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Top 16 - March 4th & 5th


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david hernandez is said to be a gay stripper

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Here's the AP Article about him:

Strip Club: 'Idol' Contestant David Hernandez Was Once a Stripper

03-04-2008 6:50 AM

By DERRIK J. LANG, AP Entertainment Writer

LOS ANGELES (Associated Press) -- "American Idol" contestant David Hernandez once entertained audiences by removing his clothes instead of singing tunes, a manager at a male strip club in Phoenix told The Associated Press.

The 24-year-old finalist from Glendale, Ariz., once worked as a stripper at Dick's Cabaret, appearing fully nude and performing lap dances for the club's "mostly male" clientele, club manager Gordy Bryan said Monday.

"He had the look and the type that people like, so he made pretty good money here," Bryan said.

It's not clear whether a history as a stripper could disqualify Hernandez from the competition. In 2003, finalist Frenchie Davis was dismissed because of her appearance on an adult Web site; but last year, Antonella Barba remained in the competition after racy photos of her surfaced on the Internet.

Fox spokeswomen Jill Hudson did not immediately return telephone calls seeking comment Monday.

According to Bryan, Hernandez steadily worked at the club for three years until September 30, 2007.

"He never renewed his licensing with the state, so he hasn't been on my roster since then," Bryan said.

Rumors of a stripper past _ along with photos of a scantily clad Hernandez working as a bartender at gay nightclub Burn _ were first posted last week on VoteForTheWorst.com, a site that encourages "Idol" viewers to vote for "the bad and truly entertaining contestants."

"It was like moths to a flame," said VoteForTheWorst.com founder Dave Della Terza. "As soon as I posted that, we started getting 10, 20 letters every single day from people saying, 'Yeah, he's a stripper in Phoenix.'"

Terza and other members of VoteForTheWorst.com community scoured MySpace, Photobucket and other social networking and photo sharing sites to find information and images of Hernandez. Terza said he contacted the club to confirm the Internet chatter, but they never got back to him.

"They said they couldn't give me a statement before talking to their lawyers," said Terza.

Hernandez, who originally auditioned for "Idol" in San Diego on July 30, 2007, is in the Fox singing competition's top 16 contestants. Last week, he earned rave reviews from the judges after his performance of The Temptations' "Papa Was a Rolling Stone." He is scheduled to perform with the other male contestants on Tuesday's show.

(Hmm...should be interesting to see what happens. My guess is that they'll keep him on but he'll be booted out rather quickly. Too bad, I really like his voice but this article kinda creeps me out about him..)

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yeah they keep him but boot him out in top 9

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Eight guys, six places, two will fail. The math may be easy but performing on stage before 30 million people is not. This is American Idol!

Live from Hollywood, which of the 8 guys are good enough for the big stage next week? Your votes will decide but the judges will guide you. So much to do, so let's get to it.

Up first was Luke Menard, who was once dressed as a ballerina by his sister. Singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, this was an energetic way to start the night's performance, with clear vocals, nice range and intonation, but the dancing needs some help. Randy said it started out a little rough pitch wise and a little rushed, but you got together in the end. Paula was surprised at the song choice, and have such a great instrument for the upper notes. Simon didn't like it, weak, girly, no chance he will make it to the final twelve.

Second to take the stage was David Archuleta, who lost his voice in the middle of a charitable performance and his mom had to finish the song. Singing Another Day In Paradise, he starts the song accompanying himself on piano with a soft ballad that continues to showcase his maturity on stage. Randy said it was like watching a concert, didn't show off all his vocal promise, a couple pitch problems. Paula said the off notes proved you are not perfect, but he picked a perfect song to shine on. Simon said not as good as last week but he will end up in the final two and he should lighten up and stop singing sad songs.

The third idol to perform was Danny Noriega, who was tripped on the stairs at the movies in front of one of his crushes. Singing Tainted Lovey, this supposed to be a more edgy performance with purple highligts, but it was mostly karaoke and laughable. Randy said it started out a little pitchy but it was a good arrangement and ending. Paula said he is a bright light, with a sensitive, spicy side and great vocals. Simon said it was horrible, useless, hated the arrangement, performance, vocals, didn't like anything about it.

