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March 4 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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From Dumblonde

9:00PM BBT: Allison, Adam and Ryan are in the bedroom. Allison is saying until Julie comes over the speaker and announces the numbers none of them will know who is going home. Ryan tells Adam he would hate to see him go but they would love to still be there when Josh walks out the door. Allison retells the shit Josh has done to her. She says he denies it but Josh did threaten her. Allison says sending Josh out the door is worth more to her than $500K


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9:25PM BBT: Matt/Josh/Sharon in HoH. Josh (who was just downstairs tearing Natalie to shreds with Chelsia & James) acts all sincere to Matt & says he is really scared that James is going to say something mean to Natalie this week. Natalie comes into HoH & tells them the quantities of some of the things she has counted.

Sheila is in spa with Chelsia/James. James tells Sheila that he can't take hearing Allison tell him how she has Matt's vote she has Matt's vote. Sheila says she has just wondered why Chelsia and James are being so secretive with how they are voting. James is explaining to Sheila that the reason they are not committing on their vote yet is because it's stupid to commit your vote so early because then you can't make deals with people. Sheila rehashes the reason for the lesbian alliance. blah blah blah.

9:51PM BBT: Sheila tells C/J that being on the block it is just really hard not knowing. Chelsia and James ask her if she would rather they lie to her. Sheila says no. They say there still is another day & a half before the vote & they do not want to commit to anything because things can always change. Sheila says she understands because she made a promise to Jen/parker to keep them & she voted them out. She feels bad & knows that was a big mistake. She should never have made a promise to anyone that early but she did & she had to go back on her word because things changed. Sheila says she wants to stay but wants C/J to do what is best for them & what they feel they should do to further themselves in the game. Sheila leaves.

Chelsia and James are alone. They start whispering about who they need to stay more (but I can't hear it). James says he totally ripped a big one while Sheila was in there & he can't believe nobody smelled it.

NEWSFLASH: In HoH Natalie says if Chelsia and James rip on her she is going to kill them with kindness

10:04PM BBT: Josh & Chelsia really don't want to hang out with any of the other HG so they decide they will get in the sauna.

In HoH, Natalie is looking through the bible & reading verses out loud that she plans to use on James & Chelsia when they attack her.

10:15PM BBT: Most everyone hanging out in the kitchen & (as usual with this bunch) talk turns to graphic sex. They talk of double penetration, guys taking 2 up the butt. Natalie says she tried it up the butt once & her butt hole stayed open for like 3 hours afterwards (Natalie, you're broadcasting honey ). She said that shit hurts. She only did it once & she will never do it again. Josh thinks it's so hot to watch 2 masculine men have sex, way hotter than watching a man & woman (well duh, you're gay). Chelsia thinks the hottest thing is when 2 straight guys make out. She thinks when guys are open enough to kiss another guy that's just the hottest thing ever. Natalie says she has such a boring sex life compared to everyone else in the house.

Sheila says Parker had great hair. They ask her if she ever smelled it. Sheila says no. They say his hair looked cool but he only washed it like once a week.

10:30PM BBT: Matt/Sharon alone in HoH. Sharon is bitching about how not right the lesbian alliance was to Josh (yawn). Sharon is lying on Matt & he is rubbing her back and they have a mini make-out session. In the middle of the tongue wrestling the camera flashes to the mounted fish on the wall

10:39PM BBT: Natalie & Allison alone in the spa talking about who's voting for who, who said what, who's been mean to who, who's lying to whom, everybody calls Allison out, Allison never calls anybody else out, I have your back.

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Natalie is counting everything and trying to relate it to the alphabet. She thought there were 27 letters in the alphabet but seems she was counting AND (as in x y AND z) as a letter. Ryan corrects her. (seriously)


Matt and Natalie talking game. She is telling him that if they win they have to put Josh/Sharon and James/Chelsia on the block because they are an alliance for sure. She is telling Matt he needs to pray for them to win and that Chelsia said she was praying but Natalie doesn't think she believes in God so praying won't help her.

Matt really dislikes James it seems. Nat tells him if they are going to rattle James then Adam needs to quit giving him cigs. Matt getting annoyed with Natalie so he goes to BY - Adam is outside.

