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March 8 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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8:40PM BBT: Natalie goes outside with her paper towel and shares all of her theories and discoveries about the code with Matt, Adam and Ryan. [Another brilliant move

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Ryan, Adam and Matt are still in the HoH rehashing the veto, how Ryan got bombarded today and didn't know what to think. They talk about James being angry that they won stuff in the veto, and it wasn't their fault that James didn't play. They then start talking about how to play in the future, who goes up, what order.

Meanwhile... Natalie was talking to Sharon downstairs and telling a story about some guy that followed her home in Vegas and waited till 3am to come to the door and ring her bell. She refused to open the door to him. BB changed the feeds to the BY and Chelsia and Josh making fun of Sharon.

Adam, Matt and Ryan decide that they're going to shower, drink beer and play chess. Once Adam and Matt leave the HoH room. Ryan unpacks his clean clothes, gives them a wiff and says, "THANK YOU Big Brother!"

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Matt heads to the BR where Natalie is getting into her bikini and she asks what's going on. He tells her, "I can't tell you what's going on, but you'll love it." He also tells her he's sorry and he's been an asshole and asks he to paint his portrait. She tells him that she also has promised to do Ryan's this week too.

9:30PM BBT: Chelsia and Josh are in the sauna making fun of the other HGs. Mainly Natalie and wondering why neither of them are sweating in the sauna.

(That's me done for the night. Hope someone can take over - Jem)

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first time updater here and I only have after dark

10:02 BBT

Ryan, Adam, and Sheila are talking about the veto comp and what was won and will there be any more prizes given out.

They are talking about something that happened on BB3 when a guy named Jerry got money from the other houseguest for his 25th anniversary.

Ryan leaves, he's talking to Natalie.

They're whispering can't hear them.

Chelsia comes in and they talk about laundry.

Ryan and Adam hook back up and head for the kitchen where Josh is, then straight out to the backyard.

Ryan and Adam in backyard talking about what Adam told Josh about what the three (adam, matty, and ryan) were talking about in the hoh.

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10:10 BBT

Sheila and Josh talking about how nat is moping around, sheila says she must know that matt is going home. Talking about how it was a mistake to tell nat anything.

They start rehashing the veto comp again. Sheila talking about how she expected the last prize to be a trip. Josh says he wants to knit something.

Matt comes out of DR joins chelsia, josh and sheila.

Sheila is going into DR to get tylenol pm, she has a toothache.

Josh tells Matt where everyone is.

Chelsia and Josh start talking about sheila as soon as she and Matty leave.

Feed switches to Matt, Ryan and Adam playing pool.

Now back to sheila, josh and chelsia.

Sheila saying she needs a g-string to wear under her unitard.

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10:17 BBT

Josh, Chels, and Sheila are still rehashing the veto comp.

Feed switches to Matt, Ryan, and Adam playing pool.

Talking about how Josh still thinks that Matty is going.

Matty says that he "tore up" the other side in his dr session

10:22 BBT

Still on the guys.

They are disscussing how adam is always in the hotseat as the swing vote and he always comes through. Matt is talking about how they told him he was perfect for hosting this comp because he got to make up the announcing instead of having it written out for him. Matt started making fun of sharon talking about how she doesn't need to snoop because she's not going this week. He does an unflattering impression of Sharon. They briefly disscuss what is sheila wins hoh. They talk about having sheila and nat do whatever they say. Matt and ryan are going to let nat paint their portraits.

Talking about how much Nat loves them. How she loves Matt the most and how she wants to have Matts babies. Matt says he could if he convinced her. They say no you could have babies with her now no convincing. He says what did I do to deserve this. (love2readking: gag, the worst is it's true) He says he was too nice to her on the first night. Talking about how they can't wait to see the show when they get out except for adam.

Guys leave pool table to go play chess. Matt is in the kitchen eating slop with sugar and honey on it.

Adam: You like that shit?

Matt: It's healthy

Adam gets in the fridge and drinks out of the carton of rice milk and puts it back (l2rk: eww on so many levels)

feeds on josh and chelsia not really talking can hear other houseguests in background especially sharons laugh.

