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March 9 - Live Feed Updates

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9:15PM BBT: Chelsia is still trying to clean up from the slop fight. The slop has dried into the carpet & it will not come up. While she is trying to pick it out by hand James comes in wearing nothing but a towel & decides to ride her like a horsie.

Josh is alone in the HT.

Sharon goes back to the bathroom whispers with Sheila (something about not worrying. I didn't catch much of it)

Nat/Matt/Adam are playing pool. Natalie is being loud & giving us a lot of "Mattys". Josh gets out of the HT & they ask him if he wants to play. He quietly says no he is going to go play with his food.

Nat & Ryan now alone talking. Nat wonders how many people are watching them on the internet. They talk about what will be shown on the TV show tomorrow & Tuesday. They say the live eviction show is gonna be crazy. It will be a Dustin Dick moment. Natalie says the BY looks much bigger on TV than it really is.

9:30PM BBT: James & Chelsia in the hammock. Chelsia is saying that she doesn't trust any of these people. Chelsia wants James to trust her but she feels like when she said that to him today (about what if Ryan nominates James) he looked at her funny. James said she ruined their fun time by saying that & it really pissed Josh off. We learn that James prefers to pee sitting down.

Meanwhile back at the pool table... More Oregon talk. Nat used to have her car insurance through a company with the name beaver in it. Oregon has more strip clubs per capita than any other state. (more beaver, beaver, beaver)

Meanwhile back in the hammock... C/J doing some Matty bashing.

9:45PM BBT: Nat/Matt/Ryan in the HoH doing some James bashing. Natalie keeps bragging & saying yeah you nominated us James but we're still here. Matt can't wait to see the look on James & Chelsia's face when James gets nominated tomorrow. They talk about how Chelsia would be as stupid as Marcellas if she doesn't take herself off the block tomorrow.

Matt doesn't want to see the most boring girl in America (Sharon) leave yet. Ryan says Sharon came up to him & told him a story about her neighbors dog & he was just wishing she would go away. Natalie is actually making fun of Sharon because she speaks so crazy & loud all the time when she is telling her stories (pot meet kettle). Natalie is back to Oregon talk.

Ryan tells them they need to tone it down until after the POV tomorrow. Natalie tells Matt he needs to be extra nice to her so everybody will believe he thinks he is going home . Matt says he is going to say stuff to James after the POV tomorrow. They say James is really in love with Chelsia & wonder if they will stay together as a couple after the show. Talk turns to how Chelsia is only 21 & she has already been with 11 guys. Natalie says she has more respect for herself & she makes people earn it with her

Ryan claims Allison told him she did go down on Chelsia that night in the bed & that (OK this is gross so I will change some of the wording) when Allison pulled her fingers out of Chelsia's va-jay-jay her fingers stunk really bad, it was rancid. Nat says that's why Allison came out & washed her hands that night. They say James is so nasty that he wouldn't care how bad she smells.

10PM BBT: James/Chelsia/Josh at the hammock. Josh says he can't get anywhere near Ryan without Matt being on his ass. Josh loves that Sheila is finally playing the game. They say whatever they do though they don't want to ever be on Sheila's team in another food comp. They still think Ryan is on board to nominate Matt. They think a physical HoH is coming up soon so Matty needs to go this week for sure. Josh says Natalie is a total bitch. They make fun of her for thinking that she has the puzzle figured out. Josh says Sheila really wants to be in their group really bad. Chelsia says that's fine & they will let Sheila think she is in with them for now. They say Natalie's cooking is disgusting.

Josh smugly asks who would Ryan want to be with... the whole house or Matt & Natalie? Josh says Ryan knows they are the smarter group & wants to be with them. James says they've made it this far, they can make it a couple of more weeks. Matt is making fun of Matt & saying he looks pregnant & is getting fat. Josh says he is now smaller than Matt. (they must have distorting funhouse mirrors in the BB house for Josh to think he is in better shape than Matt).

Josh says once Matt gets nominated tomorrow his fate will be signed, sealed, & delivered. They say Matt thinks he will have Adam's vote but James knows Adam will burn him. They are really dogging Matt & Natalie hard. Josh says he has seen Natalie's lips so many times he feels like they are talking to him. Chelsia says Natalie is one of those girls with a high set vagina. They say there is no way that Natalie has only has sex with 4 people.

Now they start ragging on Sheila & how she is so old & having to run around a unitard full of young people getting ragged on all the time. They say she has bad breath & now a rotting tooth.

