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Top 11 - March 18th & 19th


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1.Ramiele Malubay

2.Michael Johns

3.Carly Smithson

4.Kristy Lee Cook

5.David Archuleta

6.Brooke White

7. Jason Castro

8. David Cook

9. Syesha Mercado

10.Chikezie Eze

11.Amanda Overmyer


bottom two kristy and ramiele

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very average week again

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1. David Archuleta

2. Syesha Mercado

3. David Cook

4. Micheal Johns

5. Carly Smithson

6. Ramiele Malubay

7. Kristy Lee Cook

8. Brook White

9. Chikezie Eze

10. Jason Castro

11. Amanda Overmeyer

Bottom Three: Kristy Lee Cook, Syesha Mercado, Ramiele Malubay. Leaving... Kristy Lee Cook

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1. David Archuleta (Nailed it)

2. Syesha Mercado (Sung very nicely. I agree her best yet)

3. Chikezie Eze (I disagree with the judges. I was entertained by him. Really made a turn around from that first week)

4. Ramiele Malubay (They are too harsh on her. She did the song justice and looked cute doing it.)

5. Carly Smithson (Hated her outfit. She sang good, but I forgotten it.)

6. Jason Castro (Not as good as his other songs. He does have a charm about him. Safe this week)

7. David Cook (Totally agree with Simon. He seemed cocky.)

8. Kristy Lee Cook (Sang better than last week, but so much talent on the show. She's out of her class.)

9. Brooke White (Hated it.)

10. Michael Johns (Wrong song. You can't do that song justice in such a short time.)

11. Amanda Overmyer (Why is she even there? Why do the judges giver her such praise?

Amanda should go this week, but Kristy and Syesha also in danger. Syesha sung well, but she's easily forgettable and people tend to vote based on previous shows not just the most recent.

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:lol: Well that's because I know that just because I like someone... I don't think those three will get the votes this week.
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1. David Archuleta (I have to admit it- he was great!)

2. David Cook (absolutely loved the performance- hated his cockiness)

3. Chikezie Eze (I actually really liked it too!...except for the harmonica...)

4. Syesha Mercado (nice, nice rendition!)

5. Carly Smithson (a great voice, I just didn't like her rendition of one of my favorite Beatle songs)

6. Brooke White (performance was very bland)

7. Michael Johns (eh)

8. Jason Castro (Simon was right- his performance will be saved by his looks, NOT his voice)

9. Ramiele Malubay (her performance was mediocre at best)

10. Amanda Overmyer (each of her performances meld together and are too much the same)

11. Kristy Lee Cook (it was a toss up between Amanda for the bottom spot on my list...please send her home- please?)

My guess for the bottom three: Kristy Lee Cook, Ramiele Malubay, Chikezie Eze

My guess for the boot: Kristy Lee Cook

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Tonight by popular demand, the number one show in the country celebrates the number one band of all time. We're back with the Beatles. This is American Idol!

We bring the talent but you call the shots. 500 people in the studio, Ricky and the band, and the judges (do good guys where white?). All we need are your finalists. And Here they are, The Idols!

If you ever wondered just how big a band the Beatles were, just watch this video history. Well, maybe it will be on YouTube. Tonight, American Idol is honored to pay tribute to the Beatles.

Amanda Overmyer was the first to take on the Beatles. Her most memorable moment was taking the big stage for the first time. Singing Back In The USSR, this was a perfect song choice because its the beat and not the melody isn't what drives the performance. Purely on vocals, it was all over the place, but for live, hard driving, rockin' entertainment, it was a great way to start off the show. Randy had some issues with the pitchiness at the beginning, a seven out of 10. Paula said the timing was off, she was a little ahead of the beat at first. Simon said it was predictable, a bit of a mess at parts, and at least one week she needs to be surprising.

Second to tackle the Beatles was Christy Lee Cook. Her most memorable moment was being the bottom of the list to move on. Singing You Got To Hide Your Love Away, I didn't know this song by name so I was drawn to the beginning to identify it. She had it working until she hit the chorus which I felt was a little off. Maybe the song was in too low an octave, not taking advantage of her natural vocal abilities. Randy said the whole song should have been more emotional sooner, it was boring and safe, and the melody wasn't right. Paula said it was the best she had ever looked, but a little safe and just good, she needs to take more liberties. Simon said she needs hypnosis; she's not a good performer, she's like musical wallpaper, better this week but not memorable.

Third up on the evening was David Archuleta. His most memorable moments were being able to sing Imagine and forgetting his lyrics in front of 30 million people. Singing The Long And Winding Road, this was a perfect song for a kid who could still sing up octave without having to work at it. The emotion in his eyes did not carry on to his body language (stop swinging your arm), but the vocals were fantastic. Randy said he brought the hotness back to his game, but it was a little safe; thats the kind of song to take liberties on. Paula said his purity is identifiable and the way he came back after a week of adversity shows his character. Simon said he was amazing, he sold the song and made it memorable; it was master class.

