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Friday, March 21st

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I doubt they'll ever assign a sound crew to monitor the feeds. That would cost them money. And the way it is now, People are paying for the raw footage.

It's simple business. Why spend money if you've already got the profit margin?

Would increasing the quality of the feeds increase subscriptions? Highly doubtful. So if it doesn't increase profits, it's pretty hard to justify spending money and dipping into the existing profit margin.

Frankly, If it didn't require the use of realplayer, I would have the feeds. I don't like being forced to use one media player over another.

Realplayer wreaks havoc on my comp. and conflicts with other software I have installed.

So unless that's changed, I wont have the feeds.

I think a way they may possibly be able to increase their profits would be to offer 2 types of feeds. The existing ones, with the existing price. And then a set with a soundcrew edit. So that you can hear whispering and filter out blanket swooshings and the like. Available for a higher cost. to pay for the sound editing.

Of course, Then people would jump on their crazy conspiracy theories and claim that the sound crew edited out pertinent information. blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, Guess that's a bad idea after all.

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I don't mean BB should go spending money or do anything special. I want them to an it's easy and free. BB already tells HG "move their mic up or put your mic on" when they can't hear so they can tell HG if they want to whisper they must move their mic up near their mouth, chin etc the the live feeds and BBAD can hear and keep up on any plans or any secret alliances etc.

Part of BB requirements to be on the show are must be able to live in the house for 100 days and have every thing they do or say be seen and heard by BB and all of America that is watches the show.

It's a free easy fix and we won't say I can't make out what they're saying or try an turn the sound up to try to hear.

I tried closed caption but most of the whispering they can't get, that would have been good if it worked.

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I wish Natalie was chosen to play POV. I'm afraid that the rest of them won't be able to beat James or Chelsia. I hope neither one of them wins POV.

But, if it comes down to a choice between James and Chelsia, I hope Chelsia wins because I really want Matt to greet James at the door of the sequester house. Plus it will be more drama if James says on the block!

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