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March 7 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

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Thank you!

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James and Chelsia are just playing around in the bathroom. Sharon is heading back to the room with Josh who is in bed and Natalie is in the kitchen going back and forth to the bathroom talking to J/C.

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9:05pm BBT Chelsia and Ryan in HOH. Ryan reassuring Chelsia she's not the target. Matt enters and talks about working out.

Ryan talking about the picture of him and Jen. he doesn't like the pic and doesn't think either of them look good

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10:35 PM BBT: Indoor lockdown is over. All house guests go outside to see a new game set up. BB left a note for them telling them to play it, and practice as it may be used for upcoming competitions. All house guests are thinking its the POV game. It's essentially like miniature golf, except it is in the form of a pool table. There are a bunch of holes down the table with different slopes and turns, and when you play, you have to call a hole number that you are going to hit the ball into. The object (it appears), is the person closest to the hole that they call in the beginning will win.

Pretty much all the house guests are out in the BY playing the game.

Natalie, Sharon, and Josh are talking in the house. Natalie for the last half hour to hour has been complaining about Matt to them for treating her so badly. The plan is vote for Sharon this week, if she remains on the block after the POV, then try and get Matt out next week.

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11:05 PM BBT: Sheila, Josh and Sharon talking in the kitchen. They are all bashing Matt saying he is sneaky and they need to get rid of him as soon as possible. Sheila tells Josh and Sharon that she thinks she should talk with Natalie and really tell her all of the bad things that Matt says about her when she's not in the room. They both agree that she should. Ryan comes in and they ask him how he did with the game, he says he got one in and now he's good for the night. Josh asks if he wants some coffee that was just made, and Ryan asks jokingly if this was going to be an all nighter for him. Just general talk about the game and what they think the actual competition will be. There is talk about the possibility of maybe luxury items you can win if you get the ball in certain holes and stuff, or maybe there would be a hole designated for the veto, and whoever sinks the ball in that hole will win the veto, and that the veto sign will be under the table, so you won't know where it is until after everyone has played.

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By dumblonde:

9PM BBT: Ryan & Chelsia in HoH. Ryan is counting votes & assuring Chelsia she is safe. Ryan says he will be shocked if the vote goes 3-3 & he has to save her. He thinks the vote will be even more in her favor. They say HoH is awesome to win but it sucks having to nominate people. They say Sharon still hasn't really connected with anybody but Josh. They say Josh will act like he is voting to keep Sharon until the end but he will flip on her & vote her out. Chelsia just doesn't want Sharon to win the POV. They say there will be 6 players in POV tomorrow. Ryan wants Sharon to go but even if Sharon wins POV & takes herself off Ryan assures her she will still be safe. Chelsia is still nervous about being nominated.

Matt comes up to HoH. They are waiting on BB to let them go outside again so they can work out. Matt assures Chelsia she's not going home. Chelsia asks if she could win against Natalie & Matt says probably so. The say she would win against Sheila 6-0. They think Sharon is boring & can't believe she was even cast for the show.

9:20PM BBT: Nat & James in the sauna. Nat says Matt hasn't talked to her all day & when Julie announced the couples breakup Matt jumped on the other side of the couch away from her.

They get 8 beers Natalie gives Ryan one of her beers since he didn't get any.

Adam heads up to HoH. Chelsia is bitching that Natalie doesn't even like beer so she shouldn't get any. Natalie joins the crowd in HoH. Lot's of meaningless chitchat going on about boats, trucks, clothes... Josh comes in.

Adam says he's going to leave & go hang out with Sheila but he stays. They keep calling Sheila "Shebot". Natalie asks why she is Shebot but they don't answer her. They say the whole house is up in the HoH excepts Sheila & Sharon. Sheila is in DR & Sharon is in the BR alone.

Matt asks what each of them plan to do with the money if they win.

Chelsia will buy a bike right away, help out her family, & travel. She wants to be known for something in her life. She wants to give back. She wouldn't necessarily donate it but maybe start a foundation or something.