Adam saying Ryan is not as bad as James. Adam says Josh will be easier to break than James. (not quite sure what this is all about?) Matt and Adam agree they want to send James home next week. They think someone is coming back into the game.


Most everyone is in bed sleeping. James is wandering around. Goes to the sauna to chew on his toenails. (yes he really is)


James still only one up. Goes out of sauna and gets a drink in kitchen then back to sauna.

Out of sauna again. sitting in livingroom in the dark. Now in kitchen and seems to be getting a snack. Standing at counter eating something.

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9:33AM BBT: Feeds are back and Chelsia is up and around. Looks like Allison is heading outside to workout. Once she sees that Josh is outside she changes her mind. But she did finally find where Ryan went.

Chelsia heading to the bathroom to do ADLs. Matt is in the brushing his teeth.

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Josh is back inside, Matt is gaging himself while brushing his tongue and Chelsia lol. I think Allison changed into her bikini and flashed us by accident. :o

Matt is hugging Chelsia. Adam still hasn't moved form the bed?...

Natalie is up and talking to Josh in the kitchen while he's eating. Josh says they also heard Hanna Montana this morning.

9:40AM BBT: Lots of ADLs and morning chatter and tanning. Nothing much going on.

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Sharon and Josh were in the HoH talking about next week (same shit different day... literally). Everyone else either tanning or in bed.

10:00AM BBT: Sharon feeds the guinea pigs and as she is dropping the food in she lets go of the paper towel and has to fish it out. See the video

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10:26am bbt

all 4 cams on josh in the SR. looking through fridge. josh leaves SR. josh walks into the kitchen. james walks through kitchen.

all feeds switch to josh in the kitchen now.

all feeds switch to josh (again) and natalie in the living room talking

(the big question i have is why are all the feeds on one thing? how boring! and can we get away from josh?)

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10:30AM BBT: Natalie and Josh discuss the votes. Natalie says that she and Matt are voting out Ryan and Allison and Josh says he is too if he has to break the tie. Natalie explains that her and Sheila where in the bathroom and Allison came in and told Natalie she didn

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Allison is in the kichen crying to Natalie and Chelsia! She doesn't want to say anything to anyone in the house because she has been told she has been mean.

od ld and all is quiet again... :closedeyes:

Oh wait!! Sheila is on the hammock crying! She is upset at how people can be so mean in the house.

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1:20PM BBT

Chelsia and James playing pool. Adam smoking. Sheila, Sharon and Alison talking on BY couches. Alison said she got a phone call from a storage unit one day asking about the past due balance - her boyfriend hadn't paid on it for like a year. She asked if she could have her pictures from storage and they said she would have to pay $2,000.00 to get them. She didn't pay so she lost the pics. They were from her childhood. She has others but not the ones she wants.

They asked what today's date was...they agree Tuesday, March 4th. Alison said "his birthday is tomorrow".

During the LD, James and Chelsia discuss when to tell everyone how they are voting. James wants to wait until tomorrow so there is less drama. [Didn’t he already tell Matt? – Jem] He says if there is drama tonight that it will be Chelsia's fault. Some of the guys were in the pool and get yelled at by BB for splashing too much and then have to clean the windows. The girls are just chitchatting and not talking a lot of game.

They do discuss the alarm and what they each think it means. Sharon thinks it is to gather them into the LR so they can watch someone come thru the door. Others think that they won't hear it until later in the week after the eviction, Allison doesn’t agree. She says, “Why would they tell 10 people then and not wait until there are just 8 in here.” Also during most of the LD Allison was sitting alone on the couch and some also discussed how emotional the goodbye messages are.

1:45PM BBT: OD LD is over.

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[just a quick note]

At about 2:03 PM BBT: BB "Head of Household, please go to your room."

(i've never heard of that before, and all the house guests seem to be thinking something will be going down. they've been on OD LD most of the day but are back in the house. just posting so hopefully someone will be watching and do the updates just incase! i'll be back in a couple hours).

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Josh and Sharon got their camera in the HOH and are going around taking pictures.

