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March 31 - Live Feed Updates

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My first post!!!!

James, Josh and Sahron in the HT. Josh is saying that he is going to tell the HG's when he leaves that He and Neil were real life partners and Neil had to leave because their adoptive son was sick.

9:04PM BBT: Josh/Sharon/James still at the HT. If Sharon stays her & James are going to act like they don't like each other. James says their side is due to win an HoH. Sharon says it will be funny if they send home one of their own. Like if Sheila wins HoH & nominates James & Adam & James wins POV & she puts up Ryan. Then they will have to send home one of their own. James says they are all pissed at him because he took out their boy Matt.

James (a 21 year old) claims to have owned a mortgage company, a sign company, & a magazine in his past. He says the mortgage company was developing some kind of online software that would act as the broker. He said the company employed 35 people but then the mortgage crisis started. (I guess that's when he opted for a career in gay porn)

They talk about what America thought of Chelsia when she went all crazy before leaving. Sharon says they probably didn't like Chelsia smashing the Easter eggs on such a Christian holiday. They say it would be so fun for them to all go to Vegas together.

9:22PM BBT: Sharon acting like she doesn't know if she is staying or going. Josh saying he knows Sheila is keeping Sharon & Adam votes with Sheila & Ryan won't want to go against them so that's 3 votes to keep Sharon. Sharon tells Josh he doesn't realize how much she loves him. Josh says he feels exactly like Chelsia because he knows there is nothing he can do to stop him leaving the house. Sharon says "No one would ever put their life on the line for anyone in this game. I am the only one in the history of fucking BB that would do that." eyeroll Josh says he knows. They head inside.

9:28PM BBT: Sheila/Nat/Ryan/Adam in HoH. Adam says he thinks Chelsia is smokin. Nat says she's gross & who would want to touch her besides James. Nat say Chelsia's the one that's rode hard. Sheila says she didn't even know what "rode hard" meant & wonders what bar Chelsia heard that in. Nat says some white trash bar.

On the spyscreen they see James sitting at the chess board & Sheila says if they talk loud in HoH James can hear & he is sitting there trying to listen. Adam starts yelling "rode hard" in a funny voice over & over & James gets a funny look on his face when he says it. In HoH they are laughing as they watch James on the spyscreen.

Sheila says it would be great if it was just the 4 of them in the house. They would have so much fun. Well... until they had to turn on each other & nominate on another. They are laughing & having a good time up there.

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9:59 BBT

Adam and Ryan in KT talking. Adam tells Ryan that they have to tell Sharon she is going home if she does not agree to put up James if she gets HoH. (seems they have not watched the show before they got on...b/c at this point all people play POV and that is really what matters) :animated_wave:

Ryan telling Adam he is wrong..something about a pizza. (who knows)

Sharon came through the KT and was telling Ryan and Adam DR told them they could not go to sleep yet as they were going to be called into the DR/.

Ryan saying to Adam its to early to go to bed. Adam saying he going to take a shower b/c there is nothing better to do but, ryan asks him to go work out first. Adam mummbles something that I could not understand he is now primping in the mirror in the Bathroom.

They are both bored and asking each other what is the plan. They are both wanting to work out but, do not feel like it . Ryan is asking him again to go work out.

Sharon and Josh in bedroom not talking just sittin in bed not talking in the dark.

(guys I am out... watching BBAD tonight is like watching paint dry) :party_smilie:

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10:15 pm BBT: Nat & Sheila in HoH talking about James being on an island. Sheila says they are screwed if James wins HoH. Sheila thinks James will go after her & Adam but if Sharon stays Sheila stands a better chance of staying because she really believes Sharon hates James. They talk of who they can put on the block against James if they win HoH. Sheila says Adam doesn't want to be put up. Nat says put Sharon up as a pawn she's not really on our side anyway & only came over when her side started falling apart. Sheila tells Nat that Sharon will be on the "girls" side though.

10:35 pm BBT: Sheila says it's good if Josh leaves & Sharon has no one to lean on but the girls. James has a big mouth & Sharon will tell them everything he says. Nat goes off on a God & the numbers (8's & 9's tonight) schpeel.

Sheila wonders what is going on in the outside world & what all the bloggers are saying. Sheila doesn't think she wants to read what the bloggers are saying about her.

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(My feeds have been horrible tonight... sound and video cutting out but...)

