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March 28 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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9:07 pm BBT: Sharon in HoH listening to music. James in his bed. Shelia, Josh & Natalie in HT. Adam standing outside beside the HT. They are all rehashing Chelsea's goodbye comments. Shelia admitting that she "didn't get it" (about some of the comments Chelsia made). Not sure where Ryan is, he was sitting on the bed just a few minutes earlier.

(I'm out for the night)

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9:19PM BBT: The mild Chelsia bashing with a bit of James removal strategy thrown in for good measure is still going on. Sharon comes out. Nat decides to go in the sauna.

Sharon tells Josh she is going to win HoH next week. She's scared to do it but she is going to do it. She says if her & Josh are the last 2 standing she will throw it to him though. She says her & Josh have to rotate winning HoH from here on out. Sharon says she will nominate Ryan & Adam & she even has her HoH speech ready.

Sheila is telling the house guests in the BY that after her talk with James that she feels she will PoV. They ask her what he told her that makes her feel that way. She doesn

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WoW! i was tryin 2 sleep and hear screamin.

11:36pmBBT James is scarming his lungs out right in Shelia's face(i mean right in her face!) (inaudible stuff as hes screaming!) (feeds go 2 FOTH, but Sho2 stays) James goes inside after 3 minutes of in Shelia face! James tells Josh "i wanna punch her in the fucking face so bad!"

11:45pmBBT Nat exits DR and and James tells her 2 tell me the truth. Nat agres with James "Shelia is a 2 faced." James adds "Bitch"

Ryan comes and aSKS James about something he said, Nat says Chelsia said it not James. But James yells at Nat about something she she, he says she liein. She;ia comes down, James uses every curse word in book.

11:52pmBBT Adam is now yelling aty James. about something James said.

11:56pmBBT Shelia tells Natalie "Put me up against him i want 2 be the reason he leaves.!"(any1 remeber Dustin/Dic last year)

12amBBT Adam/Ryan staeming about James outside, in HOH Shelia wants 2 live in HOH this week. (James said earlyer i wont let her sleep) Shelia says she never said James & her final 2. Shelia says Josh needs 2 stand up, thats hes a floater not playing the game. Shelia says shes the best player of BB this year.(what competion did she win?) Shelia said im not gonna let them walk over me anymore.

Ryan tells Adam. "James has no reason 2 be here he got a mirace and was saved in week 5,(Eric note Wait! wasnt Ryan evicted then saved week be4 that lol)

12:04amBBT all sleep except HOH room Shelia/Nat who are saying James got Chelsia 2 act the way she acted when evicted. Shelia "Wasnt he gonna do when hes evicted?"

12:05amBBT BB calls James 2 DR.(James said early he wishs he could punch Shelia, and wishs she was dead, will he get a pentalty)

Shelia says "James was foaming lkike a dog, he crossed the line" "If James wins POV, i quit, ill leave its not worth it." Nat says "NO! i need u(talks very quick and cant hear lol)"

12:09amBBT Josh goes up 2 HOH and asks Shelia what she said. Shelia sytill angery from James, yells at Josh saying James caused this. Shelia tells Josh he called me the C world, FU and many other qwords hes little GF and James are probaly majking my son cry at home, im sick of it!" Shelia says i wanna gol up, Josh talks her out if it(Why???) Shelia says im just being honest, says what James tolsd Josh was a lie. Shelia "i ruined his games hes shaking." Josh "No u made him stronger." Josh leaves. Shelia & Nat think BB has removed James from house the way he just acted

nat "i warned James if he makes Matt leave, ill haunt him and its a bad move."

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12:16amBBT Josh in bedroom w/ Ryan/Adam. they tell Josh 2 fuel fire 2 make sure James leaves. Josh tells them if i leave this house will crumble with James still here(No sight of James yet)

Josh talks 2 Sharon lookin 2 see when James exits DR. Sharon "Wow he got close 2 her face." KJosh "Even i would never get that close 2 his face." Nat comes downstairs. Josh says house is in shock and waitin 2 see if James returns. Josh tells Nat "not a wall in this house will be standing if i leave he stays." Nat says "this is 4 Matty, James backdoored him, i owe Matty its gonna come back 2 biye James in ass. He got rid of my parnter i get rid of his. Tommrow its every1 vs James."

12:23amBBT Ryan hugs Nat and head 2 BR. Josh tells Nat "he was loud and in her face, me times 20." Ryan asks hows Shwelia. Nat says listin 2 music. Nat looks in and talks 2 Adam, Ryaan heads back 2 his bed. Josh tells Sharon if he wins im done,(No James still 20 minutes in DR) Josh tells Sharon 2 tell him s=if she hears James commin as Josh exits 2 outher bedroom.

12:30amBBT Ryan/Adam/Nat/Josh talk. Nat says "James works 4 the devil, i bet ya hes a cult leader" Josh heads back 2 his room. Nat says im a warrior princesss, get your game faces on 2 get rid of the Evil. Adam "Nat have some Hot Lesbian action in bed with Shelia." Nat says "im from the beave r state i like wood." Nat exits 2 other bedroom.

