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February 24 - Live Feed Updates


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Sharon, Natalie, Amanda, Chelsia, and Allison in the Green Bedroom saying how bad Matt has been treating Natalie. Natalie has been letting off steam about Matt.

Camera is showing Josh eavesdropping.

Amanda says Alex is a really good guy and the girls agree (except sheila who isn't in the room).

Natalie says she still is attracted and would like to see if something is still there.

Natalie: I believe everyone comes into your life for a reason.

The other four girls are telling Natalie that Matt has said he hasn't tried anything with Natalie.

Natalie letting off more steam and other girls are agreeing with her about Matt.

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Girls and Josh walking to the kitchen. Matt confronts Natalie in LR. He said he wants to talk to her in private. Natalie doesn't. Matt saying he was going to apologize to Natalie.

Natalie: Quit making it a scene like I'm chasing your nutsac and I'm not.

Natalie is saying is now they can know!

Matt: Know what?

Natalie: that we kissed (awww)

Natalie: Every guy thinks I'm chasing you.

Getting heated

Matt saying he flirts with everyone when he is single. He's just that way.

Matt: I don't want to have trouble on television, so you're right on everything. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings

Natalie: You've been hurting my feelings since you walked in.

N: You're nice to everyone but me but I'm your partner. You're mad at everyone else and I get the brunt of the blow?

Matt still apologizing and explaining himself.

She's asking him to treat her like he treats everyone else.

Matt trying to compliment her.

N: Why are you making it seem like I want you?

M: did i say that?

N: You made it seem that way.

Getting heated in Living Room

Talking about Natalie getting naked and Matt saying it was a misunderstanding.

Matt saying he loves a more conservative girl... but also saying he will have sex in front of the house if she asked.

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9:11pm BBT - Natalie and Matt going at it on TV about things Matt has done in the house with other girls.

Matt says "I am physically attracted to you, i don't want to be emotional attached. I don't go for girls that get naked in the house. I would fuck you in front of everyone in this house.

Matt says "shut the fuck up".

Natalie says "don't take things everything I say seriously".

Matt says "I am not going home now since this fight, so congratuations to you Alex".

Natalie says "Everyone can see you are mean to me all the time".

Natalie says "do you ever come to me?"

Matt says "sit down".

Natalie says "I don't want to I am mad."

Matt says "I am sorry".

Matt says "I had my showtime for 12 minutes, yeah".

Matt says "Goes on to name whatever one's character is in the house. He is the Boston asshole. Sheila is the mom".

Matt says "I am sorry to be mean to you. Everyone has someone who they have at home they miss. I am trying to keep myself happy, but when I am in the bedroom, I want to fuck breakdown and cry. I am sorry sweetie. I am trying to particulary trying to be nice to you. I do have respect for women."

Natalie says "So when I show my ass that is wrong".

Matt says "You keep saying one statement after statement, you were pissing me off. I have fucked many strippers. I am who I am."

Matt says "you are the most nices, genuily nice for me. I would never go after you. I would have sex with you. That is not what I am saying. You see the good in people. I came in here with my tail between my legs. I am trying to be nicer."

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Matt: I realize we're going home now because of this. You want to keep fighting?

Natalie: Everyone sees that he's (matt) is mean to me. You make it like I'm chasing your nutsac. Do you ever come to me? We're partners.

M: See, we're not strong, and I hope everybody knows that

(feeds cut out)

M: I'll say my thing, you say your thing. We shake hands and it's over. [it's not that easy with women, Matt.]

Matt trying to explain himself and make everyone laugh. He gives amanda a kiss on the cheek and camera cuts to Natalie tearing up a bit more after that.

BB calls Sheila to the DR... houseguests clap for some reaosn and start chanting "Jerry, Jerry"

Matt trying to apologize, but it's not coming off as much of an apology [a good one, anyways].

M: I have respect for women. I may be crude and you might not think I do, but I do.

Arguing over Natalie's stripping. Matt telling Natalie to be quiet and let him speak his piece.

Matt saying he has slept with a lot of people and have had sex with strippers in strip clubs.

[can't transcribe everything, but Matt is a much better spokesman for himself than Natalie is. She is repeating many points.]

Conversation is revolving around how Matt treats other people in the house compared to Natalie.