11:10 pm BBT: There's nothing really to report that I've heard or seen, in the last hour. Just a lot of NOTHING. Ryan and Adam playing pool. Natalie getting ready for a bath. House guests are being called to DR, one by one. Josh, James and Sharon have been in bed. Ryan and Adam go and lay down. Talk about pickles the cameras, etc. Ryan gets up to some pickles. Nat in the tub now. Like I said... NOTHING. lol

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11:10 pm BBT: There's nothing really to report that I've heard or seen, in the last hour. Just a whole lot of NOTHING; Ryan and Adam are playing pool, Natalie getting ready for a bath. House guests are being called to DR, one by one. Josh, James and Sharon have been in bed. Ryan and Adam go and lay down. Talk about pickles, the cameras, etc. Ryan gets up to some pickles. Nat is in the tub shaving. Like I said... NOTHING is going on.

11:30 pm BBT: Sheila makes a comment to Adam about not having any couth

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12:30AM BBT

James is in kitchen eating slop. Nat telling James how Sheila said she doesn't want James to start again with the pranks. James says sheila hates him and he loves it! Nat tells him Sheila knows they switched beds because hers is broken now. James laughing. Seems attentive now that she's talking about Sheila. He was quiet and unresponsive the whole time before that.

1:00AM BBT

Nat and James still talking in kitchen. Nat: you actually handled the block pretty well. James: first time was pretty rough, then it started getting better. i don't care at this point. i played the scenarios in my head and seems like adam has a great set up but at the same time he doesn't. Nat tells James she's scared if James wins HOH(?) because he might put her up. He says he doesn't know. It's Adam and Sheila that really want to gun for me. That's what I feel. Ryan is not as entrenched as you three are.

Natalie tells him she is not going to vote for Joshuah and James says then you are going to vote by who is on whose side? She says she is voting on how they treated her.

Natalie heads to bed. Everyone asleep except for James.

Next 2 hours are nothing but James, eating pickles, splashing in HT, then in to shower, he apparently pleasures himself in shower, eating more pickles. He just now 3:05 AM BBT gets in bed but is not asleep. (so glad we had storms tonight or I might have missed all of this excitement!)

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BBT 10:34 - HGs getting up and moving around. Sharon and Sheila laying in the sun. Ry in bed in pink room with pillow over his face.

Sheila tells Sharon that it's amazing how people are in this game and it's all personality. She says people confuse what this game is about and people are critical of "game play" and she says that the relationships and respect are what it's about. She thinks it's a combination of a lot of things in this game. Winning competitions is important but how you treat people and what you know about them is a factor. She thinks it's weird that people don't form relationships and act mean. Sheila says she didn't have a strategy. She says there are times she wanted to leave the game, but it was because of people, not the game itself and James and the ridicule and torment and all that Josh has done to her. She says she judged Adam at first and her true colors really showed. She says Adam is a good person.

She talks about Matty and how she is the only one besides Natalie who truly knows him and how James is a jerk and Matt never did anything to him. She says Matt has more character than James will ever have and that's what this game is about. Sheila is teary-eyed and Sharon says something great will happen to Matt outside of the house.

Sheila says she doesn't want James to win. She says if he wins (next HoH), she will know this game is not for her. She says James came into house and turned off everyone and no one has liked him from the beginning. She asks Sharon to keep her mouth shut - even to Josh. Sharon says she doesn't talk to Josh anymore (yeah sure Buck). Sharon says she knows no one likes James.

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10:46 Sheila still going on about the game being about knowing people and not all about the competitions. She goes on and on and then uses ED and Danielle as an example of how the lesser of the "evels" will win. (hehehe) Sheila says Danielle got 2nd because she lied to everyone. If this game were really about the competitions, Danielle would have won.

Sheila says James will get to the end of the game, and he will get $50K and not more because he was a jerk. She thinks Chelsia and Joshuah are the only ones who will vote for James to get the 1/2 million. She talks about James' rant on being alone now and an island and how it was a play (no kidding?). She says she did feel sorry for him because that's the kind of person she is.

She goes on to talk about Parker and Jen. Sharon just ummm humming.

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10:56 Sheila and Sharon still sunning. Sheila going off on Chelsia now. Sharon playing along. Sheila mocks Chelsia and says she thought she was a little bad-ass. Sharon says that's how she was. They agree that James was her strength. Sheila says James was like a Messiah "honestly how do you live with yourself?" They talk about "I am God" on his butt.

