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March 3 - Live Feed Updates


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12:05 PM BBT: Everyone in the BY (minus Adam and James, I think who are both napping inside). Everyone having a discussion on Scientology. Josh says he thinks its only big in Hollywood because he never hears anything about it in Texas. Sheila says that she's been to the Church of Scientology before and explains that one of her friends in show business took her there to get cleansed. She says basically they just talk to you and explain to you why you are where you are, why you aren't successful in certain things. She says she found it very interesting and was pretty convinced by some the things there were saying. They all begin to talk about Tom Cruise and how he's kind of crazy.

12:15 PM BBT: Chelsia went inside with Ryan (I think). Allison and Sheila still talking about religion. Allison says she respects all religions and Sheila says you have to. Allison talks about how she thinks Hinduism is really cool.

Sharon and Matt were in the pool, Josh was laying next to the pool. Matt, of course, begins flirting with Sharon. They were whispering a little bit and he keeps saying things in her ear. Apparently he was saying someone's name over and over to see if they would hear but they didn't. All four feeds now on the pool with Sharon and Matt. They are talking to everyone outside of the pool but you can't see anyone but them. Just random talk.

Matt starts making funny noises in the pool and Natalie and Sharon are telling him that he is in a really good mood today. He agrees and says something to Natalie that only good times are ahead for the both of them. (He's actually being kind of nice to her as he is talking to her and not constantly telling her what to do). Matt and Sharon are telling Natalie that they could see "big brother" through the mirrors in the BY. They are saying that they saw someone and then saw a door or something, that didn't have a knob on it.

Josh tells everyone that meatballs are ready and they can all come get something to eat.

Sharon and Natalie are now talking about some of the things they've heard or have seen. I think it was Natalie that says something about she swears she heard something like an elevator once. Sharon says when they are in the HOH room, her and Josh hear sounds that sound like someone is walking in the hallway outside the room. She says like when someone is coming up to the room to talk, they can hear their footsteps, but when they hear these sounds no one is outside the door.

They are now saying that Wednesday they get laundry back. Chelsia is saying does everyone agree that James should do his laundry first, they all say no and she explains that they weren't getting the joke. She was saying that because he hasn't done his laundry yet, and he only has like four or five pairs of underwear.

12:25 PM BBT: Everyone is out of the pool now. Chelsia, Allison, and Sheila are still laying in the sun. Sharon and Natalie are dipping their feet in the hot tub to get a bit warmer. Josh and Matt in the kitchen getting food. Josh is now telling him how Allison is funny because she came into the kitchen wanting to talk earlier and he has been having a no-talking policy with her. He then talks about how she just wanted to know why he flipped out on her even though they have had that conversation a million times and have went over and over about it. BB: "Matt, please put on your microphone". He gets a little annoyed as he left it outside and has to walk to go get it. Feeds are back outside with Sharon and Natalie in the hot tub. They both agree to go inside and get some food. All feeds now in the kitchen as Matt, Josh, Sharon and Natalie are eating.

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12:28 PM BBT: Josh, Sharon, Matt, and Natalie all in the kitchen, talking about Allison again. He is again saying that when she confronted him, he basically just told her to go work on getting her votes and she walked outside and was like: "Matt!!". Matt then chimes in and says she was like 'Matt, we need to talk...". Josh says he doesn't see why anyone would want her in the house and he really doesn't see it even being a 1-1 vote. Everyone agrees.

James is now awake from his nap and he grabs some food. Ryan then comes in and gets something to eat as well.

BB: Allison, please put on your microphone. Please go to the DR.

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12:43 PM BBT: Not much going on. All four feeds on the BY with Josh, Chelsia, James, Ryan and Sheila. Sheila was in the pool for a little while but is now back to laying out in the sun. Sharon has now joined them. Just random chit chat, no game talk. When James first came out with his food he was asking Josh what he missed earlier between him and Allison and Josh just did a quick rundown about how Allison was just trying to talk to him and wanted to be friends and he basically just told her that they are done. Chelsia runs inside real quick to get something, and everyone one is silent. Ryan is walking around the the yard now, playing with the little ball (and now we're back to the silent, boring house guests).

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12:51 PM BBT: Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, Sheila, Natalie and Ryan outside. A helicopter passes over and is circling around the back yard. They are all waving and cheering at it and then it finally leaves.