James is sleeping. Josh is putting up clothes. Matt, sheila, sharon, ryan and adam talking about food. Slop pie is edible. Apparently Matty put in a request for beer.

Matt and Ryan are playing chess.

10:30 BBT

Josh and sharon(with blankie around neck) are gathering up laundry.

They got beer in sr.

James wanted to be woken up if they got beer so matt goes to wake him up.

Chels also gets up

James stays in bed. (l2rk: it looks like he doesn't feel good)

Sheila and sharon, josh and chels in sr checking out what they restocked.

Headed to the kitchen to concoct something for the slop eaters.

Back to Ryan and matt playing chess and adam watching.

Matt is talking shit during chess.

Adam is helping Ryan and Matt says why are you helping him

adam says he gave me a motorcycle.

Brand new '09 adam says

10:42 BBT

Matt just won the heart of the american people by saying

"It still uh blows my mind that uh we're on tv right now, right now where someone, some idiot's at home watching us play chess watching me talk shit to him while I'm drinking my one beer."

(l2rk: gotta take a break, I'll be back in a little bit)

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10:58 BBT

Sheila is talking to Natalie, natalie is saying how josh is the mastermind of that side (josh and sharon and james and chels). Sheila says "so joshua is going to get the shock of his life" Natt says "he (josh) never should have told me ------- my partner" (l2rk: I couldn't make out what she said)

N: He thinks I wasn't going to tell my partner I don't care how mean matty's been this is the best thing that ever could have happened for me and matty

s: we are going to have to act like so shocked

N: I know I'll be like {makes shocked face}

They talk about how people outside will react.

Sheila tells Nat that some of the others have said that she can't win the money.

Sheila and Nat now talking about what to tell ryan the other side said about him to keep him on their side.

Nat saying when she told matty about the other sides plan to backdoor matty he was cracking up and when matty told ryan ryan also cracked up Natalie says.

Sheila and Nat talk a little more game about what to do next week,

sheila leaves sauna.

sheila getting ready for bed.

11:10 BBT

James, chels and josh all in bed. james and chels in one josh in the other.

Sheila wondering if she has to sleep in the unitard.

Chels says that sheila brought tylenol pm and hid it but that BB found it and took it away.

Sheila comes back and says BB said she doesn't have to sleep in the unitard.

Feed back to Matt, Ryan and Adam

Chatting about maybe Evil Dick will come back for the final two.

Talking about what they would be doing if they weren't in the house.

Can't wait to party when they are on the outside. Talking about how much time they have left.

Ryan gets out a nicotine patch starts to read the instructions on the patch.

Ryan reading about nicotine addiction.

Nat and sharon are comparing their bibles. Talking about what happens in joshua in the bible.

Baller walks in as Nat walks out and he is grabbing himself.

Someone says whip it out and show sharon.

Sharon says no I've seen it.

11:24 BBT

Nat is getting ready to do Ryans portrait.

They head up to hoh br.

They talk about how everyone is convinced matty is going home.

Nat talking about how everyone asked her why she was doing mattys laundry

and why was she moping around.

Nat says she was acting pissed last night and that she purposly went down their acting pissed to see where they were at down there.

Ryan assuring Nat that Matty really loves her.

Nat says that she knows he's just like the boy in school who acts like he doesn't like you but who really likes you. She says she can tell by the way matt looks at her that he likes her.

They talk game

Nat says Josh said that is she listened to matts apologies she was stupid.

Feed switches to josh and sharon briefly.

back to nat and ryan.

Nat talking about how jen will be reacting at home about ryan's hoh and 10g win

nat says the other side is convinced that matty is leaving

Ryan says it's up in the air right now whether he wants josh or james out this week.

Nat talking abuot the amount of things in the house.

Running through the books on the bookcases

They are talking about how they can take any upcoming competition. talking about how josh thinks he worked his magic. Nat tells ryan that josh said he was a weak player.