Sharon says James will put up Natalie if he gets HoH and maybe will backdoor Sheila. She says he won't waste an HoH over someone small and that's why he got Matt because Matt was a big fish.

Sheila says she wants James out for her birthday because it's too stressful to be around him.

Sharon thinks James has two weeks maximum left. She says if there is a double eviction, that will be the time they vote him out because he won't have a chance for POV.

Sheila says James will be rattled when Joshuah walks out the door and that she will stay on Ryan and Adam and make sure that happens. Sharon says she's already been reassured by Ryan. Sharon asks

"Why would James be pushing for Josh so much if he didn't care?"

Sheila says Ryan deserves to go to the end because he's a nice guy and has played a good game. Sharon asks if she would vote for Ry to win the 1/2 mil and Sheila says yes over James or Adam but not Natalie or Sharon. Sheila says she would vote gender lines! (OMG! Feminazi) She backtracks and says maybe Adam would get her vote to win because of what he wants to do with money -Dental clinic for Autistic kids. More talk about who would do what with money.

Sheila goes onto now how women need the money more and how everyone would see a female on the block as more needy. (OMG! Double Standard from Sheila...feminazi who plays the weak woman card when to her advantage!)

They discuss how James would piss away the money. Sheila says she did the same when she was young and now she's 45 and has learned a lot and has struggled financially and she's learned that no one will take care of her. Sheila says her son's dad hasn't helped or payed child support and hasn't been in her son's life. She goes on to say they were living together for 2-3 yrs when she kicked him out because he had become violent due to steroid use and he went to Florida to record an album and she found out she was pregnant.

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11:13 Sharon and Sheila still in BY and Sharon says Jacob's dad is awesome and has been there for her through all that Jacob put her through. Back to Sheila's kid and his Godfather and how hard it is to be a single parent. (you picked it from day one, dumbass!)

She goes on about her son and that "He has a huge heart like me..he's a good person." Sheila getting teary-eyed again missing her son.

11:17 Nat up and around in HoH. Sharon and Sheila talking about how life is hard and Sharon says she can't talk about last year but it was devestating. Sheila brings it back to her and how it was harder for her with a dog and a kid....blah blah blah. Sharon says she almost died in October '07 - that her number was up in a car accident. She says it was bad and went to worse to horrible. Sharon says it was Sept, Oct and Nov '07 that were horrid. Sharon says she can't discuss it due to legal issues. Sheila goes back to how she had horrible stuff happen too. (To give Sheila benefit, does she bond with people by telling them her issues and making hers more horrid than theirs?)

11:23 Nat peeks out into the BY and says she'll be out in a minute.

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11:26 Nat joins the girls and they ask what Josh was saying to her. She says nothing really. Nat says James said that everyone is gunning for him every week and it's better for him to work alone than with an obvious alliance and Nat says she called him out and said he's always had people he's workiing with. Nat says James said Whatever and Nat said "The only reason you're so Pissed is because your side of the house is falling apart and now you want to say you're on an island by yourself" Nat says James said he doesn't care about anything and Nat says BS that he wants Josh to stay.

More about conversation. James apparently said he's got his own game now and is not playing for Chelsia. The girls go "Yeah right, whatever." Sharon says she's part of Team Christ! Sharon says James is freaking out and has been talking shit behind her back each of the three times she was on the block and now she's done. They say his reverse psychology isn't working. Nat says James said "If there are two from your side at the end, our four will choose the winner." Sharon says "yeah, right...our alliance was inside the house, not outside." Nat says she would choose whoever treated her better if it were two from their side. She says James says then that's the way he'll play it. Sharon comments that he's playing Nat's game now and not his own. Sheila says NO ONE will vote him to win the 1/2 mil. Nat says James said he knows he won't win but wants to get to the end.

Natalie said Josh told her if she's in final 2, she will have his vote. (desparate move?)

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11:34 Sharon said last night James said he knows he'll go on the double eviction if not before. Nat says James was trying to scare her about her group turning on her. Sheila says Nat doesn't have to make deals because she's a strong competitor. More talk about "scenarials" from Sheila. Sharon says if James and Ry were on block and Ry pull himself off, put Sharon up and then James wouldn't have any votes at all! Sheila says Adam doesn't want to go up against James. They talk about the fear that if James were to win POV whoever was the pawn would end up screwed. Sharon says the guys will stick together and so will the girls. Sheila talking about if she wins HoH. Sheila bitches about verbal abuse. Sheila says either Adam or Ry would have to go on block to get James out.

