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February 12 - Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use Parenthesis (*brackets*) around the text.

Please post pictures and video the following forum! http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?showforum=82

If you post questions or stat conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Feeds are on. Jen and Parker are having a heated discussion about voting her boyfriend out of the house. She told him that her relationship with his is not worht 500,000. (sounds like the secret is out)

Amanda and XXX are in the HoH room with them.

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9:00 BBT

jen in hoh room talking about her bf ryan, the house obviously knows about her and ryan.

amanda, parker, natalie, matt, and alex also in hoh room

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It does seem like Sharon and Jacob have been evicted?? While Alex and Amanda are HoH now??

Parker and Jen, Alexand Amanda, Matt and Natalie seems to have aligned. Alex wants to nominate Ryan and Allison, but Jen doesn't want to vote Ryan off.

Alex wants to nominate Parker/Jen - Allison/Ryan. They think the other people want to keep Ryan and Allison over Jen and Parker.

Lots of back and forth and Jen is crying.

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parker is gone, and now ryan is up there in the hoh room

they don't like that fact that jen and ryan are playing on another side of the game

while everyone else is playing with their couples

natalie and amanda are the only ones in the hoh room

alex and matt were just talking outside the hoh room

camera 2: on jen and ryan in the bathroom, adam is there too

jen crying because they want to put ryan up for nomination

camera 2: moved to kitchen area

jen is there, not sure who is talking to her

camera 1: ryan talking to parker, jen walks in

they are talking about the same thing still

jen says its all about winning not making friendships

jen willing to throw herself under the bus for ryan, everyone doesn't agree with her on that

night everyone!

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10:08pnm BBT

Amanda,Ryan & Jen in living room.

Jen said that she's like Amber from BB8. Amnda & Ryan tell her she's not like her.

in BR Parker,Josh, & Natalie are talking. Parker is still very mad

10:12 BBT BB voice 4 the 1st ime "Neil plz exchange your microphone with 1 in the Stroge room."

10:15 BBT Chelsia says Showtime & Internet are watching right as the excitment started. She also said the Gueinia pigs are named "Jacob & Sharon." (LOL)

10:16pm BBT Amanda brings Parker over 2 apolige 2 Jen. he dosent & Jen & Parker start arguinng again. Amanda still tries 2 calm things down. Parker leaves. Ryan says Parker scared of him if he berates my girlfriend ill threatn him i dont care if im on TV. Ryan says that him & Jen wont him money cuz every1 knows their secret. Ryan says BB screwed them. Amanda agrees.

Chesia in kitchen is making bird noises.

10:20 BBT Amanda says she think their will be a twist that they all we be seprated. Jen dosent think so. Amanda stated if Jen & Parker dont sleep 2gether its a penatly nom. Josh enters. They says that Josh is most Geniune person( at least not Jen-uaine lol)

10:24BBT Parker walks by welling Crown saying hes a "Fucking son of a bitch."

in the BY Allison who WASTED! hugs Parker then Matt.

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10:21 PM BBT: Jen, Amanda and Ryan are all talking about how Jen and Ryan got screwed with the whole couple thing. They are wishing that they would have never told about them being a couple. They are talking about the time length of the show. Talking about how the whole aspect of being a couple hurts them not just in the game, but emotionally, basically Ryan's jealously.

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10:26BBT Allison & Parker come inside. Allison aqueezes Shelia butt. Allison/Parker enter LR as they want 2 go 2 DR. Allison quizs evey1 on how many..... are in the room. Parker & Allsion enter DR. Alex tells Ryan/Jen/Amanda he sat in DR 4 15 minutes and no1 talked 2 him. Jen talks about how bad Parker has treated her. Alex says he feels bad for the 2 of them. Amanda wonders if their is even a VETO. Matt leaves 4 Kitchen and Feeds follow

Ryan asks if theirs a veto 2 the others in LR. Alex says hes HOH till next Wednsday. They wonder what comp's they will do. Group in Kiutchen is Alex,Sheluia,James,Josh.,Neil

10:32pm BBT Alex worries if ppl will be mad he hAs 2 more days of HOH then any1 else.

10:35pmBBT in LR Amanda,Ryan, & Jen think the game will go fast and allinces will change. Jeni s still crying. Jen asks Ryan if he will ever vote her out and he says no. Parker & Allison(who's wobbling as she walks.) exit DR and go 2 kitchen.

10:37pm BBT Natalie asks Natalie if she will straek naked with her during BBAD if their bored. Natalie says she up 2 streaking and that James will probaly join them.

10:40pm Shelia & Alex talk about garabe and how ppl dont keep care of it. Alex takes a dirty cup and puts in a ziplock bag.

10:41pm BBT in Boat Room James,Ryan, & Josh feeds switch to BY

Parker tells Alex to trust him. Parker says he Fucked nomatter what. He says it shold be him & Allison. Alex asks arker if he wants 2 be nominated. He says im not telling you 2 but if ya hav 2 do it, do it. Alex says he would give up veto 4 him. Parker & Jen argue outside down. Ryan yells at Parker. Ryan tells parker he acting childish. Amanda tries 2 every1down. Parker says Ryan treated him. Jen pushes Ryan inside. Ryan says Parker a peice of shit. Allison is jumping all over Amanda.

