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Can't Decide Who To Root For


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lol, UPV, everyone is being nice and positive :angel_not: here so far this year, we got no contraversy, the house sucks, and none of us can pick anyone we want to root for. I definately watched Idol befor BB last nite, as a matter of fact, i did not watch BB til this am and ususally in the old days I would come home from work, and come to Morty's imeadiately see who got kicked off and then go watch the show, this yr is boring, theses peole are clueless,lolol

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I think it is the direction the show took. It is more about sex and not about the original concept of the game. This season is more for the teeniebopper crowd.

I keep flop flopping on who I dislike the least....

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Hit the nail on the head, Marty. I agree with everyone who said that they can't decide on what team to back. A lot of teams have one decent person and one idiot. Problem is that they have to vote both out. I had no problem with Parker, even though A LOT of you disliked him. But he was with Jen. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to mix it up half way through and switch couples around. That would be at least interesting. I think BB8 was better cast. There was a little more maturity there. This is like a high school drama. I am finding it hard to give a @#$*.

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I don't like anyone in particular. I hate Josh. I think he looked and acted like a total jackass when he was arguing with Amanda. I felt bad for her, but not enough to like her. I don't like Matt. It's really bad how he's using Nat, but she should know better.

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I'm probably gonna get my head chopped off, but I like this season much better than watching Dick go off on women. I never watched the feeds last year because to me "america's Choice" turned the game totally out of the player's hands. I think Eric did an awesome job w/ those puppets.

This year I find more interesting if a little juvenile. The people are just people and not cruel and viscious. I don't agree with the way Josh went off on Amanda, but I feel she had it coming. And she loves to play the Daddy card. ( pitty me, poor Amanda) NOT.

I like quite a few of them but not always their partners. I don't really care about the nudity one way or the other, don't even care about their real lives. I like to see how they drive themselves nuts with trying to figure every thing out. They just change their minds so much and try to figure out all the different senerios.

I like Nat, Josh, Sharon, Chelsia, James,and Alex

I don't care one way or the other about Adam or Ryan

I dislike Amanda, Shelia, Matt and I'm still out on Allison.

I could not stand Jen but liked Parker w/out the attitude, tho i thought he had a bum deal.

Okay thanks for listening, I'm done with my rant for now.


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Ugh! What is WRONG with these people? Every time I think I have someone to cheer for, they say something disgusting or stupid. Let's see here...

James - he gives me the creeps...and he's paired up with the vile Chelsia.

Chelsia - just today she made ANOTHER joke about a noose and Amanda's dad! DISGUSTING

Joshuah - he added to Chelsia's hate today with a gross comment of his own.

Sharon - I feel so bad that she's paired with Joshuah...if she were playing as an individual, I'd cheer for her.

Adam - poor guy, but he also seems like he can really be a jerk.

Sheila - someone please tell her off! She's the biggest liar and gossip in the house!

Ryan - I feel bad for this guy, for being paired with such an annoying witch, and for having such an unappreciative girlfriend. I'd probably cheer for him if he were alone.

Allison - can't stand her "I'm so awesome" attitude and they way she keeps trying to trash Jen to Ryan.

Matt - jerk from the beginning, moreso after his homophobic comments today.

Natalie - she cracks me up! She's so needy, but I love her! Wish she were free of that Boston bunghole.

Alex - I really, really liked this guy until he and Matt went on their tirade against James today. I don't like James, but they went too far.

Amanda - attention wh*re. Kinda like her because the whole house ganged up on her, but prefer others to her.

So, I guess I'm cheering for Sharon, Ryan, Natalie, and maybe Alex if he can come back from some of the stuff he said today. I hope they end the couples thing soon, or I don't really have ANYONE to support!

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:marie: Nice post DrewFan.......I agree with 90% of your post.

I don't care for any of these people, hate several. I ask myself: "Who do I want to win the $500,000.00"?.....my problem is I don't want anyone to win this kind of money......they don't deserve it! jmho


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I didn't see hate homophobic comments by Matt yet........but IMO he was a loser even b4 and Nat is a bigger loser for wanting him.

Could NOT believe Chel actually said they should have a "noose" contest for POV

OR, that Josh chimed in, yes and then the bitch will be dead-just like her dad...........WTF? He obviously doesn't have a soul.....or a heart.

All, Sheila & Adam are obviously on hiatis from the psycho ward.

Ryan is not a racist, just someone who doesn't believe in mixing the races, and who, of course does have black "friends", don't they all?

James is admittedly a loser in life.........but who knows, maybe he'll finally find success.

Amanda has enough insecurities to sink a ship.

Alex seems to be a sweetheart, cooking & cleaning and just wanting everything so perfect.........but I think he thought he really married Amanda when they put them together.

Maybe if they separated them it would be easier...........I'm not so sure :rolleyes4:

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