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March 23 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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4:15 am BBT - James done playing pool, covers jacuzzi, walks around BY, starts skimming the pool,

4:17 am - Done skimming pool, walks over to pool table sounded like he said "I need some f**** pamts dude" (my sound is down due to sleeping folks), covers exercise machine, puts it on wrong says "Oh f*** it ! I don't use thsi F**** $hit anyways". Goes inside, stands at daisy counter, goes into kitchen- opens fridge, closes fridge, wals by mem wall. Goes into SR grabs 3 lg. tomatoes and a bag of cheese (maybe going to make motzarella and cheese slices?) Goes back to kitchen, is looking for baking pans, is being VERY quiet... finds one, covers it in aluminum foil (as quietly as possible), Grabs a plate, starts cutting but cannot tell what he is doing as the cameraperson is doing an awful job, salts, peppers, adds balsamic vinegar, stands back for a sec, adds more salt and pepper, stands back, turns on oven, backs up from oven and continues to stare at it, goes over to fridge and starts rubbing it where he was cleaning and took the finish off of it, back to oven/stove area, back to daisy counter, gets some candy from a box and starts eating it, stands in middle of kitchen, chomping on candy staring up at ceiling, backs away and stares at self in mirror above stove...

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4:30 am BBT - James walks over to GP area for a second and then back to oven/stove where he is waiting for it to pre-heat. Adds more salt and pepper, grinds some salt and pepper into his hand and eats it right off of his hand, backs to mid-center of kitchen, stares at self in mirror, puts baking pan in oven, opens bag of cheese starts eating it, still eating it by the handsfull!

4:32 am BBT - James standing in cemtre kitchen, doing some weird cheerleading arm movements and making mouth fart noises, then he starts acting like a plane, sits down at daisy counter, starts checking things out, he is wearing purple pants, gray hoodie and thongs... he is now spinning something on the daisy counter... trying to amuse self...

4:35 am BBT - stands in kicten center, looks as if he is going to bust a move, instead looks in oven, then starts doing weird movements while looking in mirror, goes to fridge, starts looking at things in fridge, done, closes fridge, walks funky strut to off camera area, walks to memory wall and waves at someone, steps away from wall, looks at self in camera and makes faces... smiles then frowns, smiles frowns... making odd faces at self in mirror above stove, looks in oven, checks his tomatoes, grabs the cheese and starts adding it to the baking tomatoes.

4:40 am BBT - closes oven door, sets oven to broil, looks in oven, reads cheese bag, starts doing spins on carpet area and dancing and snapping and humming, goes to daisy counter and gets some jujubes to eat, watches self in mirror eating jujubes, looking in camera being VERY annimated.

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4:43 am BBT - James in kitchen, picking jujubes out of teeth, backa nd forth from mirror aboven oven... still getting jujubes from his teeth, checkson his baking tomatoes and cheese, cleans off plate, is being very quiet and curteous, gret his baked tomatoe slices out of oven, they have baked and browned with mozarella cheese and seasonings on them

4:45 am BBT - puts his food on his plate, adds more salt and pepper, gets a paper towel/napkin, sits at daisy counter, begins to eat. He is chowing down! Very large bites! there are 6 halves of tomatoe, he has 4 on plate.

4:47 am BBT - first half done, (I am gagging... I hate tomatoes!)

4:48 am BBT - second half done (he is eating them like he has the munchies)

4:49 am BBT - Third half done starts on forth

4:50 am BBT - 4th half done (just ate two big tomatoes with mozarella cheese on them) gets up, gets the other two halves... puts foin in trash, salts and peppers them... takes them to daisy counter.

4:51 am BBT - starts eating first one... done

4:52 am BBT - starts eating second one... pauses to itch nose, uses napkin to wipe nose, 4:52 am BBT and he is done with those... James just consumed 3 very large tomatoes with almost an entire bag of mozarella cheese on them in a couple of minutes!. gets up puts plate in sink, puts leftover cheese in fridge, gets some water, stares in mirror above sink as he drinks it,

4:55 am BBT - starts cleaning up his mess, walks and stares at mem wall, starts pulling out chairs at dinig room round table. Pushes chairs back in steps back and stares at table. Turns around stares at mem wall,

4:56 am BBT - pulls out chair, sits in in facing memory wall, stares at it,

4:57 am BBT - still staring and studying.

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4:58 am BBT - Still staring and studying while sitting at round dinner table... now has pushed in chair walked to GP cage, sticking finger in GP cage and is stratching th GP, walks to other GP and puts finger in hole and starts scratching that GP too.

5:01 am BBT - sits on round couch, and is looking at all of the cameras, just stares in camera and there is some weird whistling noise, he turns to look at it, gets up, it is the gp's calling him, he goes to gp's, he stoops down to look at them, they are talking to him, he starts scratching them again (they just want to pe played with... this is very cute! I don't know how to save the video!),

5:04 am BBT - The GP's are still talking to him and squeeking and whistling at him, James walks away and starts messing with stuff on the credenza (sp), walkls over to round ottoman/table in the middle of the green circular couches in the LR and lays down on his belly on it. Just staring at the floor,

5:06 am BBT - Laying on round center of couch thing and puts face in elbow bend of arm, looks like he wants to go to sleep, lays board straight on round thing with feet hanging over and mumbles something that sounded like he was doing some beat boxing.

5:08 am BBT - James remains on round thing, wiggling toes, face down. gets up, waves bye to camera. Goes to BR takes off mic, takes off hoodie and pants, stares at chels, gets into bed. Chels looks like she is going to cuddle with him but instead flips over to the other side.

5:11 am BBT - ALL HG's now in bed

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5:12 am BBT - Cam 1 - Sheila in Blue/boat room... Cam 2 - Nat and Ry in pink room... Cam 3 - James and Chels in bed in couch/bed room... Cam 4 - Josh and Shar in bed in couch/bed room. James is very fidgety, he just went to bed and seems to be trying to get comfortable.

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feeds are up.... josh is talking about being able to do quick choerography... but indicating that nat can't .. .[another day of bashing nat seems to be instore] Josh told Adams "heard you had an interesting offer last night" .. then was called to diary

Shelia comes out and tells Adam to do what he has to do... Adam seem very nervous!!

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10:10 AM BBT: Natalie, Sharon, and Shelia in the kitchen talking weather. General chit chat. Ryan walks through the kitchen. Shelia says that there would be a little something done for them later on today, maybe a luxury easter egg hunt.

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Everyone getting ready for the day. Except James who is sawing some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's.


James "noooo." (it's no wonder... he was up until 4AM).

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Sheila and Josh in BY. (1025 bbt)

Josh "there's nothing to discuss. all comes down to hoh...whoever wins...."

sheila "that's true. it will def. tell the tale"


Josh "he's the one in charge of the ceremony."

(**not seeing James up yet....)

Chelsea in bedroom on bed with James. She is dressed...he's still bundled under...

ooh...there he goes. James is finally up at 10:27 bbt. Dressing and mumbling something to Chelsea.

meanwhile in BY

Josh "i'm listening to the birds and the bees...and little children opening their easter baskets...and nothing changes in the bb house. " They talk about the ideas of BB being timeless and how they don't want to indicate days so they don't mark holidays (**I'm just thinking that BB figured they don't think these people have been GOOD enough to get a visit from the easter bunny).

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