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March 11 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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8:45 PM BBT: Matt and Ryan are playing chess. Ryan makes a mistake and Matt does an evil laugh and says, "You are falling for all of my traps." Just general chit-chat.

8:50 PM BBT: Sharon, Shelia and Natalie in the storage room talking game. They say that James knows he is leaving and he is trying to get the target off of Chelsia for next week. They all say that they want her gone. Natalie says she wants Josh out. He made a fool out of her on national TV and that she wouldnt get too mad and throw something like James. There was a rumor circling around about Sharon that would take the target off of James' alliance and onto Sharon for next week. Natalie was says "James f**ked himself when he threw pickle juice at me, your not getting my vote buddy!!" They are saying that when Natalie heard the rumor, she went and talked about it. James confronted Natalie and got mad at her and thats when he threw out the pickle juice. They are saying that they cannot trust Josh or Chelsia. Shelia says not to let it bother Sharon. They are saying to be publicly nice at Natalie and Shelia. They are saying that James mouth is foul and his mother must be embarrassed... (I think she would be proud??) Sharon says that Josh doesn't have Chelsia's back, he wants her gone. Sharon says, "I have to go talk to him now." Sharon leaves. Natalie and Shelia are chit chatting about the game... Sharon walks in and says its all over and that James confessed to starting the rumor. Just more Anti-James talk... (Kinda going in circles, repeating all of the things I already said...)

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By Dumblonde:

9:25PM BBT: Matt in the BY now talking about them recording BB ringtones for people's phones. James kids & says nobody can probably understand what Matt is saying. Matt says they made him say something about "retarded". James kids Matt & says next week he wants it to be him & Matt on the block. At least they will have fun & then they can backdoor someone else.

James (is totally kidding around & being really funny tonight) says he thinks he will get evicted because Sharon was Jen's friend in the beginning. Matt says I never thought of that. James says that's twisting your fucking mind right now. Jen's gone but the "friends of Jen" have to stay. James says I know she whispered in Ryan's ear before she left "That asshole thinks I called you a racist. It's not true. Get him out of here". James says he was burned from the beginning. The little skeleton with blonde hair fucked him over. ::big sigh:: James says excuse me, I am going to be like this for the next 2 days. If you keep me I will play pool with you guys & basketball. I won't wander. You can put me on one of those dog leashes that shocks me if I get too far away. Matt is laughing his ass off.

Matt asks James if he has talked to Natalie. James says he doesn't think that's a workable angle. James says I told her I was sorry for the pickle thing but I think talking to Natalie is like in one ear & out the other if it even hits a brain in there. James says I don't know how she would place the words in there. it might turn into something totally different than what I said. Matt tells James he is a funny kid. Matt tells James he came up with a really good plan. James said well you came up with something totally different didn't you Macgyver. James says it sucks that he is going out beside the girl who feeds the guinea pigs & reads the bible.

9:34PM BBT: Natalie & Sheila in the spa. Natalie is still bitching like a jealous girlfriend about Matt kissing Sharon. Nat isn't at all worried about Sharon because she knows Sharon isn't Matt's type of girl. Sheila says Nat needs to ask Matt if they are still on the plan that neither of them makes out with another person in the house even though they aren't playing as couples any more. Nat claims that Matt told her the only hooking up she is allowed to do in the house is with him. Sheila asks Natalie if her & Matt have hooked up in the house at all. Natalie says "not hooked up like done anything nasty but Matt has tried to touch her in certain areas & she won't let him go there"

(mmm hmmmm )

Natalie claims Matt gets frustrated so he turns away. Sheila says who would do that in this house

9:41PM BBT: still in the BY... Matt tells James he knew Sharon thought she was 100% safe when she didn't use the slop pass. He says who wouldn't use the slop pass right away unless they thought they were still going to be here to use it next week if they needed it. James says he fucking rattled her little cage earlier with her I didn't say this bullshit. Ryan & Matt say they know she is lying because she was stumbling with her words & biting her nails. They know she was lying but they wanted to see her do it to their faces. They tell James they would not know when he was lying to them.