The next performance came from David Hernandez, who had a bugger hanging from his nose during a photo shoot. Singing It's All Coming Back To Me Now, this was a signature performance that reminded me of Meatloaf. The performance was strong although maybe a little pitchy during the power vocals. Randy said it was a nice song choice, a few pitch problems when he overshoots the notes. Paula said he is finding his niche and has some of the best vocals in the competition. Simon said it was not as good as last week, the soul songs are better, but he has secured a spot in the finals.

Starting out the second half of the show was Michael Johns, who was once beaten up dressed as a kangaroo as a team mascot. Singing Don't You (Forget About Me), he lost me at the warbling vocal opening and the performance just got worse from there. It is not possible to hear this song and not think of The Breakfast Club, and he never brought me back to thinking of him. Randy said the song was so him, big range, big voice. Paula said he is defining what kind of artist he is, and she loved the strength in his low range which allowed him to whale on the high range. Simon liked it but didn't love it, huge talent but haven't quite connected with the right song, more soul less rock.

Next on the stage was David Cook, who forget a verse singing a song during a talent show as a kid and froze like a statue. Singing Hello and playing the electric guitar, this was an edgy rock performance with a modern twist that hit all the right notes. Randy loved how he took a pop song and made it a modern rock hit. Paula loves getting surprised by how he shakes things up, making perfect choices. Simon said it was a very brave thing to do and he loved it, he likes people who take risks, it was unpredictable and it worked.

Jason Castro, who once had a dread come off his hair during a dinner date, performed next. Singing Hallelujah to an acoustic accompaniment, it was a powerful vocal and a powerful performance that captured the rapt attention of the audience. Randy said it was a hard song and he did a pretty good job. Paula said he made it sound effortless, he showed a beautiful vulnerability, and his phrasing is what makes him great. Simon thought it was absolutely brilliant, one of the favorite performances of the night, his strongest so far, and he's getting better and better every night.

Bringing the 80's to a close was Chikezie, who once used the women's restroom by mistake. Singing All The Man That I Need, he gender twisted the lyrics but that didn't save the pitchiness of the performance. Randy thought it was an interesting song choice but he did a good job although the last note kind of surprised both of us. Paula said his he switched up his personality and his vocals were great tonight. Simon said it didn't work at all, OK in bits but more cabaret than last week, but not a smart move.


Who thinks the top performances tonight came from Menard, Archuleta, Hernandez, Jason Castro and David Cook...

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best guys Chikezie Eze Jason Castro

worst Danny Noriega and drum roll David Archuleta

David Archuleta his speech disorder is very noticeable and shame on simon for his whoring of top 2 for him when he absolutely suck tonight. i am losing respect for simon he gets on contestants when they are off but david he says you're final two. and paula comes off looking like a child molester with each arculeta performances

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My favorites tonight: David Cook (absolutely perfect tonight!) and David Archuleta (except for when he's talking and that weird tongue thing he does when he's singing, I have to admit he really has a great voice). I also thought David Hernandez was really good as well.

Jason was ok, but the song Hallelujah is one of my absolute favorite songs of all time and he just does not even come close to my favorite rendition of it by


Least favorite: Danny Noriega (please just go home) and Luke Menard (definite eye candy, but his vocals are just too high-pitched for my taste)

Who I want to go home: see above

Who I think will go home: Chikeze (I hope not) and Luke

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Each week a different guy blows my mind. This week it was David Cook. I don't even like that Lionel Ritchie song, but David Cook made it sound like a totally different song. Perfect.

I'm still digging Jason Castro and David Hernandez. I'm waning a bit on Michael Johns.

I'd love for America to stick it to Simon and send Archuletta home after Simon predicted he'd be in the top 2. I hate Archuletta and this would make me very, very happy.