Josh would set up a scholarship fund in his deceased grandmother's name & he wants to put a marble bench at her grave. He wants to help his parents build a new home & get himself out of debt.

Ryan would help his mom out & buy her something very nice. He would take a really nice vacation, try to do something charitable, & invest the rest.

Matt thinks if he invests the money he could live off it for the rest of his life. ( )

Adam would start a kick-ass women's accessory line & housewares, give some to the school program for the kids, & buy a BMW650.

Natalie would invest it for a few years & let it grow, then buy her mom a house, buy herself a house, help her grandma's out & pay off around $25K in debt, & open up her own art & protein shake shop.

James would have a big huge party in LA, pay off mom's bills, start college fund for sibling, set up website, buy videocam and 'get back on the bike'.

10:10PM BBT: In the HoH Natalie says she wants to get famous & be on TV shows because of being on BB. Matt tells her to act out a scene for them. She acts like she is pregnant & delivering a baby. They say Nat won't get famous from BB. They tell her to name one Reality Star that is still famous. Nat tells them to stop raining on her parade & being a bunch of negative Nancies in here. Natalie says you can do anything you want to do, if you believe in yourself, just put your mind to it & you can do anything. Natalie leaves & they kid saying Nat is going to nominate Matt now. Matt says no, all I have to do is promise to make out with her. Chelsia says not even, just touch her or give her a massage.

10:17PM BBT: Josh in the BR talking in the dark to Natalie, Sheila, Sharon... saying they can win POV, take Sharon off, go to Ryan & tell him to put Matt up because they have 4 votes secured to evict him. Natalie says Ryan likes Matt & he will never go for that. Natalie is mad at Matt for the way he just treated her in HoH. Nat says she would never put down anybody for what they want to do in life, she would encourage them.

Sheila tells Nat Matt has treated her really bad & that if she wants to make it to the end she needs to stop telling Matt everything she is thinking. Nat says she doesn't even hardly talk to him any more.

Ryan/Chelsia/Matt in HoH talking bad about others. Chelsia & Matt making fun of Nat for thinking she could get acting jobs from being on BB. Ryan says he has to give Nat credit for having dreams though. Matt wonders if America loves Natalie. Chelsia quickly says no. Matt can't see Nat being a fan favorite. Chelsia agrees (guess what we don't like you 2 losers either). They make fun of what Nat probably says in her DR sessions. Chelsia says "what do you think Nat's family thinks?" Chelsia says if she acted like Natalie her family would beat the shit out of her when she got off the show. (yeah my family would prolly beat the shit out of me for licking whipped cream off some girls nipple, grinding my crotch in a bunch of guy's faces during a strip show I participated in on TV, being topless in a pool full of men, making out with all of them, then stopping mid makeout to jump up & down in the pool to say "Happy birthday daddy" )

10:30PM BBT: Josh & James in the spa hatching a plan (I come in mid-convo). Josh says lets go tell the girls right now. Josh says everyone is down for it. They go to the BR to talk to Nat/Sheila/Sharon. Josh says he wants to go to Ryan & tell him that if he gets Matt out they will all promise Ryan safety for 2 weeks. Nat doesn't think he will do it. Josh & James do. Sheila says Nat doesn't know for sure Ryan wouldn't go for it. Nat keeps going on & on about how Matt puts her down while everyone else is trying to make their plan work. Josh says he is going to work on Ryan.

The indoor LD is over. They go out in the BY & get very excited because BB has built a gigantic pool table out there. There are instructions on the pool table telling them they might want to practice playing. The instructions say the game is a lot like mini golf with a pool cue & their goal is to judge the curve to try to knock their ball into the hole you are aiming for. Be sure they have 5 balls remaining on the table & use the grabbers to retrieve the ball as often as possible. The game is fragile. They have to say what hole they are aiming for & then get the ball in that hole. Do not lean, stand, or sit on the table.

