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February 15 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are making personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (brackets) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or start conversations with eah other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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I think this game of telephone operator is supposed to be practice for the POV. Certainly can't stay as fun-but-raunchy as they are doing now! They might just be giving BBAD a bit o' fun.

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9:30pm bbt

i just lost a whole of stuff from 8pm til now

most about them playing telephone. matt playing with natalies boobs, that was funny

parker and matt gangbanging chelsia on either side.

i wish that i would have known that the thread was closed. it sucks because i lost a whole of information.

well, i got class in the morning

im out.


just kidding. james wanted to get a rise out of them

that was good. amanda thought that before

chelsia is swearing on her life that they are not related

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Chelsea is swearing on her other's life that they are NOT brother and sister.

My, my, what an eruption that caused!

James is outside saying it's not true.

Alex and Amanda are going to bed in the HoH. Amanda says Alex is jealous and they start to cuddle but Parker interrupts them and then Matt comes to join them too. Matt says if Allison thinks he and her are tight and she told him if they win HoH next week they will nom James/Chelsia and Adam/Sheila and then throw the PoV comp so she can backdoor Alex/Amanda. Alex/Amanda decide that if they win PoV they will take Parker/Jen off to insure that Allison/Ryan go home.

Parker asks if Allison is high. They wonder why Allison would tell Matt that. Matt says she thinks they have the Boston connection. Matt is not happy because he has to give Natalie a massage soon. He says he has to do something to keep her happy. They tell him he should have sex with her. He says he can't do that because he is not that vicious but she is always rubbing all over him.

They turn on the HoH video screen.

They ask if Jen has been sleeping in the bed with Parker. He says yes. Matt says if he had a GF in the house he would be sleeping with her. They tell him Jen "has" to sleep with him it's a rule.

Meanwhile at the HT, James, Natalie, Sharon, Chelsia, Josh hanging out. They are talking about the negative energy that Amanda brings to the house.

Back to HoH, Amanda says that Sharon and Josh are with them and Parker says yes Sharon is with them 100% [i have been hearing different from Josh and Sharon is a good actress if she is with Amanda

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1:00AM BBT: Matt got a late Valentines Day gift from Natalie in the form of a hand job [There is speculation it was more, you can judge for yourself with the video.]

It started out with Matt giving Natalie a massage. He says he had to do this to keep Natalie happy and that she rubs up against him all the time. After the massage they went to bed and she wanted to cuddle and he told her no. Natalie convinces him to cuddle and kiss since it is Valentines Day.

Sheila and Adam are apparently asleep in the bed next to Matt and Natalie.

Matt says, "oh no here we go

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5:23 am BBT

All 4 cams on sleeping house guests.

(Recap from what I saw on AD last night.)

All house guests playing "telephone." Seems they were practicing for the POV comp. tomorrow (today 2/15). Amanda, James, Chelsia were the center of yet another "revealed secret" although it was all bogus and created a big stir. Amanda accused James and Chelsia of being brother and sister... James sick of the childish antics by Amanda agreed with her. She started screaming, "I knew it" over and over. Most of the house guests were standing around at the moment and knew that James was just pulling her chain but, she flew out the house to the BY were Joshua and I think Sheila were and told them to get in the house immediately that James admitted he was Chelsia's brother. All rush in to see Amanda's outburst was much ado about nothing. As James exits the hoopla, Chelsia is left to defend herself and eventually gets upset and mad at James for putting her in this position.

Later, James and Chelsia have it out and clear the air while Alison continues to chime in with her push to NOT let Jen or Parker win POV tomorrow.

In the HOH room Parker, Alex, Matt and Amanda are ca noodling and rehashing the days misunderstandings. Eventually Matt tells Amanda she has a love triangle because all three of them (Alex, Matt and Parker) "want" her.

Most of the rest of the evening is once again the Alex and Amanda flirting show.

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8:21am bbt

everyone is still sleeping but, there is light coming from somewhere. the light is coming into the room with the two beds seperated by the super short wall (so i think that someone might be up)

8:34am bbt

still sleeping. (when are they going to wake up? or when will bb wake them up? well, maybe bb is letting them sleep in because they are having the pov comp today)

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2 Feeds on bathroom

Joshua in shower, Sheila primping and passing gossip to Josh

(* You know, the kind of gossip that changes around every 15 minutes *)

2 Feeds on kitchen

Friendly banter, mostly about snoring. They say Neil was the worst, and that maybe six people were snoring last night.

Someone mentioned they had about an hour...

9:45 BBT

2 Feeds on girls primping in BR

2 Feeds on the couch room, with Matt, Parker, Sharon and Joshua

10:00 BBT

HGs are slowly gathering in the living room. They're all dressed comfortably and in the shoes required by BB.

10:10 BBT


Might be time, or might be because Sheila was saying that all these people are going to be in her book. (That one she plans to make into a movie someday, with Lindsey Lohan playing her.)

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Matt and Alex have reconfirmed that they would not take Jen/Parker off the block because they can't believe she would vote Ryan out.

1:45 BBT

Amanda telling Jen/Parker that she would never leave her husband, no matter what. She believes men can and will have sex outside marriage. That's ok, as long as she doesn't know about it.


Debate on whether or not Sheila works. Most quote her as saying she doesn't. "Well then how does she pay her bills?" Amanda asks.

Matt is at the counter, playfully rubbing Allison's back and butt, tounge in ear. (* his confidence must be back, big time! *)

Natalie put her mug and spoon in the microwave. I think it was Jen who found it just in time - 30 secs. Alli says she didn't know.

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