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I hope being a stripper doesn't adversely affect David Hernandez...he's in my top 5 favorites right now (of male and female.)

David Cook was awesome...and so was Jason Castro. Those 2 def the best last night...with David H. right behind.

David Archuleta...ehh...needs to stop singing ballad type songs and start sounding younger...more his age. I like him...but he always seems like he's out of breath...I can hear him gasp when he sings and it bugs me.

Really good show though last night...except Luke, he has got to go! I don't care who else goes as long as it's not one of the 3 Davids and Jason C.

Danny Noriega...this years Sanjaya...haha!

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i see a bit of sanjaya in david a.

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The top twelve is in sight. The pressure is intense. The rewards are incredible. Tonight, the girls take the stage alone for the last time. Live, this is American Idol!

Its another very important show. The guys put up strong competition last night but tonight the girls must battle each other. Six of them will make it to the top twelve and it is your call. Their performances must be better than ever and our judges will tell you if they are not. Randy says the girls have to bring it on tonight. Paula says they hopefully picked the right songs. Simon thinks everyone needs to step it up, no one is safe.

Asia'h Epperson, who fell rollerskating as an extra on a movie, is up first. Singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody, it was was an uninteresting performance. It wasn't badly sung, a few pitch problems on the high notes, but not really memorable. Randy said it was a tall order but she showed and proved she deserved to be there, it was hot. Paula thought she was picking big songs and wondered if she could pull it off and she really nailed it. Simon said it was second rate Whitney Houston, and she couldn't hit the big notes at the end.

Second on the stage was Kady Malloy, who auditioned in 9th grade for the talent show and after a bad performance, tripped over the sound system causing everyone to wince from the feedback. Singing Who Wants To Live Forever, it was a completely unique performance, a bit gloomy, with a lot of the melody in the lower register. Randy said it was interesting song choice, but she did a pretty good job on it, although some of the smaller notes weren't supported. Paula said this was her best performance to date, the tenderness and softness is where her magic is. Simon it was better than last week, but has issues with her massive lack of personality when she performs, make a sad song emotional.

Amanda Overmyer, who accidentally burned down her deck, pool and side of her house, took the stage next. Singing I Hate Myself For Loving You, it was a typical energetic, gravelly performance with pitch problems all over the place, or it could just be her voice or style of music, and facial expressions that were just weired. Randy said that's the Amanda we love, the bluesy rocker chick, that's who you really are. Paula said she liked her hair, she found her niche. Simon thought it was fantastic, she just nailed it and was one of her favorite female performances of the competition.

Carley Smithson, who got caught in some railings and had to be extracted using grease and oil in front of a laughing crowd, performed next. Singing I Drove All Night, she hit all the right show elements, from the vocals to building her crescendo and belting out the titular lyric. Randy said she keeps smashing it either week, hitting the high notes boom boom boom. Paula said she is like a dependable dog, totally into her niche, and not enough adjectives to describe her singing. Simon didn't think she chose the right song, but she made the most out of it, its just not a great song and it doesn't give her what she deserves, she is a great singer.

Starting out the second half of the show was Kristy Lee Cook, who used to pretend to be a dog including drinking out of a bowl for a year. Singing Faithfully, it was a pure vocal, enthralling performance, paced perfectly with maybe a little pitch problem on the power notes. Randy said she put a country list to it, and with a little more it could be a single. Paula agreed it could be a country hit and she has nothing but positivity. Simon said it was good to hear the country influence, but her problem is still that she's forgettable.

Next up was Ramiele Malubay, who was laughed at while riding a pink bike in the 5th grade. Singing Take A Look At Me Know, the performance started strong and missed its opportunity to go with throttle up resulting in a more subdued performance than the song called for. Randy said it was another big song with big vocals, a pretty good vocal but lacking in confidence, she was thinking too much. Paula said she has an innocent, pure voice with a lot of texture, she deserves to be in the top 12 along with the mutts. Simon said because she is little and cute it was good, but old fashioned and predictable, missing the big money note.

