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February 16 - Live Feed Updates


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Matt says he wants to be on a soap opera


Jen and Amanda exchange notes on their night, Amanda still griping about Alex "touching her inappropriately" last night. Says she got up and left after. Says Alex made a point to say into the microphone that if they are not going to be attached to each other in the house then it they should not be allowed to be attached to anybody else in the house. She thinks he is jealous and likes her. (maybe so?)

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Amanda comes down and is wearing grey shorts, white shirt with a wide black belt and BLACK HEELS today. (outside?)

Stomping around BY and clomping thru house. Says she is dressed up because today is veto ceremony

BB is making announcements again. Remember to swim one mile you must swim 440 laps (deja vu)

(I am out for a while - hope someone else can pick it up from here)

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12:45 BBT Sheila was discussing with Joshua the same thing she was asking Allison about last night. "How do you think BB will portray me and Adam so far in the show?" Joshua's response got FoTH, but last night Allison said that they will probably be seen as frictional in the beginning and then coming together.

(* Sheila is all kinds of worried now that she has heard more about Adam's impressive background. It will be worth watching how she treats Adam today *)

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12:50 p.m. BBT - Jen is suntanning in BY (cute black bikini)--Ryan is smoking and Allison is working out on the eliptical machine. Amanda, Shelia, Sharon, Matt, Parker, and Alex are in the kitchen cooking, eating talking about the movie Pursuit of Happyness. Amanda says that she doesn't like Jamie Fox--Parker concurs saying that he doesn't have time for his fans and that he's stuck up. Sheila says that "we are lucky to be Americans." Josh has joined the kitchen. Sheila is talking about snoring, AGAIN!

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2 feeds on several people outside. Adam in hammock, Allison on machine, Amanda and Jen sunbathing, now Parker too

2 feeds in kitchen Joshua, Sheila, Alex

Amanda is saying tht Alex is starting to pay 'daytime' attention to her now, but that she's not interested.


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(I apologize in advance, i'm still not good at who is who....)

Group in kitchen.. alex, adam, sheila, amanda and parker discuss singing and how they had to test their mics.

Sheila advising Alex how to properly clip his mic.

Sheila giving lessons to kitchen group about exactly how to clip it properly.

S:"You're never supposed to clip the wire, because it'll cut the mic off". Everyone seems impressed, and FOTH

Amanda/Ryan alone in the BY

Amanda: theres too much drama

Ryan: I know

A: atleast i'm not hooking uop with anyone

R: even if you're not..

A: it's just stupid. the thing about parker is he has such a bad ass temper...

R: i see it brewing

A: so do i... what do i do

R: just play it cool...

lots of stuff I can't hear.

Amanda and ryan then discuss how they don't find tanning fun.

R: I dont know, you guys are in a tough situation

A: yeah, im going to go get my laundry together and give it to them.

Josh and Alex (? i'm pretty sure it's alex) discuss how "he's [ryan] in a tough situation"

they discuss how looks aren't everything, but ryan could afford to trim down, but everyone could afford to trim down.

Josh says he doesn't like guys that are thin, like not below 170.

J says the guys he dates usually look like him, same height same build.

J says the guy he is dating now was "like love at first sight" and they've been dating ever since.

J says he told him when he left that he'll be gone til may but if the boyfriend wants to do something when he [j]leaves

he can do whatever but he hopes that he'll (the boy) will be waiting for him [j] when he gets back.

the guy with pink hair joins.

J keeps discussing his boy from back home.

Alex says he has a girl back home he purposely didn't get involved in because of this experience.

Alex says he told her he was going to be away for awhile but can't say why, but he knows she is attracted to him, and when

he comes back if she still wants him, they'll see what happens.

A: if shes there she's there, shes a great girl.

Pink boy says that was good. (I swear i'll look up his name in a minute)

J says the guy at home is totally what he was looking for. J says he's perfect.

Alex says he met the girl at home by a fundraiser, the girl was a cocktail waitress for this fundraiser. Alex was

attracted to her. Alex says what bothers him about her is that "she brings up her ex fiance all the time."

A: shut the fuck up... it didn'twork out with him, you're moving on. dont bring up something i did and say it reminds you of


A's girl is 21 and goes to beauty school

Pink boy says most of the people in the house have something outside the house

Pink (I looked it up! --JAMES!) says he didn't tell anyone anything, whereas Alex told everyone he was going to CA for business.

A: you didn't tell anyone?!?!


Alex continuing his lie that he doesn't own the company he works for.

James said he thought he owned it

James: have you ever thought about owning it yourself?

Alex: well it's hard because who knows how long i'll have this face for parties and weddings.

James wonders how much comission alex gets. Alex tells him.

All cams on people (5 or 6 of them) silently tanning, and James, Josh and Alex on the chair discussing NYC, mostly Alex's job.

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1:30PM ish: Amanda, Shelia and Sharon are in the kitchen. When we came into the conversation Amanda was complaining about Alex and how mean he is to her when everyone is around but wants to do "inappropriate things" to her in the bed. She also commented that she was more attracted to Parker than she is Alex and that she does all this stuff for Alex and all he does is complain about what she

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Amanda, Sheila and Sharon at the kitchen table.

Sheila : Im so glad adam gives me my space, it's so nice

Amanda says last night he tried to touch her and kiss her. (I think she's talking about Alex)

Shiela likes Parker as a person

A says Parker has an attitude.

Sheila says all her strategy left when they realized it was partners.

