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March 10 - Live Feed Updates

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7:29PM BBT

Matty, Ryan outside on the couch talking. They are talking about hating Chel. Ryan calls her "a 20 yr old bitch playing in a mans game. She has to go down." Little know it all 21 yr olds. Matty says he was like that when he was a kid. A know it all brat.

Now they are talking about all the bugs and how hot it is in LA in the summer time. They think they are there in the perfect time of the year.

Ryan: James is gone

Matty: Yep

Ryan: 8 to go

They are discussing the end of the game and how they think the votes will swing between the two of them at the end. They both agree that if Chel or Josh won the game over them that they would be pissed. Ryan: I dont see that happening. They think they only ones they have to worry about in this weeks HOH is Sharon, Josh, and Chel. Ryan thinks Josh is good and really worries him, Sharon not so much. Matty says the HOH that James and Chel won was weak. They are giving props to Sharon and Josh for winning the poetry HOH.

7:37PM BBT - Shelia and Natty up in the HOH room. Natty is telling Shelia that if it came down to the boys vs her and shelia that Natty would vote out Matty! ( Yea, right! ) Shelia says you would? Natty says she would.


Shelia says that who ever wins HOH this week is really inportant. Shelia and Natty both agree they would be putting up Chel. Natty says either Chel and Josh or Sharon and Chel and see who wins POV and try and backdoor Josh. Natty says either way it is a win win situation. Shelia thinks its premature to see who stays with who. Thats why Natty says they have win. Natty thinks that the books are the key. She says they need to study them like crazy. Shelia tells her to go ahead and study them. Shelia says she just wants to stay in the game for a bit more to see what she can do. Natty says everyone goes to Shelia and tells them everything. Natty says they are glad to have Shelia on their side because she knows all. Shelia is now rehasing everything Sharon was telling her earlier.

BB: Houseguests, you are not allowed to talk about your diary room sessions with other houseguests.

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7:45 PM BBT - Chel, James, and Josh still in the bathroom doing hair. Shelia and Natty still up in the HOH room. James is talking about how he wishes Neil was here. He said it would all make sense. Josh thinks Neil would have never went for any of this, he would have stuck to his guns and never budged.

James and Chel are now talking about her hair. Chel said she needs to cut her hair. James asks if BB does thier hair. Chel told him no.

James thinks Adam is going to freak out, he thinks he will break people down. Josh thinks they will pick him off too. Josh thinks the final three will be Natty, Matt, and Ryan. THey need to keep Natty because she holds the key to the puzzle.

They are now talking about how bad of a speller Natty is a bad speller

Josh says BB is taking media pictures tomorrow for a boxing match. Adam vs Matt.

Apprently there is a boxing match on Saturday. They have been training everyday.

James: Clash of the fatties!

(i'm out, good night)

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