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Top 12 - March 11th & 12th


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1. Brooke White

2. Michael Johns

3. Carly Smithson

4. Syesha Mercado

5. David Cook

6. Chikezie Eze

7. David Hernandez

8. Ramiele Malubay

9. Kristy Lee Cook

10. Jason Castro

11. David Archuleta

12. Amanda Overmyer


bottom two Amanda Overmyer & Kristy Lee Cook

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I can already tell you #12! :lol:

1. Carly

2. Chickeze

3. David C.

4. Jason

5. Michael

6. Syesha

7. Ramiele

8. Brooke

9. David H.

10. Kristy Lee

11. David A.

12. Amanda


Bottom two: Kristy Lee and Brooke

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lol you are so right

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Anyone no what the theme is tonight? I see it's on 2 hours so they must be singing 2 songs. They probably get to pick their own song and the judges pick the other.

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Should only be 1 song. That's how they usually do it... it's just that there's 12 of 'em and it takes AI 2 hours with 12 people.

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overall they were average tonight

no one really blew me away

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We promised you the best talent yet, and they delivered. We promised them a whole new look, and we delivered. This is American Idol!

There's been a lot of build up to this moment, and the wait is over. Say hello to our new set, America. Bigger and better than ever. Ryan gives a tour of the new stage and introduces the judges. But it is the talent we came to see, so here is the American Idol Top Twelve! One of these faces is your next American Idol.

Things may look a little different but the drill is the same. An important night calls for a special theme and tonight we open the Lennon/McCartney songbook. A brief video review of the song writing careers of John Lennon and Paul McCartney: McCartney was melodic and upbeat, and Lennon was spiritual and spacial.

Before we start, lets get some direction from the judges. Randy says these songs are the greatest in history. Paula says these songs are full of melody and it would be a tribute just to sing it straight, but if anyone changes it up, the reward better be worth the risk. Simon says song choice will be key (sort of).

First up was Syesha Mercado from Miami, FL, singing Got To Get You Into My Life from Revolver. My first thought was Vegas, baby. This might be a problem for me with the girls singing The Beatles. Still, she gave an up tempo, stylish performance with strong vocals, stage presence, and the band was kickin'. Randy said nice arrangement, a little Earth Wind and Fire, started a little rough but she got into it and it was all right. Paula said it started off pitch but midway though she found her zone and there was her big voice, sounded great to the end. Simon thought it was better than all right, a great choice of song, but she looked very nervous.

The second Idol to take the stage was Chikezie from Englewood, CA, singing She's A Woman from the B side of the I Feel Fine single. Sitting and accompanied by banjo, fiddle and tambourine, this was very different style before plugging in and rocking out. I liked the first part better than the second as his falsetto voice began to grate on me, bordering on screeching. Randy said he was thoroughly entertained, loved the arrangement starting down south and then the falsetto. Paula said this is what she meant when she said the greater the risk the greater the reward; the reward paid off. Simon was really surprised that he actually agrees with Randy and Paula, he has changed within the week, took control of the stage, he was terrific.

Next up is Ramiele Malubay from Miramar, FL, singing In My Life from Rubber Soul. This was a pure vocal lament with an acoustic guitar background that had the audience waving. Under the soft purple lighting, it was simple, emotionally performed with a soulful finish. Randy said it was pretty but also pretty boring, it didn't move any earth. Paula said it was pretty safe and she needs to take advantage of the places her voice can go. Simon was bored to tears, it did nothing for her, from the beginning to the end.

Jason Castro, from Rockwall, TX, was next, singing If I Fell from A Hard Day's Night. Playing the acoustic guitar, it was a ballad that did not impress, although it was song with emotional affect. The falsetto seems to be a theme tonight with the guys but soft performances won't get my blood pumping. Randy liked but not loved it, a melody that classic needs more heart. Paula said she felt his heart and the audience felt his heart and it was a special connection and you don't have to do all the riffs and the runs because you make an emotional connection with the audience. Simon said last week he was incredible but tonight he was a student in the bedroom at midnight, the song was boring; good enough to stay another week but not as good as last week.

Performing fifth was Carly Smithson from Ireland via San Diego, CA, singing from Abbey Road. With a little tweak to the opening riff, she gives this classic a seductress's touch, but when she got to the chorus, it just stopped working for me. It's like she started telling a different story and I just couldn't make the jump. Randy said she was strong, confident, having a good time, sounded amazing, not a note out of tune, a stellar performance. Paula said she thought she was already watching a star, she really showed off who she was as a performer. Simon said this week she finally chose the right song; this reminds him of week six and Kelly Clarkson.

Closing out the first half of the show was David Cook from Blue Springs, MO, singing Eleanor Rigby from Revolver. With a bit of 90's grunge flavor, he had the accent working and the audience hooked on his bad boy image. The vocals were OK until the end of the song when he exploded the power vocals. Could have done less light. Randy said you can definitely rock out on Idol, started out with a few pitch problems but the chorus was rocking. Paula called him a dark horse thoroughbred, a front man on American Idol. Simon thought it was brilliant, if the show remains a talent competition instead of a popularity contest, he could win the entire show.

