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February 21 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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9:05 PM BBT: We have FotH because James is WASTED and listening to his CD dancing to the music. (There is speculation about a food comp in the morning) *These people are crazy on real food, just wait to see them on slop*

9:10 PM BBT: Chelsea and James are in the HoH doing drunk strategizing. Amanda is called to the DR. Chelsea sys that she doesnt care if they have to put people up tomorrow, she'll do it. They are drinking bloody mary's. James pounds his and Chelsea says that its not beer, so she cant pound it. They start looking at the spy cam of the table. Chelsea says that she really hopes..... then James says who cares. Chelsea wants to get drunk and go to bed, James says Amen. Chelsea tries to chug her drink and James does pound his. James is trying to pry into Chelsea's head. I think that Chelsea wants to backdoor Amanda, because she jsut said maybe better for veto if they put up Shelia and Allison. Chelsea says she is having trouble trusting James right now. James says he is off to bed and Chelsea says for him not to go to bed. She still has half a bowl of drink. James tells chelsea to come lay with him and to bring her drink. She lays on the chair. Jamess didnt even finish his drink. Chelsea wants to move the CD player but its glued down. She puts her blanky in bed then takes off her sweat shirt. She gives James his drink and then gets into bed. Chelsea says how big the bed is. James says goodbye and tries to sleep. Chelsea says that he is not seriously going to bed. James starts ragging on Chelsea for smoking (apparently a big non-smoker) She said she did it to get a buzz. Chelsea is doing a lot of thinking.

9:18 PM BBT: FotH

9:19 PM BBT: Back from FotH. James says the lights are making him more drunk. James tells Chelsea that she is sober and Chelsea says whatever. They both just lay there for a second. James asks where her retainer is and Chelsea says that James took it. She doesnt know where it is. James and Chelsea start kissng. Really going at it. Chelsea covers them with her blanket. They are rolling on eachother. They stop and yell. James says "Damn I ruined it. Good nite!" Chelsea says that he is not seriously going to bed They start making out again. Chelsea tries to stop but James is being persistant. Chelsea screams for her daddy. Then she apol;ogizes to her dad. She says he was pulling the shit outta her hair. They start kissing again. Chelsea stops it again. James asks what is she doing to him (in a HIGH pitched voice). They start kissing again...

9:25 PM BBT: Chelsea stops the kissing again by elbowing James. He says Good Night. She says he is NOT going to bed. James says he knows but she is acting like they shouldnt be doing that. Chelsea says they are on national television and then they start kissing again. James takes the blanket and convers them both. Chelsea gets out of the blanket and says no. James calls her a goober. They both go for a drink. James asks if she is alright. She says yes and starts to drink. James promises he wont cry. They laugh. Chelsea drinks some more. James is looking at the monitor and says that these people suck. James asks to turn off the lights and Chelsea says she wants to keep them on and look at her cat, referring to a picture she got. James reminds her that they are HoH, Chelsea says all of their liquor is gone. James says of course! James tells her to put the bowl down and is scratching her back. James asks her to "come play." Chelsea messes with the monitor. She is just sitting there staring at the monitor. She tells James no. James is making weird faces behind Chelseas back and she tells him she sees him. James pulls down her bra straps and asks her to snuggle. (It would be so funny if BB called Chelsea to the DR right now!) It looks like James is undoing her bra. he does get it undone. He is playing with her bra. Chelsea says even though she said no, he keeps tryining. Chelsea says for him to stop. 9:33 PM BBT FotH

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Hi. I hope no one minds cause no one's been putting updates on here for a while so I thought I'd put something up...

I only have BBAD but I'll put some more stuff up that I see if no one else starts posting soon. For now...

At 11:15 pm BTT, Amanda gathers the HGs to carry James upstairs to the HoH room because he's passed out on the massage table. They try to wake him up and Adam even slaps him on the butt.

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12:32amBBT in bedroom Sharon & Allison whisper and keep checkin if any1's comming. (Josh sleepin right next to Sharon or is Josh in the FSA lol)

outside Ryan,Matt, & Adam talk about what they would be doing if not in house, and past times with girls.

12:34amBBT Sharon "we need Matt/Nat or Alex & Amanda gone." Allison "intersing intersing." Sharon "i wanna go 4 the kill." some1 walks bye. wait and sit quiety...... Allison: "ill talk 2 Shelia tommrow." Sharon "have James put up Me/Josh vs Manda/Josh, so we make sure we have at least 4 ppl on same team going 4 POV to guartee one of them leaves." Allison: "thats risky though." Sharon"they wont see it comming cuz their think me/josh are on their side. So they think its 3-3 when its 4-2." Allison "right right, but you have to play both sides." (they hear Adam comming and say goodbye to each other, Sharon heads to BY.)