10:50PM BBT: Sheila telling James & Josh in the kitchen that they need to quit talking about shit in front of Natalie. Sheila says Natalie has a love hate relationship with Matt but that she will go run & tell him everything they say. Josh & James agree. They say everyone else is going to practice the pool game all night long & not go to sleep. They wonder if the POV will be like what is out there now or something totally different.

Josh & Sheila in the kitchen talking about how Matt goes around to every woman in the house telling them he has their back. Sheila thinks the plan to try to get Ryan to put Matt up will backfire on them. Josh says then they HAVE to get Matt out next week. They say they will be happy to get Chelsia out this week. Josh says he & James are still going to try to work Ryan & get him to nominate Matt if someone comes off the block.

11:25PM BBT: Everyone except Sheila is in the BY practicing shooting balls on the big pool table.

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12:15AM BBT Mat, James, Adam playing pool. Sheila and Josh sitting at fire and Chelsea is practicing the supposed POV Game. They showed Sharon in the Diary Room and you hear someone from the staff asking what she thought about the huge pool table setup, and she comments something about she's hoping to get all the girls on her side then they cut out. ( I was in shock to see them showing them interviewing in the diary room but i'm new to this so dunno)

12:18AM BBT JAmes is going to bed, Chel, Mat, Nat still practicing and Sheil and Josh still at fire nothing much going on. Sharon still in Diary

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12:25AM BBT James and Adam in bathroom whispering all I can hear is they need to be nice to everybody since their playing singles and James needs to talk to Ryan about getting somebody out......... ( sorry this was prol;ly useless info) Sharon is in bed now. Chel and Nat still practicing. Adam is telling Sharon that everything happens for a reason, she says if it's meant to be it's meant to be. Now Adam is talking about Nostradamus, he and Sharon are talking about fate and predetermined life and such.

12:30BBT Nat goes to read her bible says she needs to get right with God. Sheila and Josh still sitting out by the fire and Chels putting away the balls from the huge game out back. Josh joins Chels now, Sheils doing laundry. Chels and Josh aren't saying much.

12:40AM BBT Chels still practicing before BB takes the game away and Josh is sitting alone at the fireplace outside finishing Sheilas laundry so she can go to bed. He tells Chels she has the look of a determined woman and she says this F'in sucks. Matt sitting in the kitch with Ry saying how he needs to keep Nat on his good side always. Him and Ry say they have a Crew but Ry says he isn't sure who he can trust Matt says let's call a meeting sheila walks in they hush for a sec. Ry is worried if Chelsea makes it thru that she's going to come after him next week. Matt says next week, say if Sharon leaves and he gets HOH next week he will put up Natalie and Josh or (grrr couldn't hear so sorry guys ).

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12:47AM BBT Nat was in Hammock with Sheil saying she needs to keep her distance from Matt then heads off to brush teeth. Josh and Chels stil practicing and talking POV. Matt comes in while Natalies brushing her teeth, starts hugging her and tells her hey us til the end. So she starts in on how he disrespects her on TV, hides from her, he says thought we were playing hide and seek? She is telling him to start treating her better. She is now telling him ( OMG WHAT A RAT) She just told about the alliance she made earlier with Josh, Sharon, Sheila, and James about trying to get him ( Matt) out next. Matts telling her how everyone talks shit about her anyways so it doesn't matter she made him pinky swear she wouldn't tell anyone what she just told him. He said he is only going to tell Ry, which is who he just ran to. ( OMG CAN I SMACK HER) Matt is telling Ry that he was going to be offered a 2 week deal by Josh, Shar, and Sheil, to backdoor Matt or Adam this week per Nat. Matt is saying if he wins HOH next week that it's going to be terror for everyone. He is telling Ry that James is in on it too and Ry says that doesn't surprise him at all. Matt just says the puppet has spoken i.e Nat which is his information source . Ry is saying he is going to win POV , Matt says he is going to win and will take Sharon off and tell Josh since you wanted to backdoor me here you go now you're up. Matts saying how Nat couldn't hate him if she tried and how he has Ry , Ad and Nat in his pocket and now he's going to try and get Chels in theyre crew too. He asked Ry if they should get James and Ry said NO. They don't trust him. Matt says if he wins HOH James and Josh are going up. Matts convincing Ryan that Josh's is the one who's going to come and offer the 2 week offer to him. Matt told Nat to keep pretending that she hates him. Ry said she will have a breaking point, Matt says he's going to ease up on her and that he now realizes that Sheila has the biggest mouth, she's like the nosey neighbor.