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9:42 pm BBT - Nat and Matt just went into the room to continue arguing... Matt apologizes and says "Yes we did hook up, sorry you took it the wrong way" The rest of the HG's are talking about the latest 'meeting' everyone has different opinions.

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I'm cutting my other post to this thread because I was so busy "quick editting" that I didn't realize y'all moved threads :P

8:47 pm BBT

MAtt tells Natalie that he doesn't think it's attractive when she shows her body to everyone. Natalie calls him out and says he's a hypocrite because he has no problem "wiping off his balls" in front of everyone. His response, "just because I do it, doesn't mean I have to be attracted to others who do it". He then goes on to say how he's never put down her personality and said how he thinks she's great. Natalie storms off and goes to pack, telling the girls in the room that she doesn't care anymore and to just vote her off.

Matt sends Allison in the house to go check on Natalie and make sure she's okay. Natalie says how she's just sick of it...how Matt treats everyone in the house better than he does her. She's now going on about how she can't peck him or anything because of how Matt always pulls away...even though he said he confided in BB how he thought she was his soul mate. Natalie goes on a rampage, saying how Matt can't handle if she shows ppl her shit, meanwhile he has slept with ppl in the thousands.

Allison is filling Natalie's head with how adorable her and Matt would be together if Matt wasn't on a power trip and how he's just being a typical guy by being jealous. She said, "even if a guy doesn't want you, he doesn't want anyone else to have you either."

The girls :Allison, Amanda, and Chelsia are convincing Natalie to call Matt out. He says he doesn't want to get into a relationship, yet he's kissed her. The girls think she should call him out in front of the other guys. They're telling her how he can't be hurting her. Natalie deduces that they were obviously meant to meet. She didn't plan on meeting anyone or developing feelings for someone, but thinks that they were obviously paired up for a reason. She doesn't see why they can't play the game and still be attracted to eachother. The girls are upset because Matt has been telling everyone that he and Natalie haven't made out, though they knew all along that he was lying.

After pumping her up, the girls all leave the bedroom to watch Natalie call Matt out. Matt stops her in the hallway and asks if he could talk to her. He said he's her partner and wants to talk alone. She said I want to talk to you in front of everyone. She calls him out. He tells her that he's sorry to do this out in the open and doesn't want to get into it. She said, "people need to know because the guys all think that I am the one after you, but you're the one kissing me and acting like you like me." Matt quickly says, "I don't want to have drama on tv ok. I'll agree with everything you're saying okay. You're right. I'm wrong. Okay?" Matt confesses, "I'll say it then. I would have sex with you. I am attracted to you. But I don't want to have feelings for someone in this house."

Natalie has heard the words she wanted to hear, but still continues to argue. Matt thinks he's going to end up going home now because of this. Natalie is still going on about how Matt is mean to her in the house and makes her chase her around. Matt's apologizing, asking her to sit down, but she's saying she doesn't want to because she's mad.

Everyone has gathered in the living room. They're all sitting on the couches except for Matt whose going through the roles. "I'm the asshole" (Matt), Sheila's the mom....

Matt continues to Natalie, "I'm sorry. I am sorry if I have been mean to you. I am having a particularly hard time being away from home. When I'm with the boys I can just chill out and relax. But when I'm alone with you I think and I miss them. I have a lot of shit going on." Natalie keeps interrupting him. He tells her to just shut up and let him finish. He goes on to say, "out of the girls in the house, you are genuinely one of the nicest people I have ever met. You are too good for me.... If I have been mean to you I am sorry. I came here with my tail between my legs to genuinely apologize to you. If I take my shit out on you I'm sorry sweety it's not what I mean to do." He goes on to remind her how he's the one who took care of her the other night when she was sick.

Natalie is still getting mad because they never seem to talk so Matt suggests they schedule a time, 12:30 to meet and chat. She didn't find this amusing. She still says how he's the meanest to her in the house. He asks, "did I not just come in here...i don't ever want to make you cry sweetheart." He's explaining how he did apologize but she doesn't think it's fair that he takes out his problems outside the BB house on her now. Natalie is wanting them to have conversations. Matt says he could rhyme off so many details about her to prove he does listen. She said she just wants normal conversations like the ones he has with the guys and doesn't always want to be the one to go up to him to start one.