Sharon says the reason she has to go up against James is because if not, he will tell everyone he has Sharon's vote and then it will scare everyone. They need him to have no leverage at all.

Sheila says now that she doesn't have a problem putting James on block - "He doesn't scare me!" (make up your damned mind, Sheila)

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11:45 Sharon warning Sheila and Nat that Josh may go off again. He does have a speech before eviction. She says last night he was complaining and said he was ready to snap. Sharon said Josh said he was 5 mins from pushing panic button. Sharon says she told him to chill out and then he got called to the DR. Sharon said he won't get farther in the game by being irritated all the time. She says he gets antsy and frustrated and trapped. She said he knows he's not going to win. Nat reiterates that Josh told her he has her vote and that he's sorry for what he's done. Sharon points out his mood swings.

The guys are all still in bed.

Girls still talking about the James Gang (*rofl*) Sheila says the centerfold with the big crotch sent them out! They go on about James' tattoos and what kind of person puts a tattoo like that on their arm and what do you tell your kids someday? Sharon and Sheila admit to tattoos but they're hidden and Sheila says people definitely regret them and she's done with them. Nat says she will design her own and maybe it'll be a BB9 tattoo.

Sheila shows her tattoo and says she designed it herself - it's an angel. She says her middle name is Angelina and after she did the movie with Johnny Depp they all went across the street from the wrap party went and got tattoos where he got his to celebrate J.Depp. (finally something interesting from Sheila!)

(*Thanks Mod! Glad to be back!!*)

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12:00 - Guys still in bed, ladies in BY. Personal chat a lot about God...no game talk. Sheila dominating conversation.


12:06 back to more of the same for a second then FotH again.... and back again to God Talk with the Girls.

Nat talks about her childhood and being teased. Her teachers said she was a loner with no friends. She says she talked to God 24/7 asking "Why me?" Sharon says that's sad and Nat says she knows. FotH again and BB apparently warned about specific names etc.

Sheila says she has it the hardest here because it's her life and she can't even talk about it. Sharon says they can talk in sequester.

Nat and James (who's sleeping) get called to change their batteries. Sheila says something I can't hear then Sharon starts talking about one of Jacob's exs and we get FotH again! Sharon says she's never talked bad about anyone but Jacob and it's just what happened.

Sheila says it's hard living here and not being able to talk about anything but game.

12:21 talk about dreams in BY...guys STILL in bed even tho lights are on.

12:27 BB - Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door.

Nat says HA all the guys are still sleeping!

Sheila goes inside to do something and the guys are finally moving around. And at 12:28 we get FotH and then back quickly

James laying in the boat with the red robe on again.

12:44 LD is over. James and Josh back to bed.

BB - James.....

Josh says he wonders what that was for.

(*out for now..someone take over*)

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12:46PM BBT Boys all went outside for lockdown & found place to sleep. Then just as quickly, LD was over. Boys got up & Josh/James back to bed. Ryan still on couch in BY, but talking to girls & Adam. Adam walking around BY. BB voice says.."James...." then nothing... they all wonder what that was for, but James just slept through it. Nat now in pool talking to girls tanning. Sharon complaining about hunger. Nat/Sheila complaining of being bored.

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Sheila/Sharon talking about James thinking Adam is more of a physical/mental threat than Ryan. Talking about how Ryan told Sharon he's getting Josh out. Sharon says, sure why would he keep guys here, they're more of a threat.

Adam walks into BY & says loudly, "Good morning, ladies!" All girls in unison, "Good morning, Adam!" They say they were just talking about how much they love him & his sexy body. Adam's sure he's just their entertainment.

Sheila reminding everyone for the hundredth time this morning that she's going to be 46 in 11 days. She's now telling Sharon she (Sheila) will be at Nat's wedding & the birth of her child. She sees Nat getting married & having kids in 5 yrs. She says Sharon will hold off for a little bit, but will wind up having a house like the Brady Bunch, filled w/ kids. Sharon agrees. They talk about Allison marrying "John" (don't know who that is), but when they start talking about him in detail, we get FOTH (maybe he didn't sign releases). Come back from FOTH & still talking about John & hoping he'll be a wrap party w/ Allison.

Sharon says Adam will have girls lined up for him when he gets out of house. Sheila says, I don't know, the baby food may have turned some of them off.

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