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Front Page Irrelevant Comments


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I absolutely love reading the front page recap in the morning and really appreciate all of Jem's hard work.

My "issue" (for lack of a better word) is with the live feed updater's comments. I'm not trying to be rude, but is it really necessary to tell us that you over-analyze things, need teeth whitener and like comfy pants? :animated_scratchchin:

I like reading the comments pertaining to BB (like when the feed updater explains why a comment was made, etc), but I could do without the rest of it.

I know the updaters do this on their own time and I do appreciate them!

/whine :animated_wave:

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Thank you for expressing your opinion.

I see you do understand the reason that personal comments are allowed within the updates.

Your "issue" is with those comments which are irrelevant to the Big Brother action, focusing instead on the updater.

In all honesty, No, not all/any of the comments are necessary to the reader. However, they may feel necessary to the updater. As always, everyone reading is welcome to just skip over those comments.

For anyone who didn't know, the reason comments are allowed is as a concession in exchange for the updaters' services.

(Jem's hard work would be WAAAAAY harder if no one posted updates.)

If personal comments were not allowed in the live feed updates, those dedicated updaters would have to go to our discussion forum or keep their opinions to themselves. It just so happens that not all opinions held by our updaters are about the goings-on inside the BB house. But if they were to take the time away from updating to go find the proper thread, it would detract from the time they could spend updating.

Obviously, it would be better if all comments stuck to the action, but it doesn't always work out that way.

So if you truly do appreciate our updaters, you will have to accept our compromise.

Again, all readers can always just skip over those comments.

And who knows, the upside is that maybe once in a while, someone will encounter a personal comment which they actually find insightful or entertaining, which may add to their understanding or enjoyment of BB9 or their time here at Morty's TV. I know that Morty's personal comments within his Big Brother coverage are what kept me coming back here in the first place. And they weren't always about Big Brother either.

For reference purposes, here is a quote from the Update Forum Posting Guidelines.

Personal comments within Live Feed Updates

This year, we would like updaters who are including personal comments to use parentheses and asterisks to make it clear that the comment is their own. (* This is an example *)

Morty has given his blessing for the inclusion of personal comments by the updaters. (*I always loved the personal comments Morty included in his own updates, back in the day when he was the only updater.*) Including a personal observation here and there is well and good, but judgemental comments within the Live feed Updates that will unduly influence the ones reading them should be avoided.

Morty and the whole MortysTV team greatly appreciate the fact that live feed updaters want to be of service and that updaters can't provide as high a quality of that service if they are forced to pause their updating to go post their opinion in the discussion section every time they wish to share, or instead be forced to keep it to themselves.

We also understand how it's not always easy to keep gut reactions out of it, especially when you are watching these people day in and day out on the live feeds. Sooner or later you can't help forming some opinions about liking some and hating others.

Sometimes, overboard comments can produce such a reaction in the readers of those updates that posts get reported to the moderators for no other reason than that they feel the updater is personally picking on their favourite houseguest(s).

Since the Live Feed Updates forum is NOT the discussion forum, it might help if things weren't too inflammatory. Therefore, let's try to keep personal comments to more of a neutral vein, and less extreme.

If you really feel strongly about a houseguest or something they have done, you should probably share your comments about it in our BB9 Discussion forum.

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I like the comments... I usually find either I'm thinking the same thing.. or am amused by what the updater is saying.. and I think for all of their hard work, they should be allowed to add their opinions and comments here and there.

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I agree with lunchlady. I like the comments where the are trying to pry themselves away from the feeds to do something in their real life. I say who cares about their comments. I'm just glad they are willing to help update anyone who can't watch the feeds. I'm sure the people with "real jobs" really appreciate it. Lucky for me I have my own business and get to watch them as much as I want. However sometimes I just can't stay up as long as I used to so I enjoy getting caught up with the updates.

Thanks updaters. I would do it myself but quite a bit of the time I'm only half listening to what's being said.

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I enjoy the comments and find others opinions part of the fun of this, like Jedi said the people who are updating do not necessarily get to post with the rest of us as they are always working hard on updating, so I do want to hear what they think, and sometimes it is funny, I loved what snancy had to say when I was reading the updates this am, thanks to all for the hard work of doing it. :lol:

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One of the reasons I started coming to this site was...

Waaaay back in the early days of BB... Morty would be the one

who did the recaps of the feeds and coverage of the TV shows.

(I don't think he EVER slept)

His wit and impressions of the HG's and their antics had me from day ONE.