( good stuff going down hope someone can get it, can't see straight)

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Provided by dumblonde and jokers:

12:28 am BBT: James and Adam are talking about the
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8:18 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Ryan awake and getting ready for the day in the HOH BR, and Josh and Sheila talking and making coffee in the kitchen. When I changed my feeds, it sounded like Josh was telling Sheila that the plan is to get Matt out as soon as possible even if they have to wait until next week. Josh then walks around the house mimicking BB saying "I said! It's time to get up!". He walks back to the bedroom and starts talking to Sharon, James and Chelsia. James saying he had a hard time sleeping last night, Josh saying he was dreaming that James was saying he couldn't sleep with Chelsia anymore and he didn't want to sleep in this room and Josh was thinking "no, you guys are like married you're supposed to stay together". Apparently James actually did say that, but it was because he couldn't get to sleep at all.

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8:18 AM BBT: Feeds are back. Ryan is up in the HoH BR doing ADLs

MEANWHILE: Shelia and Josh are in the Kitchen talking game. Josh said that they need to get Chelisia out this week and then Nattalie next week. There is a beeping sound. Josh walks away yelling get up people! Shelia makes some cofee. Josh leave and goes to talk to Sharon. Brief FotH and we see Josh and Sharon chit chatting. Josh describes his dream about him on an alien plane. Josh says that he also had a dream that James was yelling at the house speaker and James said it actually happen. They are laughing. Josh says, "Day 1: Slop"

8:22 AM BBT: FotH

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8:26 AM BBT: Feeds were out for the last five or so minutes (I assume to remind the house guests to get up). Feeds come back with Josh and Sheila in the BR still talking about how Natalie is clueless when it comes to truly how bad Matt treats her and how she doesn't realize that it's an embarrassment for her on national TV. Talk then quickly switches to the food competition and Josh and her joke about how Sheila was really slow (I think someone walked in to use the BR real quick). Sheila then says she wants to get a shower before everyone else. Chelsia changing batteries in the SR.

8:30 AM BBT: Chelsia and Sharon are in the BR with Josh and Sheila now. Everyone is saying 'good morning'. Sheila says she will be making slop and she doesn't know how its going to turn out because Amanda did all the cooking. Sheila saying she kind of misses Amanda and misses her saying "Bueno". Josh says "she certainly added a personality to the house" (sarcastically) and Sheila picks up on it and jokes back "OK! Joshuah!". Seems like some of the house guests are in a good mood this morning (not sure how long that's going to last). Natalie is the bedroom getting ready for the day, and Adam is finally waking up, but still laying down.

Josh, Sharon, Chelsia talking in the BR. Apparently BB told them they have 30 minutes before they pick players for the POV. Talk switches to random stuff about coffee. Natalie comes in the BR and asks if it was Josh that was saying "I said, get the f*** up!" in a BB tone, and he says yes. Randomly talking about Kanye West's song Stronger, and Natalie is trying to figure out the name of the band that the song came from. She's got the Daft part, but she's struggling to find the rest of the name and no one seems to know what she is talking about (It's Daft Punk, honey). She says they have one of the best dance songs out there, and she can't think of it and its going to bug her. Josh and Sharon tell her it will come to her. She says that the band is one of the best techno bands out there.