They continue, going in circles. Matt tells her to not go out of her way to give him a taste of his own medicine, to just ignore her next time. He then proclaims, "I'm going to make it my personal vendetta to go out of my way to be nice to you." He touches his chest and says, "is this the heart, from here I am sorry okay." Natalie still goes on and says how mean he's been for the last 16 days. He responds, "16 days you make it sound like 16 years!"

btw... it's now 9:30pm in the BB house. They've been repeating themselves for the last 30 min now.

It does seem to be calming down...now that Matt said (again) he's going to go out of his way to be nice to her. He said he's going to make her breakfast in bed tomorrow even though he doesn't know how to cook. Joshuah chimes in how they all see Natalie as a delicate flower and they all just don't want to see her getting her. Matt understands the rest of the house always gets to see nice Matty, but only she is the one who always sees negative Matty. Matt goes on to say (again) how Natalie is the nicest person and how he couldn't have asked for a better partner and likes how competitive she is.

It's now Natalie's turn to talk. She's talking about never getting the chance to talk. Matt says, "you're right. She's right. Can I have a hug?" They hug. The houseguests clap. Matt says, "next on Jerry Springer..."

Matt then begins to dig himself a hole...[omg quit when you're ahead Matt!!] " I just want to say I would have sex with you. I would have sex with every girl in the house because you're all so fucking hott...including that girl in the Diary Room"

Chelsia says how that's not fair because he's sending mixed messages to Natalie because he did want to kiss Natalie in the beginning. He admitts that. He said he would have sex with her but isn't attracted to her like that. How he can't be and they need be like brother and sister [ apparently the kind that's into incest].

James adds his two cents telling Matt that he needs to just talk chill with Natalie and how even now he's being loud and acting like it's a show and they're the audience. Matt explains how he's not the one who chose to do it out in the open like that. Chelsia adds how Matt needs to make sure there's nothing left for Natalie to say. Matt and Natalie finally go to talk alone.

Matt tells Natalie that she's his boy. "I'm not your boy!" she snaps back. "When I say boy, I mean my friend."

Natalie talks about never getting to talk to him and always feeling like they're on a time limit. She calculates that they've spent only approximately 45 min talking in total throughout their duration in the house together. She wants real conversations, not just 2 min talks about strategy and the game.

Matt wants them to just stop and go out there. He's tired of arguing and compares her to punishing a child who says sorry but who gets mad at them 10 min later for the thing they just apologized for.

Natalie gets mad, "can't I just talk without you acting like an asshole putting on a show". He says how he's not, how this is who he is. He says, "fine, you want to talk, talk then. all you ever talk about is sex , drugs. You want to talk about drugs, I can talk about drugs."

"NO!! I want to talk about my feelings. Can't I talk about what I'm feeling?" asks Natalie. He asks what she's feeling and she goes on to say about the purpose of why they were brought into the house and how maybe they meant for a reason. "What reason? What are you trying to say?" Matt asks. "I don't know... friends?" says Natalie.

Matt goes on and says how she's a sweet heart. He says how if they were meant to meet for another reason, well how he doesn't know about that but how he'll see. But he said he's willing to talk more about his life and share with her. he then goes on to apologize again and explains how he's not deliberately trying to be loud, how that's just his tone of voice.

It's 9:56 pm BBt and Matt FINALLY gets it and Natalie actually seems to be cutting him some slack. Matt sees now how in all of this "wanting to talk" arguing, that all Natalie really wanted...was to get to know him!

[ this is me fainting- Elle]

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9:46pm BBT

Allison: I understand matty cause we are from the same place. I totally understand where Natalie is coming from, but I don't what he says literally because we are from the same area.

Amanda: He can't be overly nice

Josh: She is a delicate flower, she needs to watered.

Allison: It is true

Josh: you have to be really nice and watch what you say. How old she is 28, she is dating like she is 16.

Amanda: She is super nice.

(feeds cutting in and out)

Natalie came to Amanda the other night crying, because she wants it to work out. Amanda felt for her last night. Alex made a statement (feeds were cutting in and out didn't get it all).

Matt: He is an amazing person, he has an amazing personally, we sit up and talk, we have gone to bed at 5 in the morning.

Alex: it is only two weeks.

CHelsia: If someone treated me like that I would stand it either.

Allison he is copy of a copy from every guy in boston.

Sharon you have to come into this house and adjust to the people from different environments. Matt isn't in boston, he needs to learn to talk nice to everyone.