Michael Johns was next. His most memorable moment was singing Bohemian Rhapsody during Hollywood Week. Singing A Day In The Life in just a minute forty, the vocals were strong but it was a bit frenzied and trying to replicate the highly produced song didn't always work. Randy said it wasn't one of his best, he hasn't found the vehicle to let his voice sing. Paula said dress rehearsal was better and he lost his connection a bit with the audience. Simon said it was a mess, he missed the notes, the song was all over the place, and the song just can't be condensed into this format.

Brook White gave the rubber performance. Her most memorable moment was performing Let It Be last week. Singing Here Comes The Sun, this star shined bright. The country twang was enticing, the dress fit the mood, the twirl of her long legs and blond hair offered a bit of sexy. The only thing is that the song itself just isn't that exciting. Randy said it was awkward, she was never really connected to the song, it didn't jell. Paula said her singing just makes people smile, and the performance shows she has great low tones but she needs to be more challenging, not play it safe. Simon said he pictured just this performance, but he thought it was terrible from the staging, lack of conviction, song choice.

After the break came David Cook. His most memorable moment was last Tuesday's performance, the rock concert feel with the lights and the audience. Singing Day Tripper (White Snake version), Back with his electric guitar, he rocked the audience with a performance that broke new ground when he pulled out the vocorder and placed him easily at the head of the pack. Randy said it was another song at a professional concert, another solid look. Paula said there isn't much else to say because he could sell records today. Simon said it wasn't as good as he thought it was, he seemed a bit smug and the coda in the middle with the vocorder was stupid, he's lost his element of surprise, a bit predictable.

Next up was Carly Smithson. Her most memorable moment was also last Tuesday when she was compared to Kelly Clarkson by Simon for the second time. Singing Blackbird, the vocals were spot on, but the performance was a little sedate, emotionless. It picked up a little as she headed towards the finish but this song never really spread its wings and took flight and in fact kind of ended a little goth. Randy called it another great performance, very controlled, very emotive, very heavy cooliosis factor. Paula said she has an amazingly talented voice, the intonations, song choice, F for fantastic. Simon didn't think it was a smart song choice, indulgent.

Singing 8th was Jason Castro, whose most memorable moment was performing Hallelujah. Singing Michelle, the song didn't match his look, although it was performed very well. I would have gone with a Parisian theme rather than a love sick sophomore singing underneath his love's window. He safely sang the song and forgot to tell the story. Randy thought it was very subdued, just all right, he was not really connected to it. Paula said he gets a little disconnected away from his guitar, and the intimacy of the song was lost, more polka. Simon said his face sold the performance, he is very charming and the goofiness is what made it work, because the song itself wasn't great.

Next up was Syesha Mercado, whose most memorable moment was being named to the bottom three last week. Singing Yesterday accompanied by an acoustic guitar , there was no pretense, just an emotionally performed with a traditional melody and lyric tweaked just here and there. She told her story and made the audience believers. Randy said the liberties she took worked, a very, very, very good performance. Paula said she let herself be vulnerable and it sets her apart from everyone else, but she needs to connect to the audience with her eyes more. Simon said it was her best performance so far, not incredible but the best song choice, a good arrangement and the performance was sold very well.

After the break, it was time for Chikezie to storm the stage. His most memorable moment was the first round of Hollywood, when he got compliments from all three judgments for the first time. Singing I've Just Seen A Face, he slowed it down into a love ballad rather than the excited revelation of first love. Bridging into the second half of the song with a newfound harmonica, he returned to the bluegrass of last week but it just didn't ring true for me, a conceit. Randy said there were good and bad points, he didn't quite get the slow part and the harmonica was a bit strange. Paula said he is showing the depth and scope of his vocals, his ballads are so pure and then he goes bluegrass and shows a completely different side. Simon said it started out OK, but the harmonica was atrocious and then it turns into Achy Breaky Heart at the end, not a song to be proud of, gimmicky.

Closing out the show was Ramiele Malubay, whose most memorable moment has been making new friends. Singing I Should Have Known Better, the key seemed shifted up a beat but her outfit was funky and she ran with that vibe during her performance. The vocals were free spirited but I found myself waiting for her to end. Of course, that could also be attributed to the fact it was 1:15am when I finally got to this performance. Randy said he loved that this performance showed her confidence, kind of a happy go lucky song. Paula said ballads show her range. Simon said the track sounded terrible, amateurish, it was a mediocre song that did not showcase the best of her ability.


Whose favorite performances came from David A, David C, and Syesha...

