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Monday, February 18th


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I am watching it right now. Chelsea and Amanda screaming and everyone else getting in the fight. Josh calling Amanda the "C" word. I thought they were going to start swinging.

Still drama going on right now. They all calling Amanda on her booty shorts and her sticking her ass out. OMG

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Josh was seriously close to getting himself thrown out.

The guy has been sneakily quiet, but he really went nuts on Amanda.

Running around like he was riding the horse was pretty humorouss...in a mean spirited kinda way.

I have to admit I cannot stand Amanda's manipulative ways. But the gang up seemed a little excessive.

Save some for tomorrow.


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I would have never thought that Joshuah would have been the one to go off on her like that. She deserves it though. She is basically the Jen (not this years) of this year. always admiring herself and thinking she is the most important one. Self centered brat. And then she has the nerve to go talking about people behind there back. This was the best fight i have seen in BB history. beats last years with Dick because it was evryone involved in it.

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:marie: I'm glad I didn't get around to getting the feeds like I planned on doing! I was hoping this season would get better but it sounds like it is getting worse.....everyone whos worried that the season will be cut short because the writers strike is over, should worry that the HGs themselves and their actions could get the season cut short. I've quit watching Sho2BAD cos all it was all F this and F that.....and girls acting skanky. CBS got these people from the bottom of the barrel. jmho


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I have the feeds and have not watched them even once. So far I have only been watching BBAD.

If things don't get more interesting, I suspect that the producers have a list of things they will interject into the game to stir things up.

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Like most said in the house, I felt like it was coming from a mile but it didn't need to go so far...it got EXTREMELY personal and even without a game, you never need to be that disgusting..she clearly isn't good with confrontation and is much better at talking about people behind their backs but that's just some people's personalities...she's doing it even now in regard to Natalie, Chelsia & Josh but NOTHING can condone bringing up someone's death

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hers play by play from 9pm Fight.

Natalie in Sauna room tells all girls(except Amanda & Sharon who are in hotube.) Natalie reteels story from htube and how she came running into Sauna after she heard Amanda say about votes. Chelisa goes outsideand asks Amanda about if she said that Amaanda said that next week Chelsia said Amanda/AAlex & Matt/Natalie." Amanda says she never said "Cheslia said" she says never said. that. Cheslia storms inside and gets Ntalie and every comes outside

Cheslia comes screaming outside yelling at Amanda saying "We all kno Big Brother one big fucking grapeline everything gets twisted around!" that Amada did say that. Amanda says "stop yelling at me!"

Ch:"im fucking pissed right now."

A:"i never said u said everything!"

CH(slaping hands) :"ok stop ready (claps hands) here we go. (Amanda laughs & Alex has huh face on)

A:"youre name has never came out of my mouth stop yelling at me.

CH(face bright red) : "IM FUCKING PISSED OFF!!!!!!! LISTEN 2 ME!!"(Amanda laughs)

Chelsia rehashs what she said be4 about Natalie.

(fast forward abit till.............)

A: "I never said James, i swore on my father! i never said Chelsi anything."

Josh 2 Natalie

J: "Natalie she called you a slut last night in the houtube."

A:"No! i did not!(getting out of hotube)(Chelsia clapping and jumping up & down and laughing at Amnda) I dint say that what I said...."

J:"Fuck you u fucking whore!"

A:"IM a whore?"

J:"youre a fucking horse face,mouther fucking, so fucking ugly, get the fuck out of here. Every1 hates you in this fucking house!"

(Amanda tries 2 talk)

J: "Shut the fuck up u fucking Cunt!"

A:"IM a cunt?"

J: "youre a total cunt bitch. I would slap the shit out of u if i was a girl." (Amanda leans it."

A:"then slap me then."

J: "no Youre 2 fucking ugly horse face shit! Get back 2 the stable, gitte up gittle up!(Makin horse motion)(Sharon has face in hands) Go! U fucking whore!"

A:"Do u all hate me?"

J:"the whole fucking house hates u." (Chelsia laughin hystecrilly)

A:"Natalie i never called u Anything."

J:"Natalie she did call u a fucking whore, she said u were stupid." (then diected towards Alex) "She told me u tried 2 figure her in bed last night."

A: "he did. he admitted it."

Alex:"I did"

J:"shes a whore she said she likes Parker."

A: "i never said i like parker!"

