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Primetime Emmy Awards

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Associated Press and ATAS/NATAS

'Desperate Housewives' Tops Emmy Nods

by Lynn Elber


LOS ANGELES, California - Nominations for the 57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards for the period of June 1, 2004 through May 31, 2005, were announced on July 14 by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences from the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre, North Hollywood, California. The Academy

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Entertainment News

In The News: 2005 Emmy Nominations Announced!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

WISTERIA ROUT: brilliant Ian McShane and House's crabby doc Hugh Laurie. Of course, there were also plenty of glaring omissions, most notably WB's perpetually ignored Gilmore Girls and its star, Lauren Graham. (Note to Emmy voters: Wake the hell up!) Rescue Me's Denis Leary also was denied a nod, as was Lost's Matthew Fox, Veronica Mars' Kristen Bell, the entire supporting cast of Scrubs, 24 scene-stealers Shohreh Aghdashloo and Mary Lynn Rajskub and two of Housewives' best comic assets, Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan. To see who else Emmy shafted, compare the complete list of nominees with our Dream Emmy Ballot. Suffice it to say, there's much work to be done.

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57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

(winners are highlighted in red)

Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming Less Than One Hour)

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57th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Shows Listed By Number Of Nominations

16 Nominations

"The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers"

"Warm Springs"

15 Nominations

"Desperate Housewives"

"Will & Grace"

13 Nominations

"Everybody Loves Raymond"

12 Nominations


11 Nominations

"Arrested Development"



10 Nominations

"Empire Falls"

8 Nominations


7 Nominations

"77th Annual Academy Awards"


"Lackawanna Blues"

6 Nominations

"American Idol"


"Two And A Half Men"

5 Nominations

"The Amazing Race"

"Broadway: The American Musical"

"The Games Of The XXVIII Olympiad - Opening Ceremony"


"Late Show With David Letterman"


"Six Feet Under"


"The West Wing"

4 Nominations


"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"

"The Daily Show With Jon Stewart"

"Death In Gaza"

"Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival (Great Performances)"

"Faith Of My Fathers"



"Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise And Fall Of Jack Johnson"

"The Wool Cap"

3 Nominations

"The Apprentice"

"Da Ali G Show"



"The 4400"

"Grey's Anatomy"

"Late Night With Conan O'Brien"

"The Lost Prince (Masterpiece Theatre)"

"Malcolm In The Middle"

"Reefer Madness"

"The Simpsons"

"The Simpsons"

"Star Trek: Enterprise"

"That '70s Show"

"Tracey Ullman Live & Exposed"

2 Nominations

"Back When We Were Grownups (Hallmark Hall Of Fame Presentation)"

"Beyond The Da Vinci Code"

"Boston Legal"

"A Christmas Carol"

"The Contender"

"Dave Chappelle: For What It's Worth"

"Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real"

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"

"Genius: A Night For Ray Charles"

"The 47th Annual Grammy Awards"

"The Grid"

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"


"The Office Special"

"Our Fathers"

"Penn & Teller: Bullshit!"


"Real Time With Bill Maher"

"Rescue Me"


"The Shield"

"Stargate Atlantis"

"Their Eyes Were Watching God"

"58th Annual Tony Awards (2004)"

1 Nominations

"Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (Mystery!)"

"America's Deadliest Season: Alaskan Crab Fishing"

"American Dreams"

"American Undercover: Last Letters Home"

"Antiques Roadshow"

"Applause - Budweiser"

"Battlestar Galactica"


"Cary Grant: A Class Apart"

"Christmas in Washington"

"Classical Baby"

"Cold Case"

"Cold Case Files"

"Conquest Of America"

"CSI: Miami"

"Dawn Anna"

"Dinner For Five"

"Drink Up - Aquafina"

"Everybody Loves Raymond - The Last Laugh"

"Family Guy"

"Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars"

"First Invasion: The War Of 1812"

"Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends"


"George Lopez"

"Glen -- Starbucks Doubleshot"

"Guerrilla: The Taking Of Patty Hearst (American Experience)"


"Hope & Faith"

"Inside The Actors Studio"

"Inside The Actors Studio: 10th Anniversary Special"

"Jazz At Lincoln Center Grand Opening Of Frederick P. Rose Hall - One Family Of Jazz (Live From Lincoln Center)"

"Judging Amy"

"Justice League Unlimited"

"The L Word"

"The Last Ride"

"The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson"

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit/Trial By Jury"

"Legend Of Earthsea"

"Leonard Bernstein's 'Candide' In Concert (Great Performances)"

"The Little Prince (Great Performances)"

"Live From New York: The First Five Years Of Saturday Night Live"

"Living With Wolves"


"Miracle Run"

"Mitch Albom's The Five People You Meet In Heaven"

"The Muppets' Wizard Of Oz"

"2005 NAACP Image Awards"


"Nick News With Linda Ellerbee: Never Again? From The Holocaust To The Sudan"