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Does anyone understand what Paula is talking about half the time? When it comes to giving feedback she doesn't give it, other than tell the contestants how good they look :huh:

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Paula has always confused the heck out of me. But this year Simon is the one confusing me. He hasn't liked most of my favorite performances. I usually have agreed with Simon every season, but I don't know what he is hearing this year. I thought Carly's performance of Blackbird was beautiful. And David Cook deserved a better critique than he got from Simon, also.

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Both UVP and CiCi you confuse me. UVP had Ramiele as his number 1 best and then he put her in the bottom 2. CiCi did the same with Syesha.


i know many folks give simon opinion lots of weight, and he was very tough on her

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We put the sound on mute now whenever Paula speaks. They could just kick her off the show and replace her with a tape recording of her past comments cuz they're always the same!

Simon seems really bored this year- like he really doesn't want to be there if it weren't for the money and continued exposure. I don't get why he always sits kind of sideways and doesn't seem to look at the contestant when they're singing or even when Randy or Paula are "critiquing" them...only when it's his turn. That being said, 75% of the time I agree with his comments.

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1. David Archuleta-I really liked it

2. David Cook- I didn't see cocky last night but I definately saw confidence. Also appreciated that he credited White Snake for the version of Daytripper that he was performing.

3. Syesha Mercado-She almost made me cry. Also I like what she did to her hair

4. Chikeze-It was entertaining

5. Brooke White-She looked uncomfortable out there

6. Carly Smithson-Only gets this high because she has talent. I hated hated hated the performance. Blackbird is one of my favorite songs and the beauty of the song is its simplicity. She should have just left it alone

7. Amanda Overmeyer-I don't have a problem with her sounding the same every week. I know she isn't going to win so I am going to enjoy her performances until she goes. At least she is having a good time out there

8.Jason Castro-it is Ma chelle...not Meeee chelle

9. Michael Johns-you can never do a 5 to 6 minute song justice in a minute forty.

10.Ramiele Maluby-Umm remember last week I said you needed to sing something happy. I was wrong, go back to the ballads.

11. Kristy Lee Cook-you were better than last week which isnt saying much.

Bottom Three: Kristy Lee, Ramiele and Michael.

Going home: Should be Kristy but might be Ramiele.

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wow this week i feel like i am in the minority with my picks lol

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8.Jason Castro-it is Ma chelle...not Meeee chelle

Sorry to disagree, but the song's title is Michelle, pronounced Mee chelle just as Jason sang it. I believe you are confusing it with Ma Belle, the following words.

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didnt expect amanda to go

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:animated_rotfl: yep i thought keep her one more week thou
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I thought Kristy should've gone before Amanda but I guess it really was a toss up. Kristy can't last much longer. :pray2:

After listening to Paul Mccartney singing Michelle, I guess I have to agree with Jersey as to the pronunciation of "Michelle" specifically on that song. Baron, you're right about the name Michelle having a short "i" sound, but Paul sings it "me"-chelle. However, he definitely doesn't sing it "meeee"-shell like Jason did. It annoyed me greatly too. Anyway, its all behind us and hopefully they'll never let another finalist sing (massacre) another Beatles song again!

The Master sings Michelle

Jason massacres Michelle

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We gave them the songs of the Beatles. We gave you the chance to save your favorites from elimination. Did you do enough? Who will make the top 10? This is American Idol!

It is Wednesday night which means the results are in and someone's number is up. Tonight we're going to open up the phone lines and take your questions, and go behind the scenes with the contestants, more news about Idol Gives Back and a special performance by Kellie Pickler. All that and the judges, of course. Say hello to Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.

A lot of people have been asking about our mentors for this season, so let's reveal them. First, country legend, singer and Oscar nominated songwriter Dolly Parton. Also, superstar, Diva and self-proclaimed actress, and I hear even a friend of Randy Jackson, Mariah Carey. Theatrical composer, Broadway phenomenon and our first Lord, Andrew Lloydd Webber. And finally, one of the most successful performers in the history of music, the one and only Neil Diamond.

We get a video describing this year's Idol song writing contest.

But who will be singing that song? It will be one of these people. Let's hear it for the finalists one more team. And the group song Beatles medley begins with While My Guitar Gently Weeps. After listing to the group song, I understand why. But the Idols are Here, There and Everywhere, there is just no escaping the bad choreography and syrupy singing. Why do they sing at the start of the results show? Because. And In The End, the group song was mercifully over.

OK, the votes are in and someone is out. Before we get to the elimination, here is a video reminder of who sang what and what the judges had to say about it. There are eleven, but by the end of the hour there will be only ten. Over here are 10 soft, comfortable chairs. And over there are three hard stools, reserved for the bottom three. Let's get started.

Brooke White, please come to center stage. You sang Here Comes The Sun. America voted and Brooke, you are in the top 10.

