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March 10 - Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:00pm BBT - nothing really going on..... sheila/sharn/josh washing dishes.... rya/adam/matt playing chess and chatting.... chelsia is sitting on top of jame and they are just messing with each other.... oh wait, josh came in the room with them....

josh said something about how they are all friends out there now and he had to come back to his little corner, james tells him to sit on the bed with them, chelsia thinks it will be a 4-2 vote right now and then her and josh start whispering and i cannot hear what they are saying..... we get flams for a few seconds.

josh now saying someone told him to watch his temper but he doesn't think he can do it... all three just quiet now and staring into space.... i can hear matt and adam in the background laughing and joking.... chelsia now wondering where natalie.... josh goes and cheks the boat room... shes not there, chelsia says maybe in the sauna or DR

9:10pm BBT - james says if he cant weasle his way out of this he is gonna be pissed, josh says its gonna take a team effort, but i dont know..... all three laughing about josh almost spitting out his drink.... he says he has to go put some ice it to save his mouth, its all he's got........ they laugh...... hecome walking back in and says he forgot something and accidently knocks is crown off the lamp, josh says, im not the princess today, princess for the day my ass as he walks out.... they all laugh and james says princess of darkness and chelsia says, thats right and they laugh..... now both james/chelsia just quiet and staring into space.

a minute later as chelsia is staring at the ceiling she points out some ants crawling on the ceiling

josh just said that someone told him that he was in their prayers (nat?) and james asks if any ae fr him? josh says no....... josh goes into another room and comes out with a bible and says, heres the bible and hands it to chelsia.... chelsia is reading something in the back.... some personal notes it sounds like....or the ten comandments

josh says he could try to take her down but he thinks it would only make her stronger

chelsia says im terrible i used to know all this shit... oh i guess its not shit.... sorry

9:15pm BBT - chelsia still reading the bible and then asks if they are in purgatory.... josh laughs and says yes.... josh tells james, well at least you will go to sequester and live in a nice house and have everything you want... josh says don't worry ill be there next weeks...... josh tells him about last years sequesters house was.... he leaves to go to the Hot Tub so he can get away, he cant stand to hear anyone's voices anymore

9:19pm: josh gets called to DR

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9:22 Chelsia and James in bed reading. They are mostly silent. James doesn't feel well and decides to go to sleep

9:23 Sheila washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen, etc. everyone else out back except james and chelsia.

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9:22pm BB - Sharon feeds the Guinea Pigs some strawberrys and talks to them in a high sqeeky voice.... james and chelsia can hear and chelsia laughs a litte and james says "oh god, this is so grose, im going to sleep"..... chelsia still reading the "precious moments bible" (nats?)

9:25pm BBT - james sleeping; chelsia reading bible; mat/ry/adam sitting in living room talking about food; last i saw sheila in her famous yellow goves and sharon were cleaning the kitchen.... natalie is no where to be found... and josh still in DR (i think)

** :) im out for awhile peeps :) **

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9:30 Ryan, Matt and Baller in the living room chatting about nothing. Sheila saying the slop ate away at the alliances.

Matt goes to ask for alcohol, but Chelsia yells that Josh is in the DR. Matt says that explains it. They hope they are stocking it now.

Ryan and Matt wish for a tv or movie night.

9:31- Matt, please do not obstruct your mic.

M: they're all over my case today.

Ryan is excited to talk to julie 1 on 1. Ryan plans to flirt with her.

Ryan told his boys at home he'd flirt with Julie, so he has to throw "atleast one comment in"

they comment how hot she is for "being probably 50"

they speculate how old she is. Ryan says 40's, Matt says 30's.

They ask Sheila... she says 30's. Sheila says 36/37.

Ryan: sorry Julie.

Matt says she's very popular, Sheila says she is classy.

Ryan: is julie married?

Sheila: I don't know.

Ryan: I hope not.


Ryan thinks he will be called out on that. (don't flatter yourself, Rya)

Baller in and out of the room.

James looks to be sleeping. Not much going on.

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By Dumblonde:

9:45PM BBT: Josh & Sharon alone in the HT. Sharon is telling Josh of her earlier conversation with Matt. She said she was playing Matt earlier to make him think she was all alone. She tells how Matt told her they put her on the block to see how Josh would vote & she tells him that it was James idea to put Chelsia up. She says James put it in Matt's head that Josh & Chelsia were very close so they wanted to see who Josh would keep, James or Sharon. Josh says "why would I not vote to keep you?" (Uhhh maybe because you already told James you were voting to keep him.)

Sharon tells Josh they are not after him & all Josh's carrying on isn't helping. Josh says that's why he went & apologized to Matt in case he is on the block next week against Chelsia & needs to votes to stay. Sharon says basically this whole week was done to test Josh's alliance to James. Josh says then he kind of blames James for this week. Sharon says she can't stand Matt & he is such a liar but she will act like his best friend.

Josh says if Chelsia wins HoH she will nominate Matt/Natalie hands down. Sharon says she would keep Matt here because Natalie is the brains of them. Josh agrees. If Sharon wins HoH she doesn't know who she would nominate because she is playing both sides. Josh says but you HAVE to try for HoH to save me. She says "of course". Josh would nominate Matt/Natalie too. Sharon says that's bad because then you would have everyone else after them. Sharon gets called to DR.

10PM BBT: Josh performs a monologue to no one. He dogs Natalie, talks about the lack of college education in the house, & tries to make everyone look like a fool.

Sharon comes back out & Josh tears into another dogging Natalie, head bobbing rant.

