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February 17 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

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9:15 BBT

Sheila is now griping to girls in kitchen about James making fat comments about Chelsia.

Allison doing dishes and Sheila is telling her that "people need to stop judging other people."

Natalie and Ryan at hot tub talking game play.

Talking to Natalie about using the POV.

Natalie is doing all the talking and Ryan keeps saying "YEAh" and "i dont know"

9:25 BBT

Houseguests get beer!

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9:33pm BBT: Everyone is in the kitchen and everyone is talking at the same time, it's hard to keep up... it sounds like the boys are talking about size of jeans and losing weight.

Allison and Sheila on teh chair in the bathroom and talking about Natalie...

Sheila and Alllison agree that Natalie is a dumbass

Allison thinks Amanda is stupid

Shelia thinks all the girls are stupid, except Sharon

Shelia says if Allison leaves she is screwed because she doesn't have anyone else in here

Allison says are they going to keep things the same

Sheila says that she doesn't trust anyone in this house, she doesn't know

Allison thinks Mat would tell her if they were going to change things

Shelia says she has to play with these people, not trust them

Allison things that she has mat and Natalies votes

Shelia says she doesn't think she will have the votes and if Allison does get voted out she will get in peoples faces and stand her ground

Allison says if she didn't have Sheila she would have gone home already, Shelia agrees... she said that is why we had to make up that stupid lie that we are lesbians, lets just play it out and see what happens.

Shelia says she feels like she is in high school again that they way she gets treated is just like the girls in high school treated her. She says amanda and jen treat her that way.

Allison says the cruelest these morons can do right now is to put you (shelia) up against me and rip us apart. Shelia says that they are not gonna break us up... she then tells allison she is the strongest woman in the house and that she told herself that she would befriend the strongest woman in the house and it was allison

allison says she has to trust mat until he shows her different, and maybe josh

shelia says that josh is above the rest of them and neil was the best thing ever

allison says that amanda has no clue how to treat people

sheila says with all the tragidies that amanda has gone thru she would be humble and shes not, how amanda told her today that all little girls need their daddy

sheila said her father was in prison for robbing a bank and she never saw her father.... she then tells allison that it was her father and 2 other guys and he got caught and went to prison till she was in her teens..... and the town he robbed the bank in was the town they grew up in and the town her own mother grew up in and that is why she is writing a book about it.... she says that her father fled after the robebry and it was a year later that he got caught, they found some fingerprints.... after that her mother put sheila and her brother in an orphanage..... allison asks why.... shelia says because she was scared and didn't know what to do..... they get interuped by the others in the kitchen......

sheila just told allison that she doesn't think the guy who robbed the bank is her father.

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9:50pm BBT - sheila continues her story.... her brother and her were seperated in a roman catholic orphanage and that a year later her mother had another daughter and put that child in the orphanage and that is why she is so close to her sister, she said she never has forgiven her mother for it because her grandparents were there, why didn't she give the kids to her parents or her brother or sisters.... she also sais that if she has to eat slop it will screw with her in the head, because that is the kind of stuff she had to eat in the orphanage.....

allison is now confession how she use to steal to eat and that she doesn't understand how parents can give up on their own children.

sheila sais she has never got over being in the orphanage and that is why she has problems with men, she blames her mother and father..... allison is in such shock,she cannot believe it.

sheila said that is why she thinks these kids are so selfish, they have no idea what people have gone thru..... that is why she is so protective of children, she saw children go thru some horrible things, how her mother never would never sign the papers for them to be adopted..... sheila says she truely loves her mother, and would never abandon her mother, she said she may not be the ideal parent but the one thing she did do is bring me into this world, and i think her for having my sister, i love my sister....... she says she tells her sister everything and she has never judged her..... her sister came to the penthouse masion and how her sister knew that even though sheila had all this fame and money that sheila wasn't happy..... that sheila was needing love..... that men wouldn't look at sheila, they looked at the person who posed nude.

