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American Idol Season 7 Spoilers


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American Idol's Giant Ruse: The Ringers of Season 7

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sources: Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV and VoteForTheWorst.com

American Idol is an unstoppable corporate machine. This is FOX and Idol's dirty little secret. On a few occasions, the executive producers of American Idol have admitted as much: Idol was created for the sole purpose of finding and selling new pop stars to a large populace. The producers own the recording companies who produce all the albums for Idol alums. This massive, inescapable contrivance has been largely ignored because it hasn't really affected the integrity of the competition.

The talent that's appeared on American Idol was undiscovered at the time and, even if FOX and 19 Entertainment used the singers as pawns in their own large-scale game of Monopoly, what we saw on TV was pure

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American Idol: Top 24 Revealed?

Sources: Joesplace, tv squad and Buddytv

Major, major spoiler alert for all of you American Idol fans out there. If you want to be surprised in a couple of weeks and don't want all the intrigue of the audition episodes completely drained, read no further. What we have here is the rumored Top 24 for season seven of American Idol. Last week, the final Hollywood episodes were filmed in Los Angeles and, according to JoesPlace (a reliable inside source), the 24 finalists have been selected. Granted, this is still a rumor at this point and should not be construed as official, but I'm willing to bet this is right on. JoesPlace, before the season even started, but together an almost perfect list of the Hollywood top 50. So, again, Spoiler Alert! Go no further if you want to keep the top 24 a surprise.






Top 12 Girls

Asiah Epperson

Alaina Whitaker

Alex Lushington

Amanda Overmyer

Amy Davis

Brooke White

Carly Hennessy Smithson

Joanne Borgella

Kady Malloy

Kristy Lee Cook

Ramielle Malubay

Syesha Mercado

Top 12 Guys

Chikeze Eze

Colton Berry

Danny Noriega

David Archuleta

David Cook

David Hernandez

Garrett Haley

Jason Castro

Jason Yeager

Luke Menard

Michael Lee Johns

Robbie Carrico

Quite a few familiar names up there, especially on the female side. Here are the people we've seen over the first four audition episodes that have, supposedly, made the top 24:

Alaina Whitaker: A good looking girl with a big voice who Simon said wasn't as good as she thinks she is. Well, that was still good enough, I guess.

Brooke White: A good looking blonde girl who has never seen an rated R movie in her life.

Kady Malloy: A good looking lady (are we sensing a pattern here?) who, I thought, gave maybe the most impressive female audition we've seen this season. She's also a vocal impressionist who showed off an incredible Britney Spears impersonation (of the singing, that is, not of the underpants-less, child-neglecting, paparazzi-balling harlot we all now know).

Kristy Lee Cook: Kristy Lee is the sweet-as-pie Oregonian who rides horses. It's come out in the open since her Idol audition that Cook was actually signed to a record label in 2001, which means Idol may have brought her in as a ringer.

Carly Smithson: The tattooed Irish lady who was denied a trip to Hollywood a couple of seasons ago due to visa issues.

David Archuleta: This is the teenager with the raspy voice who once suffered from vocal paralysis. I didn't think he'd make it into the top 24, but I like his potential.

Michael Johns: It would have been an upset had Johns not made the top 24. This Aussie has a great soul voice and, I think, gave the most impressive audition of the season so far.

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ya know, I've been thinking for the past week that the Hollywood episodes are not 'live' but recorded in advance, so the list of Top 24 must be selected and therefore thanks to the internet leaked early... but I didn't think until tonight to look for the names! lol

(Amanda Overmyer is the motorcycle riding nurse from Atlanta that was on tonight, Feb 5 )

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