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March 23 - Live Feed Updates

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5:42 pm BBT - Josh is in BY now using the pool stick and pretending he is a game show host and playing a game of "Which of the losers in the BB house will wake up first?"... he is playing pool too.

Josh keeps singing that song "Say a little prayer" from "My Best Freinds Wedding" and also doing his version of beat boxing... and now dancing!

** Jem I can't wait to watch this over and over again! I will transcribe it when I see your videos... I cannot keep up with him **

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5:46 pm BBT - Josh is now doing cheers in the BY.. h.o.t.t.o.g.o. Josh is hot to go ! Burr it's cold in here! There must be some toros in the atmosphere... I said oh ee oh eee oh! Now he is humming... playing pool... "How do I look? at least I am decent while I am having a nervous break down"... back to playing pool... bustin a move again and making this weird sucking noise... "ooooooohhhhhh woooooohhhhhh" ... playing pool ... "ding ding ding ding ding"

5:50 pm BBT - "I am going to come out of this game straight or a lesbian from playing so much pool... I hope it is neither one! I am already feeling straighter already! All I am surrounded by is vaginas!!!! Can I have any penis please!"... playing pool... humming... "Too hard pssst psssht"... "One little ballsy left"... "uuuugh!"... playing pool again... "Good God put me out of my misery!"... "uuuug waaaaah!"... humming and weird sucking noise again... dancing and snapping "Oh $hit! we'll replay that!"... "pfffft psh psh"... humming... Now he is sweeping the pool table...

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5:58 pm BBT - Josh is still in BY cleaning the felt of the pool table... keeps looking towards the back sliding door... he keeps picking stuff off of the pool table as if he were grooming it... racking up the balls again... humming... he is going to play another game of pool... he just scratched... humming and muttering...

6:03 pm BBT - he is still playing pool and looks less than thrilled... "hmmmph"... " and God said let there be light"... humming... "done"...

6:07 pm BBT - humming... takes some folded towels and lotion into the house... heads off to bathroom... looks at face in mirror... goes into kitchen, looks at candy... grabs something off of the stool... Ry is now up and says something... "everyone has been sleeping for awhile, it's 6 o'clock" J- did you get a good nap in? R - I didn't want to get up but I did J- been in the BY laying down, been in the HT out of the HT, trying to make it through the day without hurting anyone... I think Nat and She were upset that I didn't get put on the block today R - no I don't think so J - what do u think Jen is doing today for Easter? Is she close to your family? R - yeah, I think she is uhhh, we grew up about an hour from each other, she is from Cleveland, probably with her family, not sure what she is up to, been thinking about her a lot lately... J - in the real world... just chit chat about the real world... They are saying that even in jail or prison they have contact with the real world... they are stuck with people they cannot stand... they are in hell for 90 days...

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Just noticed nobody posting...

7:11 BBT Josh and James in HT. Discussing strategy. Josh seems to be talking to James and convincing him that Ryan is not the one to kick out because Ry won't be able to handle the final 3 endurance HoH. Trying to convince him that Nat Sheila and Adam have to go first. Talking about the past HoH endurances and emphasizing the physical part of it.

James asks if Dick won two of the three. (Josh said yeah...not true...if I'm not mistaken...it was Zack who won)...

Discussion of comps coming. Josh is mentioning ryan a few too many times though... (**james is smart...he should be careful...)

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Josh and James still in HT 7 16 bbt.

James "this has been a good week for me. i needed to win that POV to get me back into it."

Josh "so how do you think chels will be?"

James says she's ok. Shar comes out to offer food. Discussion of how she seems nice but "has a dark side" Josh "dont let the precious moments bible fool ya" "she'll throw ya under the bus".

Sharon brings out bowl of mac and cheese for them....

Back to just Josh and James eating. (clink clink goes the bowls....)....

Josh looks in deep thought. then "i'd love to implant in natalie's brain that chelsia is going to be fucking matty over there.... that would mess her up...if we could get chels to do that it woudl be awesome"

james "that woudl freak her out..." they talk about how they could plant that in her mind. how he was all over the other women in the pool and didn't want her. "that would be a total mind fuck".

Discussion of dirty playing... how Chels wants to pour ice cold water on nat while she sleeps. Talk of how brutal that is. Then how they do it "every night" until she leaves.... (***wow, these boys are MEAN).... talk about how she couldn't handle it.

James "did nat take a nap?"

Josh confirms everyone took a nap except for him this afternoon.

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Josh and James in HT saying that they are real close. They only have to get 5 ppl out and they are there! James is saying how crazy it will be that in 5 weeks and walk out with 1/2 milllion... Josh says only 3 are really against them.. They need to get out Adam Shelia and Nat. Saying that Adam can not do much cause he smokes and the way he eats phy stuff is too much for him so they have it over him on that.

Josh thinks there will be a double eviction where there is 5 people left in the house and explains how they did it last year.

Talking about last year and holding the key in the rain.

Josh says Nat has to go soon cause she could win a comp like that.

They are saying the got out all the main F word ers.

James asking if Dick won it with the key and Josh says yes.

James asking when the clothing comp comes and josh says around now.

J and J talking about how bad shelia will do on the up comming food comp.

They are saying this should be there motovation. James says this week was a good week for him. They are wondering what Chel is going to be like the last few days.