Carly Smithson is here now front and center. You sang Blackbird. Simon wasn't too keen on it and after the vote, neither was America. You are in the bottom three tonight. Paula says America got it wrong.

Now say hello to David Archuleta. You sang The Long And Winding Road. There are a lot of screaming ladies last night and tonight, and you'll have to get use to it because you are going on the tour, you're in the top 10.

And here is Michael Johns. You sang A Day In The Life. He still thinks it was the right song choice. Michael, you are in the top 10. Congratulations, have a seat.

That may be it for Carly Smithson tonight, but there are two more people to share the bottom three with her. We'll find out who they are live, after the break.

This week, we take a look at how the Ford Video is made as the Idols describe how the commercial is produced. Michael Johns called it a Susan Lucci kind of performance. And then we see the commercial, Should I Stay Or Should I Go.

From tears to laughter to Carly on the stools in the bottom three. Who is joining her? Dim the lights.

David Cook, you sang Day Tripper. America voted, sofa's, top 10.

Ladies and gentlemen, Christy Lee Cook. You sang You Got To Hide Your Love Away. She thought it was her strongest performance. This night is tough on all of us, but its going to be tougher on you. You are in the bottom three tonight. Take a stool.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jason Castro. You sang Michelle. America voted and Jason, you are in the top 10. Congratulations, take a seat.

Say hello to Ramiele Malubay. You sang I Should Have Known Better. America voted, Rami, and you are in the top 10.

Carly and Christy Lee are in danger. Who is going to join them? Find out next, plus we'll take your calls and Kellie Pickler performs. When we come back.

It is now time to turn things over to you and your questions.

First up is Cheryl Ann from Kansas City, MO. Why does Simon spend so much money on cars and nothing on clothes? Simon says that's a very rude question because it implies he looks terrible. Unlike some of the other people on the show, he doesn't actually have an ego.

Jessica Reynolds from Hillsboro, NJ. Will you film a sequel to the Idol Gives Back kiss scene? Simon's answer is yes, because she is actually a very good kisser. Ryan says we have time to get to second base right now. Paula says she has a say in it too.

Mary Roberts from LA with a question for Ramiele Malubay. What was the last song you downloaded to your iPod? R Kelly's I'm A Flirt.

Linda Neese from LA for Michael Johns. Has your experience on Idol been everything you though it would be? Everything and more, although apparently he peaked during Hollywood Week.

Next we take a look back at Kellie pickle r's journey since American Idol Season 5. And then we get a live performance from Pickler herself, singing Red High Heels.

Thank you for staying with us. Idol Gives Back returns April 9th, but what happened to the $76m you gave last year? A portion went to Angola and so did two of your favorite Idols. We get a video of Elliot and Fantasia who show us how the money was used to help fight malaria. The kids ask for a command performance by Fantasia and she sings Amazing Grace. Elliot is told that in accordance with Angolan tradition, when a newborn is born he takes the name of a visitor, and a boy born that morning is named Elliot. He's a g-d father.

Your money helped distribute 8 million bed nets across Africa. 3000 children die from malaria every day. Your money is helping to save those lives.

Now, back to tonight's show. Carly and Christy are in the bottom three and could be heading home tonight. Who will join them? Lights go down, and Syesha Mercado comes out.

Syesha, you sang yesterday. America voted and you are in our top 10. Congratulations.

Amanda Overmyer and Chikezie, please join me on the stage. One of you is safe, the other is in the bottom three and could be leaving us tonight. After the nationwide vote, Chikezie, you are safe this week. Which means, Amanda is in our bottom three.

The girls, Amanda, Christy and Carly making up your bottom three tonight. We'll find out whose out after this break.

Welcome back, we are live, this is American Idol. Carly, Christy, and Amanda are standing here in agony. One of them is leaving tonight and it's time to deliver the results. Good luck girls, here we go.

After the nationwide vote, Carly, you are safe. Congratulations.

She mouths: Are you kidding me?

Which means the contestant going home is either Christy or Amanda. Simon, did America get this right? Yes.

Christy, you are safe for another week. Take a seat. That means Amanda is leaving us tonight.

We take a look at Amanda's journey on American Idol and then she reprises her farewell performance of Back In The USSR.


Who thought Christy might have been the better choice but is not disappointed with these results...

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The song is Michele, prounced with a short "i" not an "a" and not a "ee" like Jason was pronouncing it. That annoyed me too.

Thanks Baron that is what I was trying to say. I can spell words good but I have trouble with spelling sounds.

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I won't miss Amanda...

Beatles 2 weeks in a row kinda was boring...I fast forwarded through a lot of show. Standouts for me were David Cook and Chickizie. First time I've ever liked his performance and then he goes and gets blasted by the judges...go figure.

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