I, for one, thank and appreciate the time and effort that goes into trying to

keep the ball rolling.

Side comments ? Bring 'em on ... it's what keeps me tuning in :2thumbsup:

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I really appreciate the time, money and effort of our updaters. I find most of their comments witty and feel that without the comments, the updates would be pretty boring.

Ex: 9:00AM HG sleeping.

11:15AM HG doing ADL.

12:10PM HG eating.

If you ask me, (*It aint broke! Don't mess it up 'fixing' it.*)

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Thanks for the cheese, King! I don't see any Feta, though. :animated_scratchchin:

As Jem said, I'm talking about on the front page.

I don't think we're talking about the same thing, though. I enjoy the comments ABOUT Big Brother. I don't enjoy hearing about the live feed people so much.

Here's an example: Shelia is talking about having a hard time raising her son. (My son's giving me issues today, too.)

See what I'm saying? I don't really want to hear about the live feed people. Their opinions about what's going on in the house, yes. The live feeder's own lives, not so much.

I don't care if you whiten your teeth or wear comfy pants. lol

It's not a big deal, though. As Jedi pointed out, I can just start skipping over everything in the parenthesis so it's a win/win.


And Slowpoke, I absolutely looooved when Morty would add his dry humor in the mix. He was very entertaining without being biased about the hg.

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this is me... I think that the live feed updaters (myself included) make these comments to kind of keep some sort of sanity. I know when I'm sitting there typing and transcripting what they are saying I often have thoughts go through my head-- obviously I do not type everything I am thinking, but a lot of time I get bored of all these people or they are being so silent that I like to add in something myself.

Plus, I think it's kinda fun to have my comments make the front page, it keeps me wanting to keep transcribing and makes me feel like i'm not doing all the work for just nothing.

I'm sorry you don't like them but sometimes it is necessary to break up the monotony.

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:marie: I hope the updaters will continue doing what they are doing! I enjoy reading what they feel about whats going on at the time. I don't have the feeds so I always read the updates. I find the comments very entertaining, and even if from time to time I don't agree with them, its no biggie! I also want to thank all of the updaters for their hard work.


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I know when I am transcribing feeds it is going fast and we worry so about getting the words right it is difficult to set the tone. I personally try to put something in about the attitudes which isn't spoken but does seem relevant to the conversation.

and yes, I have been know to put a smart a$$ remark in occassionally. I post feeds because I love Big Brother and want to share all I can so people know what is going on other than the televised show.

I have a family, a full time job, and I tend to get up in the middle of the night to cover times no one else is awake other than the houseguests. In order to keep myself amused I may make a comment that is unnecessary but at 4 am seems funny to me! I can promise you all though that I've never commented on my panties and never will. :animated_rotfl:

And special thanks to Fatcat for liking my comments! :animated_wave:

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I like the additional comments thrown in. Usually I find they help with the tone of what's happening - since I'm not watching it happen, reading a sarcastic remark about something kind of gives me an idea of how things happen, not just what is happening. Um, if that makes any sense (I don't get much sleep).

I've never noticed comments about the writers personal lives, so they must not bother me. Not saying they aren't there, obviously, just that I can't remember any.

I appreciate all the posters who watch the feeds and let me in on all the fun!

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I want to be sure you all know where thisismetoday is coming from. It's only what makes it to the front page that they were whining about ( their words not mine :lol: ).

I don't mind the comments in the LFUF as long as they are clearly marked.

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i totally understand what he is saying

but, i agree that most of those comments are added to keep our sanity. when you are updating the feeds for a couple of hours straight, you need to add some stupid comments to keep yourself alive. to keep yourself with it. i admit that some are stupid but, i just skip over them. others are funny.

i do agree that some of the comments shouldn't be posted on the front page.

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As an occasional Live Feed Updater, I enjoy reading the comments from the updaters. I especially appreciate all the hard work that Jem does in updating the front page because she is making edits (I know my stuff has some questions in parenthesis that she takes care of, not to mention fixing spelling, names, etc.)

I read a live feeder's update who said that Nat was in pigtails and bikini, again...I totally think that as well and laughed when I read it!! Can't remember if it was on the front page (I read both when I'm catching up) but I wouldn't care if it were there...

I actually worry about the content to try and make sure that I am relating back the information as it is (it's harder than it seems as I quickly found out--sometimes I have to pause the feed for a few seconds to catch up). So, although we all have opinions, we do try to keep them to a minimum on the updates.

Happy reading!! :lamo::)

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