Leading off the second half of the show was Brooke White, from Mesa, AZ, singing Let It Be from the same titled album. Playing on the grand piano with her country twang and bathed in a concert light, the song started out simple and great anticipation but when the band kicked in with the emotional crescendo, the performance stayed on an even keel, a missed opportunity. Randy didn't think it was her strongest performance, but this was kind of a dream come true and she brought her conviction onto the stage, a heartfelt performance. Paula said this is her niche, picking songs that fills America's heart and makes people fall in love with her. Simon thought one of the best performances of the night, a brilliant choice of song, 3 weeks running, it was believable.

David Hernandez is next, from Glendale, AZ, singing I Saw Her Standing There from Please Please Me. Working the crowd with a little bit of Elvis, he seemed a little short of breath as he ran onto the stage and while his vocals settled down, the energy level never matched the level of screaming fans we all recall from old film clips. Randy said he has a big voice but it was a little overdone, too much. Paula said he needs to scale back, be a brilliant singer and not so many runs. Simon said no, no, no, corny verging on desperate, not a particularly strong performance.

Amanda Overmyer, from Mulberry, IN, took the stage, singing You Can't Do That from A Hard Day's Night. Rocking from the get go, the graphite voice and slurred lyrics were back along with the highlights (blonde). The performance made me think of a tribute cover band looking to put their own spin on classics rather than be impersonators. Randy said she took a Beatles song and took it to a southern bar and rocked it out. Paula said she was blown away. Simon did not think it was as good as last week and he couldn't understand 30% of what she said with the slurring of words, but she is a breath of fresh air in the competition.

After the break came Michael Johns from Australia by way of Buckhead, GA, singing Across The Universe from Let It Be. There was no false pretense in this performance as he pushed through the sentimental vocals, blossoming into an emotional climax. Randy said it may not be his best performance but it was good, he could have taken some liberties but a little sleepy, missing something extra. Paula said it takes inner strength and do nothing but sing brilliantly, his quiet confidence and the way he connected, it was brilliant. Simon agreed with Randy, saying he needed to do something brilliant with the song, it was solid but he needs to let himself go.

Next up was Christy Lee Cook, from Selma, OR, singing Eight Days A Week from Beatles For Sale. Taking a country style risk, she had the shoulders working, the voice twanging, but seemed to be lagging tempo with the band and the vocals seemed a little underpowered. There was just too much going on in the background to enjoy the performance in the foreground. Randy said he liked the arrangement and the idea, but there were problems with the vocals coming through, a half and halfer. Paula did not enjoy it, she had too much country and didn't infuse enough of herself. Simon called it horrendous, like Dolly Parton on helium; it was a very brave but foolish thing to do because that song doesn't work in that style, like a country fair act.

The final performance of the night came from David Archuleta, from Murray, UT, singing We Can Work It Out on the Double-A Sided single with Day Tripper. With a Stevie Wonder vibe, the nerves finally got to this prodigy, as he stumbled over some lyrics and the vocals lacked the the emotional connection that is the foundation of his performances, although he seemed to find his groove midway through, it was not a memorable effort. Randy said this week was not on point, not his vibe, very forced, didn't quite work. Paula agreed it was not his best week, you can never let it show on your face when you forget the lyrics. Simon said it was a mess, he stumbled over the lyrics, it was all over the place and it wasn't an incredible performance.


Whose top performances came from David Cook, Michael Johns, and Ramiele Malubay...

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UVP = Quote

"overall they were average tonight

no one really blew me away"

I agree with UVP...

I (like a lot of you) rate them as they perform......

no-one got above an 8 1/2 from me tonite :mellow:

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My Impression from last night can be summed up by m-eh....meh

1. Chikeze-I really liked the beginning of this song. He seemed to stumble a bit when he switched to rock out but this was the most memorable performance of the night

2. David Cook-The beginning was shaky but the ending was fantastic. He was right about the guitar not being needed

3. Michael Johns-One of my favorite songs and sung well.

4. Brooke White-As Randy would say "It was aright" Wish she had sung Blackbird

5. Carly Smithson-Beautiful Voice, Talented performer...still feeling nothing. But I do agree with Simon that she finally picked the right song

6. Jason Castro-He gets rated this high because I love this song and he sang it well

7. Amanda Overmeyer-I was entertained. Thought she should have done Helter Skelter or Why don't we do it in the road.

8. Syesha Mercado-It was alright but I had completely forgotten it by the end of the show

9. David Hernandez-How come no mention of the stripping when he was talking about his job. How can I rate you higher than eight when the song you pick has such funny memories in my life. Chicken Man

10. Ramiele Maluby-Another ballad. Come on get happy. If you don't you might be going home

11. David Archuleta-Forgetting the words is bad. Making me want to go here the Stevie version to hear how it should be sung is even worse.