There was a conversation between Adam and Sheila. He came outside for a minute and was talking to her. She was explaining that him napping during the day is the reason he can't sleep at night. He says something to her and she says "yeah, we'll do that, but we are not going to talk game!" He then leaves. Sheila explaining to everyone that thats their problem. He gets cranky when he doesn't sleep and that's the reason why he gets mad at her.

Now they are all talking about how they sleep and snoring. Sheila explaining that she can't sleep with Adam's snoring, and she realizes its not really his fault or anything and she probably makes weird noises too when she sleeps, but that when he snores and talks in his sleep its too loud for her. Chelsia then says one night it was bad with Josh when he kept yelling out "help! help!" in his sleep. They are all kind of laugh about it.

Natalie now saying that she was in the house and saw Adam and asked him if he was finally getting up and he just said "nah...."

12:57 PM BBT: BB "Chelsia, please go to the diary room."

All four feeds still on the BY with mostly everyone laying out. Natalie is in the hammock, Josh and Sharon on the big lounge chair, James and Sheila laying on the ground, and either Matt or Ryan laying in the other lounge chair.

Natalie is asking if Sheila or Josh have been called in to the DR yet today. They both say no and Sharon says its mostly just at night time and James says that they do that when you're HOH. Natalie and Sheila both say they are heading inside. Natalie wants to get a shower. Sheila asks Josh how the meatballs turned out and he says they turned out pretty good. Sheila says she thinks she'll have some of the left over fish from yesterday for lunch.

Josh and James are talking about how today is just a chill day, because they don't have anything to do.

It's now 1:00 PM BBT, and all four feeds continue to be in the BY on most of the house guests laying in the sun and just chit chatting about nothing too important.

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1:05 PM BBT: Josh asks about what happens in the HOH room when you are talking to Julie during the live broadcast. He explains about there just being two chairs set up in front a big screen with Julie on it and you are just talking to her the whole time. She asks you questions and its not usually about the game itself, just about who you are and what you miss from home. He says that Julie gets really sensitive with you, in your her non-sensitive way, with that monotone voice of hers... and then we get FOTH.

Feeds are back to the silent house guests in the BY.

1:07 PM BBT: The feeds change to the BR with Allison, Natalie and Sheila. It cuts in with Allison saying she can't wait for something. Then she is talking about Big Brother twists and Sheila was asks if Allison thinks there is a possibility that someone is going to come back into the game and Allison just says he isn't making any predictions or saying what they will do, but she thinks BB will definitely start something big really soon.

All four feeds still in the BR. Sheila looks like she just got out of the shower and is putting on her makeup, while Natalie is taking a shower.

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1:34 PM BBT: Sheila and Natalie are talking about someone but I can't really hear anything because Natalie is blow drying her hair. Whatever they are saying about this person they are both agreeing with each other and laughing. I heard Sheila say a few times that she "doesn't play that game".

Finally we have two feeds somewhere else other than the BR. Ryan, Matt, Adam, and James are talking in the BY. Doesn't sound like game talk at all. Just random chit chat about what they all miss the most and stuff.

Sheila leaves the bathroom and Allison is now brushing her and hair. Just as I switched Natalie was telling Allison something and Allison yelled "SHUT UP!!" and was shocked. I don't what she said but Natalie is now telling Allison to just stay away from Josh and Allison asks her not to say anything to Josh about what they are talking about, Natalie says she won't.

(I think she was telling Allison that James had said that he would verbally break Natalie down and say anything he could to make her cry, i.e. saying bad things about her mother)

Natalie is now telling Allison that she plans to stay away from them because James and Chelsia won't tell her and Matt what they are doing for their vote. She is now filling Allison in on what happened last night and how James told Matt he was going to break Natalie down and how Matt said he would get physical with James if he did and James said go for it, thats $250,000 in my pocket. She says that they (I'm assuming James/Chelsia) are planning on waiting to break her down on Wednesday. Natalie now saying that her and Matt have the greatest plan to break James but they aren't telling anybody about it (although Sharon and Sheila both know because Matt told them last night).

Natalie told Allison that if her and Ryan go home that her and Matt will win this game by winning HOH and POV. Thats all they need to do.

Sheila walks in and asks what they were talking about and Allison was just saying that Natalie was telling her about what James had said to Matt last night about breaking her down. Sheila said something and Allison acts surprised and says that she really can't believe how low people are going in the game.