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10:00pm BBT -- sheila is now telling allison about how she got discovered and how she met LG, the love of her life..... she is at the point where a famous photographer told her she wouldn't make it and sent her photos to hefner and penthouse........ she says that her getting the penthouse thing and leaving is what split them up, and that he got married and had kids, and lived a good life and then died of lu gehrigs.... but that was the one guy that she truely loved, she says the book she is writing is about going from the orphanage girl to going to vegas, then to new york and how she came out of it..... she said she went to chicago when she 18 and that she told the guy you have to do something to help her ... she said a week later that penthouse called her and asked her to go to new york to pose for bob guchioni... she said they picked her up in a limo and took her to the masion.... she said she looked like lindsay lohan with short hair and naieve and she was like ok, lets do this.

she is going on to describe the mansion and stuff and she was in culture shock, she said she lived there for weeks and still had not be photographed, how she walked around new york and met alot of people and met some guy who asked her to go to england, she said this guy sent an airplant ticket to the masion, he took her to the opera, shopping..... and the feeds cut it off ......

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10:12pm BBT - amanda, jen, matt, natalie, ryan and parker in the kitchen -- josh chelsia, james, sharon and i think alex in the sauna...... natalie just came in the sauna room with the others and josh left.... parker in the sauna room for a minute...... just alot of drunk screamin and talking and laughing but not sure what is going on..... parker just dry humped amanda and she fell down laughing about it....

im moving to the sauna room and will start again.... the others are too loud

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10:17pm BBT -- feed 4 sauna room --- sharon, chelsia, james, adam and matt.... adam asks what day it is, is it day 10? matt says day 9?... sharon says day too many.... all of them sitting there watching someone in the sauna...oh it's alex..... someone just came in and said someone was trying to do a stripper pole dance......

james and adam just laying down in the sauna room .... boooorrring.... switching feeds.

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10:22pm : it was natalie using josh as a pole..... she was wrapping her legs around him and sliding up and down and then she pulled her shirt up and said i don't have a pole but i would do this..... she proceeds to put one of the stair poles between her boobs..... you can hear jen in the backround laughing...... parker is watching and shaking his head.....alex has brought a pole out from the weight room and natalie is doing a pole dance while alex holds it up.....

alex is getting a free shot as natalie goes down the pole upside down with her legs spread

now she is saying what songs she used to dance to.... any song that started slow then got faster..... she says that stripping is a great workout... she said she only had the fake boobs the last 3 months she was in vegas.

everyone clapped her, they just said that was probably the best showtime show ever.... she said its a great workout.....

looks like everyone except james, adam, shelia and allison are in the kitchen.

parker just asked allison and sheila if they liked them.... one of them said no.... parker then says "don't judge us" ... and few of them laugh.

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10:32pm bbt -- matt is saying that he has slept around 200 people.... natalie said that is disgusting.... someon said, i can count on one hand how many people i have slept with, mat said so can i but then i have to multiply it witha big number.....

now the conversation to grey hair.... parker had pulled one out of amandas hair........ amanda says she wants to learn how to pole dance, natalie said if we had a pool i would.... alex finally found his key, he said that amanda probably hid it from him.... she gave him a dirty look and he yelled at her just laugh a little.... matt said we should all laugh now.... so they all did

parker and alex are doing your mama jokes now..... parker said your momma has no arms and she tried to wear a vest

alex says your mommas so stupid she got fired from the m and m place for putting the m's on upside down..... parker said no it goes, your momm's so stupied she got fired from m and m for throwing all the w's away.... everyone is laughing

parker is now telling a bunch of your momma is so fat jokes and cracking eveyrone up.....

10:42pm bbt - so hard to keep up.... they are now talking about football and tiki barber.... the giants.... hwo glad they are that the giants won..... like 4 conversations going on at once.

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10:35pm bbt

jen, ryan, parker, sharon, matt, alex, joshuah, and amanda in the kitchen were telling your mama jokes. they were all laughing.

sheila, allison, and chelsia were in the bathroom chair talking. chelsia was in the bathroom. james waiting for her to come out so that he could go.

10:42pm bbt

they were talking about comedians that they like. alex liked lisa lampanelli and someone else liked lewis black (he came to my college last year)

talking about movies now. wedding crashers. heartbreak kid. superbad.

talking about what they did during sequester, could request movies and games, had to call, and tell them to get them, and bring them new stuff. matt talking about how he kept them and never gave them back. alex and natalie so mad at matt for not giving the movies back (matt is an ass).

jen says that she has seen every episode of every season of big brother.