Feeds keep going in and out. Not sure if its because of the them talking about the music or if they are just yelling at people to get up (or a combination of both).

Natalie is going to get in the shower and Chelsia lets her know that they only have 30 minutes to get ready and Natalie says she knows, but thats enough time for her to get a shower. The camera man for the other feeds are having a fun time looking at Adam still laying in bed. They keep zooming in on random objects around his bed and then going back to him still laying there. BB: "Good morning house guests, it's time to get up for the day!"

Sheila talking about how she wants to play in the POV and Chelsia says it doesn't sound like a game that is going to be fun to play because there can be some "scary sh**" in the holes as well some prizes. Sheila asks if she really thinks so and Chelsia starts rambling off a bunch of bad stuff that could be in there, such as going on slop for the next month, or losing hot water again, and stuff like that. Sheila says she wants to play just because its looks fun and it doesn't look like its that much of a physical game.

Sharon is looking at the GP's. House is pretty much just boring as everyone is waking up and getting ready to pick players for the POV.

Sheila joins Sharon by the GP cage and she is talking about how Chelsia's attitude about the POV game stinks because she thinks that there is just a bunch of bad things that are going to be in the game. Chelsia walks into the kitchen and she is telling both of them that this the game that she really wants to play this game. Chelsia is making some slop and Sheila is asking for some and Chelsia says thats fine because she's going to make a bunch of it. Sheila brings up again that she hopes her name gets picked this name but that you just never know and she asks if they are picking three people and they both tell her yes, six people total should be playing. Chelsia explains that usually thats how they do it, with the two people on the block and the HOH picking names, so that would be six. Sheila again says she hopes she plays because its not a physical game and its a combination of pool and miniature golf and just looks fun. Chelsia (i think) tells Sheila that she thinks Sheila would be good at it, and Sheila says she isn't sure although she does like playing both pool and miniature golf. Josh walks in to the kitchen and they are talking about the coffee (apparently its really strong this morning). Feeds cut out for a second and when they come back the house guests are talking about how BB must be getting angry that no one is waking up. Matt and Adam walk into the kitchen and Sheila says "good morning boys! are you ready for this game this morning?". Adam says he can't wait to eat some slop and Sheila says "I know, its just like some oatmeal!" (she doesn't seem to be dreading it quite as much as she was two weeks ago). BB: "James, please put on your microphone".

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8:50 AM BBT: Everyone is getting ready for the day. Just general morning chit chat. James telling Natalie how he got in an argument with the house speaker last night because he wouldn't go to bed and they kept telling him to and he kept saying "no! no! no!''. They all laugh.

Chelsia continues making slop, as Sharon is sitting at the kitchen counter. Josh tells Natalie in the BR she has 12 minutes to finish getting ready as she is still in her towel from getting out of the shower. Sheila and Matt join Chelsia and Sharon in the kitchen. James walks in and says "BAM! Done in the three minutes" (as he just got up and is ready to go already). BB: "Natalie, please put on your microphone" (for about the third time already) and Chelsia yells from the kitchen "Natalie put your f***ing microphone on!!". Josh says he will leave Natalie alone in the BR to get ready because the reason she is getting yelled at to put on the microphone is because they started talking but they say if she's by herself not saying anything, they won't yell at her, so she can finish getting ready as she has about 6 minutes left.

8:55 AM BBT: Adam and James in the LR, Adam asking James if he has changed his batteries and he gets up and goes to the SR and changes them. Chelsia, Matt, Sharon, Josh, and Sheila in the kitchen just talking and Natalie still blow drying her hair in the BR.

9:00 AM BBT: Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, and Sheila all eating the slop Chelsia made. Chelsia explaining that its not really that bad for breakfast but it just sucks when you have to eat it for lunch, dinner and snacks. Matt gets some slop as well and joins Adam and James in the LR. There is no sound coming from the three of them (as far as I can tell). The feeds just focusing on Matt eating the slop. The other two feeds on the others in the kitchen eating, just random chit chat, nothing important.

