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February 16 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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10:45 pm BBT

(Finally something to report!!!) Sharon, Joshua and Natalie are talking about what is going to go down after POV ceremony and the eviction. The "plan" is for Matt to keep the nominations as they are (Jen/Parker and Allison/Ryan) on the block. Once the POV ceremony is over it's Natalie's job to convince Matt that the other side of the house (James/Chelsia, Joshua/Sharon, Sheila/Adam) have the votes to evict Jen/Parker and that Matt and her (Natalie) should vote with the rest of the house. Joshua also tells them that Alex is a smart player and he'll see that it's the smart move. They hope to keep this all from Amanda but, if all hell breaks loose... oh well!

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10:56 PM BBT: All night Sharon, Josh and Natalie have been in the hot tub. Others have come and gone, but it has been mostly them three. Right now they are talking about the game and how Allison is working Matt. Natalie is not wearing her mic so I cant make out what she is saying. (We have gave Natalie the nickname Nasty Nat, because of the "event" the other night and earlier this night she was talking about squirting water out of her female parts.) BB Just told Nat to put her mic on (so maybe I can hear her now). Nat says she only looks out for her and Matt (obviously lol). Joh says he does the same. The feed switched to the kitchen.

11:00 PM BBT: Jen and Matt in the BR. Jen is saying after Allion is gone, Shelia's drama is all that is left and she can handle her drama. Matt says that if she acted the way she is now, she would not be on the block. They walk into the kitchen.

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11:09pmBGT Alex/Amanda/Adam/ & others are around Tiny Nook Table in kitchen. the memory wall shows the New POV is 2 POV's tied 2gether attacked by string and hooked 2 Matt & Natalie pics. (so it apperas they both won POV, bot just Matt)

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Midnight BBT

Jen, Adam, Sheila, Allison, Matt and Ryan are in what use to be the round room all talking about the tricks people pull to cheat on their significant others. matt says that when he does get in a relationship he knows all the tricks and will check on his gf. he knows the tricks about putting a girl's name in the phone and it really being a guy.

Jen is saying that it's nice when another guy than her bf finds her attractive. It's hard to keep up as they are all talking at once. Jen is saying that Ryan can be jealous. Amanda and Nat came in but Nat turned around and left. Amanda just left the diary room and they are wanting playing cards. Jen says they can have anything they ask for... they just have to ask for. They are talking about the people in the diary room... Chris, Ryan, these are BB staff so we get the fireplace.

Jen loves someone named Ryan that is 17 years old... they are talking about models and stars (sorry i am horrible with movie stars names) Jen likes Nick leshay (sp).

Ryan changed the subject to his lost shorts.

ok back to the fireplace

12:10am BBT

Matt all of a sudden is not in a good mood. He is now looking around for his blue hoodie. Matt is now upset because he can't talk about people who haven't signed releases. Sheila is trying to figure out what Matt said that got him in trouble.

back to the fireplace

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the conversation is still on people who haven't signed releases... Jen is talking about a Jimmy and Chad and how she won't talk about them.

Back to a name matt mentioned was taboo. Ryan still looking for his shorts. Sheila said she is going to talk about all her exes because she isn't going to say anything bad about them. Back to BB staff... Brodie is cute.

Ryan is still looking for his shorts and Jen says he loses everything and loses his patience and yells and screams.

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Adam's grandma told him there are a lot of loose girls out there and he needs to be careful... LOL

Guys are telling sheila that guys will hump anything and sheila says she didn't know that.

Sheila LOVES men. She is saying women can't live without men. She would love to have a partner but it didn't work out. She needs a man for more than sex. Met her last BF on myspace. Last BF got mean when he drank. Sheila says in life you have to give people 2nd chances. Adam gives them 3 strikes. Sheila is saying that Adam is amazing and she misjudge him.

