy, you sang God Bless The USA. Lee Greenwood actually did call and say he was very proud of you. America voted and Christy, you are safe. Jason is in the bottom three this week.

Syesha, Chikezie, please join Jason on the stage. America, this is your bottom three.

Paula said at this stage, someone has to go and you are all so talented, it could be anyone's cut-off at some point. Jason had a feeling and has been freaked out all day.

Jason, you are safe.

Which now leaves us with Syesha and Chikezie. One of them edges closer to the finale, the other is pushed out of the competition. And we will give you those results after this break.

Chikezie and Syesha are waiting to find out their destiny. Simon says Chikezie's biggest hurdle is that there are probably better performers in the competition. But the reason he is here tonight is song choice. Randy and Paula said that Syesha was brilliant last night.

What has the nation decided? Chikezie and Syesha, America voted and after the highest vote this season for a single show, Syesha, you are safe. Chikezie leaves us tonight on American Idol.

Chikezie, ladies and gentlemen. Let's take a look at your journey on American Idol. And then Chikezie reprises his farewell performance of If Only For One Night.


Who will see y'all again next week...

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I was afraid it would be Chikezie but was really hoping it wouldn't be! :( Oh well, I knew he probably wouldn't last much longer but was hoping he'd make it past Kristy, Ramiele and Jason at the very least.

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Didn't get a chance to watch what they did this week ... but caught the last 1/2 hour of last nites show.

I'm glad Jason squeaked thru.

Don't know why.. but, I kinda like the kid.

Hope he gets a toe-hold in the business by being on the show.

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Pokey, you know you love those blue eyes of his..........AHA........You must have that tropical drink with the umbrella in it........you sitting under the cabana too,aren't you :animated_rotfl:

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I love his blue eyes and I think he can sing but he needs to step it up, sometimes he just sings too softly, he needs to put some more into it.

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