"The One Campaign - One.org"

"Pompeii: The Last Day"

"Project Greenlight"

"Project Runway"

"Queer Eye For The Straight Guy"


"Salem's Lot"

"Samurai Jack"

"Saturday Night Live"


"Smucker's Stars On Ice 2005"

"Sometimes In April"

"South Park"

"SpongeBob SquarePants"

"Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2 (Chapters 21-25)"

"Star Wars: Empire Of Dreams"


"Stephen Sondheim's 'Passion' (Live From Lincoln Center)"


"Surprise Dinner - Ameriquest Mortgage"

"Terror at Home: Domestic Violence in America"

"That's So Raven"


"The Tonight Show With Jay Leno"

"Tsunami Aid: A Concert Of Hope"

"2004 Video Music Awards"

"Whoopi Back To Broadway - The 20th Anniversary"

"The Wire"

"With All Deliberate Speed"

"Without A Trace"

"Zoey 101"

(See More Emmy Nominations and Winners Below)

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I wanna know where all the "lost" nominee's are :?: :!: :?

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I wanna know where all the "lost" nominee's are :?:  :!:  :?

Perhaps 'Lost' with Lauren Graham's nomination for "Gilmore Girls." :(

I still have a few to post but they are all for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Check back later tonight and see if "Lost" has additional nominations in those categories.

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I wanna know where all the "lost" nominee's are :?: :!: :?

Perhaps 'Lost' with Lauren Graham's nomination for "Gilmore Girls." :(

I still have a few to post but they are all for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. Check back later tonight and see if "Lost" has additional nominations in those categories.

Thanks h8ts-qt... I look forward to the rest of you coverage.

I did want to see an Emmy nod for a couple of the actors though... maybe next year. 8)

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Thanks h8ts_qt... I look forward to the rest of you coverage.

I did want to see an Emmy nod for a couple of the actors though... maybe next year. 8)

I'm blind from the sheer volume of categories in the Creative Arts/Technical Emmy Awards. I should have the rest of the technical awards posted by tomorrow. I'm becoming a 'Desperate Housewife' in need of a break. Stay tuned for further technical nominations coming soon to a message board near you. This is how my eyes look right now! :shock:

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Guest ranster627

wow what a piece of work? is it over yet? I just keep seeing purple and blue spots ... :P :wink: :D

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Guest ranster627

FROM TV GUIDE: Matt Roush Dispatch

July 14, 2005

For every drop of refreshing new blood in this year's Emmy field, there's a stubborn residue of tired old blood. The Emmy nominations are an annual rite of frustration in which every positive breakthrough is balanced by an aggravating snub.

This year is no different. As expected, last year's instant hits on ABC, Desperate Housewives and Lost, got their due, leading the comedy and drama pack respectively (although Housewives was tied with the academy's longtime, and inexplicable, darling Will & Grace with 15 nominations).

But because of the TV academy's regrettable devotion to faded perennials like Will & Grace, The West Wing and Six Feet Under, newer and fresher shows like Entourage and all of FX's remarkable dramas were left off the list of best series. (In what world are Six Feet and West Wing superior to Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck and The Shield?) As for WB and UPN's best shows, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, they and their networks may as well not exist to this moribund organization.

Going down the long, long list of nominees, you can't help but notice how every cheer is countered by a jeer. Just one case in point: The Shield. Glenn Close gets nominated, as she should, but not Michael Chiklis. At last CCH Pounder gets nominated, but not the season's most riveting villain, Anthony Anderson. You win some, you lose some. The Emmy way.

Which is why, even as we celebrate all of the Housewives who got nominated, including first-among-equals Marcia Cross, the focus goes on the one left out: Eva Longoria, an adorable prime-time newcomer whose spitfire character may be seen as lacking the poignancy and pain (and perhaps chops) of the other leads.

Likewise, while we revel in Lost's 12 nominations, including well-earned nods for directing and writing, we're sorry that only Terry O'Quinn (a lock as Locke) and Naveen Andrews were singled out of that great ensemble. Similarly, 24 deserved its 11 nods, but ignoring Shohreh Aghdashloo

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Quite A Wake-Up Call

by Addie Morfoot


Hugh Laurie

NEW YORK - Hugh Laurie's nomination in the dramatic lead actor category for his work on Fox's "House" finally validated his decision to become an actor. Laurie said, "A nomination like this is all the more meaningful to me because I have never been entirely sure that I am really an actor."

Laurie continued, "I have never really felt that I am in the right place at the right time doing the right job, and so an affirmation as big as this is terrifically important to me. It's like the decision I made 20 years ago to do this for a living turned out to be not such a crazy one, and I feel very grateful for that."

Laurie was thankful that the serie's executive producer, Bryan Singer, decided to cast him in the title role of Dr. Gregory House. Laurie stated, "I saw right away that this was a terrific role, and I assumed right away that it would catch the attention of many bigger names than mine."