10:45pm in Boat Room Jen & Ryan tell what happen outside to Neil & James & Shelia.

10:46 BBT PM Ryan spanks Amanda on boatbed. Josh strips to underwear and goes into DR. James is in pink boxers and gets into robe.

1048pmBBT Amanda strips 2 black g-string(she has a nice butt lol) in HOHBR then uses bathroom and Josh strips naked and gets into bathing suit.

10:51pm Amanda with pants on now is with Josh in HOH room. Amanda wonders if their was a fight outside. Neil enters. Amanda tells the 2 what happen since 8pm. Neil says Jen's a liar. Amanda is happy she HOH in this crazy week as she eats a Willy Wonka candy. the guys want 2 go swimming and Amanda follows.

10:55pmBBT Parker & Jen aregue some more in Boat room. they are alone in the room. Jen's crying some more. Allison comes in and iterupts their convo. she leaves and Parker closes all the doors to the boat room. Parker said what he heared from others made him not trust her(JEN) Jen said they cant win. Parker talks about Ryan. Jen says we(her & Parker) agreed 2 not get rid of Ryan/Allison. Parker says that goes against our allicne. Jen says we agreed though and its a game move

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11pmBBT Jen talks with Parker.

in BY Josh & Neil in swimsuits in hotube with JaMES in pink boxers.

11:02pm BBT Jen & Parker in boat room. Parker & Jen talks about #'s(votes) in their allicanes. Parker says it was a misunderstanding what JEn said about their allicae but she said it. Parker says she made their allicane mad at every1. Parker yells 4 Matt 2 come in. As Jen/Parker argue over what Matt said in HOH room at 9pm. Matt said hes talking right now he will be in in 1 second(Matt with Cheslia in Pink room.)

11:06pmBBT BB calls James to the DR.

Jen pushes hard with Parker that Ryan/Alliuson stay and that Shelkia/Adam or Josh/Neil shold leave. Parker says it sucks that their 2gether. Jen said she cam her 2 win a game not make friends. Friends are just a bonus.

11:08pmBBT pink room Alex leans against door and lisens in and asks Amanda & Cheslia if Jen is really crying. "Who did they stick me with" Alex says.

11:11 pmBBT Jen & Parker finally say sorry 2 each other. Jen says Parker is ataginzing Ryan. Jen says her cousin probaly says her & Parker are a great team. Jen says BB fooled her by sayin that she & Ryan would work 2gether. Parker says hes sorry about all the bad things he said about her. Jen says she dint say anything nasty about him. Jen starts crying over that ppl on TV heard him say that about her(lol Amber the 2nd) Parker hugs her. Jen asks why would u do that.? still crying is jen.

11:20pmBBT Jen tells Parker she says, Neil is mad at Parker over what Parker said

11:21pmBBT BY Chesia strips 2 thong outside by hotube and puts her legs in!(boy all the gals are stripping 2 panties already!) lol at hotube is Ryan/Alison,Amanda,Celsia(in sweater & thong), Josh, Neil. Amanda's mad some1 keeps acallin her a crakhead. Neil says he wants 2 see every1's nipples boys & girls. Cheslisa shows Neil her left nipple.(i guess BB got what they wanted nudity & girls in g-strings) Matt sees that she in thong comes over an\d lifts her sweater 2 see her thong! Natalie comes over. Amanda leaves.

11:27pmBBT still at Hotube Natalie says shes thrilled 2 be here. Josh gives her a lug. Natlie & Cheslia says they both shop at Walmart and buy MarkKate & Olsen clothes and then they slap hands. Ryan & Allison & James come over. Ryan & Allison talk about veto.

11:30pm BBT Natalie strips 2 pink G-string and acidently shows 2 much. She then takes off her shirt 2 level bra and says she is a 34 C. Matt comes back over(i guess he can smell nudiety) Matt leaves. Ryan & James sit and watch and talk with them.

11:36pmBBT Natalie says her and Neil habe O blood. Ryan asks how amny typs of blood ae their. Cheslia tells them her 1 friend donated blood and how out she was HIV postive.

11:39pmBBT Amanda tells Jen/Parker a stragegy.

11:40pmBBGT Allison is dancing as she plays pool. Cheslia wraps herself up in towel. Cheslia asks if ppl are watching them right now. Josh says how happy the viewrs must be with all the exciment 2night. Natalie says their all gonna be famous. She says this group is cuteer then Jessica & Eric from BB8.

11:43pmBBT Josh wonders who's gonna be put up. James leavfes saying he has a nice drunk buzz and hes heading 2 bed.