10:50pm bbt

alex announces to everyone that he is going to take a shit in his room.

matt is playing around with his glass and swishing the water or whatever is in the glass around. kinda cool. but he is obviously bored.

talking about hurricane chris - ay baby ay baby

amanda trying to screw with alex by having matt get up against her. grind on her. kinda funny. not really. amanda is so annoying.

looks like they are eating ice cream. amanda sacrastically says "please stop singing" as bb would say when they ever start singing a song because cbs can't afford to pay copyright licensing fees.

Natalie talking about smoking weed and having a buzz after just one puff whereas you have to have a lot of beer before you get a buzz. cam switches to outside where chelsia is working out (why do we care about her?) we can still hear the kitchen. back to kitchen (thank you) Adam and james in the kitchen too.

Natalie talks about getting away with a lot of things because the country is so big and someone isn't going to go up on a hill and question you about what you are doing.

Natalie tells everyone that the best home grown weed is from oregan. you can ski in the winter. desert. drive car on beach. she should be a tour guide for oregan. they have no natural disasters. no earthquakes. no nothing. she loves oregan.

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10:45pm.... feed 3 is chelsia, allison and sheila are talking in the bathroom.... i came into the conversation with them talking about how bad james smells.... then sheila says the bb has to do something to shake the dam house up.... now they are talking about how bb puts the same types of people in the house every year and how sheila is the amber of the season cuz she crys so much..... allison said she just doesn't want to talk about what the others talk about, its just not important shit.... chelsia says she doesnt want to talk about her personal life on national tv

feed changes to adam and james playing pool..... adam is saying that he cant wait to see parkers face when julie tells him 3 to 1 your voted out...... james says they think they are staying right and adam says yes... james says good, it needs to stay that way..... they are saying that it would be dumb for parker to keep the veto.... (have they played?)..... shelia alone on chair in bathroom and gets up when adam comes in to use the bathroom.

cookies were baked and it brings almost everyone in the house into the kitchen.... parker keeps singing parts of songs and bb finally tells him to quit singing

amanda is lauging so annoyingly because mat picked her up and spun her around..... josh is pissed because the cookies are guey because bb took the cookie sheet, he doesn't know why but they did and he had to use a deep pan to bake them on.

everyone eating cookies...... im off for now.... hope someone else takes over.

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11:00pm bbt

they are quizzing on what stuff that natalie knows about her state of oregan. its like being on oregan trail, natalie says, camping is the shit. you need to think outside the box. most of these people have never camped. thats f**kin' sad.

talking about school mascots. natalie was a trojan (no shit, so was i in upstate new york). jen is still sitting on the counter.

parker talks about when it rains that it f**ks up his day. him being a paparazzi taking pics of the celebrities. i can imagine that the rain would suck. they were talking about how weather is so unpredictable.

natalie says that her mother has sacrificed her life for her. parker says that everyone should move out here to LA. its a great city. parker tells josh that he should move to LA.

natalie wants to go in the hot tub. parker says that he would be having sex if they weren't on tv. parker never wants to have sex on tv. they would never show it on the show. but, people would see it on the live feeds. parker doesn't want to go into the hot tub. jen doesn't want to smell like chemicals.

parker is telling amanda something about having sex or a blowjob, kissing, something. natalie then says that whatever happens under the cover stays under the covers (like the vegas saying) parker just raised his eye brows to amanda. what is thinking about? what does he want to do with amanda? natalie, amanda, and jen getting their bathing suits on.

parker says again that he is not having sex on national television. jen is smiling about talking about sex. parker is smiling too. cuz he caught jen and ryan having sex in the bathroom. amanda is dying to know where. natalie has no idea either. natalie is wearing another thong bathing suit. nice ass natalie. matt is laying on the bed with his shades on.