Amanda saying everyones strategy had to get adjusted

Amanda venting about Alex and how Alex has become posessive and saying what she can and can't wear, and is mad that

Amanda gives so much attention to parker

Amanda saying Alex is rude to her in front of everyone.

Sharon saying he seems shady

A: last night he said 'i can tell you've only been with a few men'

Sheila saying she thought Alex was the most attractive at first but with the things he has said to her has turned her off.

Sheila tells Amanada and Sharon that last night Alex said to her 'would you have sex on tv.' and Sheila said absolutely not,

and Alex said 'i don't believe that, if I wanted to fuck you you'd go upstairs right now and do it'


Amanda saying shes so turned off it's unbelievable.

Sharon says he is getting cocky.

Sheila saying she doesnt think any of the guys are cute now that she knows him.

Amanda saying she still thinks Matty is.

Sharon and Shielda agree that matty is "super awesome" but Shiela is Matt's mom age so she has to put it in perspective.

the 3 girls discuss what they could change the topic to if the guys come in. they decide it'll be about amanda's cooking.

They all agree amanda really IS a good cook.

back to gossiping, Amanda says the guys really think they're famous. They go back to bashing Alex and how he gets mad that

Amanda won't get naked.

According to amanada:

Chelsia doesnt like James

Matt doesn't like Natalie

Sheila asking Amanda to cook something.

Amanada says he is sick of how cocky everyone is.

Sharon defending Jacob and saying how jacob isn't cocky and wouldn't be cocky and would never degrade a woman.

Shiela saying she feels so bad for judging him.

Sharon saying she thinks its funny to watch the guys be all cocky and jacob would never do that.

Sheila filling Sharon in on a story that she missed when she left.

Shiela saying she was horrible to Alex before.

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Matty and Amanda go upstairs.

A: can I share one thing with you. promie you wont tell?

M: yeah who the fuck am i going to tell?

Amanda tells him the story of how Alex tried to touch her last night

M: aw poor kid.

Amanda: learn the anatomy, dude.

A offers him Candy on his way out.

A: has he said anything mean about me

M: no

A: promise?

M: nope.

meanwhile, Ryan, Parker and Jen tan outside.

BB asks Parker to reattatch his mic. Parker whines how they've been calling him out all day, yet refuse to put his medicine in the storage room. foth

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1:43 BBT

Kitchen :Sheila, Amanda, ?

Amanda saying she hasn't kissed or touched Parker.

Amanda in Bathroom with Matt: Amanda tells Matt last night (Alex I THINK) touched her va-jay jay. *ew*

BB: Parker fix your mic.

Parker complains BB hasn't given him his medicine he requested & poof... FOTH

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Josh and.... I have no idea who that is (Natalie???) are talking in the chair in the BY

Enter Sharon

Shar: I haven't talked to you guys all day!!

Josh: so what's the latest?

Sharon: she's getting irritated with parker..this might be easier than we expected. Sharon recounts a tale about Amanda and parkers recent exchange of hi's and how Amanda is annoyed with Paker

Nat: he doesn't talk to me at all... (matt)

S: see that's not cool

N: he makes excuses.. he say 'youre in the hot tub' i said you cant come get my ass?? If I go in there, he leaves. Everytime. He's like scared of me. My feelings get hurt, you know. I talk to him the least out of everyone.

Sh: that's weird...

Josh: amanda likes parker right?

Sh: i dunno abiut that anymore....

Nat: cuz amanda keeps asking if shes mad every 5 freaking minutes

Nat: it's so irritating when you cant even communicate with your parnter.

Nat: the only thing matty said to me all day was... you look like you've got some color

Jsh: you have us as your friends, so don't worry.

Nat: thank god. Just watch... you'll notice if I go into a room he gets up and leaves.

J: I don't get why he acts like that.

Nat and Shar discuss how they can't stand Amanadas little 'girl talks'

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Nat saying her body is sore from the POV

Nat went 300 revolutions around the heart. (whatever that means)

Adam smoking and casually joins their conversation.

They're now discussing Oregon they discuss beavers and the camera man zooms in on Adam's crotch. (hahaha)

Nat saying they have shirts that say beaver believer and beaver fever.

Sharon thinks that is funny

Nat leaves to goto the kitchen

Sharon whispering to Josh at inaudible levels

Josh mhming

Josh: that wont change nominations, so thats fine. If we get her mad at parker, that's good.

Sharon: mmmmmmhm.

J: if alex knew she was doing that and saying that, he'd be so pissed off.

Sh: right

J: cuz thats like rape

Sh: well shes pretending... im telling you right now Alex ..inaudible.

J: we can't do anything until nominations are set. then we can go to town and do whatever we want. cant we.

Sh: mhmmmmmmm!!

Josh leaves, Nat enters.

Sharon repeats whatever she told to Josh to nat

Nat agrees with her.

Sharon and Nat agree they need to get parker OUT OF HERE.

N: thats why I'm keeping it the same. I will agree to disagree if I have to.. I won't let matty change it. I gotta

look out for myself.

They discuss how theyre getting so tan (awesome as I look outside at the 5 feet of snow here in NY)

Sharon and Nat discuss how everyone has injuries on their arms from 'that wheel'

nat wonders when her and matty will have to do the pov thing.

Nat thinks they will do it today.

nat loves being outside because it's a drama free zone.

Nat loved the POV comp and how it was a giant carnival

Nat saying how matty just dropped and how she needed the barf bucket and she as seeing 2 and 3 of everything

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