James (back to kidding around but still pleading his case) asks what else they want to hear. James asks if they can understand his frustration at going home next to a Sharon. Matt says but you were gonna put me up next to a Sharon. James says at least he nominated Matt straight up instead of backdooring him. Chelsia comes back out & James asks if they can make a deal with him. James laughing that the plan was Operation Crooked Eye so he hand to put his hand over one eye. James says if they get rid of him no one will bust his balls & all Sharon will do is read the bible. Matt says Sharon is the most boring girl in American. James says (sheesh) & she is going to beat me.

Matt tells James their plan almost happened & he was like WOW. James says I will throw fucking HoH's. I will be the handicapped kid in the race. James says "this sucks man, I don't wanna go to America's most boring player". Matt corrects him & says America's most boring "person". Matt asks if Chelsia will be a bitch whe nJames goes. She says no. Matt asks Chelsia if she is voting for James to say. James says "no". Chelsia laughs. James kids & says "how good is that?" Adam says that will be fucked up if she doesn't vote for you & I am your only vote to stay. James says no, Chelsia will give him a sympathy vote.

10PM BBT: They ask James what he wants them to say to him in their goodbye messages. James tells them to say bad stuff because he wants to be really depressed in front of Julie. James says he knows someone's goodbye message will blow him out of the water. They laugh & say it will probably be Sharon's. James says he would be staying if he has a vagina.

10:01PM BBT: Matt/Adam/Ryan/James/Chelsia still hanging out & mostly kidding around about James eviction in the BY. James asks Matt what the real reason he is voting him out is. James tells him he really wants to know. Matt says he will tell him in his goodbye message. Chelsia says she next to be evicted. Matt says how do you know. James kidding & yelling "we are the brainiacs & we are going to get evicted by AMERICA'S BORINGEST PERSON!! Matt cracks up laughing. James says you are laughing but I am going because of this. James kid yells I AM PISSED OFF!! SHE HAS A SHAWL, SHE READS THE BIBLE, & TALKS TO GUINEA PIGS!! I'M FURIOUS!!

Everyone is laughing. Matt says he would have gone the same way. James says yes but you would have gone by Sharon & her partner. Why can't you realize that. James says why can't we get Josh out of here. James tells Ryan it's because Jen didn't like me isn't it? Matt claims he is still up in the air with his vote & he really doesn't like Sharon. Matt lays the guilt on Chelsia & tells her she would have been safe. He tells Chelsia if she would have gone for the bike instead of the veto she would not have been voted out & the plan to backdoor Matt would never have happened & James would not be nominated now. Matt promises to tell James who he is evicting tomorrow. Matt also tells James he does realize that Sharon played a big role in the plan to backdoor him.

10:15PM BBT: Adam alone in the By with James & Chelsia. He tells James he thinks Sharon promised Sheila a bunch of stuff. Adam claims to be a man in the middle.

Adam goes in & it's just Chelsia & James in the BY. Chelsia thinks she has everything figured out. She really thinks Matt & Natalie are in a relationship. Chelsia thinks when Matt sits around moping about his ex-GF & saying he can't talk about her awww awww. Chelsia thinks Matt & Nat are really a couple & it all comes together now. Chelsia claims Matt has never said anything bad about Nat he just says Nat is not his type of girl. James says Matt fucking hates Nat & we just got played. Chelsia claims that's why Matt got so mad about the pickles & that's why Matt has been targeting them because they talk shit about Natalie right in front of Matt. James says what would really blow his mind is if Matt was really gay & with Joshuah. He says somebody told Matt of the plan & Josh didn't go on the block. Chelsia says they never see Matt & Josh talking alone together though. Chelsia says something's going on though & she knows it. Chelsia says Matt wants to be an actor & Nat wants to be an actress & this would be the perfect roles for them. They act like they can't stand each other, it's perfect. James says how would it be if we are the only normal (single) people in the house & everyone else is laughing about it.

10:32PM BBT: Josh comes out & Chelsia asks him if he knew Neil. Josh says he never knew him before the show. Chelsia tells him her theory about Matt & Nat. Josh says he doesn't even care & that Sharon is so mad at him. Adam comes back out for a smoke.

Matt & Sheila having a loud conversation in the bathroom about road rage in LA.