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12:20am BBT Amanda and Sharon talking and amanda says alex is jealous of her. She says sheila likes alex and she can have him. Now talking about how the fake wood in the house looks real.

cameras went back to sheila

sheila is swearing and talking about how adam didn't like her and what america thinks about her after how she acted the first day... she says she is a good person. Sheila had to cry her self to sleep and was stuck in a sleeping bag and couldn't sleep well... says she likes adam but doesn't want to hook up with him or sleep with him but adam is amazing person.

jen says she knew that they would work things about. sheila says that adam is smart and that she got stuck on the floor with adam... that they are opposites (can we please have another topic?)

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12:25am BBT

We are now out at the pool table. Apparently Matt's ex called and he is not allowed to talk about her on the show. Apparently Matt's ex said she would sue (Lisa is apparently her name) Not sure who but James or someone at the pool table just called Lisa the C word and back to the fireplace.

Amanda is reading the directions for chess and trying to teach Parker (don't even know how to move the queen) There was some exchange her about Parker not liking something and Amanda liking it by her BF but not sure what was said.

one of the bedrooms Matt talks about Lisa again and back to fireplace

i'm out for the night :)

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12:39amBBT Amanda is readin the rules 2 Parker. Parker says "ill whoop ur ass in checkers." FOTH

12:41amBBT Amanda ponders her move. then Parker ponders his move (yeah this is exciting! :2thumbsup: )

Amanda asks parker whats this mean. Parker "that means you say king me." Natalie asks about something in fridge. Amanda answers her. Amanda asks if Alex went 2 bed. Parker says "of coarse he did."

12:45amBBT in bed with light out Sharon & Josh whisper. they say Parker stupid. Josh says "parker is bascially fucking Amanda. he leaving allready. The vote will probaly be 4-3." Josh says "Amanda thinks she has every1 but she just dumb." Sharon "Amanda gonna be pissed, she gonna be pissed." Sharon "Amanda like my little sister. she wants attencion" Josh "She looks like a horse." Sharon chockes laughing. Adam walks by what are u laughing at. Sharon says she was chocking.

12:55am BBT Allison & Natalie come sit and interput their convo. Matt walks by and says Natalie "you've been in hotube all day."

12:57amBBT Jen & Ryan are throwing nuts from balcony tryin 2 hit ppl. Alex complains 2 the buch about it. Amanda says "Jen better clean it up." Alex "she threw um at me and i ate them." AmaNDA "OMG the fllor they just vaccumed!" Natalie upset 2. James & Adam,Amanda, & Alex clean up the nuts. Jen contines throwing nuts. Jen cleans up alittle as Ryan sits & watchs.

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1amBBT Natalie gets in bed between Josh & Sharon.

in LR Jen,Parker,Matt have pillow fight as Allison vaccums. The pillow fight wipes out Amanda's ches board.

1:04amBBT Amanda & Parker resume chess game. Jen gives up on cleaing up. Chelsia vaccums. James wipes Milk? on Cheslia mouth. Chelsia says "oh plz." as she wipes her mouth.

1:10amBBT Amanda/Parker/Matt whisper. Amanda says she not gonna say anything. Allison interputs. Matt wants 2 use POV he tells Parker/Amanda but says Natalie 100% against it.

Parker beats Amanda in chest. Amanda think that Natalie's the leak. Chelsia is sreaming with james as he spanks her.

Matt tells Parker & Amanda. tommrow he gonna gets some from Allison and then laugh as she goes out door. Matt says his 3rd girl will be Chelsia right be4 they go home. they all says internet must be on us right now.

Allison comes from BR 2 bed. Matt runs after her and gets in bed with her. Matt says "the other twist is me me & u are dating." Matt starts making out with Allison! Allison kicks him away She says "you gotta try harder then that." Matt leaves Allison runs 2 Shelia in next room.

"i like him but i dont wanna mix with his emotions he tried 2 kiss mee" Allison tells Shelia. Sharon says its all going accordin 2 plan were gonna backdoor them(Jen/Parker) (its not backddorin if their on the block!) Shelia says the 6 tried 2 get Adam's vote last night. Shelia says "the vote will be 3-1" Allion says "howed u like me cryin act 2day." Shelia "u are a genious." Shelia a& Allison say Aanda is treatin Alex like shit. Alison i can treat him alot better.

