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Wednesday's Live Show 2/27



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  1. 1. Who will be evicted tonight?

    • Matt and Natalie
    • Alex and Amanda
  2. 2. Who will win HOH tonight?

    • Josh/Sharon
    • Adam/Sheila
    • Ryan/Allison
    • Matt/Natalie (if not evicted)
    • Alex/Amanda (if not evicted)

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ok i voted that Alex and Amanda went home and Josh and Sharon get HoH now this is my realistic belif because i think it will be a Q&A HoH comp whcih the house guests have to work together on and i feel sharon and josh are the smartest people in the house that can work together the best

with that said

i hope i'm wrong i would much rather alex and amanda stay and we get rid of naat and mat and then have alex and amanda get HoH and go after alison and ryan and james and chelsia that would be the bestest

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evicted alex and amanda bueno

hoh josh/sharon

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I don't care too much who goes or wins as long as Josh goes on the block...I really want to see him squirm this week...and love it even more if he's stays ...and gets put up on the block again next week! It's nothing against Sharon...she's one of my favorites...but Josh stressing and throwing hissy fits all week would be so much fun to see! :bangin:

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows where I can watch the live show over here on the West coast at 5pm(8pm EST). I hate having to wait to watch the feeds till 9 when i know there's all sorts of plotting and ass kissing right after HOH. I know last summer there was a link to a woman's web cam that was pointed at her TV over in the East. Anyone know of anything like that this season?



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