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Vantage Point


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I just saw this movie with a group of people and it got mixed reviews. I thought it was definitely worth seeing although it wouldn't rank up there as a "must see". The storyline was pretty interesting and kept going back to the beginning (before the president was shot) to show you the different "viewpoints". Some thought this was annoying but I thought it really helped to keep me interested in the plot. That being said, I invested so much of myself into trying to figure out the plot that when the ending finally came, it just didn't live up to the rest of the movie.

And there is one EXTREMELY stupid line towards the very end of the movie, which was meant to be serious but made alot of people laugh out loud in theater where we watched it- me included. You'll know what I'm talking about if you see it- trust me.

It did have a couple of great twists (which I didn't expect) and a nicely filmed car chase sequence. I think they needed to have different actors in the Dennis Quaid and Forrest Whitaker roles...they just didn't work for me- and Forrest's character was almost laughable with his facial expressions and mannerisms. And he was fantastic in The Last King of Scotland...go figure. Plus Sigourney Weaver is very bland in her small role as well.

Anyway, it is worth seeing- at least when it comes out on dvd.

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