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Marlee Matlin And Fabian Sanchez


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Marlee Matlin


Academy Award winning actress


Marlee Matlin received worldwide critical acclaim for her film debut in Children of a Lesser God, for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress. At 21, she became the youngest recipient of the Best Actress Oscar and only one of four actresses to receive the honor for her film debut. In addition to the Oscar, Marlee received the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama. She has since appeared on a number of hit television programs including The West Wing, The L-Word, Nip/Tuck, and Desperate Housewives. In Spring 2008, she will star opposite Jeff Daniels in the telefilm, Sweet Nothing In My Ear.


Fabian Sanchez


Fabian Sanchez


World Mambo Champion - 2006

United States Rising Star Champion, American Rhythm - 1999

4 x Fred Astaire National Champion

3 x United States Open American Rhythm Finalist


Marlee Matlin


Style:American Rhythm, Smooth, Standard, Latin, and Rhythm

Nationality: American (grew up in Colombia)

Based in: Alabama

Status: Not currently competing


Dancing came naturally to Fabian because of his culture. There was nothing but salsa and meringue music played in his house every day while his mom cleaned. What started out as just a fun summer job has turned into a remarkable career for Fabian Sanchez. It all started when Fred Astaire Area Developer Al King walked into a Ryan's Steakhouse in Birmingham, Alabama where Fabian was working. Quickly warming to Fabian's lively and dynamic personality, King asked him to apply to the Fred Astaire training program. Although Fabian had wanted to go to college with hopes of eventually turning pro in soccer, he agreed to work at Fred Astaire, thinking it would be a temporary job. The chance meeting at Ryan's was the start of Fabian's career.

Throughout the years, Fabian became a seasoned competitor, achieving such accomplishments as US Rising Star Champion, four time Fred Astaire National Champion, US Open American Rhythm Finalist, and 3rd in the World Mambo Championship.

Retiring from competitions to dedicate his time to his family and studio, Fabian made a remarkable comeback at last year's USDSC where he reunited with his former dance partner, Christina Penatello, to win the US Mambo Championship. The odds were not in their favor since they hadn't danced together for years, were slightly out of shape, didn't have glamorous costumes, and had only rehearsed together for 5 hours. Almost skipping out on the dance floor in their excitement to be dancing together again, Fabian and Christina swept the competition away.

This is Fabian's first season on Dancing with the Stars and he is partnered with Marlee Matlin.


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I really admire her and I think I am also liking the new dancer, Fabian. He is so funny.

Wondering though, isn't it awkward for him? When he talks to marilee she can't look at him but has to look at her interpreter?

Seems a bit hard especially for someone who is new in this season. On the other hand, it is probably something you have to get used to. after a week or 2 they'll feel more comfortable with each other.

Darn. Only now do i realise she can't hear the music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lookaround: (I am a bit slow)

Kudos for her and him. Maybe they decided to sign her up with Fabian because they think he can handle it the best?

(Iam typing and watching this show)

OMG. wow. how can she dance like that when she can't hear the music. :notworthy::notworthy:

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OMG. wow. how can she dance like that when she can't hear the music.



How Dancing with the Stars' Marlee Matlin Dances Without Music

by Deborah Starr Seibel

Monday, March 24, 2008


Marlee Matlin and Fabian Sanchez, Dancing with the Stars

In her quiet rehearsal studio, Marlee Matlin rolls her hips, moving to a sort of internal metronome. "My husband is the one who told me I needed to do this show," says Matlin, unstrapping her ballroom heels to relieve her aching feet. "He thought it was a great opportunity for people to see my lighter side."

That lighter side, full of sass and wit, has been overshadowed by a fierce deter

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