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February 16 - Live Feed Updates


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2:38 pm BBT - Amanda sitting in the BY talking and saying "What is the impression that I gave you to touch my crotch?" "At least have a make out session" she is saying that as if she were going to say that to Alex. (Get over it loser!) She is sitting with Sharon and they guys are working out. They are singing Do Ra Mi... Someone asked if they gould make them sing (I think he was flexing his pecs)... We get FotH. Nat is sitting with them. Nats bathing suit is adoreable! Some one is yelling F You! F You! F You too! BB - Matt please stop singing. Nat says "I definitely never said I wanted him, that makes me sick. Shar: Josh and I live in drama free zone over there... Amanda: Starring at yourself Parker: Don't be hating. The guys are talking about getting lipo, Amanda says "Oh my gosh you guys ahut up.. all three of you" Amanda says that she will not have any work until she has kids, why pay to have it done twice. They are talking about celebs that are messed up. Tara Reid is the topic right not. Parker says he wouldn't do her, he is afraid he would break her she is fragile as hell. Amanda: He doesn't like her at all Shar: That is F'ed up. (Talking about Matt and Nat) Matt comes over "Amanda : Nothing I'll just talk to you later...

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3:23 pm BBT - Amanda and Nat are sitting in the hammock and it sounds as if Nat is crying. She is very upset about Matt and is pissed at Alli (this may be a big play in the votes). She is pissed that he ignores her and she feels that she is walking in pin needles and sheels. She said that they don't communicate. She is VERY upset!

3:24 pm BBT - Amanda asks Nat to make sure that she tells Matt that is not about her (Amanda) she tends to throw everything in her direction. Nat said that Matt doesn't try to touch her but then she says "Don't tell anyone but one night he tried to kiss me and tried to go down on me" Amanda says "Alex only cuddles with me at night and he tried to kiss me in the storage room but I pulled away" Amanda says that Alex is mad at her because of how she wears her shorts ( good God!) Nat: Keeps bringing up this L I S A girl outside the house.

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Group on porch:

Sheila says Adam wasn't her first choice but now she's so glad they're together. "Because he's unpredictable. You couldn't ask for better than that." (Adam is within earshot.)

Alex and Matt on lounger:

By the time we have microphone coverage Alex is telling Matt that Joshua said to him that he (Alex) is one of the nicest guys and she is just a bitch. A few minutes later Alex is dissing Natalie over her camel toe. They're both eager to see how it plays out on TV. Alex says he doesn't care -- it's over now.

Matt deleted his FaceBook but plans to bring it back when he returns.

Alex says yeah, he has a fan club from when he does parties and things (as DJ).


4:00 Joshua and Adam have joined the two guys.

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Still on outside lockdown.

Lounger is now Matt/Alex/Parker

Pool table is James, Natalie, Adam

Couches hold most of the others

Lockdown now over. Sounds like Alex is going to cook dinner.

They find no changes inside. Maybe fixed a window?

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4:30PM BBT: Josh and Sharon agree that Amanda is the house troublemaker and that Natalie cannot crack. They think that it was Amanda who started the whole Matt/Allison/Natalie issue and she went to the hammock to provoke more problems. .

5:15PM BBT: Natalie and Matt have a talk and she tells him she thinks he is avoiding her because Allison said she wanted a relationship with him outside the house. He says he doesn't believe what anyone says unless it comes from his own mouth. As she leaves the room he winks at the camera

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5:45 - 6:00 BBT

Parker is in HOH taking a shower. Amanda comes upstairs whining, and plops under the covers. Her whining to Parker is nothing we haven’t heard before. She actually tries to tell him the story again. Parker defends Alex, saying he must be upset because he wants Amanda and can’t have her. (* He is either playing this or truly believes it *) Either way, he avoids making any moves to give her encouragement, saying he’s in his own fix. They sit in chairs at the foot of the bed, watching the monitor, many times in silence as Parker waits for her lead. She decides to “let him finish” and goes downstairs, but not without sneaking her moment to hug him from behind.


Allison presents her house observations to Sheila while on the bathroom couch:

Each quote in the house is somehow representative of each couple, and there are objects in the house that correspond to the couples as well. She says things are being moved and things are being done to the house. Sometimes the oars by the front door are not there.

The outside originally had all green cushions. Now there are two brown ones in the mix.

The lake picture on the wall by the fireplace is also outside. There was a person in the boat on the first day. Now there is not.

She also thinks the letters/pictures on the blocks in the fuzzies

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Dinner is over, just ready to do dishes -- and FoTH.

10:10 Back

Kitchen cleanup and pool table

7:30PM BBT: Sharon and Josh have a whisper session about the reaction from the next Eviction. They think it will be fun seeing the look on Parker and Jen

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Every group is discussing Amanda and Alex.

So where are they? Look at that - they're out in the hammock together!

Amanda: I think we have a really good chance at this. I just hate showing people our weaknesses.


Alex: I just don't understand why, if you're such a goodie-gioodies irl, you walk around in the clothes you do.


Amanda: I really like Parker but he's starting to make me mad with his attitude.


Alex: So you still want to go home? (shebasically says no)


Amanda: When Allison leaves this house will be so much better.

Amanda is shocked that Allison smokes weed. Neither of these two ever have, so they say.

Amanda has done skydiving in Vegas.


Alex remembers his coffee and they go inside.

(* The movie I was watching with one eye and one ear is over, so I'm out for the night. *)

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8:51 BBT

Allision in livingroom with Adam.

Allison: I can stand Jen!

Sheila just joined them.

They are bashing Jen and "can't believe Ryan puts up with it."

Sheila is now complementing Adam.

Shiela: "It is disgusting!"

Adam: "She (Jen) will cheat on him (Ryan) soon!"

Talking about drunk booty calls and phone calls at 3 am only for one thing.

Adam: Whether I answer it or not, it is still good to get them.

Sheila: Drunk calls not a good thing!

8:56 BBT

Adam now lying on couch in livingroom. Sheila and Allsion have now left.

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8:57 BBT

Matt has now joined Adam on the couch.

Matt: My mom watches showtime every night before she goes to bed.

Adam: Really?

Matt: Guarantee it!

AD is now on!!!

In red room, Parker is center of attention.

Parker is talking to Natalie. "Can you please yourself with this? (Lava lamp)"

Natalie: No..some of us have not had it for a while. (YEah right)

Natalie is going to hot tub!

Natalie announcing to house that they are on showtime!

Natalie: Can we cuss on showtime?

Hell ya...from the group!

Jen goes to get orange. Boys turn it into raunchy things with the orange!

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9:05 BBT

Matt: This sucks. This is fucking jail right now.

Conversation turns to jail and prison bitches.

James called to DR.

Parker, Chelsia, Alex and Matt trying to come up with something to do.

Chelsia (jokingly) says Matt and Alex are real brothers. They are laughing.

Convo turns to jacking off and not having the desire to do it.

Parker: Asking Chelsia and Jen if they masturbate.

Chelsia and Jen both say no.

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9:11 BBT

Matt just informed everyone that he shaved his balls in the shower today.

Parker said that he trims his up too because "noone likes a bush any more."

Nothing really exciting going on! HGs just entertaining themselves in conversation.

Will continue to watch AD and post if something exciting goes on!

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9:15 BBT

Sheila is now griping to girls in kitchen about James making fat comments about Chelsia.

Allison doing dishes and Sheila is telling her that "people need to stop judging other people."

Natalie and Ryan at hot tub talking game play.

Talking to Natalie about using the POV.

Natalie is doing all the talking and Ryan keeps saying "YEAh" and "i dont know"

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