9:05 AM BBT: Sheila and Natalie in the BR still getting ready, talking about the POV game. Natalie thinks the game will be a little bit physical and Sheila says she really doesn't think it will. She thinks its going to be pretty much the same as the game they got and Natalie explains that BB would never and has never given anyone a heads up on what the game was going to be. Sheila explains that in past seasons they have had games that are just as easy and similar as that so she thinks there is a possibility that thats what the game is. Natalie explains that yeah they have had games like that, but they have never given anyone a heads up or time to practice it before they played (I would think it wouldn't matter about the heads up, because they all had equal chances at practicing). BB: "Sheila, please move your microphone higher". Talk has switched to makeup mostly. Chelsia, Josh and Sharon still eating and talking in the kitchen. Not much going on.

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9:15 AM BBT: Sheila still in the BR getting ready. Natalie left to the bedroom to get dressed. Everyone just sitting around waiting for the POV game meeting to begin. Josh and Matt saying there are hearing noises outside.

9:20 AM BBT: Nothing going on at all. Sharon, Josh, James, Matt, and Adam are all laying in their own beds. No one talking. Matt and Sharon both reading the Bible. Even the camera men are getting bored as they keep zooming in on random objects in each of the rooms. Two feeds switch to Chelsia, Natalie, and Sheila still all getting ready for the day. Chelsia leaves to go lay down in the bed again with James, and Natalie leaves to lay in the bed with Matt. Sheila left alone in the BR as she continues to get ready. It's an extremely silent house at the moment.

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9:16 am BBT - Nat and She getting ready in BR, Nat is going to put her hair in pigtails. She says "Pig Tails are always fun". She takes her slop out of the BR because she is blowdrying her hair and doesn't want anything to get into it. Nat says that she doesn't know where all of her ponytail holders are going. Nat is going to poof out her pigtails a lot. Nat asking if anyone has a comb, Chels has a teaser comb, Nat says that is exactally what she needs. Josh and shar laying down on couch/bed. Chels sneezes realy loud. Nat and She "Bless You". Chels "Thank You". Shar saying she used to want to go to the University of Miami so bad. Matt reading bible, laying down in his bed. Adam climbs back into bed and covers up.

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9:21 am BBT - James is in bed... Chels says that she looks like 'Holy Hell'. Mat says "That is how I look every morning". Chels says "No it is just that my hair is..." The feeds cut her off. All the boys are laying down in bed, Shar is laying down with Josh. Shar is now sitting up and reading her bible, Matt reading bible too (natalies bible). She, Chels and Nat getting ready in BR. She blowdrying hair again.

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9:24 am BBT - Chels hops into bed with James, closes her eyes, looks as if it is nap time. Nat walked into the BR where Matt is reading bible and Adam is in bed. She still getting ready. Matt "My neck was hurting" feeds cut him off. Nat now laying in bed with Matt as he reads the Bible. Nat "Baller you over there" Adam "Yep" Nat "I didn't see you over there, you are hiding how cute! I am going to lay down here and try to get a power nap" Adam "You are going to go to sleep" Nat "Yeah I am going to lay down here, close my eyes and try to get about 20 minutes of sleep or so". Everyone but Sheila laying down in bed, resting/napping/thinking/reading. Nat gets up and wants to get coffee "I want to get some coffee, It is going to go away, I know it! I forgot I wanted some coffee. I Like it like that it tastes more like espresso". Nat goes to get coffee, and is yawning. Nat to Sheila "I cannot stop yawning" She "What was that" Nat "It was open I didn't do it" Nat "Good morning Ry bread! How are you!" Ry "Good morning!" Nat " You are the king of the castle, do you ever feel like anyone is up when you are up" Ry "Today is going to be very exciting!!!" They talk about what the game/challenge is going to be today...

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Just tuned in. Matt telling Ryan alone how solid he has Nat. Matt thinks Josh or Sharon has to go this week. Ryan says he knows. Ryan saying worst case scenerio is 3-3.