11:18pm bbt

amanda is helping jen with her bathing suit. natalie is searching for the bottoms of the bathing suit that amanda is wearing. amanda is changing her bathing suit cuz natalie can't find the bottoms. amanda put the pants back on. jen asks why? if you got. show it off. alex says that the bubbles are as tall as parkers hair times two.

11:24pm bbt

matt talking about having sex with natalie the other night. she doesn't want to talk about it or anything.

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11:25pm bbt

jen, natalie, and joshuah in the hot tub. the bubbles are crazy. josh talking about how easy it would be to give handjobs under the bubbles. its going to get crazy in here. jen tells amanda to get matt and parker to see these bubbles. james in the hot tub. ryan gets in.

natalie suggests that everyone gets butt naked and make it a really crazy party (partay!). natalie and amanda both wearing makeup still in the hot tub. josh has bubbles in his hair. sharon sitting on the side.

josh says that the bubbles will make good tv. so bb wont say anything.

james says that he doesn't like shower but the bath is fine.

josh has the side afro. natalie has one too. alex and parker are outside watching. matt is coming in. amanda telling alex and parker to come in. natalie tells chelsia to get in. but she says no. chelsia showing off her ass to everyone. chelsia wants to get in. but she has no underwear. chelsia just took off her pants and hopped in. natalie has no bottom on. they are all getting naked in the hot tub. it makes for good tv. chelsia and jen got natalies off of her. natalie is completely naked in the hot tub. amanda got out. chelsia was just rubbing natalies boobs. bubbles are disappearing and its not fair to natalie (bull, we want to see her naked) natalie trying to cover herself up. chelsia tells natalie i can see your nipples. alex and parker are missing out. wheres adam? matt never got in. josh asks to touch natalies breasts. james blew off her bubbles from her boobs. natalie wants matt to come in. james was a gay stripper. natalie attempting to cover herself up.

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11:44pm bbt

natalies boobs don't look big at all. thats weird cuz with clothes on, she looks big. chelsia just got out. natalie almost single handliedly put her top back on. but chelsia helped her. natalie now has her bathing suit back on.

11:51pm bbt

natalie says that showtime is happy with us because they got to see some crazy ass people get crazy in the hot tub. natalie got naked. and so did chelsia. james thinking about getting naked. james just got butt naked. i should have recorded that. josh got so happy to see something exciting.

11:58pm bbt

alex calling over chelsia with her booty shorts on. alex telling james to do that thing again. i will record it this time if he does it again.

12:00am bbt

big brother after dark is now ending. and everything without live feeds is probably going to be missing out. bb tells amanda and natalie to put on their microphones. amanda jumps back into hot tub. bb tells natalie to put on microphone again. adam is outside smoking. james admits that he has put the head of his dick in his mouth, has not sucked himself off. alex has never tried.

12:05am bbt

james is one crazy ass person.

i wish that i could stay up all night but i live on the east coast, so its after 3am and i gotta go to bed. im out. hope that someone can take over. see ya all tomorrow

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11:55pmBBT James outsisde of hotube and 1st tries 2 get Amanda 2 take her top off she refuses. James strips off of his boxers and shakes back & forth with his penis shaking back & forth(ewww) but every1 gives hinma roundin applase.

1:54amBBT Chelsia & James talkin bed about family. they tyry 2 patch up a fighht they had2day.

In BR Amanda,Parker,Jen ,Ryan hang out. Amada iswearin only towel. just just random talk. Josh heads 2 bed.

in LR Matt lays by himself in LR.

2amBBT in saunha room Amabda fools kissin Parker.

in a bedroom Sharpon &Allison talk aboot som1 kissin on the lips.

in LR Allison talks with Matt.

Amanda & Parker hear the laughter aand go 2 see who it is ansd see Allison/Matt. Alison heads back 2 bed.

in sauna room Matt tells Amanda/Parker that Allison goin home. Allison comes in and puts herself all over Matt. Matt goes 2 kiss Allison and she pulls away. Amanda tells Parker 2 play with her hair.(obvoisly Amanda/Parker/Matt casnt stergy with Allison their)

1:10amBBT Allison heads 2 bed. Matt talks trash about Allison. Matt tells Parker/Amanda that Alex told him Natalie looks weird.