Natalie is alone in the sauna. The camera man must like her because the camera pans her body slowly pausing for a crotch shot.

11PM BBT: Josh in the HT telling James & Chelsia that Adam just went inside & told Sheila that James knows he is going home because so you don't have to worry about it because all the guys told James they were voting him out. josh said Sheila said thank God because I was worried about it. Chelsia says the guys didn't tell James that. James looks shocked. Chelsia tells James Matt just wants to play with him & string him along. James says what a POS all those guys are. Chelsia says she hates this game & they are looking like fools on National TV. Josh says if I win HoH the house better look out. They talk about how they believe Nat & Matt are a real couple. Chelsia claims Matt & Nat even kissed in a video BB played for them when Nat & Matt won the veto. They say BB was rubbing it in their faces. They really believe Matt & Nat are a couple.

They also think Sheila & Adam are a couple because Sheila is his type & claims to have been with an uncircumcised man. Also how did Adam know so quickly that Sheila was afraid of heights? James says everyone in the house knows each other except James/Chelsia/Josh. They now really think everyone in the house is a couple, everything is staged, & they are the floaters. Josh says they all know, they are all laughing at us because they are all in on it. That is why they will always have the majority.

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11:58 pm BBT: Natalie tells Matt that Sheila told her that Sharon said (can ya follow that

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1:00am BBT

Ryan, Adam Matt and Natalie are in the kitchen. Matt says is he is messing with James head. Telling him that someone from their alliance leaked aobut trying to get matt out. Natalie is begging him for a massage again. Matt goes outside and talks to Josh. Josh said he might leave because he's in there w/crazy people. Matt says at least 9 of us are crazy. Josh said the people in the house are there for a reason..BB put peeps in who would drive each other crazy.

1:20am BBT

Everyone is saying they think there is going to be another twist. Now begging BB for a movie night. Josh says he is going stir crazy and wants to break out of the house. Now saying they think Sheila is Natalies mother???

Matt, Adam and Ryan are playing Basketball. Now everyone is very paranoid thinking each person is connected to someone else there. Now thinking Chelsia and Natalie are connected. They all head inside now and James gets irritated saying he doesn't care because he is going home. Then he goes back outside and Chelsia follows him to talk to him. Everyone else still in the kitchen trying to figure out the twist.

2:00am BBT

Everyone has headed to bed. Then Chelsia gets up and changes out of her bra and into a tank top. Camera zooms in trying to get a front view thru the mirror. She gets back into bed and she and James start to whisper and then makeout.

Make out session is getting pretty hot now. James is now laying on top of Chelsia -- pretty suggestive movement but suddenly the camera moves away and we only see all the other HG sleeping. (okay this is the 3rd night I've seen the cameras move away just as I think James and Chelsia are having sex - they show everyone else - what is up with this??)

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9:10AM BBT Foth

9:13BBT We're back

Sheila's in SR then leaves to go to BR and is doing ADL's

9:15 BB: "Good morning houseguests it's time to get up for the day"

Sheila's taking a shower in downstairs BR and Ryan is in the HOH BR doing ADL's.

9:18 BB: "Good morning houseguests it's time to get up for the day...have you changed your batteries?"

Josh in SR changing batteries

Ryan comes downstairs and goes out in BY for a sec then in to change batteries in SR

9:22 BBT Josh and Ryan exchange morning greetings and then Ryan heads back up to HOH.

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10:30 Sheila and Josh chit chatting in kitchen

Adam's in the shower.

Natalie's curling her hair.

Sheila goes to BY and joins Sharon on the couches talking about how strange the next few weeks will be and Sharon is wondering who will win HOH. Josh comes out and joins them asks how much weight they think he has lost.

Josh says he knows he's portrayed as the villian of the show, the 'gay Evel Dick' and Sheila says, "I told you so" and we get Foth.

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10:33 am BBT - Josh goes out into the BY where Shar and She are sitting, they are just chit chatting about boredom. Nat is doing her hair in the BR. Adam just got out of the shower. Adam starts sneezing (he sneezed approzimately 6 times) Nat says "Bless you, you are a weird sneezer" Josh says that in the DR they say he is one of the most colorful, loud competitors this season. FotH

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10:39 We're back from foth and Josh is saying that if he's in the jury and it's time to vote he won't give the money/vote to someone he hates no matter how good their game is......Josh says he would have given the vote to Danielle instead of Dick.

