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Favorite Lost Sites


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LOL- that was too funny! Thanks, slowpoke :lol:.

Regarding favorite "LOST sites"- wow, there are so many out there! For websites solely devoted to LOST, I guess my favorites would be: The Fuselage, DarkUFO, docarzt and The Tail Section. For LOST message board sites it would have to be MortysTV ;), BuddyTV and The Fuselage.

If you're a Hurley fan like me, you just HAVE to check out Jorge Garcia's blog site Dispatches from the Island.

What a fantastic, down-to-earth, funny guy he is!


photo source: Jorge Garcia, Dispatches from the Island

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Welcome to Morty's, LostIsland. I like to listen to podcasts and Lostcasts is one of the best. They're very thorough in exploring theories and the clues. Not a barrel of laughs but get down and deep into Lost.


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