Sharon try to be her for one day in this house. I just don't know. Maybe this is just me. I am not this kind of person outside of this house. You know what i mean. You just have to adapt to everyone else. Talk to you on a different level. Matt should have gotten to know his partner when they were paired. Matt would have know how she is so it wouldn't have blown up.

(feeds cut in and out, hard to keep up)

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9:55pm BBT:

Alex: When this show is over with, they are going to find what they both said about each other in the diary room.

Amanda: You can make people change.

What made her breakdown. Matt said "doesn't like when a girl shows her nipples and ass". She came into the house and this started the whole thing.

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10pm BBT

Matt tells Nat that he won't have feelings for her in this house. He confesses that he left a girl to come to the house and how he loves her (even though 2 min ago he said how he likes a girl that is conservative...that he and Nat would be great friends and he has no problem hooking up with her from time to time, but how he won't have feelings for her). Nat said, "but in the interview you said you were single." He said how he was during that time but met someone afterwards. He goes on to say how it's hurting him inside that he just up and left this girl without telling her where he was going. He didn't realize that he was going to be leaving so fast like that upon learning he made the show. He says that if he didn't make the show, he was planning to move with her the following week. He goes on to say how his whole house is packed up and how he gave Parker her number to call her to explain to her what happened. He explains how she never signed a release, hence the reason why he can't mention her name.

Matt goes on to console Natalie. He said how she's a great girl and when she's out of the house she's going to meet a lot of guys. He said how she doesn't seem like the type to go out a lot. He says, "you work, you go home, you paint your nails, you don't sound like you go out a lot." He then says that maybe she needs to leave Oregon to meet a nice guy somewhere else.

They now talk game. Matt tells her to keep playing the fragile flower to Josh and to say how she really needs the money. He's worried that they may be evicted and to "play the weak card" in hopes that they get to stay in.

10:13 pm BBt... and they've gone out to join the rest of the houseguests...

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10:04pm BBT

Matt: I have an ex-gf who i was with until the day I got one the plane. I didn't get to say goodbye. I just didn't know how to tell you. I should have been honest with you. He has his apartment packed up and was ready to move to California to be with her. He wasn't sure he was going to make the show.

Natalie: You are going home to watch these tapes and see how you did ignore me.

Matt: She didn't get no call, she is probably livid with me, she is my best friend and i can't call you to say "I am sorry". She is the probably move on to some other guy. I am going to have to live with that. I didn't bother to attempt to say "I am going on big brother", that is what makes me so pissed right now. "We should be going out and join the rest of the community." I am not say you want me, but you are going to have a ton of guys around you after this show.

Natalie : I go to the park to take my dog outside for a walk, I paint, i hand out with my friends I got to bars, there isn't much in Oregon.

Matt: I think maybe you should try to moving somewhere else.

Matt: I hope this doesn't affect the voting this week, I really hope it doesn't.

Natalie : I hope it doesn't either.

Matt and Natalie: He is trying to let her swing this by being a delegate flower, play this along, say you really need the money. (Alot of whisper is going on, so can't hear much). We need the votes

They have a nice hug. They have left the room together. THey are good now.

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11:49BBT - Natalie, Adam & Matt sitting on couch in bathroom. Discussing getting the votes to stay. Matt says we might be going now after our fight, Natalie says it wasn't that bad it was just a discussion. Adam says it was bad. They ask what people said after they left. Adams says He's right, she's right, doesn't really elaborate. Natalie says well it's over now, we're friends for life. Says she will talk to Josh & Sharon and Matt needs to talk to Ryan and Allison. They are saying they have to win HOH next week.

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Natalie, Adam & Matt sitting at kitchen counter. Amanda comes running in and grabs the milk out of the fridge and chugs some from the jug. (I think because it's midnight and she has to go back onto slop) She then does a handstand and walks on her hands. Matt then does a handstand as well but his looks really sloppy. Amanda says "Mine looks better than that, right?" Amanda left.

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12:08BBT - The 3 are talking about going to bed. Adam says he has to wait until Sheila is sleeping before he goes to bed. He comments that the way Sheila acted yesterday screwed them. He knows they will be going on the block next week if they don't win HOH. Matt says he doesn't have to worry about that he's not even on the block right now, Matt & Nat have to find a way to stay this week. Adam guarantees them that they have his vote. They discuss how if Matt & Nat stay then it will be even next week 2 to 2. Natalie says if they stay and win HOH next week she wants James & Chelsea on the block.