12:33amBBT Nat tells Josh/Sharon 2 if James returns & goes crazy 2 have slumber party in HOH. they wonder what POV will be tommrow, they think dirty,endurace or timed event. Nat "God made me win 4 a reason and that not 2 lket James stay here." Josh tells Nat "Make sure u look HOH and snd use TV be4 opin door. Nat "whwn i want something nothing stand in my way i will win POV, Josh i love u." Nat wants Josh 2 come up and dance in HOH tommrow morning.

12:36amBBT Adam/Ryan still talking, and Nat heads upstairs. Adam goes over 2 talk 2 Josh/Sharon and Sharon is laughing loud. Adam "im not afraid of james." Adam is host of POV tommrow.

12:38anBBT Nat tells Shelia their safe from James up here. All of Shekloia clothes are outside wet. Shelia hopes BB is yerllin at James right now

12L40amBBT Shelai says he gonna sleep in Bra & Panties, hes heads 2 downtsirs BR 2 brush hwer teeth, Shelia listens(from KT) in on Josh/Sharon talking then brushs her teeth

12:41amBBT James is in KT eating, Josh joins him. James ays he was warned. they wonder about POV

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12:25pm - josh/sharon/nat in red room, josh saying that james in DR, james was shaking hes so mad; josh said james was in her face so loud, he was me times 20. josh is shocked how james is acting. nat is telling everyone to get their game faces on and win to keep the noms the same. josh says im scared of him, nat says im not.

12:30 - nat is saying that james should have kept mat in the house then sheila wouldnt be here, he needs to quit feeling sorry for himself, i've been a target since day one too. nat is telling josh and sharon to get sleep and get ready. she said james better not go off on me, ill tell him to not get mad at me for decisions you (james) made. she tells them that sheila is staying in the HOH room tonight. josh says if james doesnt win, he isnt gonna sleep this one off.

12:33pm - josh is really worried about james, he asks nat if he should go upstairs too, she says sure everyone can come up and have a slumber party. josh says you better lock that HOH door and dont open it if he bangs on it. josh tells her to go before he gets out of DR.

josh just said he wasnt gonna do his diva dance in the morning.

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12:43amBBT James ays ive never bewed this pised b4.(Shelia stillin BR) James asks Shelai how she is. Shelia says she wants 2 go up if he or Josh comes off block. Shelia in HOH with Nat now.

12"45amBBT James tells Josh i came int ot his house(starts 2 cry) TRVIA

12:47amBBT feeds return with Shelai & nat anger that Adam just threw Shelia under the bus. Shelia anger at Adam, saying Adam is aliged with Josh/Sharon(when she listed from kitchen)

Josh & James can hear Sheliaa scramng from HOH.

12:50amBBT Nat says Sharon will go up and if she wins POV, Adam will go up. Shelia anger at Adam. "adam was fucking gettin Josh/Sharon worked up!" Nat says plan is astill 2 get rid of James. Shelia wants 2 go 2 DR once James/Josh leave KT. Shelia yells "Sharon is a mo;e,sneaky bitch whos talking shit! Sharon of all ppl!" )(Shelia is mad at the world 2night) Nat saus James would be safe if he font get rid of Matty.

Shelia says shes the only honest person in house that she never lies, but Josh is....TRVIA

12:54amBBT Shwlia enters DR. Ryan joins Josh/James in KT . Josh says "Shelia keeps pitting us all against each other, shes the most dishontest person in house."

1am yan goes 2 bed. Shelia in DR, James/Josh in KT

im out

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12:39am - sheila left hoh to go brush her teeth and get some stuff... she stopped to listen to someone talking.... james just walked out into kitchen and sheil is in the bathroom..... josh is kitchen with james now and tells james it will be ok, james is blowing his nose alot, sounds like he was crying.... james says it scares him that they havent closed the backyard yet.... josh trying to have a calm conversation saying if he wins he wins, if he doesnt go this week, hes going next week. james says he is just frustrated this is the most pissed he has ever been.... josh says its because we dont have anyone else to talk to but each other, and now we cant eat what we want....james says i know man..(james is losing his voice)....sheila walks up to HOH and james asks her if she is ok, she says yeah, i told nat that if you or josh wins tomorrow to put me up. james says why, it doesnt make sense. sheila says cuz, i just told her to, so sharon wont have to go up. james smirks and asks if she is staying up there, sheila says yeah, id like to get some sleep tonight and goes in HOH. james just smirks like he cannot believe what she just said. josh says did she just tell us that she wants to be the pawn so one of us goes home? how dumb is that? james starts saying that he was on his bike riding around and then we get TRIVIA at 12:45pm.

12:48pm.... sheila is up in HOH yelling about how she heard Adam talking about her and throwing her under the bus... she is really yelling, she is telling nat that she will let josh/james think she wants to go home, i cannot believe he is throwing me under the bus, he fucked up with me, adam was in there getting josh and sharon pumped up.... now she is telling her about what james said.... nat tells her to quit yelling. nat says fuck them, im in charge this week.