Sheila then confronts Allison about her saying stuff about her being a single mother. She asks Allison not to bring her son into this game because she has asked everyone since the beginning that bringing her son into this game is the one thing that will make her walk out the door and she really hopes people don't get that low. Allison says she won't and Sheila also says she hopes no one says anything about Natalie's mother either, because thats low.

Sheila and Allison are both saying that they have squashed their argument and are over it. Sheila says its funny because her and Allison don't even need to be fighting with each other because they are both on the block.

Allison now in the shower still saying she doesn't believe that they would go that low. Natalie is now telling her, just like she told Josh and Sharon last night, that if anyone says anything to her for the rest of the game she'll just say "thank you! jesus be with you!" and walk away.

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2:00 PM BBT: Feeds and 1 and 2 on Josh and Sharon in the HOH. Josh was telling her more about the confrontation with Allison earlier. She gets in the shower.

The other two feeds on Sheila and Natalie in the kitchen. Sheila tells Natalie that if her and Adam are evicted that means James and Ryan will not have any cigarettes to smoke for the rest of time they are there. She says she knows smoking is the worst habit to break and it would just be stupid to evict her and Adam because of that.

Natalie is saying she really wants to go to the DR and is saying "Please call Natalie to the DR, thank you!"

[well, thats all for me for now. i hope someone can take over!]

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2:55PM BBT: Sheila and Natalie were in backyard tanning and chatting. Sheila sees James looking her way and says something to Natalie. Nat says, "Who cares, James is going down next week." Sheila thinks that some people are getting ahead of themselves in the house. They discuss who they think is more deserving of the money in the end.

3:00PM BBT: Allison and Ryan in the hammock. She's talking like she'll still be in the house next week and she thinks America has a hand in the game this season and the siren thing can possibly help her and Ryan. She thinks "America loves us because of all the drama" she causes.

They're going over pros and cons of keeping them over Sheila and Adam. Allison says that A/S don't really contribute or deserve to be there and she thinks that Sheila and Natalie are helping her and Ryan's case because it looks like the four of them (A/S & M/N) are aligned and it looks like they're against James and Chelsia.

They break off and Ryan goes to talk to James.

6:15PM BBT: Ryan tells James that if he stays he wont put Chelsia and James on the block and Sheila/Adam seemed to be with Natalie and Matt and that's they way they voted last week [Yeah, because Allison changed the vote last minute]. Chelsia comes out and she has foil in her hair. She was coloring James hair while Allison and Ryan were in the hammock before. James fills Chelsia in and tells her that Ryan has Matt/Natalie’s vote to stay. Chelsia really doesn't want to commit her vote until tomorrow and said that Adam was told by Matt that Sheila and Adam have his vote too. Adam joins them and the discussing ends.

3:25PM BBT: Ryan and James just finished their game and Ryan goes inside leaving Adam and James alone. [it could just be me, James doesn't really want to talk game today - Jem]

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3:28PM BBT: James tells Adam that Ryan just said that they have Matt and Natalies vote. James thinks that he wants Josh and SHaron to think when the vote goes 1-1 and it was James that voted for Allison to stay and it looks bad. James says it makes it easier to decide their vote and he thinks Matt is a "shady little fucker" and Matt is trying to set himself up for next week. Adam says that he sin't telling anyone anything, not even Sheila, let them keep stressing. Chelsia joins them.

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3:35PM BBT: Chelsia and James are talking about Matt and his votes and trying to cover his ass with eveyone. Chelsia is saying that Sheila and Adam are not the strongest couple and she wants to keep their vote to themselves until tomorrow but tell Sheila and Adam just before becasue Matt is cutting deals with everyone to keep himself safe for next week.

Adam comes back outside and they're just dicking around with the pool balls not really playing pool.

(I need to go eat, is anyone out there that can take over for a few if anything happens? :huh: )

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3:55PM BBT: James gets into Chelsia's stall. He can't believe she lathers her entire body.

She tells him to get back to his side and keeps laughing. Tells her not to be angry. She's worried about how it looks. *she's kidding right?*

Asks him if there's face cleaner on his side.

He apologises for going into her stall.

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5:15PM BBT: james finished showering and was drying off gabbing with chelsia. ( doesn't cover himself..not a bit shy) he dresses then tells her he is gonna defrost some chicken for them for dinner. camera 1 is following chelsia around as she puts on cream and gets dressed.

allison, james, and sheila in kitchen gabbing.