James (the guy with the ugliest tattoos I have ever seen in my entire life) actually has the nerve to make fun of matt's tattoos.

Adam comes out & they start telling him Matty is up in HoH kissing everyones ass. They ask Adam if he is safe & he says yes, Ryan straight up told him he is not going up. Adam leaves & they say they feel better about Ryan nominating Matt now.

James says he was on the MTV show Parental Control but he didn't get picked for the date. He also says he was on some other MTV show & the guys had to jack off & whoever could blow their load the fastest got the date (hmmm never seen that one on MTV ) James says he also hosted a show called "Mute" that was on youtube.

Josh says when Matt gets called to DR is when they need to go talk to Ryan because Matt won't let Ryan out of his site until then.

10:30PM BBT: Adam is now in HoH with Ryan/Nat/Matt. The James bashing is still in full force.

So basically, tune into Feeds 1 & 2 for massive Nat/Matt bashing or Feeds 3 & 4 for massive Chelsia/James bashing (because that's all that's been going on for over an hour )

10:38PM BBT: James & Josh alone in the hammock saying if it was Chelsia/Sharon on the block Chelsia would go home because she doesn't have all the votes she thinks she has. James says it would be really dumb if Chelsia doesn't use the POV on herself but she is going to go through that scenario out to Ryan tonight just to see what he says. James says he's not even worried about if Matt is going home this week & he is done with it. J&J head inside.

back in HoH: Ryan says they have to keep this shit a secret so they will be shocked. They can't wait to pit Sharon against Josh & pull her over to their side. They says Josh is going to vote for Sharon to be evicted but she will end up staying. They say what if Chelsia doesn't use the POV. Natalie says oh Chelsia will be all over your nutsack matty. They say no way, Chelsia will use the POV on herself.

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10:52PM BBT: Adam & James in the BY sharing one ciggy. James says he has a really good feeling they will be able to get rid of Matt this week. Adam plays along & says "done". James says he's not going to go against the group & keep Matt. Adam asks if Ryan has said he is putting Matt up. James says no, it's just the vibe in the house. James says he doesn't care either way because he knows he is safe. Adam asks what James thinks it would be best for Ryan to do. James says he doesn't know but if the whole house wants something that would probably be the best thing to do.

11PM BBT: Nat in the BR making her bed while Adam reads the bible. Matt/James/Josh in the kitchen cooking &/or eating. Sharon is in the back BR laying down & Josh comes in. Sharon is hungry but there is no slop & she hates those slop bars, they are gross. Sharon asks Josh how he is feeling about things. He says he does not know. Ryan comes in for a second.

Josh trying to clean the remaining slop off the memory wall. Sheila's picture screen is still black from the slopfight.

Natalie goes into the BR to primp. She thinks she will get called to DR soon.

11:13PM BBT: Almost everyone (except Sharon & Sheila) is hanging out in the kitchen making small talk. Talk about how the BB House looks like crap in person but probably looks really good on camera.

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12:55amBBT Chelsia comes from HOH room after talkin 2 Ryan, and tells the only awake hg's Josh & James, that Ryan will put Matt up tommrow. Josh says yeah but ya never know he might want 2 backdoor me. Chelsia says Ryan woundt say that 2 her face knowing that if he did that next week he would have 3 pf the 4 left and we would gun 4 him.

1amBBT Josh & Chelsia head 2 bed, and James is brushing his teeth.

1:23amBBT All asleep except James & Chelsia who are laughing and kissin

1:40amBBT James or Chelsia pass gas and Josh & Sharon wake up due 2 the noise. Josh says "i better not smell that over here." the 4 laugh. a Naked James & Cheslia put their bathin suits on. Josh changes and heads outside and the 3 get in HT. the 3 bash Sharon on wearin her shaw all the time, callin Josh 'Babe" and talking to the GP's 2 much. Josh says BB finnaly took Natalie's Napkin bewcause she tracked the code. the 3 laugh at show Natalie figured out the "code" by using the pp'a names. The 3 want her up next week. Josh wants 2 say "you have no self- respect so were gonna take u out." Chelsia said "im gonna bash her and tell her how annoyin she is and say ulimatly u figured out the 'code' so u are leaving. Chelsia said Chelsia gonna hide behidfe the DR couch like Amasnda did. they bash amanda some. they saw next week its Natalie & Adam and backup is Shelia. They saw how Ryan/Adam/Shelia/Matt/Nataklies alliance. Josh said herd Matt/Shelia talking.