Josh took a picture of Sharon kissing the picture of her dog(?) in the HOH.

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2:18 BBT

Chelsia is taking pics of Sharon, Josh and Allison sitting on the couch.

Lots and lots of giggling.

Now they are taking pics of the "cursed bed" while crossing their fingers and holding the Bible. Like they are trying to do an exorcism.

Josh is taking LOTS of pics.

Now Josh is taking pics of Ryan and Allison playing chess and Baller is watching.

The camera is dying. They are trying to get as many done as they can before the camera completely dies.

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2:21 BBT

James and Chelsia are dancing in front of the picture wall.

James was spinning Chelsia and she was slapping his hands to get him to let go. When he finally let go, she was walking around holding her ribs saying "that hurt". James apologized saying, I didn't want to let go."

Allison and Ryan are whispering in the BR hoping they aren't leaving.

Allison is headed for the BR looks like to take a shower (she is wearing nothing but a towel.)

All four feeds on Ryan in BR and walking around the house.

Sheila is cleaning the kitchen cabinets while Allison is sitting at the table in her towel.

Sheila, "Who can you laugh at if you can't laugh at yourself?"

Alli: Absolutely. What else can you do? I'm glad Josh and I were able to laugh together."

Alli: I have absolutely no hate for anyone in this house...at this moment.


Alli: If I leave tomorrow, who am I going to be mad at?

Sharon and Josh are in the HOH writing their blog.

Sheila and Allison are talking about their fates being in someone else's hands.

2:30 BBT

Natalie just walked through on her way to the HOH.

Alli asked if she was okay...Said she had been very quiet all day. Natalie said she was fine.

Sheila and Allison in kitchen talking about how they are okay with whatever happens tomorrow.

Sheila is on a cleaning streak. Chelsia came to get her soda she had left on the table - it was half full. Sheila had dumped it out because she "just wanted to get things done."

Alli and Sheila are commiserating on being on the block and how horrible it is.

All four feeds are on Allison and Sheila

"Tomorrow is going to be heart-wrenching," according to Allison.

Basically, they are just saying it has been hard and it is rough thinking about what they coulda, shoulda, woulda done.

Allison says she told Baller that Sheila is a fantastic mother and she has never met as great as mother as Sheila.

Ryan walked through the kitchen and Sheila started whispering.


Allison keeps saying over and over again how great Sheila is.

Matt comes in and says, "I'm glad you guys are making up."

They both say they have been okay for days. And there is no reason for problems in this house.

Sheila just said she has watched several seasons of BB and it has never been as "volatile" as it has been this year and she was not prepared.

Allison is telling Sheila that no one in the house looks at her as a charity case just because she is a single mom. Sheila said she never wanted to play that card.

Ryan has joined them in the kitchen.

Sheila is implying that other parents will be ashamed of what is going on in the house. She hopes her son is not embarrassed by her actions in the house.

Allison is saying she knows her parents know about the allergic reaction now. (How could she know what they know? - d)

Now they are re-hashing the entire allergic reaction episode.

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2:45 BBT

Allison and Sheila have hugged and made up.

Matt is asking them to come to Boston to visit.

Sheila said he was moving to LA...how can they meet up?

He said he wasn't moving to LA until after Memorial Day.

They are trying to plan a get-together for May.

They are wondering how they can't remain friends once they leave the house. One of them mentioned Eric didn't stay friends with anyone in the house and wondered if it was because he didn't make friends with anyone in the house.

Now they are wondering if Dr Will could fix Allison's third eye.

Sheila went to the BR. Matt went to the BY.

Just Ryan and Allison sitting at the counter. Ryan seems upset. He has his head down on the counter and is playing the drums on the counter.

Matt comes back in and is chatting about all sorts of stuff.

Sheila is back and doing more cleaning.

Sheila is desperate to meet Dr Will and have him do Botox on her face. And get rid of the turkey wattle under her neck.

Some guy told her once he would have never known her age until he looked at her neck. (LOL!!!)

That is when she decided to have plastic surgery.

Sheila is explaining to Allison about how women age in their necks.

Lots of plastic surgery talk.

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