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February 12 - Live Feed Updates


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1:25 pm BBT

FOTH for about 5 minutes.

1:30 pm BBT

Come back to Amanda talking to Jen and Ryan. Just the tail end of convo as Amanda says goodnight and Jen tells her she loves her.

1:35 pm BBT

Ryan and Jen alone. Jen thanks Ryan for sticking up for her earlier. Ryan is picking hairs off Jen.

(I have to go now... hope someone else can pick up from here.)

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1:37amBBT Ryan wishs he had HOH now & Jen asks who he put up. he says he would want Amanda & Alex gone. Jen says American will hate her if she has 2 vote her BF out. Jen talks abou t how she misunderstood what they said early. She says she has a emotinal headache. He tells Ryan how she told Parker they messed up when they won "power Couple" then FOTH

1:45Am BBT Ryan?Jen say they hope its snowing in Ohio andf thay ppl are movin their cars 4 them. FOTH

1:47am in HOHBR Amanda tells Alex how Ryan & Parker were 2gether. And how Parker aasked Amanda if she trusts Parker/Jen. Alex says good job gives her a high 5. Amanda says she has 2 work over the guys. FOTH

1:50am Alex is asleep & Amanda is tryin 2 fall asleep

Ryan is cuddlying with Jenn. they are talking about Jen's trailer and how she would fix it up if she wins. She says she would want a pink with black stars pickup truck. He would want black with silver stars. they comment its hot and they hope theirs fans and BB puts im on. they both say thats Neil/Josh are the nicest & funnest in the house. Ryan says he would watch them 4 hours. Jen says she would tell Amanda she would vote out him/Allison. Jen tells Ryan it looks like he has makeup on and she glad hes here cuz he knows the ppl. and that He would trust her with them. They talk about Matt saying hes good looking but bad personality. Ryan besides James Alex is his best friend. Jen says Parker nice 2 he protects his boys.

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2amBBT Ryan asks Jen why she told them about them being 2gether. She says it wasnt harder keepin a lie then telling the truth. She said it happened in the SR with Allison about Amanda. Ryan says Allison is a stupid bitch opening her mouth saying dumb things. Jen tells Ryan she asked if Ryan/Allison could be part of 8. Jen says Amanda would but she dosent trust Allison. Jen says she thinks her/parker can make it 2 final 4 with Alex/Amanda. Ryan & Jen start making out with alot of kisses. Ryan tells Jen he is dead tired. Jen says the dinne was awful 2niught. the chicken was 2 wet and the noodles were 2 slopy. They talk about Steak at home. Jen says this camera must be on internet as their room is only room with action. Ryan says its hard 2 sleep in the BB house.

2:10amBBT Jen/Ryan rehash more abour earler. Jen wonders what twist is next. they start kissin alot again. They talk about how their family must be acting. FOTH

Jen says in the DR she made fun of Alex & Matt NY & Ma accent alot. & says she called Jacob "Preacher boy" & Called Adam "Slow"

2:18amBBT Jen says Ryan's hair smells like cigrette smoke. Jen says she thinks she embassed her mom when she made out with a Gay guy.(She laughs) smells Ryan's breath(laughs). Ryan says Jen's legs smell. They start making out again but this time 1 long kiss. then the small kisses. they wonder hpw Valentines day will play into Food Comp. They make fun of each others teeth. Jen says Adam teeth is like a Mule.

2:30amBBT feeds switch 2 sleeping Amanda & Alex. Alex is holding her inhis sleep (you can slighty hear Ryan/Jen in backround but no cameras on them.)

2:36amBBT Ryan says goodnight 2 Jen as they stand over the bed Neil's in who is talking in his sleep. Someone is asleep on the 2nd level floor

2:37amBBT all Hg's in bed except 4 some1 on 2nd level asleep. FOTH

2:39amBBT Parker comes down the staircase(so it was hiom sleep on 2nd level) and says i cant belive they wont let me sllep on floor or coach upstairs. He then lays down in the LR coach. FOTH

2:43amBBT feeds are on asleeping male(Josh?)

2:44amBBT all Hg's sleep (no idea on how Parker's sleeping in LR coach or if thats allowed.)

2:46amBBT Parker & Jen with lights on in LR talking about Ryan & Alliance. They both agree they like being with Amanda/Alex/Matt/Natalie.

They say 1 girl has completed High School in this house. Jen tells Parker she wrong by not letting Ryan in alliancve with her 1st.

