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February 27 - Live Feed Updates


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Allison is saying that Josh got in her face to Matt. Josh heard her and said "Don't start Allison." She denied it. Ally pissed off. Ally telling Matt "You guys are here because of me. Know that. Trust me."

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Josh and Allison getting into an altercation. Josh believes Allison is talking shit about him

J: Yea, Allison I am serious

Matt is with her and Ryan

M: I don't think he'll go after you

A: Are you on crack?

A: I don't need a hug from anybody

M: I don't like to see anybody down

A: I'm not down [her body language shows otherwise]

A; You (matt) guys are here because of me, just so you know.

M: I'm fucking thankful, trust me.

Talk about the competition. Allison says she is still not worried about it.


Matt talking with Josh and Sharon in red bedroom. They're asking Matt to not take Allison's side and he says he isn't. Josh said he will attack Allison if she attacks him.

Josh saying he keeps his word.

Josh says he is done with Allison.

M: Please be nice, stress level is high

J: I have nothing else to say. She's done, so I don't care.

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On the other side, Josh and Sharon are visibly happy.

Sharon says she feels bad for Alex and Amanda.

Josh saying he isn't even done with Allison yet. [sounds like tonight is going to be vicious]


ryan has a very sad look on his face. Matt is with them. Allison says

A: I can't believe what Sheila said ..... she said "alison went talking behind my back." I think it's interesting how the men are sticking up with me in this house. That's pretty lame. I don't trust anyone in here. i'm not going to let anything affect me. It's just that I've never let a man speak to me that way.

You can hear Sharon and Josh happy in the background

A: You have to play your game, but it's kind of fucked me in the end.

M: Why is it yelling?

A: He's saying people are saying things because I wanted to keep you over them.

R: That came back and fucked us.

R: This week is gonna suck

M: It'll blow over in a day.

A: This is not going to affect me which is going to drive him nuts.

R: Amanda acted like it didn't affect her either

A: I don't care at this point. I had that one.

M: You've been studying those quotes

A: I would never let a man speak to a woman that way. Let him touch me, that's fine.

R: You should keep egging him on so he does. Talk shit. Give it back to him.

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Sharon and Josh jumping up and down in Red Bedroom

J: I'm so high on adrenaline right now

J: I felt horrible [about Amanda].

Chelsia, Sharon, Josh all feel sorry for amanda. Someone said this HOH was for her.

S: This could not have been better.

The three are whispering now, all very happy.

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Josh, Sheila, Natalie - trash talking allison about how she backstabbed sheila and has talked shit.

Sharon and Sheila are left and continue talking about what Allison has done in the house. Sharon telling Sheila that Allison said it would be asinine to carry Sheila and Adam to the end. Sheila is very pissed at this.

Allison is talking with adam in the kitchen with Ryan there too. She says she is shocked with what Sheila said. At that moment, she is called to the DR and she knows exactly what they are going to ask her.

Natalie, Sharon, Josh, and Sheila are in the blue bedrooom - They continue to bash Allison and spreading lies. Josh says that Allison always says she is going to win competitions but always comes in last place.

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6:50 BBT Natalie, Sheila, SHaron are talking about how Allison has been trying to turn everyone against each other. They say Josh is smart and is also doing a mental game.

Sheila is now campaigning to stay off the block. They're talking about how they have to win POV and Sheila says that she and Adam can't win and aren't strong. Natalie and Sheila seem to want James and Chelsia to go on the block. Natalie doesn't want to go on the block again.

The houseguests are off of Indoor Lockdown

Matt, Adam, Ryan, James are by the pool table talking about POV, the rules about it.

Sharon, Josh, chelsia talking about who is going up but then switches to how Allison said she was going to go to the DR to try and get Josh kicked out... but they say Josh never touched her. They're talking about how Dick always asked the DR beforehand about what he was going to do.

Sharon and Chelsia talk. Sharon doesn't want to put up Matt/Natalie because they might go after her next week. Now talk switches to how Allison was saying she was a second away from correctly answering the first question.

Camera switches to Josh, Natalie, and Sheila in Green Bedroom. They're talking about how Josh went up into Allison's face. Sheila is once again campaigning to stay off the block to Josh and using POV as an excuse to not go up. Josh doesn't want to talk about this and wants a good pizza party tonight.