Parker: "i kno u dint."

A:"thank u parker."

J:" iyoure a fucking bitch, im tired oiof not saying it 2 ur fucking face ur a fucking bitch. and i hate your fucking guts and when i get HOH youre fuckin goin up."

A:"how am i a bitch!"

J:" youre a fucking cunt actully."(Chelsia calpping nands laughing)

J:"youre a fucking cunt!"

A:"why u keep talling me a cunt."

J"cuz u are a fucvking cunt!" (To Parker) "She said Parker's gettin mad ya goota keep him away!"

A:"I did not say that!"

J:"u said Alex tried 2 rape u."

A:"i never said rape!"

J:"i heard it."

Alex:"whoa woa woa. Rape?"

A:"i nevers aid that."

J:"she told me rape 2day. and she whinin and cryin in stotrage room.z"

A:"i never did that! i never said rape! i never said rape!"

J:"Fuck u u fucking bitch"(Spashing her with water also hitting Alex & Sharon.)":argeh!" (Throws towel at Amanda hitting her with it)

(Running up 2 her face) "YOURE A FUCKING CUNT! YOURE A FUCKING CUNT! You mouthr fucker!"

(Allisn grabs Josh and runs him inside)(Josh slams the slding glass door)


Allision:"so u want her 2 ruin youre fucking chances at a 1/2 mill"(Josh looks around)

J:(laughing) "No 1 can hear us, that was good that was goods. we just got her we make the storys she falls into them"(they laugh going intoo red room)

(Back outside)

C:"YOU BETTER SHUT YOURE FUCKING MOUTH!if u would of helped youre fucking parter not running around lkike this"(Cheslias pulls down her pants and underwear down and runs with ass hanging out smacking it)

A:"that was u naked!, i never been naked! only int the bathroom! I wear booty shorts. u were fucking naked!"

C:"you go around rumbing your ass on everbody! Last night you looked at yourself 8 times in mirror"(Chelsia laughs)

A:"And? ANd?"

Alex calms everything down.

(Josh/Allison back outside)(Josh walks over 2 Natalie)

J:"last night she said u were a fucking bitch right 2 me."

(Sharon tries 2 "Shhh" Josh)

Alex yells at Amanda.

Alex:"AmAnda cuz of the shit u are starting!"

(JAMES is dying in laughter by washer/dryer where entire house is gatheed)

(Eric's note Josh plan of breaking apart the 4 is workibg, he is smiling as this goes on,)

Shelia adds some to the fire.

Alex"Your damn right i tried 2 figer u amanda u walk around half naked im a guy and in the HOH rrom youre fucking mother tesesea!"

J:"she dint do anything wrong she a fucking saint giver her ahalo."

C:"or a noose."(Josh claps with laughter.)

J:"youre like her dad." (Amanda burst into tears.)

A:"Dint u hear him giver her a noose just like her dad."

Parker:"now come on Josh."

A:"Its not fucking funny, when he hung himself!"(pointin at Chelsia) "That was a really fuckin nice comment."

C:"Noose 2 u not your father."

A:"Thats not fucking funny!"

C:"Well im sorry, i cant fuckin deal with u. u sholdt fiucking blow uor titts. U rotten bitch!"(Amanda heads inside.)

Amanda tells Allison what they just said about her father.(Amanda's really crying.)(Amanda is shakin as she pours herself some choc. milk)

AManda:(to Allson) "Who got naked in the pool last night, Natalie, Who went without underwear in pool last night,Cheslia. And im the Slut." (Eric's note. thats really true. lol)

AM:"my fuckin dad hung.... whers my key, whers my key, wheresd my key???" (Josh laughs at her threw window,Amanda gives him the finger)

Cheslia apoliges after commercial break. Amanda is hyper venatlting and crying and goes into DR.

after she leaves Allison & Cheslia talk trash on Amanda.


what u all think? who's at wrong. i say Amanda not at wrong at all but shold leave house 4 she not hurt anymore

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I feel like I am watching entire group of gut throats without a single likable one. If anyone is slightly more authenic than the rest it would be Amanda. She talks a lot, but my sense is that she's not mean, she's just a blabber mouth that can't keep quite. The rest of crowd seem pretty ruthless and mean.

I would say this group of women have worst foul language in BB history. Calling each other Cunts, bitches, and using dropping the F bomb a lot.

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