2:52amBBT they say if Ryan/Allison win veto(nomination havent happed yet) we make deal with them. if they lose, Ryan knows its ok that I(Jen) vote him out. She worrys what will America will think. Parker says he's got her back. Jen says she will be like Amber from BB8 non stop tears.

2:55amBBT they talk about BBAD being on 12am-3am EST & it being 9pm-12am PST. Parker tells Jen "You're the white sister i never had." Jen says "You're the dark brother i never had." they wonder about James & Cheslia and how they were left out of their alliance.

2:59amBBT they agtree they will try 2 help Ryan/Allison win Veto(if their nominated) and hope their alliance dosent figure out what their doing. They blame Allison for Ryan not being able to be in their alliancce. they wish Ryan was paired up Cheslia or any person by the matter. Parker says even Neil. (Jen laughs)

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3amBBT Jen tells Parker that they want 2 be nominated next 2 Ryan/Allison, and if Ryan/Allison dont win veto thewy will vote Ryan/Allioson out. ( are they dump if u are nominated u cant vote right?) Jen says that she thinks nothing on wendsday,food comp on thursday, nominations on Sunday & Veto Tuesday. (i think shes wrong) Parker asks ya think thers any othe couples in house. She think s not. He asked if they ould get more money if no1 figured it out. She says ............FOTH. Jen says to Parker that they have no chnce on winnig unles their against Adam & Shelia who arent even working 2gether. "they know nothing" Jen says. Parker says Shelia gave them their vote if their in final. Jen think Alex/Amanda would get it 1st.

3:10amBBT they wonder if 2 use Veto if they win it. Jen says no matter what they will vote 4 Ryan/Allison 2 leave. Parker says yeah because their group is so strong. They both say Josh is the greatest guy. Jen says Neil calls Alex/Matt/Parker "the 3 Mustateers" Jen says BB will play Sharon/Jacob being evicted 2night.

3:16amBBT Jen says she never thought it was gonna be this hard. Parker says he cant wait 2 see the producers when they get out he says "You mouther fuckers!"

3:17amBBT Jen heads to sleep. Parker walks 2 kitchen see's the gueniea pigs have gone 2 sleep and then goes 2 the BR and uses the BR. Parker ewxits BR and washs hands. Walks back to GP cage and looks at them sleeping. they wake up and we are now seein Parker via the Guinea pig cage. He taps on glass. Parke r heads to his bedroom and laughs looking at LR coach. He takes off his shirt and then lays down in bed with Jen at 3:25amBBT. they talk alittle but unable 2 hear them. Jen & Parker say they are greedy in the 1st Comp of pillows which cost them the win.

3:27amBBT feeds 1& 3 on sleepin hg's and Feed 4 of whsipering Jen & Parker, & Feed 2 of Fireplace. Jen & Parker taled about BB7 veto comp with hairshaving & blueberries. Jen said she woundt shave her head. the they talked about the comp Amy frpm BB3 won in bath tub. Jen says BB gonna have some challegees 4 us. Jen tells Parker the food was "Awesome 2night"(Earlyer her & Ryan talked how horrible it was) Jen says 2 Parker "who made it" Parker said he did. She says great job. They hope 4 a luxry/Food comp 4 Valetines day. Parker wishes he was with Amanda. Jen says Alex dosent like Amanda. He's just a nice guy. FOTH

3:36amBBT Jen tells Parker "so many ppl are gonna be jealous of me. PPl on internet will be talking so much crap on me." Parker "i know" Jen tells Parker that Amanda said she took a bath with Alex with her bathing suit on(Thats was her bathing suit! i thought it was her lingerie) Jen tells Parker lets try 2 go asleep at 3:38am BBT Parker sneezes and tells Jen his nose is so stuffed up due to the heat.

3:43am BBT it appears their all asleep.

4am BBT They are all asleep

(ill contine to "man the boat" un less some1 comes allong im very tired lol)

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(Great job, eric)

My, my, Parker sure does snore! He had said he's badly congested because of the air in the house.

4:20 BBT

Jen is trying to get Parker to stop snoring by doing the old ssshhhhh trick. Not working or course. She's obviously distressed. (Feed 3)

In the meantime, even after shifting a bit, Alex and Amanda remain intertwined in the HOH bed. (Were on Feed 1, now gone. Now I think it's Ryan and Allison in pink room.)

I think Feed 4 is Josh and Neil. Feed 2 shows both beds - in couch room.

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