Sheila comes out to the HT. Josh tries to defend himself for tearing into Natalie by saying that she was going off on him too. Sheila brings up the burning question & asks Josh why he didn't go off on Matt. She points out that Matt was going off on Josh too yet Josh didn't say anything to Matt. Josh tries to say because Matt walked off right after going off on him. Josh says if Matt had not walked off he would have attacked Matt & they would have both been kicked out of the house for sure. Chelsia comes out to the HT. Sheila is doing a good job of acting clueless as to why Ryan would want to get James out of the house.

Josh claims he is not going to go around running his mouth & be like Matt.

10:28PM BBT: Josh/Sharon/Chelsia/Sheila still at the HT. Lost of meaningless chitchat. Josh claims that he is the gay Evel Dick of BB.

The chess game in the LR is over. Matt/Ryan/Adam/Natalie think of going for a swim but when they walk outside they say it's too cold. Josh asks if they got beer. Matt says no. Josh says he didn't get any alcohol in his HoH basket because of his attitude. They say Sheila will probably get a keg when she wins HoH then.

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11:17 pm BBT: Matt tells Ryan and Natalie that James thinks he can

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12:10AM BBT

Sheila is laughing and claims she is going to seduce Matt. says she will be Mrs Robinson from the Graduate and tells everyone not to get grossed out. Matt and Natalie talking to Sharon reassure her that she is safe. Not to worry. Adam walks in and starts telling them everything James and he talked about. Adam says He isn't going to tell any one anything until he votes. Matt says let them campaign and adam says they made him some reasonable offers. Mattie says "I'll double it!" and they all 4 laugh.

12:40AM BBT

James and Chelsia are in the HT kissing and talking. James says he did not have $10,000 when he came to the BBH and that he could do a lot of traveling with that much money. Chelsia is saying Please don't go. they talk about places they want to go and mention Egypt then Chelsia adds or Cape Cod. Then she says wait or is it CapeTown!? (not a bunch a bright ones this season for sure!)

12:52AM BBT

Group is in the bedroom going over the events of the day again. The pickle juice convo comes up and Matt says again that James is very lucky that Matt did not go after him.

Josh goes to BY with Chelsia and James and is really pissed off that Sharon is in the BR with the others. Adam comes out to smoke in BY and talks with them. He tells them again that he doesn't want to be one of two voting to keep James. They tell him if he can get Sheila that Josh will come over and vote for James too and they will have 4. Adam says he will talk to her tomorrow. Adam finishes his smoke and goes inside. Josh says you know he is going straight to Matt with that information. Josh was right.

1:30AM BBT

People are finally starting to go to bed. Josh, Chelsia and James still up talking. Josh says James should ejaculate into Natalies Bible so the pages will stick together (what a nice boy he is!) and James says he didn't want a bunch of religious people gunning for him when he got out of the house. Did not want that to be his 5 minutes of reality fame. They are hoping for some type of America's Choice award. Josh wants it for him to get a phone call. Or says maybe they will give him a weapon to destroy another houseguest like a Machete or Bow/Arrow or maybe just a Rifle. (sounds like Josh is getting more unstable to me!)

Chelsia wants America to have a chance to vote someone back into the house and they vote for James (oops sorry they are one week too late!)

2:30AM BBT

All 4 feeds on sleeping HG's at this time.

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James and Chelsia are now going in to get into bed. Josh wakes up for a minute then sits up and takes his zip up hoodie off and lays back down. Camera is not showing James and Chelsia.

Feeds now showing everyone in bed appears to be sleeping.

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9:26AM BBT Matt has rolled out of bed, goes to use the BR. Adam appears to be stirring and the rest of the HG's are still sleeping.

9:29AM BBT - ...And as Matt is done using the BR, Doesn't wash hands and returns to bed.

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9:28 am BBT - Matt out of BR doesn't wash hands. Matt goes back to bed. Feeds change to the little squeekers. Cam 1 - James/Chels and Josh/Shar... Cam 2 GP's... Cam 3 Sheila... Cam 4 Matt/Nat and Adam. Cam 3 keeps changing it's pic. The GP is chewing on a block. The other GP is standing like a statue.

9:33 am BBT - FOTH

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9:41 am BBT - We have wake up. Nat went into Sheilas room and is whispering and doing some weird arm movements. Sheila is making her bed. Josh brusing teeth. Sheila - Is that is what is on the myspace? Nat whispers something She- Oh. BB - The bedroom lights must remain on during the day. Nat goes into bathroom with Josh. Nat goes int WC, Josh leaves BR, No words were exchanged.

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9:44 am BBT - Camera men are doing their usual crappy job and filming where nothing is happening. Nat is out of WC, washes hands, messes with her hair and her make up from yesterday. Josh making coffee, Nat goes into kitchen and then walks away. Nat - Oh you want me to go in there or what? (don't know who she is talking to) Nat - I don't need to go in there. Nat goes into boat room to talk to Sheila - Nat - I sprung out of bed like nobodys business when I heard my yellowcard. Nat talks (in whispers) and says - Please I have been through a lot today and I would love to have some yellowcard, maybe some believe or curses. She - who's shoe is that? Nat - you know what is funny sheila, I was asleep and then I was like (she screeches) my yellowcard! She - ok Nat we know they played your yellowcard, ok I am on slop, I've eaten fried pickles I am hungry, I don't give a damn about yellow card! I need protein. They are just goofing around Sheila says lets go make coffee Nat - those sons of B**** no one got up with me, I got up and was rocking by myself. They say goodmorning to Sharor. Nat - You should have seen me out there headbanging, I was the only one, out by the pictures, Ryan must have been watching saying What is she doing! Just more talk about music.

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