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Allison has gone to the diary room to try to get Josh kicked out for "getting in her face." Josh is saying to Nat & Shelia "All I have are words. I'm not ever going to touch or hit anyone." They agree that he did nothing out of line.

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7:05 BBT Josh wants a tie so he can send home Allison. Josh says allison makes Jen look like a saint. More bashing Allison.

Natalie telling Josh and Sheila that Allison said that she wasn't going to throw her and Matt under the bus. Then in the Bathroom, Nat said Allison said it was a possibility to consider all scenarios.

More trash talk about how Allison is in the DR complaining. Josh, "She's as dead as her dead flowers in here."

Josh is now called to the DR.

Josh is antagonizing Allison in the background calling her a little girl and making whining noises. Sheila stating it is getting ugly.

Allison and Ryan are in the bathroom. Allison sounds like her voice is breaking. She is washing her face.

A: Honestly, I don't care anymore. I'm fucking done. I'm not going to be told my throat is going to be split and he swung the HOH key in my face (cries). My mom is probably like scared. I'm not doing this anymore.

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7:15 BBT

Allison and Ryan in BR

Allison is crying now while washing her face. Ryan is trying to comfort her.

Josh is out of the DR and I hear in the background he is not going home. Allison said this is about him threatening her.

And we get trivia.... (yay! a little break for moi)

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7:18 BBT Allison and Ryan are still in Bathroom. She's brushing her teeth. Allison is visibly pissed about being threatened. Allison is saying her father would kill him if he saw this. She says it's amazing how Sheila turned against her because she's been nothing but nice to that "crazy fucking bitch."

Allison saying she was a called a cunt, a whore, a fucking bitch. She isn't going to stand for that and it was on live television. [sorry for the curse words, typing as i go along. Apparently this stuff was said during the live show]

Trivia again, another break for me.

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7:48 BBT Feeds are back. I see Chelsia, James, and Natalie by the pool table - small talk

Sheila, Sharon, Adam, and Josh in kitchen table. They're saying Allison doesn't want to be around anyone. Sheila saying Josh has to stay away from Allison at least 5 feet at all times.


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8:00PM BBT: Josh is saying this is operation gardner - because Allison throws seeds around in this house all the time.

Talk of the HOH competition. Josh happy that Sharon first took allison out and that Ryan got it wrong. Ryan would have eliminated him if he got it right.

Josh tells sheila that he told Ryan that it isn't Jenn who cost him the game, it was Ryan. Josh telling Adam and Sheila that they aren't going up.

J: I never get intimidated by people and I was intimidated by Matt and Parker.

They're talking about Matt and Natalie how they are the coolest out of the strong competitors. Sheila said that Amanda should've gone home due to her condition and what happen if she had another episode like that.

Talk reverts back to Allison. I hear someone say "WHO WANTS TO MAKE OUT???" in the backyard. [i'm switching to the BY]

Natalie, Chelsia, James, Ryan are in the BY next to the pool table... just talk about drinks.

Back to the kitchen, Josh reassuring they [Adam and Sheila] aren't going on the block. Sounds like Josh might put up Matt and Natalie. Talk goes to Jen and what she said about her picture being first on the wall.

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8:00 PM BBT

Sheila and Sharon looking at the guinea pigs. Adam says "59 minutes.' I guess that's when they are getting pizza. Sheila says she lost 5 pounds from slop and Adam lost 10.

Josh is talking with James in Living Room.

Joshua/Sharon, please go to the DR - they're about to get their room. Before that, James asked if Josh would put the whole house on slop to make sure allison and ryan go on slop. Then Josh is unable to answer because he's called to DR.

Ryan is trying to get Adam to come on his side, asking if he would use the POV. Adam isn't giving a committed answer. Ryan giving him a scenario to where Chelsia and James go home saying if Adam and Sheila were to win veto and take off Matt and Natalie. Then, Adam and Ryan vote out chelsia and James and that keeps the six tight (Adam, Sheila, Alison, Ryan, Matt, Natalie). They're about to play a game of 8-ball. Said they'll talk more about ti tomorrow.

Natalie and Matt talking in bedroom. Natalie thinks they might go up.

Back in 10 minutes

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8:30 BBT Adam, Sheila, Sharon, Natalie, Josh, Chelsia in HOH. Adam is helping Joshuah putting all that stuff in there. Sheila said she's counting down minutes for food.

Natalie, Josh, Sharon talking about Allison wanting Josh/Sharon to be the odd people out in the vote.

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