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Ryan and Matt consider staging a fight so they won't be targets together next week. Matt suggests that Ryan play everyone else and play into wanting him to go.

Ryan says the sides are divided, based on James. Matt questions if baller will follow james or not. Ryan thinks Baller will be on whoever's side is winning.

Matt telling Ryan josh is a snake. Ryan lying and saying Josh is very nervous about being backdoored. (In reality, Ryan is considering a super secret deal with Josh)

Matt really wants Ryan to win it.

Matt is hosting POV.

Ryan suggest Matt just "try to be cool" with Josh.

Sharon picked Josh in the veto comp. Ryan and Matt believe that it definintely will not be a crapshoot of a POV.. it will be skill.

Matt rooting for ryan to win. Matt is dying to see the campagining btwn Sharon and Chelsia.

Matt saying that backdooring Josh is a possibility, Ryan is mhmming. Matt saying Josh cannot be trusted.

Ryan saying he and matt have to be careful. Matt saying the 2 sides of the house is obvious this week.

M: it wouldnt be bad to get Josh out this week though.

R: yeah, I agree.

Matt wondering where Chelsia's loyalty is.

Matt saying Sharon can't do shit without Josh. Matt saying cutting Sheila right now is too early.

Mostly Matt talking and giving scenerios... Ryan mhming and yeahing along.

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Ryan saying maybe Matt should't be up here for so long.

Matt leaves Sheila incoming. Matt sees Sheila and decides to stay.

Sheila: what is going on?! why are you being so weird. [to matt]

M: who said that?

S: everyone. everyone down stairs.

M: baller knows I'm not.

S: what do you want to see happen.

R: I'd rather it stay the same.

S: i'm going to do whatever you want if I win.

Baller incoming.

Matt still upset about why people think somethings wrong, and Ryan is telling Sheila it should stay the same.

S: mattie we're good right?

M: yeah. always.

Ryan saying his noms are how he feels. If anyone wins he wants it to stay the same. Ryan saying he wants it to stay the same. S saying it's premature, she just wanted a feel for things.

R saying they can talk about it once it happens.

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Sheila/ Adam/ Ryan and Matt in the hoh talking light heartedly about the paranoia that exists in the house.


Nat is venting to Josh about Mattie. Josh basically nodding and mhming along.

Nat saying he's sick of Matt's shit. Nat saying she talked to Sheila for 2 hours last night. Nat says sometimes she hates this game. Nat says she wont put up with people mistreating her and nobody has except Matt.

Nat continuing to vent, Josh continues to mhm and yeah along.

Josh conferences with James and Chelsia.

Josh: Im not worried, are y'all worried?

C: they could back out

Josh says one of them will come off the block and then its 4-2. done.

11:26 FOTH

back at 11:30 to Nat and Matt at the sinks. They discuss the paranoia.

Sheila, Ryan and Baller in the HOH room. It's sheila talking and ryan agreeing. Sheila just talking about the game and how it sucks.

James and Chelsia laying down. Chelsia stroking James' head, light convo mostly about music.

Sharon and Josh whispering at an inaudible level, just about votes and the comp.

Back in hoh... sheila yapping away and ryan just listens.

Nat reading the bible.

James and Chelsia talking about concerts, and how Chelsia was courtney love for halloween two years ago.

James and Chelsia join them in the HoH room. They're speculating about POV. Ryan says it's a crapshoot. Sheila says it'll be pure luck.

Sheila says if there's a luxury comp

James: did you talk to matt about what josh talked about?

Ryan: ........

James:... dude everyone knows in here. it's ok. everyone knows.

Josh saying nobody knows.

Big meeting in the hoh room!!!! All but Matt and Nat!!!

Chelsia steps up and says everyone will give him 2 weeks.

Ryan saying he won't tell Matt anything about this.

Ryan saying Matt knows. Everyone knows Matt knows because of Nat

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