12. Kristy Lee Cook-Lennon and McCartney wrote some country songs (anything that Ringo sung would qualify) Eight days a week is not...repeat not a country song. Even though you were the worst

Predicting Kristy, Ramiele and Syesha are bottom three. I think Syesha might go home

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i guess stripper thing was too much for idol

i dont see him getting least vote jmho

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i knew fix was in

when paula said kristy you have a strong fan base

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It's kinda what I thought would happen- they'd keep him in the final twelve and then he'd go pretty soon afterward. He didn't deserve to go yet (Kristy MOST DEFINITELY did) because he has a great voice. He just kinda sucked on that song and that's unfortunately what did him in...that and being an "ex" stripper. It made no difference to me but I'm sure there were plenty out there who were biased because of it.

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We open with yet another Horton Hears A Who commercial, with all of Whoville watching Ryan and AI on TV, the sound comes on just in time for Ryan to say:

This is American Idol!

You call the shots, you control the action, what have you done? We had over 29 million votes last night. Let's hear it for our judges. And we have a very special guest tonight, Mr. Jim Carey (in a Horton outfit, blatantly promoting his movie).

Due to viewer response to last night's show, next week's theme is being changed to another week with the Lennon/McCartney song book as the top twelve break out into a group song medley of Lennon/McCartney songs.

It's Wednesday night which means we are looking down the barrel of another elimination. But before we get there, lets look back at last night's performances and the judge's comments.

<i>Fuskie's Note: Not sure why Amanda didn't do Long Tall Sally, which would have been perfect.</i>

They are fantastic, the top twelve. These people are really going through it, so let's get to it. I'm looking for the bottom three vote getters.

Would Carly, Michael, Jason and Syesha please stand up.

Carly, America voted and you are safe. Congratulations.

Michael, after the nationwide vote, I need you to take a seat. You are safe.

Jason, go ahead ladies, America voted and you've connected with the audience, you are safe.

Syesha, after the vote, you are in the bottom three tonight. Please join me on the stage.

Randy and Paula say if Syesha went home it would be the wrong more. Simon said she did belong in the bottom three.

Syesha reprises her performance of Got To Get You Into My Life.

Two more will be joining Syesha and we'll find out who they are live, after the break.

But first, the first Ford commercial of the season.

Back to the results. Syesha is the first into be bottom three and could face elimination within the hour. Idol has touched these contestants in a lot of ways and we get a video that shows us how, to the tune of A Day In The Life.

I need 2 more people to join Syesha in the bottom three. Chikezie, Amanda, Christy and Amanda please stand up.

Chikezie, America voted and please come down here for a second. You're not sweating. You're safe. Go take a seat.

Amanda, America voted and you are safe, take a seat. Congratulations.

David Cook, after the nationwide vote, you are safe.

Christy, America voted and grab the microphone, you are in the bottom three tonight. Christy reprises her performance of 8 Days A Week.

Will Christy be back next week? The results are coming up. And we'll take your calls as well. Plus special performances by Katherine McPhee and David Foster.

It's time for the Idols to take your calls. First up is Paige in PA. For Jason Castro, if you could be any AI judge who would he want to be? Jason says he's the most unlike Paula, maybe wear Randy's shoes and Simon's v-neck.

Ronny from NC, I've auditioned for the show six times. Do any of the judges have any advice for the next audition? Simon says get another job. Paula says keep singing and write straight to Simon.

John from LA, Why don't Ryan and Simon just duke it out on stage? Ryan says load in the mud, he's ready.

Tracy, from NC. For Simon, do Americans or Brits have the best singing talent? Simon concedes have American singers have the most talent, however, on the judging panel the Brits.

Back to the music, Lennon and McCartney wrote not only for the Beatles. David Foster on piano and Katherine McPhee singing a George Harrison song, Something In The Way He (She) Moves.

It's very intense for these contestants and we have your results coming up live after the break.

Syesha and Christy are already in the bottom three, and one of them could be going home. Who will be joining them in the bottom three?

The last four contestants, please join me. David Archuleta, David Hernandez, Brooke White and Ramiele.

David A, America voted and David, you get a chance to redeem yourself, you are safe.

Brooke, America voted and you are safe. Take a seat.

Ramiele and David. One is in the bottom three.

America voted. Ramiele, you are safe. David, you are in the bottom three.

David reprises his performance of I Saw Her Standing There.

David Hernandez, Syesha and Christy are our bottom three tonight. One of you is going home. I'm going to take the pressure off one of you, right after the break.

David, Syesha, and Christy. You are looking at three very scared contestants. Randy says its probably the right bottom three. Paula says this is a strong bottom three and this is so difficult but America got it right. Simon said America got it absolutely spot on.

The person coming back next week is Syesha. You are safe.

David or Christy Lee Smith. After 29 million votes, America has decided that Christy, you are safe. David Hernandez leaves us tonight on American Idol.

David said things happen for the reason and this isn't it for him. We watch David's journey on American Idol.


Who doesn't mind these results...

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