Adam goes outside, Matt tells Nat to go to bed so he can talk to Adam. Matt is telling Adam he needs to talk to Ryan and Allison for them. Adam says he's f*cked if Matt leaves, Matt says yes he is. Matt then goes on to say he and Natalie are weak. Says she's fragile, all you have to do is talk shit about him to her and she loses it.

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12:11am BBT - Chelsia and James in the HOH room. James has his hand over her stomach. They seem to be discussing what has happened tonight. They are talking about houseguests.

Chelsia says "you don't come into this house and shows what breaks you down". Feeds switch

Sheila: "Since the shit with Allison has happend I am sure she is going to come after me now.

Amanda "Allison is a person who forgives".

Sheila "Seeing what you two went through last night, it was a scary thing to see happen". It isn't about Allison forgiving me, she is not going too, to confide in me or be my friend now.

Amanda: Really

Sheila: Yeah

Amanda: you to have talked today.

Sheila: yeah we have

Amanda: Everyday this house changes, who would have thought Natalie and Matt would fight.

Sheila: I am afraid my friendship is over with Allison. I think I got a bad partner. I am not crazy.

Amanda: Adam is a hard person to deal with.

Sheila: Would you be offended by what Adams has said.

Amanda: yes he has, but i am not going to express back what he has said.

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12:20am BBT

Adam and Matt outside: Discussion is about what has been said and done lately. Adam wants Matt and Natalie to stay in the house. Adam is not sure about Josh/Sharon's vote will be. Both of them are going to do some talkin to make sure Matt/Natalie stay this week. Adam thinks it would be easier to get Josh/SHaron out of the house. Adam and Matt are boys and give a handshake. Now we go to bed.

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12:47BBT - Chelsea & James talking about things that would get to them. James said "Dick Talk" bothers him. He will be really quiet if people talk about it. Chelsea says she doesn't know what would bother her, maybe fat talk, but she said if anyone said anything about her being fat then she would show everyone her stomach, she wouldn't let it get to her. James says he thinks Alex has a really tiny penis. Chelsea asks why he thinks that. He says just the way he acts. James mentions that people think she is a bitch. Chelsea said that makes her happy, then she says thats so far from the truth that she has the kindest, most generous heart.

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Chelsea & James on all 4 Feeds.

Chelsea asks James what he is most attracted to about her. James says besides how hot she is, the more he gets to know her, the more he realizes how caring she is and she is someone he would like to be with which is scary because it wasn't something he was looking for. He said he can actually talk to her and there is lots he wants to share with her. He asks her what she likes about him. Chelsea just says your personality. James wants her to say more. She says she really likes his eyes, he has really caring eyes. Now they are talking about her back tattoo.

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Feeds return to Adam & Ryan outside smoking. Adam says he doesn't think they'll use it (Veto). Ryan says no, that would put Chelsea & James in a really shitty position. Adam says I think operation condor still has to go. (Allison & Alex voted out) Ryan says he agrees. (Adam is doing what he and Matt talked about earlier, working on Ryan & Allison to make sure Natalie & Matt stay) Ryan went back to bed.

Feeds 1 & 2 - Adam in kitchen eating

Feeds 3 & 4 - James & Chelsea sleeping

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Feeds 1,2,4 sleppin Hg's and Feed 3 shows pourin rain outside(no wonder NASCAR was postponed in South Cali)

camera outide in rain zooms in on various things. (no joke its actully cool watchin Rain! :popcorn2: better then watch Hg's sleep lol)but at 2:21amBBT BB bursts are bubble showin HOH rom w/ sleepin HG's.

2:25amBBT Adam sits up and stares at wall 2 mintes later lays back down. (Akward!)

2:27amBBT Adam sits up again and hold head lookin at ground. and laysd back down minute later.

2:30am fEEDS 3 back 2 RAIN!!!!!!(Yippee!)

2:40amBBT Rain picks up. BB has put blue tarps on the balcony above BY and over other hanging stuff.(o no does this mean Hurrican Howie's commin back!)

2:45amBBT Feeds back 2 sleepin HG's

3:25am quick FOTH

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