Allison/Shelia say Alex is no Dr.Will as he thinks he is. they trash talk Jen. Allison & Shelia say they are the only 2 telling truth in house. Matt comes in. Matt "Allison not my type." Matt leaves. Allison/Shelia both say they get a negative feeling from Parker & Jen as ppl. Shelia "i wanna tell them 2 F-off." Alison says "Parker is clueless. Im staying i have it in the fucking bag"

Allion says "Jen & Amanda are not ggood ppl at all." Shelia "their gonna lok so stupid on TV." Shelia says "Jen wears the pants & has balls. Ryan a pussy." Shelia "i wanna get sick any time i see them kiss." They agree Josh is the best person in the house and Neil was 2. Then they agree Sharon is awesome 2"

Allison & Shelia says their are puzzle peices in house. Alison says their are clues 2 the puzzle in the house.. BB"Shelia plz put on your micraphonew." Shelia "o shit"

Allison says She canread everybody so welll. Alliosn says the walls comments are a puzzle 2 a seacrt power she belives." Ryan enters.

1:30amBBT Shelia & Alliosn tell Ryan their not talking about the game just chit chat. Ryan leavers. Shelia "thats makes me worry if Ryan's tellin Jen. But Matty will keep things ok anyway." Shelia & Alliosn say Alex & Amanda are threating ppl. Shelia"they bullied Adam, their bullyinus and i dont like that." Shelia"hopeful America will see this and how smaryt we are."

Shelia & Allison agree that never thought it would be this hard. Shelia says "if BB does anything 2 put me in bad light in front of my son i would be so angry." Alliosn says "America will see u as how great u are. their love u." Shelia trash talks adam. "not in a million years would i be a friend of his. he has no class. hes a hustler. ive been around the world. i ve seen everything in my life. this is as bad as it gets. " Adam enters and Shelia asks him 2 leave 4 10 minutes cuz she tellin her something about her family. Adam leaves. Shelia "he has no class. hes gonna end up injail. hes mentaly over the top."

Shelia i sholdt get the guy life lessons "he needs mental help. i need more then $500,000 4 this. he has mny brainn cells. hes an idiot. hes has no class." Shelia "nobody gets what i have 2 live with being with him. no money in the world pays 4 being with him. i want 2 go home at times. cuz ill have diginty why i left. im in the worst situation. im in a horribe situation."

"i have 2 be in bed with him and he is Dis-Gus_ting!" Allison keeps sayin yeah. Shelia "howed he pass the physco test i kno ppl he not right in the head. whoed he pay 2 be here. hes low class. im mean whoever let him in here shold really be looked into 2."

feeds switch (off the bitching women lol, i feel sick after hearin Shelia wine, wait whers my cheese! :P )

1:50am Matt,Adam,Josh combone Hg's names. Natalie joins. Josh said something about condods and Adam laughs hyatercilly. Natalie starts talking about Oregon trees. she leaves. Josh"She shold be the spokesperson 4 oregon" Matt "population of oregon is 60 and their all related, are they all as llopy as her. dosent Oregon onbly get 1/2 eletotal vote." Sharon satrts talkin about "kanas" Adam says have u guys ever watch wizard of oz & listin 2 pink floyd wall at the same time

feed witch 2 James/Natalie/Chelsia

1:54amBBT they talk about the carmea lookin down right on James/Natalie. Chelis says she feels like she gainin weight. Cheslia puts her ring in her mouth. James "i just got the biggest boner" as he shows Natalie his boner. Natalie "Wow!" they talk about cuddlying. Chelsia puts on a shirt she says "i look like a hefer im so fat."

feeds switch Allison get in bed w/ Matt but Allison leaves 2 use BR. Allison comes back after and falls into bed with Ryan. Allison puts her arm around him & Matt gets up and leaves(LOL)

2amBBT Matt strips 2 boxers and tells Natalie he feels sick and gets into bed with Natalie.