Brooke White, who at age 12 was hanging off the back of her dad after church and it wasn't her dad, took the stage next, singing Love Is A Battlefield. To the accompaniment of an acoustic guitar, this was a simple and vocal, intimately played to the camera, a stylishly unique and engaging performance. Randy said he liked the way he could focus on her voice, interesting if nothing new to the performance. Paula thought it was a wise choice, very pure. Simon it worked purely for the reason that she didn't have the band, it was an original song and once again two weeks running, a great performance.

Closing out the show was Syesha Mercado, who in second grade write a letter to a crush and was turned into the teacher. Singing Crazy Love, the power vocals were a little pitchy but the performance was soulful and engaging, a terrific way to bring the night to an end. Randy said it was good. Paula called it sophisticated but lovely. Simon called it predictable but good.


Whose top performances included Carly Smithson, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White and Syesha Mercado...

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sadly amanda was rather good tonight

my best Ramiele Malubay idk what simon was smoking but this girl just killed that song Carly Smithson lived up to the hype

my worst Kady Malloy and Asia

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Brooke and Carly are my top 2 women right now. Ramiele close behind (she reminds me though of Christian from Project Runway...who I can't stomach!)

Asia'h...something about her I like...but has to stop picking the Whitney and Celine songs...too much for her. She hasn't found her niche yet...she better soon though, before it's too late.

Amanda's songs all sound the same...doesn't matter what the song is...her raspy voice overpowers the music and she's just monotonous. She can go anytime now! The rest are boring.

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I missed the show last night :( . Can anyone tell me where I can find videos of Carly Smithson, Brooke White, A'siah Epperson and Syesha Mercado's performances? Youtube has a few of the performances but not all of them. Kristy Lee Cook= bleh, Ramiele=I thought her performance was excellent!

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Well another week where the girls just didn't WOW me.

I was cooking dinner when the show started and from the kitchen Asia'h sounded pretty good. When I tivo'd it back, I realized that she sounded better when I was two rooms away from the TV. Syesha was the better Whitney last night. Although it makes me realize how truly talented Whitney is...Her songs seems so effortless until somebody else tries to sing them.

Hated Kady...Can she please go home now....Just want to repeat my rant from last week. No more allowing these kids to sing Queen, Heart or Fleetwood Mac.

Carly...she does nothing for me. Yes, she can sing. Every note last night was perfect and yet at the end of the performance I felt nothing.

Amanda....at least she picked the right song for her voice. I have a feeling she is going to make the top twelve.

I think that Kady is going home and Asia'h, amanda or Ramiele might be joining her

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We built thema brand new stage and secured them the songs of Lennon and McCartney. The only thing left is to find out who they are. Tonight we determine the Top Twelve. This is American Idol!

It is a special night on American Idol, by the end of the program we will have named your top twelve. There are sixteen contestants which means four will be going home disappointed. But first we welcome the guy who came so close to taking the title last year, Blake Lewis, singing I'm Letting You Go.

After some Idol chit chat with Blake, that is it for the fun stuff, the drama is about to begin. We start to build the top twelve after the break.

It's a momentous night on Idol, just over 36 million votes for these 8 girls and 8 guys. When you think how strong the top 24 were, selecting the top 12 will be difficult. And to help us along the way is our judges. Ryan mentions that Paula's track is the #1 iTunes download.

Now lets get to the results. The guys are on first. They had everything to play fore. They had everything to lose. We see the highlights and the judges comments. 8 faces, six places, here are the results.

David Cook, please stand up. America voted and David, you are in the top 12, take a stool.

David Archuleta, please stand up. America voted and you put a smile on their faces. Congratulations, you are in the top twelve.

Jason Castro, please stand up. Are you nervous? A little. After the nationwide vote, Jason, you are in the top 12, congratulations.

There are 5 guys left, 3 go through, 2 leave us live. But next we set are sights on the girls. How are the votes carved up? Find out next, after the break.