Sharon came out and brought Josh some food. They ask her if chel is playing nice and she says yes. They say that sharon is nice but, they think she has a dark side to her . Josh says yes dont let that presious moments bible fool you.. James says she will throw u under the bus quick and JOsh says beeep beeep/

they are eathing and James asked JOsh if he worked out and josh says no did not feel like it.

Josh says he would like to implant in Nats brain that she is going to screw Matty the whole time she is there... and how that would screw her up. and james says yes that would be good. Sounds like they are going to do that. Josh says Chel says she wants to play dirty and that she is not above throwing the water on her whlie she is sleeping ice water. Josh says whooo ooooo. (on nat)

They are talking about doing it every night and that would be awsome.

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James and Josh in HT (7:22 bbt)...


James "i feel like going to bed...nothing to do in this house".

both guys get up to walk inside....

Adn the feeds switch inside:

Nat "yo baller...supper time....time to eat.."

Adam is walking down... Looks like the whole gang is in the kitchen eating mac and cheese...

Chelsea is prowling around....

Not much talk yet....

Adam accuses (jokingly) sharon of "chimin' in with somethin' fresh" Sharon replies "what'd i do? I'm eating."

.... (***there is a tension in the house....odd unspoken... chelsia looks angry/quiet as sh esits and looks liek she's contemplating pouncing on someone...)

Chelsia now looking at the GP's. Says they got stuff on them.

Nat "did they lick all the baby food up" (Good heavens! they fed the GP's baby food??!!!***)

Chels "no...still there"

Looks like they're setting up to paint eggs when everyone is done eating... laying out the paas boxes

General chitchat about cooking and what they put in their food as they eat at the table. Paas stuff is on the daisy table.

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7:28 BBT. All HGs in Kitchen (except maybe James... I can't see or hear him).

Feed is on Sharon washing dishes. She is very quiet. Chelsia is in background prepping the dye for the eggs with water and vinegar.

Sharon is making garlic mashed potatoes. Wants everyone to try.

Sharon continues to wash... Chelsia continues the prep (***she is remarkably calm...)

Close up of Sheila's mashed potatoes (**mmm...looks good). Sheila feeds josh some. mmmm. he says. He changes his mind and wants some (he'd refused earlier). Sharon wants some too.

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7:33 HGs still in kitchen. Same stuff....

Nat talks about teaching people color theory in egg coloring. Nat talks about how to mix the two to make lots of colors (***now children we will have color chemistry with Dr. Nat....***) Nat mixes colors "we can have every color in the rainbow".

Josh "it's a blue green! how 'bout that!" (I think he's being sarcastic).

Nat mixes more...

Off camera... Chelsia just let off on a MAD tirade when she slammed her finger in the door. Managed to take the Lord's name in vain, and use M-F and C all in the same sentence. (**she's SUCH a lady...)

Natalie's color experiments continue... (she looks confused).

Josh says "james is in the shower".

Nat "what are you doing Chelsia with this? reg water and distilled vinegar?"

Chels "yeah." tells Sheila her taters are good.

Camera zooms on Chelsia's plate. <scrape scrape scrape>

Discussion of mixing the vinegar and the water and the tablets and what makes it brighter etc.

Josh "there is no freaking way you will get these out of those" (holding up a box with examples of candy making mold things).

Nat says "i can do it" Discussion of how to make it. Nat says she can do it with a cake decorating thing.... Then goes back to the colors. Josh says she should make as many variations as possible.

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Kitchen... BBT 740... all HGs but James.

CHels "we don't have any more pots...um...Dick broke em" (oops...whose stipend does THAT come out of??;))

And mixing colors with Dr. Nat continues.... (**I haven't seen her focus this much on anything since Matty left the house...)

Camera focused on the color she is making.... there must be a dozen cups up there.... discussion of colors...why one looks weak....

James is back in kitchen. He's cutting mushrooms. Chels is cooking with him. Making sauteed spinach with garlic...

Food talk... Chels looks for lack of a better word defeated. Quietly cooking. VERY mellow compared to her attack last night (or was it Friday night?**). Offers sheila some of the food she and James are cooking. Sheila says sure cuz she isn't eating enough veggies.

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8:00PM BBT: And I step back from being away for ten minutes to find....

Discussion of how egg dye will make your shit change colors. Talk about how they went to JoAnn fabric to get it....

Josh yawns... (***hmmm.... <_< ...i can see why).

Josh " i don't want you to go chelsia. I wish this was the game that went on forever" "til they put weapons in the storage room...." (again...hmmmm....)

***and that's all I can stand folks... I'm outie....

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8:23PM BBT *gasp*! I tune in to see Chelsia, Natalie and Sharon coloring eggs, and there are no nasty comments being exchanged! Josh and Sharon teamed together to do some cleaning, and the others are outside working out (wow, holidays bring out the best in people).

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8:30PM BBT: James is now sitting at the table eating the easter goodies and watching the girls color eggs. Josh is going around asking people if various items belong to them before he throws them out (toiletry items left behind by evicted HGs). Adam and Ryan are still outside working out. James and the girls make fun of how the boys work out and then look at themselves in the mirror as if they've gotten bigger.

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8:40PM BBT: Josh and James are in the bedroom chatting and can hear someone in the SR. They wonder if there putting stuff in or taking food out. They go over to the door as soon as they think they can get in and they find BB has given them beer and wine. They decide to hide four of the beers for Chelsia (she seems to need more alcohol than the rest of the house to get buzzed, I guess she's a fish outside the house). They take two bottles of wine and 4 beers out to the kitchen


New thread.

Thanks for all the help!


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