Shelia yells at Adam 4 havin hiccups. Shelia "if its not snoring, or pickin ur nose its hicups now" Adam tells Natalie "say goodnight 2 ur fellow oregonions." Adam laughs. those 4 say goonight 2 each other.

feeds switch

2:05am BBT James & Chelsia whisper in bed(cant hear what they sayin)

2:11amBBT Parker & Jen talk about POV comp in BR sitting couch. Both say their not tired but head 2 bed due 2 time. Parker uses BBR 1st. Jen sees the Gp's are asllep on way.

2:15am Parker is laughing as he washs his hands & fixs hair. Parker gets a glass of water in kitchen. Ryan/Alliosn are sleepin in Jen/Parker bed. Parker turns on the lights wakin up Matt,Shelia,Adam. Parker passes around something he found as shows it 2 ppl. Matt yells at Shaaron 2 wake up Josh. Matt "did u swallow a shoe." Parker starts uncovering Josh who panics and jumops.(it wa s a pricelees moment) Matt movd around Parker/Jen's bed. Parker coments on something stinks.(James's farts & Chelis feet) Matt retuerns 2 his bed. Natalie & Shelia talk. Shelia says "atleast im normal." Parker turns the ligts oin again. Jame s is passing gas and Parker is ahh(ing)

Cheslia is in shower washing her feet(lol) as of 2:26amBBT

im out nothing happeing except goofing,farts,smeely feet, and snores(from Josh) im out some 1 plz take over

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Overnight Overheards:

9:15ish, Joshua and Sharon are alone at the hot tub. He tells her that he woke up from a nap this afternoon to realize that Matt was fingering Allison under the sleeping bag on the couch next to him. -- Let's take that one with a grain of salt.

9:30ish Adam finally shared some of his life with the red room group, leaving quite a new impression of himself. He told them that he graduated from Rutgers, that he went to the most expensive private art/design school (in Italy), that he worked in production for the Apprentice show while living in Manhattan, that he has been a paid escort for elite women at $250 an hour, and that he has made big bucks in Florida real estate. Sheila was 'bowled over' by all of this, saying "Who are you?" over and over. She is amazed at this split personality of his.

3:15ish Amanda and Alex in HOH. Alex reaches for Mattie (she later calls it touching her crotch) and she pretends to suddenly wake up and turns away. Alex then tells her that if they aren't going to be physically or mentally involved, then they shouldn't be that way with anyone else either. After a few more words, Amanda gets up and goes downstairs. Everyone else is in bed, although the boat room is still awake. Chelsea is up, doing dishes in the kitchen because she can't sleep. Amanda begins to tell her new tale, with both of them realizing that jealous Alex must be watching on the monitor. Parker hears them and comes out to the kitchen. After hearing the story, he also realizes that Alex must be watching. They remain at a distance. Sympathetic to Amanda, he still worries about his fate in the house. He gets Matt and takes him to the storage room, basically to ask him to use the veto to remove him and Jen from the block. Matt dodges on it -- he doesn't want retaliation for using it. Matt, in a moment of true perception, says that Alex's insecurity problem is that he still has a 'fat boy' mentality. The girls join them, Amanda still trying to draw the attention back to herself with, "What about me? What shall I do?".

Alex has indeed been watching, up until they all went into the storage room. (Don't think he could get that view.) He is either asleep or faking it by the time Amanda returns to bed. In the meantime, the four also discussed Natalie while in the storage room. They all agree that she is clueless about Matt. Parker offers to talk to her, Chelsea says she has already tried. Matt says he has too. Before leaving Matt says he'll talk to his partner about the veto, the flirts with Chelsea since Amanda told him that she doesn't like James but does like him. Parker and Amanda share a hug before they retire to separate bedrooms.

3:45 All back to sleep.

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9:50 am BBT - Sh is out in the BY in her bikini tanning. Has her cup o' joe and is sitting on the chaise lounge... Cali in February... go figure! She has untied her bikini top and has it strategically placed upon her, looks like it will fall off at any second. Other HG's are still asleep.

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