1:50amBBT them still in HT. Josh says he gonna tell Matt in his Away message that Natalie gonna follow him out. the 3 laugh at show Shelia was yellin in the food competion. they laugh at how Nat spelt cereal as "Serel" then later "cerel" and how she also spelt sushi as "Suhsi". they then talk sbout Natalie/Shelia might alline 2gether. James says they should take Natalie's bible and hide it. Josh tells 2 not to but u can always scare them. Josh says i lik ppl scared goin in2 POV. they talk about how Adam is 2 laid back, they cont 2 talk about next week as if Matt's gone. They think Adam's bike will be cheep.

3amBBT(no 2am due 2 Daylighht savings time) James says he made a side deal with Natalie. Josh says smarty move. they contine 2 talk about next week as if Matt's gone, sayin all we need not 2 win HOH is Adam or Natalie. Josh says how Adam wants "Adam or Nat up". Josh says Sharon needs 2 stop following him and make new friends. Chelsia anbd them rehash how it was funny Natalie havin troble actin givin birth 2 nights ago. They think Natalie will be in porn and work at hooters again. Chelsia & James tell Josh they have 2 hide Natalie's bible next week in Neil's cuby. they contine 2 talk about next week as if Matt's gone, then Adam's bike is probly a cheep honda. they say how Ryan gets made when ppl bash Jen. James wants 2 backdoor Ryan next week. Chelsia says that a bad move.

im out

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3:02 AM BBT

Josh, James and Chelsia all out on hot tub. They all couldn't sleep and are in the hot tub discussing the whole "Mattie" operation going down.

(Wonder if they remember to set their clock forward) LOL

(im out too)

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9:51 BBT

everyone is getting up and getting ready for the day

adam and matt were in the storage room exchanging their microphones and they are talking about how james was looking at matt this morning when he woke up

he said he can't wait until this goes down today

more chit chat that i couldn't make out

camera switches to josh whispering something to sheila while she's in the shower

adam walks in and says good morning sheeeeeeeila, she says good morning addddddam

just general morning chit chat

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james josh and adam outside talking about how it's goin to be insane after the meeting

j/j still think that matt is goin on the block

adam asks them if nat is ok with this plan

they are telling adam that it was really nat that made them come up with this plan

adam keeps saying it's goin to be nuts (he knows matt is not goin up)

he really seem to be acting like he's on board with gettin matty out

everyone keeps saying it's going to be crazy after pov meeting, little do they know, they all thinking it's going to be crazy for different reasons.

Adam acting like he didnt know anything. . James and josh telling him why ryan didnt take the pov, and why he didnt choose matt to play in POV..that

it is all been set up from the beginning. They told him that Nat is the one who had the idea to send him out. Adam is in disbelief and acting it up that he had no idea

*j/j/s/c are going to freak out after pov*

*going to be a crazy day in the BB house*

10:18 BBT

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10:23 BBT

josh just went and told chel that adam is on board

chel said that matt is freakin out

he asked her if ryan was upstairs

adam comes in the kitchen and asked why he didn't know before hand

and josh said because you are friends with matt and we didn't want him to find out

*this is craziness*


sheila comes in the KT and adam said what's up sheila, she said nothing what's up adam

you can hear all the other hg's through out the house, everyone is being pretty loud, chit chatting

matt is now at the KT counter with adam and sheila, he is smiling at them behind chel and josh's back

james walks in and sheila asked if it's nice out, he said yes

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10:35AM BBT: Josh is outside telling Sheila that they're making sure adam has someone with him at all times. His own handler so he doesn't tell Matt he's going up on the block.

In the pink room, Adam is telling Matt what Josh and James told him earlier.

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11:05am BBT - josh/adam/james outside talkin about how sheila thinks adams is such a nice guy for giving her the 10 thousand, and everyone knows that he just wanted the bike, but we will just go with the nice guy story.