12:52 TRIVIA

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12:55AM - Sheila in DR. james and josh n kitchen talking about how the game is and how you sit there and wonder why your there and then you remember the 500 grand and a whole new world could open up to you. james said i thought i would come in here and make friends and tell my story and people care, josh buts in and says and they just want the info for comps on how well you know your houseguests....james says does it benefit me to go off on sheila? james says to josh i love you and i love chelsia but how much of this can they put you through (james is crying and sad, kinda like matty the week he left.) james says the only way i win is if nat gets struck by lightening, you break your leg and sheilas period turns into some festering monster of a rash....josh says it could happen. (LOL)

1:03am - josh says its gonna be a fight, i mean im not gonna cut my arm off like other comps. james says i just dont know if its worth it, i just dont think im supposed to be here. josh says dont give up, james says im out of the country, josh says well you've earned enough to still do that, james says im staying in LA to get paid. josh says we are amerias muse, we are americas bitch right now, thats what we get paid for. james says, why cant we just be ourselves, its reality tv, i mean you have to play the way the rest of the house does, not be yourself... josh say you have to be what they want, james says you cant even shave your beard... they chuckle, josh says i cant change my hair, thats what they want to see your pink mohawk, and my hair straight up.... they laugh. james says we have to find a way to pull this out, do you think nat would put up sheila? josh says go up and ask her now shes alone, james says you think she would? josh said lets see after tomorrow. james says why would she and they laugh. james says you've been calm lately, josh says cuz i have to go to sequester with these people and im numb. james says they dont even talk to me like i have a desease, josh says we have "block desease" we are on the block. josh says sometimes iwonder, sequester sounds nice, cuz you dont have to talk to no one.

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1:13am- james says i have to pee and we need to go to bed. josh says yeah to get ready for the epic pov. they both go to the bathroom and josh says its been on my mind that they mentioned logistics.

1:16am - josh/james in bed; josh tells james he has sharon too. sharon says yeah. josh says i have to go to bed, i have a big number to do in the morning. all is quiet rigt now with feeds on james and josh/sharon in bed.

(night peeps, i have to go to bed and rest for my epic day tomorrow at work :))

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BB: Natalie, I SAID, its time to get up for the day.

BB: The bedroom lights must remain on for the day.

Sharon is in the shower. Shelia is putting away dishes, Josh and Ryan are doing their ADL's. Still no sign of James or Nat.

Ryan said the POV comp must not be that elaborate because he was up at like 5 am to use the washroom and the backyard wasnt closed.

Shelia going on about how she never lied and only tried to be nice to everyone. No more nice Shelia. Shes in the game to play and win now. (Shes only just decided to play to win NOW?)

Josh sitting in the green chair in his bedroom talking to James (I think) Says he has a killer headache.

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BB is really giving Natalie a hard time this morning. She's been told, "Natalie, I SAID it's time to get up for the day!"

Sheila is all fired up today. She says that she is going to just tell people the truth from now on, I've tried to be nice, I've tried to be honest. It didn't help me one bit." She's talking so fast I missed some of it.

Sharon is in teh shower, Josh is looking for asprin and Ryan is at the bathroom basin brushing his teeth.

Sheila: "That's all I was trying to do, say nice things and be nice to people. No more!" Ryan tells her, "It's time for Kimberly to play."

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9:46 am BBT: Ryan tells Shelia in the bathroom that its time for 'Kimberly' to start playing the game now. She agrees. Being nice and saying nice things in the DR hasnt been working for her. Everyone else can play their 'freaking' game, and shes going to play HER 'freaking' game.

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Shelia is in the shower now. Talking again about how nice shes been to everyone and how nice shes talked to everyone in the DR and how shes tried to find the good in everyone...blah blah..(Does anyone have a gun? Or some strong alcohol? Its not too early to start drinking now is it? Ive already heard this same conversation 10 times already this morning)

BB: James, please put on your microphone.

Josh hopes they will tell them how long before the POV comp.

Shelia: no one wants to hear the truth. the truth HURTS. Then she proceeds to tell Sharon about how he was all in her face last night. Screaming the 'C' word at her. Foam and everything. blah blah.

She tells Sharon that her boyfriend (or ex. I didnt hear) will probably kick his (James') ass.

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Sheila is telling Sharon what was said last night and that James called her the "c" word and that She had a dream last night that he ex kicked James' ass.

She went in to the WC and comes back out and she's still going.

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Apparently Shelia has been afraid to win up until this point. She didnt want the power. She didnt want to have to send someone home. (Um, yeah. Sure)

And incase Sharon didnt hear it the first 10 times, she tells her again that shes not afraid, and shes never done to others what they are doing to her.

All shes ever tried to do is protect everyone in the house. Now shes telling Sharon that she wants Nat to put her up.

Feeds 3&4 are on Josh and James sleeping still.

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10:05 am BBT: Shelia is in the kitchen now with Ryan. Ryan asked if her and Nat were cool. She said 'Oh yeah. We're cool' Now shes having the SAME EXACT conversation she just had with Sharon, with Ryan in the kitchen. Said shes through talking to everyone.

Sharon is getting ready to feed the GP's. 'Beeeeebies, Beeeeebies. Just hold on'

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