11:45pmBBT Parker apoligzres 2 Ryan in Red/orgANE Room. Adam wants 2 go 2 bed and shuts the lights off on Parker/Ryan. Parker asks if he could keep the lights of 4 about 5 minutes as they are fixing things up. Parker says that he was selfish. zRyan says Jen was selfish 2. Parker says the BB producers are Slick. Alex says goodnight 2 them. Ryan says BB viwers got all their entement in 1 night.(we did BBAD rockred.)

11:50pmBBT in BY Amanda model walks inside. SheliA has joined the group at the hotube. the grouip at hotube trash talks Amanda saying she like Jen from BB8 & Janelle from BB7. They say Amanda's face is like a screen saver boncing from light to right. natalie & Cheslia says they thought Halle Berry was gonna host BB this year instead of ZJulie. Neil says he wanted 2 be on a soap opera like "Young & Restless or Days of our lives" Allison wombles out and Neil asks if she drunk.

11:56pmBBT Matt talkss with Amanda,Jen, & Parker. Matt apoilgzes 2 Jen about what he said earlyer. Amanda heads 2 HOH room

12:07am in HOH BR Alex strips 2 Boxeers & Amanda strips 2 bra & G-string and gets in Bathtube!(I love BB9 God Bless America!)

im out guys some1 take over! :)

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11:40 pm BBT

Ryan and Parker are having a heart to heart. Basically, Parker has seen the light and tucked his tail between his legs and did what any good male soul mate does

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12:52amBBT Amanda gets out of ashower and drys herself some nudiety as she does. She heads by the balcony in the towel only. Alex in bxers is in nbed and AmANDA gets dreesed with a (kinda see threw) bra & Pants(w/o underwear) they rock ouyt 2 music they have and sing along. a female BB producer asks Alex 2 turn down music and stop singling they turn lights out in room. Alex & Amanda commet its too hot in the HOH room. They wisper about the night before happings with Jen and how Parker tottly snapeed and that Parker's angry at himslef 4 doing so. They talk about who 2 nominated and say each person and why.

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1amamBBT Allison talks to Celsia & Parker in the boat room and they say they hope theres a twist. Allison says America is probaly already tired of this twist thing. Allison leavfes & Jen enters. those 3 commit its extremly hot in the house 2night. James is asleep in that room w/ the lights on.

1:05amBBT in HOH room with lights out Amanda & Alex talk and Alex tells Amanda 2 talk 2 Jen about life not game. only time is 2 try 2 get ppl 2 open their mouths and play that your dumb. Alex says he'll do the work and she will play dumb. You cant talk 2 Jen about game only life. Alex says to Amanda the only time 4 her 2 talk stargy with any1 is 2 1sdt get Alex talk it over with him in HOH and then talk stargey but he asks her 2 try 2 play dumb most of the time. FOTH(Its the fireplace, i liked the GP's better)

1:10amBBT Amanda says that the Doctor of the office she works in said that every1 liked her ass. the BB voice says "Amanda, Houseguets dont talk about your diary room sessions." they laugh saying BB messed up. Alex thinks BB did it on purpose 2 mess up people games. Alex says "its retarded, whatever) Amanda says you can see ppl in the HOHBR with the lights out.

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1:00 pm BBT

Amanda and Alex the only ones still awake n the HOH bed/lights off. Amanda is upset about how things went down in the last 24 hours. She asks Alex if he still trusts Parker. He says he does and he thinks Parker is telling the truth but, that the game has changed for Parker now and Parker knows it and so does he (Alex.)

Chelsia and Parker talking in Bathroom. Sounds like Parker is feeling Chelsia out for who she and James are going to vote out? Chelsia tells him that she likes him and wants him to stay but, she's not sure what to do because of the whole Ryan/Jen situation.

Alison is living up to her name... every time someone is in deep strategy talk... she somehow appears.

She tells Parker and Chelsia that her only hope is for there to be a twist in the game and they switch up soul mates. Parker agrees, same for him.

The three of them decide that the best scenario for nominates tomorrow would be if Amanda puts up Ma and Pa (Shelia and Adam.)

Alison says goodnight.

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1:04 pm BBT

Back to Amanda and Alex. They're talking strategy. Alex wants Amanda to play the stupid girl role. She shouldn't talk strategy with anyone but, him (Alex), Matt and Natalie.

They only want Amanda to put something out "there" for testing... if it gets back to them... then they know not to trust that person. Alex and Matt will handle Parker and Jen. The plan is for Amanda to just be the social one and Matt to be the strategist. If she feels the need to talk strategy Alex told her to come get him... they'll pow-wow and decide together what the next move is.

Apparently Amanda is being told in the DR that many Hg's have come in and said they "love" her ass. BB tells her not to talk about her DR sessions. LOL

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1:15amBBT a light in the HOH room bothers Amanda & Alex, Alex is mad that the clictor dosent work all the time. Alex asks Amanda to go spying and 2 say she looking 4 something 2 eat.

1:20AMBBT Amanda talks 2 Parker who is in the shower. Parker tells his side of the story from earlyer

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