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4:34pm BBT

all 4 cams on HOH room with Josh and Sharon going over different questions that might be asked on upcoming compititions.

doing a little nat and matt bashing, saying they only share one brain cell

not much going on in the house right now

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4:38pm BBT

feeds switch to J/C in the bed going over how many things in the house,

how many books, boats, and different things like that

chel says watch this next one be physical

james says it's ok, just chill out right now, she says i know

then they start to make out a little

feeds switch to sheila and allison in kitchen

just talking about personal stuff, how they were brought up, pick up after yourselves, if you dirty a dish, wash it. She says she has seen so much disrespect in this house. just giving different times in the house that she has seen disrepect.

just this kind of talk goin on right now

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4:46 pm BBT

josh and shar in HOH bashing allison yet again.....

(*i can't help but crack up at him sometimes)

shar said she likes her (A) laugh, they're just so out there it's funny

josh said he can't stand anythign about her, she is boring, not attractive and so unforgettable, she's like pannelin (sp) in a garage

talking about their good bye messages tomorrow

josh said short and to the point

they are goin downstairrs

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5:12 BBT

sheila goes to adam, he's laying in bed,

she asked him what his game plan was, she tells him he never talks to her, she wants to know if he knows that they have james and chel

he said yeah we do, she's on him about how he knows, asking him when he told him that

she tells adam NOT to talk about money with james

she said she asked james yesterday if they can talk about how him and chel were voting, and he told her he wasn't gonna talk game with her and tell her where his head is at

so she is now worried because he mentioned something to her about her talking about her book deal cuz people are gonna think she doesn't need the money

adam told her he'll talk to him

she wants to know how he's gonna bring it up

she tells him she doesn't want to hurt his game with james but that bothered her

he tells her not to worry

she leaves the room after a little bit more of that convo

now sheila has found matt in the bathroom and is telling him she is worrired and going over how james is making her feel she is not goin to vote for them to stay

matt tells her he is doing exactly what he said he was goin to do today

she asked matt if he thought that josh would ever flip flot and matt says hell no, no way will he

sharon walked in so they stopped talking

sheila goes into the kitchen and starts to tell sharon what james said to her about the money and the book deal thing

*she has told three people this story in about 10 minutes*

*i've also notice that sheila says "senerial" instead of scenario LOL

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5:28 BBT

sheila has gotten sharon in the sauna room

going over the same story again and again about how james is on a power trip

she is asking sharon over and over if she is sure josh won't flip and vote them out

sharon is reassuring her again and again that it won't happen

sheila KEEP ASKING HER then why is james acting like this, she thinks james is going to try to sway josh to vote out A/S

shar tells her it won't happen, that's just james way to scare people and just f*** with them, sheila asked but why she doesn't understand that game play

shar said that's just james

same kind of talk, blah blah blah

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5:44 BBT

sharon goes upstairs and reports the story to josh that her and sheila just had

josh asked shar if that's the only drama goin on and she tells him yes, that's it, just sheila stressing out about what james has been saying to her

josh says if that's all the drama that's goin on then it's goin better than they expected

they both seem to be happy that everyone (according to sheila) is thinking that james is running the house, thinking he can control josh, *meaning it'll be better for them next week, not as big of targets as J/C

sharon leaves to go back downstairs, tells josh she just wanted to update him about what was goin on downstairs, she tells him that everybody is just layign in bed or playing chess

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5:56 BBT

2 feeds on sharon and sheila in the kitchen, just talkin about music and life with texting and internet messages

other 2 feeds are on adam and ryan in back yard smoking, nothing goin on right now

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6:13 BBT

josh goes down to the KT to cook some more meatballs

allison is at the counter eating and there is NO conversation at all between the two of them

others are outside, just general chit chat

finally allison said so you're not goin to talk to me josh

he just turned around and looked at her andshe said well i guess i'll go outside

nat comes in and he tells her what just happened

he said he can't believe she still is acting like she wants to be his friend

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6:16PM BBT: Sheila " How can you guys sleep all day then go to bed at night?"

Matt says he hadn't slept good then laid in sun for four hours which tired him out.

Says he watched them dunk in pool. BB ended it when Adam did a nasty 360.

Sheila asks if HOH bed's comfy. Matt says as opposed (he actually said opposed) to other beds in house it's great.

Sheila's says her beds black & white. *how very 80's of her*

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