2:13amBBT Nataliee intrupots saying she thought their was an earthquake and she wanterd 2 check "but i guess it was just the camera." Natalie only wearin towel.

femaol voice tells Natalie 2 put on mic.

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1:17amBBT Matt tellas AmaNDA/Parker he wants 2 sleep with Allison be4 she leaves and every girl the night be4 they leave so that he will be on All-starrs. NAtalie returns. Parker says he tired of tiptowing around Alex. Amanda flies Parkers nails. Matt says we need Alex w/ Chesklia so shes happy and dosent fuck up our game. Matt says the final 6 has 2 be "Myself,Nat,Amanda,Parker,Alex,Jen"

2:23amBBT Parker/Amanda/Parkwr tell Natalie 2 go up 2 HOH and strip tease on Alex's bed wakin hi, up but make sure 2 make him want more. Natalie hurries away.

in HOH room Alex opens dooe 4 Natalie. she layin in bed with her. Natalie tells Alex "Matt & Allison were talking." NTALIE tellas Alex she like him that their partner not talkin alot 2 them. Alex tells Nat he'll talk 2 Matt. Alex tells Natalie 2 not use POV. as us 6 hAVE biggest targets on our back. Alex saYS we have Josh/Sharon & James/Chelsia. says have Allison/Ryan go home. and if we have HOH next week put up Shelia/Adam & James/Cheslia." Alex saS ie will be obibos if some1 goes afainst us. Natalie says he worries Parker/Jen may go. Nat tells Alex she hopes every1 is tellin her truth that Allidon leaves. Amanda enters says "o sorry" and runs sownstairs. Alex runs after her into sauna room. Alex & Amanda yell as Jen/Ryan laugh from BR. Alex tells Amada we werent foolin around. Alex "fuckin retard. yeah i would go 2 fuck Natalie cuz i coundt get any all day." they cont 2 yell at each other. Alex comes down and jokes with Amanda their gonna make me look bad on TV.

Nat strips 2 her thong. Matt "u 2 were up their in thongs>" Alex "im tired of thisshit im goin 2 bed." Nat tells them that Alex said its up 2 Her/Matt what 2 do with POV.

2:40amBBT Ryan & Jen makeout in BR. Amanda & Nat leave. Nat tells Ryan/Jen what happed upstairs. Matt fools with Amanda "go up stairs 2 ur hubby."

in sauna Amanda tells Matt 2 use POV. Amanda tells Jen/Ryan that Matt/Parker set up the Amanda runnin up and gettin Alex mad angle. Ryan/Jen say CBS will use that on the show. ASmaanda "but not on CBS."

2:44amBBT Amanda & Natalie head 2 their resoectative beds. Ryan/Jen head 2 bed. as Parker/Ryan contine 2 talk in Sauna room as of 2:45amBBT

Alex yells at Amanda more. Alex says "u fuckin idiot i think shes a tranvest(man/girl)" Amana "why u bein rude im gonna go downstairs if u yell at me." Alex" i know i know u slam the fuckin door and said i'm sorry why would i be with fuckin Natalie she fuckin gross! whatever. i guess i deseve it cuz u thought u were with Parker!"

Matt & Parker talk about Alex runnin down & POV. PArker tells him 2 use it. Matt promises Parker u are stayin. Parker tells Matt they are lkyin 2 u they want u 2 think 1 way and do the other.

Amanda heads down 4 "milk" amanda tells Parker/Matt how Alex is mad. Amanda tells them what alex called her. Mtt heads 2 bed and passes Adam on the way as he goes 2 use BR. Parker smiles at camera while Amnda'ds gone. Amnda returbs gets the milk. and tells Parker i hav 2 go i berin mean 2 Alex.

(im out its 6am he r in NY)

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(* See picture thread for a visual summary of the last hour *)

Alex goes up to bed, finds Amanda on the balcony. She pretends to be asleep as he wakes her. She quickly gets into bed saying "What did I miss?" Alex just tells her to always come to him before she goes talking about anything. Both fall into that silence before sleep.

Matt and Parker also realize she probably overheard - and speak some concern about the BJ conversations. They go to bed.

4:05 - All HGs down for the night.

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