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March 2 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:28 pm BBT: James and Sharon having a whispering conversation on bathroom chaise. They're discussing how to use (if possible) Matt since he thinks he's playing Sharon. Ryan come out of the toilette' and within a couple minutes Matt comes running into the bathroom. (Me does suspect that Ryan ran straight to Matt when he saw James/Sharon together.) Matt decides to take a shower... yep, he's periodically glaring at them on the chaise... gets his towel and starts the shower. They whisper a bit more but, it's hard to distinguish. James says something about Josh crying for another week and Sharon says Adam/Sheila can't go now cause we need them in final three to make sure we get to final 2.

James gets up to brush his teeth. Chelsia enters and Joshua isn't far behind. He wants to go out side and set a fire. Now, Sheila brushing her teeth.

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9:42 pm BBT: Everyone had left the bathroom except Sharon. Josh came back in and they have a short conversation. Sharon tells Josh that it might be a 1 - 1 tie vote this week. Josh says they (M/N) would be so stupid to do that. Sharon also tells Josh that James wants them to make a "deal" with M/N since James and Chelsia have one with A/S. Knowing that neither of them are going to honor anything other than the CJJS alliance.

Matt seems to be roaming from room to room, house guest to house guest. [CeCi ed. Me thinks Matt is rattled by seeing Sharon/James whispering together. So much for controlling the HOH this week Matty. lol)

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9:54 pm BBT: Matt in the BY with house guests Ryan, Chelsia, Joshua, Sharon and James. After a couple minutes they all comment that he looks like he lost his best friend and ask him what's wrong. He says nothing that he's just chillin'. Sheila/Adam in bed. (S reading and A sleeping) Allison is going to sleep. Natalie in HOH listening to music.

Matt gets called to storage to change batteries. He goes and talks to Allison. He tells her she has to come up with something.

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10:12 PM BBT: Sharon, Josh, Chelsia, and Ryan on the couches in the BY. Chelsia telling them she swears she heard Adam and Sheila kissing last night, and she asked Ryan if he had heard anything. She says she asked Adam today if they were, and he got kind of embarrassed about it and didn't really say anything. Ryan leaves, and Sharon, Josh, and Chelsia discuss the possibility of maybe Adam and Sheila being married. Sharon says that Sheila could have been acting when she found out they were partners because she is an actress. She then mentions that Adam says he works with mentally disabled children, and how that could be because its his son, with Sheila. Josh quickly tells them not to start anything because that would be a crazy scenario and not to start any rumors.

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10:19 PM BBT: Matt and Ryan outside by the pool table. Matt is telling Ryan not to trust James. Ryan asks why and Matt asks: "have you ever seen him talking to Sharon? ever? like getting close and talking?" He then tells Ryan about seeing them whispering together in the bathroom earlier. He tells Ryan not to make any deals with him.

Natalie still up in the HOH listening to music. Sharon comes in and uses the bathroom and is now just standing there looking at the pictures. Josh walks win and BB calls Allison to the diary room. Natalie mentions that they have not called her in at all today.

Matt and Ryan still talking and playing pool. Talking about how James is probably aligning himself with Josh and Sharon for his own safety. Ryan says he doesn't know but he's just trying to survive right now. He says he doesn't know what they were talking about, it could have been anything, and Matt agrees and says he doesn't really care who talks to who in the house.

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11:46pmBBT Nat scares Josh telling him EVIL is in the house and told him that Allison gave James & Cheslia hand jobs 4 votes! and that Matt will be attacked by it!(some1 call Ghosthunters!) Nat & Josh go runnin around house with 2 bibles and praying in each room(this is crazy!) Josh is freakin out, Nat's eyes are bigger then normal. they are saying "no evil in & back away evil, all evil out. We have enough evil in, send eveil out!" Nat reads from bible. Josh is throwing holy water(lol) at everything. They start with Front door then DR door. Chelsia follows them at this oint. They then bless the SR doo and the SR itself. Chelsia is a laughing. Chelsia tells them nothing happened and laughs. Nat/Josh head 2 BoaT ROOM and bless it and say trheir saying.(some1 tape this!) They go 2 the "Evil Bed"(bed evict hg's slept in" then they go 2 the boat room door. they say a pray in LR. Josh trows alot ofg Holy water her. Nat says her nipples just told her the alram will ssound between 4am-8am. Chelsia follows them again after hgearing this. They go 2 Memory wall & bless POV's. Chelsia leaves them. Joash gets on his knees.

in bedrrom Matt in boxers is standing jerking off then james does after as Ryan,Allison, & Chelsia,Shelia laugh.

12:06amBBT the Josh/Nat cont lookin 4 evil AND bless BY and BY door. Nat says their will be a luxery comp 2night. Josh tells her they made it a safe place. they are now wearin aluminum foil on their head. Matt sees this and goes runnin back 2 others and says they gone crazy. Nat goes and blesses James/Chelsia bed. James is still jerking off and shes throwin water on him as Allison & Chelsia watch. Nat runs and tells Josh "the siren has made every1 masterbating fools." Josh:"were the only sane ones." Nat:"every1 else has lost their minds."(nabey but their wearin foil on their heads)

in BY Matt tells Ryan about Nat/Josh and that Chelsia was jacking off James.

in kitchen a naked James walks by still masterbating! Nat says "O god unbelivable this house is crazy. this masterbating house we live in." James goes outside and sits down NAKED! by Matt/Ryan who tell him 2 wear underwear. James goes back inside and waves at Nat(now with hands) Josh gets sick in garabe can. Nat freaking out and pours the cup of holy water on door handle. James goes back outside and sit down on coach wearin sock on his penis only.

inside Chelsia says Adam's masterbating again and says he does every 5 minutes. Nat & Josh tell her their wearin hats so ailens cant afteck her brain. heget FOTH(probaly BB tellin James 2 get his naked ass off the coach.) Nat heads outside. Matt calls here a "phyco" Nat tells Ryan/Matt/James they will die from evil but her & josh will be safe....FOTH. Chelsia wearin a spgetti holder on her head. Matt calls Nat a freak. "how can u wear that on TV." Nat:"how can u & James masterbate on TV." Josh heads outside. they all take off her hats. Josh,Chelis, & Nat get into HT in underwear.

