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March 4 - Live Feed Updates


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3:00 BBT

Matt, Ryan, Sheila and Allison in kitchen.

Sheila is cleaning everything in sight.

Ryan is saying how stressed he is about it being eviction time.

Matt is denying that he got a bj from Nat. He said Amanda started that rumor and it isn't true.

Sheila says she would know if it had happened because she sleeps right next to them and she never heard anything.

Sheila said she had never heard that rumor.

Now they are talking about Josh calling Allison a cunt and how he said he didn't want anyone to know he was gay.

Baller and Ryan are going outside to smoke.

Allison is still complaining about Josh going off. Matt is saying it was not okay for him to call Alli a cunt.

Allison is saying she never meant to offend Josh by pretending to be lesbians.

Matt went outside.

Now Allison and Sheila are talking about how it was all in fun.

Matt told Allison that Josh hates her because she pretended to be gay. Sheila told her that is not true.

Sheila just told the camera's "If there is anyone out there watching now that was offended by us pretending to be gay - I apologize."


Sheila and Allison are just going over the whole lesbian thing AGAIN.

Allison thinks she should apologize to Josh again. Sheila told her not to. She told her to quit bringing it up. That apologizing will not stop the attacks.

Now they are talking about Evel Dick and how no one attacked him for being a bad father. Allison said, "except his own daughter"


Natalie is looking at the GP, so now Sheila and Allison are talking quietly.

Allison is saying it is all her fault about the lesbian thing. Sheila said it is not, that it just backfired on both of them.

Lots of giggling between the two of them.

Natalie is wandering like a lost puppy.

Natalie is standing by back door looking for someone...

Allison is examining the picture wall and Sheila is STILL cleaning.

Matt just walked through to the BR, I think.

All four cameras on Sheila washing the dishes.

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3:10 BBT

All four cameras have switched to LR. Allison and Ryan are playing chess.

She says that if they go to the sequester house, Jen is going to really hate her. And Amanda is going to hate her again.

They are discussing who they think is going to vote for them and who will vote for S/A.

Allison is saying there is no point in them keeping S/A. Ryan says S/A would be an easy out later in the game.

Matt came through saying he wants to play a game.


James just came through saying the suitcases are in the SR.

Baller came in to watch them play chess.

Adam is giving Sheila crap for cleaning again.

Allison to Sheila: "You guys are a match made in heaven."

Adam: "Tomorow is doomsday for one of us."


Sheila is offering Adam a backrub tonight since this may be their last night together. He is stoked.

(This is almost flirting for Sheila and Adam. Kind of funny to watch.)

Sheila: "Take a hot shower and we'll put a towel around you. We'll do it after dinner tonight."

More talk about the Geisha or Geesh as Adam calls it.

Still all cameras on the LR.

3:20 BBT

All 4 cams switch to Natalie and Matt in the BR.

Natalie is shaving the back of Matt's neck.

(I have to go...I will try and be back in a little while)

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3:33 pm BBT: Chelsia and Sharon are talking in BY. They're curious about what the "virus" could mean... shortened season or split the couples. They go back and forth with their theories and then Chelsia says that NUMEROUS times her handlers "slipped up" and said they would see her in 2 months. (not 3) We get FOTH immediately for a min. or two.

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3:50 pm BBT: Natalie's nickname for Ryan is "Rye Bread." :animated_scratchchin: Natalie is telling Chels, Allison and Sheila that Ryan helped her cure her hiccups earlier today. She didn't know that the old wives tale of scaring a person with hiccups will cure them.

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4:34PM BBT: Nat & Adam in bed. She's saying God just pointed something else out to her. Eight faces, curtains, etc. There's eights everywhere in this house.

Said Matt was napping but he didn't want her sleeping with him. *ha*

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Nat keeps saying she's not dumb. *HA*

BB tells Sharon not to talk about her DR sessions with other HG's.

* irony of not so bright Nat and Adam discussing strategy together*

They're back to counting eights. *Adams using his toes and STILL losing count*

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4:41 bbt

Jacuzzi : Sharon Josh talk game. Disgussing next HOH & POV.

Nat still reading aloud from bible to Adam who sports a perpetual ' I don't get it' grin.

Sharon scratches Josh's itch. Literally.

Talking his weight. Sharon asks Josh if he's doing sit ups. He says he did 30 mins cardio this morning.

Talk of what they'll wear tomorrow. He plans to be veryyyyy Texan.

Josh says house is eerily quiet anymore.


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Ryan is in kitchen cooking. Allison and Chelsea are in couch bedroon talking about the siren. Allison thinks someone is coming back, and that since BB told them all about the siren, it must be happening before the eviction, since the all know about it. Allison just said she guarentees that America knows what the siren means. She says it's crazy to think about. Chel agrees. James is sleeping next to Chel.

Allison is now relaying a story to Ryan in the kitchen. She said how someone said they were going to let Sheila BORROW something of theirs, which makes her think they're keeping Sheila. Alli says she thinks it might still be up in the air. Ryan agrees with her.

Alli joins Sheila in the sauna room, and tells her how someone said Sheila can BORROW something. Alli's saying she picks up on people. I think they're talking about Natalie. Sheila just said Matt still hasn't committed his vote. They talk a little bit of smack about them. Alli thinks there's another plan for them behind the walls (hey, she said it) and she says that she has stuff she can say about every person, but hasn't. They're now trying to figure out how long the show has been going on, and how many weeks are left for them in the BB house. Alli thinks this week is a by week, and so is next week.

Sheila mentions that it said May 3 on papers they filled out, so do the math. Alli says that Josh wouldn't talk to her or listen to her apologies, but ever since they found the note about the siren, he's been freaking out. Alli thinks there will be no eviction this week, especially since the presidental speeches are starting now, and there will be blackouts, so it makes the most sense. Sheila's trying to figure out what she means and Alli explains. Sheila asks why everything in the BB house is in 8 and how everyone's making a big deal about there being 4 couples left.

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Feeds change to Chel and Josh in the SR. She's filling him in on Alli's theories. He quickly leaves, and BB calls Alli into the DR. Chel joins Josh in the kitchen. Ryan's there eating, and Sheila comes in as well. All four feeds on these exciting actions in the kitchen.

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