As soon as he leaves Sheila says, see that's what I mean people who go to sequester are so bitter and mean.

(I'm out for a while)

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11:25 BBT

Sheila and Natalie are in sauna/spa room are talking.

Which guys are "hot" in the house.

Natalie says she doesn't think Matt would be her type out of this house. (Since when?)

Talk moves to circumcised/uncircumcised.

Natalie wonders if a man can be circumcised Sheila says it's too late by then. Natalie says can't they give them morphine or something? Sheila says, no.

Chit chat continues and then feeds switch to BY with Sharon, Chelsia and James where they are discussing that "it makes sense that Matt and Natalie are together".

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11:37 BBT

All cam's still on BY with Chelsia, James and Sharon.

Sharon says how very soon 'they' will all turn on each other and how funny it will be to watch that.

Sharon emphatically states that Natalie is the brains of that team, Matt's just the muscle, she's the brains, even if they don't have a previous relationship, they are together now.

Sharon tells Chelsia that she thinks Chelsia will win HOH this week.

Sharon is tired of hearing all of Natalie's stories.

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BB: Adam please go to the diary room.

Chelsia and Matt in the kitchen.

Chelsia says she needs something to EAT!

Matt says why don't you make some slop? Chelsia says because she fuckin' hates it.

Feeds switch to Sheila and Natalie in the spa/sauna room talking about fitness.

Natalie says a trainer had her eating white fish and sweet potatoes 3 or 4 times per week because they are a good combination to eat together and that they do amazing things to your body. She also says asparagus, garbanzo beans and blueberries are very good for your body too. She says she was down to 13% body fat. Sheila is quizzing her on what's good and what to avoid food wise.

11:50 (I need to take off)

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Just popped in and Josh and Natalie are having a heart to heart in the sauna/spa room.

Natalie is talking about the make out session between Sharon and Matt and how she (Natalie) is going to look like a hard core idiot on the show because of the nice things she said about Matt and how he wouldn't do that etc, etc in the DR and then the show will cut to Matt and Sharon making out in the HOH and it will make her look like a dumb ass.

1PMish Josh is trying to steer the convo to saving James instead of Sharon and striking a two week deal between he and Natalie.

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12:45 BBT

Nat saying she has to talk to Josh, Chelsia and Adam, and if they're voting to keep James, she will too. James says

he just shook on it with Adam in KT, Adam's told him he's voting for James. Nat most likely pretending to be sick of Matty, said she doesn't like people talking behind her back, then said thats why she's not liking Chels, she talks too much crap. James says well just talk to them, Nat saying she will, and she's trying to figure out what's best for HER, not Matty. They want me to just go along with them cuz they think im the strongest girl. James says and you'll be outta here in 4th place. Nat says I know, thats what im thinking.

Josh said something like this will be the best backstab in bb history

James tells Chelsia everything, Chelsia says Ok yes, tell her im in

Nat says Sharon is sneaky and would betray her before James would. Josh says i have a problem trusting you cuz i coulda been on the block cuz of you and i dont know why Im not, Nat said i know, honestly, if that woulda happened i woulda voted for you, but i didnt think it would be James. (lie) JOSH SAYS SO WE VOTE TO GET RID OF sHARON? Nat says Yesss, i dont trust her and Alli told Nat at one point that Sharon wanted her and matty out and she believes Alli.

Natt saying if i vote for you to stay they will know how i voted.

Nat wants to know if he will put her up if he wins hoh

Nat says she thought if they voted Matt out she would go next

James says he would swear on her bible.

Nat says she will talk to Adam

James goes...feed change

josh and nat still in sauna room, she is on board with getting sharon out this week, she feels like matty went against her (because he made out with sharon and lied to her about it)

josh asked nat who was the other person that tipped matt off about being BD

she told him it was sheila, he said ok good cuz i was kinda thinkin it could have been sharon that told him

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