(im gonna go get sick, if anything big happens i will report.. :shocking:

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12:20amBBT Adam heads out. they all(the guys say) Josh 2 finnaly jack off 1 night. Ryan says hes gonna be up all night.

thay all talk about porn,sucking cock,fingers in things, all sexual things.

Chelsia hears sirens in distance(outside studio) and Chelsia says "its the fucking hudson river virus, their commin 4 us."

they all agree 2night is erie. Chelsia u watch the siren will go off every night. they talk about going 2 sleep with fans or tv on.

Ryan tells Matt he was on lat 3 minutes of Sho2 jacking off(he wasnt they were follwing the holy water group lol)

They then talk about past sexual things in house.

12:30am Talk about religious stuff they did. Ryan:"whats holy water did u use?" they explain 2 him what it is. They explain 2 him "the body of christ." ZMatt says "the little circle things?" they ask each other about their faith. Chelsia & Ryan explian 2 James about Chalicism and that he was the deil 4 masterbating. Ryan says:"even Priests cant have sex." James goes runnin naked inside. Adam, Chelsia & Ryan follow laughing.'

Josh swims all alone in BY in HT.

James lays naked iin bed. Cheslia covers him up and lays dolwn with him. Natalie puts on Bra & Panties and lays down in bed with MAtt. Ryan in BR. then gets into bed with Allison.

12:37Mbbt All hg's in bed sleeping except Josh in HT prays 2 god 2 let him stay in game hes not ready 2 leave yet. and say he makes mistakes and hes sorry 4 hurting ppl in game and breaking almost rule in bible. Josh says if he wins he will donato 10% 2 church. asks god 2 help him in game, help him sleep in night. and still prays till 12:40amBBT Josh is cryin in HT. Josh swims staring into space in HT.

12:54amBBT Josh gets out of HT and heads inside and 2 the BR asnd gets changed in shower.

at this time feed 1 shows Julie's tv screen zoomed in on it w/ fireplace currently on it. after 1 minute feed 1 switchs back 2 sleepin HG's.

12:57amBBT Josh fixs hair in mirror and then weighs himself. Josh then paces aback & forth with hands on head in BR. Looks at self in mirror.(he looks very stressed) he paces from 12:58am till 1am quick foth

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1amBBT Josh heads back 2 the BY and paces back & forth on patio. then cleans stuff up outside. and brings dishs & cups inside(he makes a few trips). Josh gets somnwthing 2 drink in kitchen. then hols 1 of the vetos from memory wall. Cleans up the kitchen. then cleans up BY some more.

1:10amBBT Josh puts cover on HT. then covers up stuff outside.(hes the gay evel dick, always cleanin up.) He then stares into space at tiny nook table.(at this time feed 4 switchs to Chenbot's tv shawing the fireplace we see when we get FOTH but then switchs) Josh is reading the note Sharon got about alram. Josh is paceng back & forth with the note in hand.(he keeps readin it over) stares at memory wall.

1:20amBBT Josh counts every single log in the kitchen! Josh goes into LR and counts the objects on the selvs on wall above fireplace. then memories other stuff on wall in LR. then goes back 2 kitchen and paces back & forth some more thinking.

1:30amBBT Josh looks in Sauna room and leaves back 2 kitchen. goes 2 BR stares in mirror then back 2 Kitchen.

1:32amBBT Josh heads up stairs 2 level and walks around and looks down from balcony at the LR then sits on coach lookin at kitchen, paces back & fortth a bit.

1:37amBBT Josh enters HOH room and puts light on wakin up Sharon, says hes lookin 4 remote then turns lights off. he turns on tv and stands looks at ermpty kitchen. then at 1:40amBBT he gets into bed.(eyes still open lookin at tv at empty kitchen

1:42amBBT Lights dim in kitchen & LR(feess 1 & 2 sllepin HG's, feeds 3 on TV screen in HOH looking at kitchen, feed 4 Sharon asllep & Josh with eyes open starin at TV)

1:46amBBT Josh switchs TV 2 LR then back 2 kitchen.

1:50amBBT Josh puts pillow over face as hes goin 2 sleep

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2amBBT All Hg's asleep(feeds 1 shows Matt/Nat & Adam/Shelia asllep, feed 2 shows Ryan/Allison asleep, feed 3 shows TV in HOH showing kitchen, feed 4 shows Josh/Sharon asleep)

2:05am BBT Josh changes from pants 2 underwear and goes back 2 sleep(feeds 3 & 4 switch) all asleep at 2:06amBBT

(im out unless something happens..............................Eric's note ----- this is my final Late night live feed updating, i will be unable 2 do late night feeds watchting only on special times & Probaly Sats & Suns its been fun, hope some1 takes over the graveyard shift)

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6:53amBBT - F1 and F2 on Josh and Sharon; F3 on Allison/Ryan; F4 on James/Chelsia; all sleeping

6:58amBBT - Josh is very restless... keeps moving around, picks up a pillow and is now hugging it

7:12am BBT - Josh still very restless.... he can't seem to stay sitll...... James on feed 4 keeps lifting up and checking to see if Chelsia is awake, then lays back down.

I keep hearing noises, like pots and pans but feeds are only showing the sleeping housegests

Ryan looks like he is trying to wake up now, or just adjusting (interesting stuff....not)

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