Nat says the other side talks shit behind her back (l2rk: noone talks more shit about her than matty)

11:37 BBT

Nat and Ryan still talking about how shocked the other side will be and how they will have the numbers 5-3 after the eviction.

she is talking about the "act of god" during the pov competition.

Talking about how Mattt wasn't sure she could solve the puzzle

They are talking now about how james called matt out in the by

Nat is saying chels said she hated nat and then was trying to suck up like an hour later by saying she liked nats earrings

Nat is now talking about her fight with matt.

She just wanted time to communicate with matt more than 15 mins a day.

Now she is talking again about how she acted "super pissed" to see what they would do.

Ryan is doing alot of reassuring her that matty loves her.

Nat saying she doesn't want a relationship with matt but she is attracted to him and she's not going to lie about it.

Ryan doing alot of yeahing and umhmming

Nat saying she trusts sheila, sheila told nat that josh and chels were making fun of nat for doing matty's laundry.

Natty saying that the others think she's gullible and a delicate flower. Natty talking about she's told the others that she's not going to be all happy natty when her partner is leaving.

Talking about how good her portraits are.

Feeds switch to josh and sharon.

Talking about how ;they are losing weight on slop.

Can't go crazy when they get back on food cause they will gain it all back

back to ryan and nat.

talking about the music that woke them up how they liked it and it pumped them up.

Ryan says he would have liked to have the bike but wouldn't have taken it away from baller.

Natty told baller to pretend to not know anything.

Nat still rehashing that she played being upset about matty going home and how sharon reacted.

talking about how the other team is paranoid and they listen around every corner.

Nat starts going through numbers of things in the house again.

Nat says she counted 4 fishing poles and james counted 5

ryan says he's probably trying to throw her off.

Natalie talking about the code in the sauna.

Saying James could still know someone in the house saying james is sneaky

Nat talking about how james and chels said they wouldn't put them up and then they did.

Natalie says sharon is a snake and is sneaky.

Ryan says if josh goes that sharon will be done for.

Nat says ryan did right by who he put up.

Feeds switch to matt reading bible and sheila? laying in another bed in the same room

back to ryan and nat.

nat talking about what a good girlfriend she is, she doesn't know why her relationships don't work out. Nat says matty is used to high maitenance girls. (l2rk: ryan looks bored to tears and I'm kind of glad after dark is over lol)

Hope I did okay and I hope someone can take over.

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josh is talking to himself, saying this week needs to go down like this....

get through tomorrow, get matt out this week, win hoh and put up nat and adam get one of them out

then the following week sharon win hoh and put up which ever one that doesn't leave next week against someone else

*there is going to be some shocked faces when ryan doesn't replace chel with matt tomorrow*

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9:20 am BBT - Josh is up, gets some ice water, heads out to by by the pool, moves chaise lounge closer to the pool, lays out to catch some sun. Josh is sighing and yawning. Josh looks like George Michaels right now, with his aviator glasses on. Josh - Well well well what is the recap of the week so far, all I have to do is get through tomorrow, get Matt's crooked eyes on the block, get him evicted, win HoH, throw Matt oooops sorry throw Natalie on the block, once those are evicted next week , get Sharon to throw whichever didn't get on the block the first time then someone else again. There ya go! Big yawn... knock out three people bam bam bam. hmmm, So much fun. Josh starts counting on his fingers and says - Adam, Matt, Natalie, (holding up three fingers), puts up finger 4 and says Ryan, puts up his thumb on the other hand and says Sheila, then puts his pinky up on the first hand and then says "There ya go".

9:31 am BBT - Josh still sunning in BY Cam 1&2, Cam 3 - Sheila, Cam 4 - Ry

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9:34 am BBT - Josh lays down more, not is sitting position. Cam 1 & 2 still on Josh, Cam 3 on boat room bed (I think Sheila) Cam 4 still on Ry. Yes, it is Sheila and she looks like she is squirming more and is about to wake up. Ry now getting restless, puts his head up, looks around, puts his head back down.

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