David Cook, David Archuleta and Jason Castro are in the top twelve. But now we turn our attention to the girls. The guys were a tough act to follow. To stand out in the crowd, they had to pull out all the right moves. We see the highlights and judges comments. So who was your favorite, and will they find their way into the top twelve? It's time for the results.

Brooke White, please stand up. After the vote, Brooke, you've made it into the top twelve, congratulations, take the walk.

Syesha Mercado, please stand up. The judges think she will go through. But what did America say? After the vote, America agrees with the judges. Syesha, take a stool.

Kady Malloy, please stand up. America voted, and Kady, I'm sorry, tonight is the end of the line. Leaving us tonight is Kady Malloy. let's take a look at Kady's journey on American Idol. A poised and probably not surprised Kady reprises her farewell performance of Who Wants To Live Forever.

Next week's results show, we are opening up our phone lines to talk to you live on the air. Log onto AmericanIdol.com for more informations.

We have 5 of the top twelve, let's return to the guys.

David Hernandez, please stand up. After the huge vote, David, take a stool you are in the top twelve.

And now to Michael Johns, please stand up. America decided you are in the top twelve, congratulations.

Luke Menard, please stand up. America voted and Luke, I am sorry to say you are leaving us tonight. We watch Luke's journey on American Idol as Paula says today is the first day of his new career. And then a smiling Luke reprises his farewell performance, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.

Danny Noriega and Chikezie. One of them will be in the final twelve, the other is going home. Find out who is going where after the break.

Seven very happy people on the stools, and five very nervous girls on the seats over here. One of them is going home.

Ramiele, please stand up. America voted and they disagreed with Simon, you are in the top twelve. Congratulations.

Now Carley, please rise. After the that huge vote, take a stool, you are safe. Congratulations, you did it.

And Amanda, please stand up. Congratulations, America has saved you a seat in the top twelve.

Christy and Asia'h, please join me at center stage. Asia'h, Christy, we have to take a break and come back with the results live after this.

That was the longest commercial break in the lives of Asia'h and Christy Lee Cook. Before I get to the results, let's go to the judges. Randy says it may go Asia'h's way. Paula believes in both. Simon believes Asia'h will go home.

Asia'h. Christy. It's a very emotional night, lots of votes. America has decided that Asia'h, you are going home tonight. Christy Lee Cook has made it into the top twelve.

While we take a look at Asia'h's journey on American Idol, Asia'h gets a little love from the girls. Paula says there is nothing that is going to stop her. Ryan gives her the choice to sing and she proudly takes the stage one more time, reprising her farewell performance of I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Before she goes, Ryan gives Asia'h the opportunity to say thank you and she does, adding this is not the last we will see of her.

Guys, please come down to the center of the stage, Danny and Chikezie. Danny, why are you so upset?

I got close to the girls, it's hard to see them go.

And now we have the results. Chikezie and Danny, one of you completes the top twelve and the other goes home.

America voted and Chikezie, take a seat, you are in the top twelve. Which means Danny leaves us tonight. Chikezie gives Danny a strong hug.

Randy wishes Danny good luck and Ryan calls him a courageous performer as we watch his journey on American Idol, after which Danny reprises his farewell performance of Tainted Love.

Here are your American Idol Top Twelve:

David Cook

David Archuleta

Jason Castro

Brooke White

Syesha Mercado

David Hernandez

Michael Johns

Ramiele Malubay

Carley Smithson

Amanda Overmyer

Christy Lee Cook



Who only disagreed with Luke's departure...

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no real surprises

the worst of each group left for most part

maybe not girls amanda omg

but brooke white dramatic in disbelief glare is getting on my last nerve

all of contestant this year is over doing it

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i more surprise amanda made it past open audition

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I'm so glad that Danny punk is gone. What a piece of crap he was! I hate when people come on the show who are so ungrateful as to insult the very people who put them through in the first place. Also, on his myspace apparently, our radio station said he was singing a Christmas song and at the end of it said that he, "hopes everyone has a sh*tty christmas and that santa comes and rapes your mother". Serious piece of CRAP!!!!

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