11:08am: adam goes inside and chelsia comes out and they talk about how adam just found out and how he is cool with everything and is down with everyone..... adam in bathroom with matt and nat and tellin them how james/josh think that matt is going up... they laugh an smile.... adam says.... i love big brother, matt says i love big brother too

11:12 - adam takng a shower while nat is fixing her hair...

josh/james/chelsia talking trash about how stupid nat is, how they told her they had to change the clock and nat said, "we go up an hour?"... chelsia says have you never changed a clock bitch?..... of course nat is no where out there....

now talk turns to bb8.... james thinks he and evel would be good friends..... josh just said "who knew our litte plan would all come together?... and snickers..... now we have flames at 11:17

11:19am we come back to matt and james playing pool.... not much but game talk going on

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11:17 am BBT - Josh and James in BY. James playing pool, Josh talking and drinking his coffee. Josh - Whe I was in there they asked me if I felt as If I was pressuring the HoH this week. I told them hell yeah! And I will if one of our group is not in there. FOTH Matt comes out - Big day today huh? James - I guess James - solids? Matt - yeah Matt - What time does this $hit go down? James - right after Chelsia, It's a quick day Matt - Qick and easy Matt - whatch doing boy, knocking in my balls James - No I am solids, oh no I am stripes Matt - It is ok I'll be stripes James - No I F***** up Matt - are they gonna lock us down right now? Someone talks in background James - I got in 3 of your balls Matt - yeah you are really helping me out today... it is nice out today James - yeah it is. All 4 cams on James and Matt in BY by themselves.

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11:22 am BBT - Matt F*** James - want to play again Matt - yeah might as well James - you sleep good last night? Matt - No, did you? James - yeah, but those metal springs on the outside, ewww and if you roll one way. Matt and James still only ones in BY and are playing pool. Matt - Solids BB - Sharon please go to the DR Chels comes out Chels - Not yet, who's is this? Matt - Don't know. What are you solids buddy? Jam - Yeah, just pull out the 8 ball Matt - good shot Chels - Not yet Josh - I guess they are gonna call everyone in there Chels - about a half hour. Chels and Josh laying on chaise in BY. James and Matt still playing pool. SILENCE.... Nat getting ready in BR Sheila is sitting on couch watching her. Nat - seriously I chugged 3 beers in 5 minutes, Idon't drink much She - I did that too... this chick was hot! Just know that! But that is as far as I went. Nat - I just can't believe that She - yeah that is why I was grossed out Nat is curling her hair. Now all cams on Nat getting ready for the day.

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11:27 am BBT - all cams on BR, Nat getting ready. I think sheila is using the toilet. Nat has been curling her hair for over an hour and itis definitely poufy! Feeds change to Josh and Chels in BY laying on chaise. Josh - should we go inside, we have to be inside for the vetoes. Ch - no Josh - and do what? Chels whispers something Josh - Thats not going to help. Chels - Adam I f**** love those shoes! Ad - whats that babe? Chels - I love those shoes! yes and your f**** cock. Josh - that is s acute belt! reminds me of a polo I used to have. Ad - I'll tell you I am polish, that happens all the time. Chel - that was so funny! Ad - no that wasn't fully! ch - that would have been your second blooper of the show Ch - I have a blooper too Ad - yeah? Chels - I almost fell in the kitchen with a glass of water.

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11:32 am BBT - All cams on Josh and Chels in BY on chaise lounges by pool. Josh - I am going to go inside since we are going to be sitting outside for an hour while you do all your $hit. Josh gets up and goes inside. Josh goes in and looks at picture wall. Josh goes to BR and talks to Nat and Sh in BR. Nat says that something more went on with Chels and Alli. Josh - what a hand job? Nat - No Josh - then what? Nat - supposedly Alli fingered Chels and she pulled her hand out and it smelled rotten. Josh - that is just gross! Nat - yeah She - that is what we are talking about Nat - it was so bad that she had to go wash her hands. BB - Josh please go to the DR. Nat and She continue talking about Chels. Nat - I cannot put up with her for 3 more weeks She - she has got to go, she is a freakin nightmare! Why did she turn so evil?? Nat - no from the very beginning! Nat - you want to go do our nails? She - No but I'll go sit in the spa with you... They go to the spa... She - you are blowing my mind right now! You always getthe good stuff. They whisper and I cannot hear them. Nat - did you like that? Nat - you want to say a prayer? Matt - u think we should Nat - yes, here lest hold hands... Nat "Please dear God in heaven, please protect Matty today and give him the strength to ovecome blah blah blah... please he needs to stay in this house with me... blah blah blah... amen... Matt gets up and leaves. She - I am still in shock right now... BB - Sheilaplease go and exchange your microphine She - I think it dropped in the toilet and it is all messed up... lets see if it smells

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