12:41amBBT Matt gets in bbed with Natalie and complain about their bed and say goodnight to Shelia.

in BR Adam uses bathrrom then washs wands then goes back into bathroom and weash hands again. then heads to bed and talks with Matt about buying a "Geisa place." Natalie :"that was many disaeses i dont want ppl touching me."(Eric's note and she is clean.) Shelia: "And Adam has diseses." Shelia & Adam argue alittle. Matt:"Nat i want 2 sleep, its enough of Natalie 4 2night." Ryan says hes headin 2 b ed as Sharon cleans her teeth.

in bedroom Matt tries to sleep, as Natalie with eyes open keep moving her body and arms around.....FOTH

in BR Sharon uses bathroom and washs wands, then Ryan uses bathrrom and washs hands and they talk about alchol. Sharon says she thought James was dead and that he wasnt breathing as it happened to her friend and he died. James :"Whwen his eyes rolled back it tottaly reminded me of that."

12:49amBBT feeds return. Sharon "Is he good 2 go." FOTH again

12:50amBBT feeds return with Sharon washin her face.

Feeds 1&2 switch from Matt asleep 2 Cheslia asleep layijng sideways in the HOH bed(no sign of ZJames) doorway in HOH room is jarred open. Camreras zoom in on Chelsia and around the room and of the open door then of empty wine bottles across table.

feed 4 at 12:53amBBT show Jammes wrapped in pink towel in suana room asleep.

in bedrrom Allison whispers 2 Sharon "is James still here." Sharon "yes hes passout still though." they lay to sleep.

12:55amBBT no movement in house.

(im gonna watch BB9AD which i taped and ill send Jem anything i find that was unreported here))also send new updates if anything happens in BB house)

1AMBBT James tosses in his sleep

1"22amBBT Adam checks on James. Adam claps hands and says "hey hey u breahin hey." then goes and uses BR.

Natalie is up at same time and in kitchen

N"hows james?

A:" hes in their still/"

N:"i cant sllep im worryin about him."

Adam & Natalie laugh that hes just tottaly out.

Nat flexs are and says she has pain in arm...FOTH

125amBBT they both wave at camera in LR as whey head back 2 their resptive beds.

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Ryan is talking about how it took 4 of them to lift James up off the massage table to move him to a bed because he was passed out. Chelsia made herself barf because she felt awful with tomato juice sitting in her tummy. Sheila said she thought James could drink because he's 'always in bars'. Chelsia says, 'well we havent drank in a month'

BB: The bedroom lights MUST remain on during the day. (Chelsia mimics BB, saying this at the same time in a snotty tone)

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Chelsia and James talking in the HOH now. She seems quite pleased with herself that they are probably going to show all their drunkiness on TV. James mumbled something about 'F that. Alex is going up anyway' Josh was all grossed out because he saw a red handprint on some toilet paper in the bathroom and thought Chelsia was bleeding again. She said no, that it was because she made herself puke.

8:56 am BBT: Josh, Shelia and Amanda in the washroom talking about a competition today. They keep mentioning that they dont know what it is (maybe a food comp?!) but that they had to be up early. Amanda said that whatever it is, they need the HOH's up and ready.

Natalie is talking about how she is lonely and they are making her all lonely talking about boyfriends and people from back home.

Shelia is sponge bathing and Josh teases her that, that is all 'nursing home-ish' Shelia says yeah it is and that he doesnt know the half of it because she has worked in one before. Shes done it all.

They dont think nominations are today.

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9:06 am BBT: BB: Jacob please....

Gals in the bathroom: Jacob??

Shelia says, there it is. Thats the twist. Do you suppose Jacob is coming back?

Sharon says, did they just say Jacob?

They are all still bitching and moaning about having no hot water. Sheila says, 'Im not happy about it, but I can do it'

Allison says they really tricked us with this hot water question because of the wording of the question.

9:09 am BBT: BB: Matt, please go to the diary room. Natalie says Matt is gonna be pissed because he isnt even up yet.

BB: Attention Houseguests, there are fresh batteries in the storage room.

Allison just saying to Shelia how they are calling people to the DR when they dont get up on time.

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The HGs aren't allowed to have liquor for a few more days, cuz matt was passed out and drooling last night and the HGs were getting out of control.

They tried to do a DR with Matt but he was drunk and couldn't even do it, so he got kicked out.

Allison has run 4 marathons in boston.

Lots of commotion and talking going on.

someone (Alex?) starts singing a song about how they have no milk and quick FOTH.

Matt wants to know why they made him go to the DR when he just woke up.

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various people singing, whistling causing brief FOTHs

more singing... they think about if they've had the beejee's play as their wakeup song more than once.

Matt explains to Ryan how to make a proper protein shake.

They're speculating if the food comp will be 2 teams or the entire house. Amanda, Alex and Matt think it will be teams because they want people to be irritated... and it'll be as one group as it gets down to less people. Alex talking about when boogie's birthday party happened, the people on slop couldn't have the food.

Josh wants to know if the people on slop can't go to the margarita party.

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Natalie is in the kitchen talking about the food items to go after, meat, milk, cheese and no condiments. She's also going on about her elbow and that she had to take Advil lastnight becuas e it hurt so bad.

Chelsia is asking Josh if there was any drama lastnight. He said that there was only the Sheila and Adam thing. Nat comes in to brush her teeth and the camera is zooming in on her mouth.

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