Laurie added, "But then at the same time, I could see why there was an attraction in casting someone less well known because the character is so strong that they didn't necessarily want to have that fighting against a known face. Maybe there was an advantage in my being able to start with a clean sheet."


Marcia Cross

Up against two of her ABC "Desperate Housewives" co-stars for lead actress in a comedy series, troubled housewife Marcia Cross said that in an ideal world, each of her colleagues would have received a nod. "It is the combination of all of us that make the show work. It really is an ensemble, and we all need each other and we all bring something different to the show," Cross expressed.

While the show had been an Emmy contender favorite, Cross did not expect it to receive 15 nominations. Cross reacted, "People can say whatever they want but you don't really believe anything until it happens. I didn't even want to think about the nominations. So personally, I am overjoyed about the whole thing. I am so happy that so many departments got acknowledged."


Philip Rosenthal

Although he has received eight nominations and taken home one Emmy during his time on CBS' "Everybody Loves Raymond," creator Philip Rosenthal was taken aback by the 13 nominations the show garnered this year.

"It is very nice to be remembered after we are gone. There is not really a business reason to nominate us, so it seems like these are genuine, heartfelt nods," Rosenthal said. "The writing nod for the finale that all the writers shared together means the most to me because most of those guys were with me for all nine years (of the show's run), and we wrote the episode together."

Rosenthal said he had mixed feelings about this year's kudofest, an event that usually makes him nervous. "I just heard that they are not letting the writers on the stage this year (when they win). So you have to be a little insulted, because would there even be an award to give away or any shows to give them to without the writing?"

Rosenthal was at least hopeful that supporting actor nominee Peter Boyle would make it up to the stage. "I would like Peter to win this year because he has been nominated a bunch of times and he is the only one in the cast who hasn't won yet so we want him to win. He deserves it."


Eric McCormack

Nominated as lead actor in a comedy series, Emmy nominee Eric McCormack of NBC's "Will & Grace" prefers odd-numbered years when it comes to the Emmys. "This is my fourth nomination. For some reason I get nominated every other year. I won in 2001. I was not nominated the next year. Then I was nominated in 2003 but not nominated last year. I lie fallow every even year," explained McCormack.

Although "Will & Grace" has received multiple nominations in years past, McCormack felt particularly proud of this year's 15. "The fact that we have tied 'Desperate Housewives' for nominations is a great way to launch into our last year," McCormack said. McCormack then challenged to 'pants' Teri Hatcher on the red carpet to prevent her winning an Emmy for 'Housewives' and gain the upper hand in the competition.

The comedic actor stated, "We have had a couple of years where we had the most nominations or we tied with 'Sex and the City' or something, but that was usually just in the comedy department. There was always a 'Sopranos' that had 21 nominations or something outrageous, but there isn't this year."

McCormack remarked, "A lot of it has to do with our guest stars (five 'Will & Grace' guest stars were nominated). I think it is a nice reminder that we don't coerce them (to do the show). They come on because they can't wait to be there. It's kind of our little claim to fame at this point."


Ian McShane

In between takes on Woody Allen's new picture shooting in London, Ian McShane found out about his first Emmy nomination in the lead actor in a drama series category for his work as Al Swearengen on HBO's "Deadwood." McShane, who took home a Golden Globe in January, credited the drama's success to creator David Milch and HBO for giving the executive creative freedom.

McShane praised Milch and HBO in his Emmy statement, "HBO is great because they hire people like David and let him pursue his vision. They don't interfere." McShane continued, "David writes the script, and he does what he wants. They don't look over people's shoulders and they spend the money."

Although he is spending his time off from the series shooting a film, the actor said he is a big fan of the television medium. "I think the best work in America right now is being done on television. It is a pleasure to work on 'Deadwood,' and I look forward to doing it for a few years. I am doing this Woody Allen now, and that may not have happened if I had not done the show. So there are bonuses in every direction."


Naveen Andrews

On location in Morocco, Naveen Andrews took a break from shooting his upcoming movie "The Ten Commandments" to discuss his supporting actor in a drama series nod for his role in ABC's "Lost." "I am just pleased to have received some sort of acknowledgment for a series I am very proud of being a part of," Andrews said.

Andrews is nominated alongside "Lost" co-star Terry O'Quinn. The up-and-coming actor attributed the 12 nominations the series received to "Lost" executive producer and contributing writer Damon Lindelof. "We are very lucky to have Damon. He is constantly surprising me with his writing," Andrews added.


Cynthia Nixon

Although this is her fourth Emmy nomination, Cynthia Nixon, who took home supporting actress in a comedy at last year's kudofest, admitted that she felt different about receiving a nomination as Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie for her work in HBO's "Warm Springs."

Nixon found switching from Gotham lawyer Miranda Hobbes in "City" to first lady Eleanor Roosevelt in "Springs" a little "daunting." Nixon explained, "'Sex and the City' aside, to play a historical character is always a challenge, and to play someone who is so larger than life and someone who people are passionate about was overwhelming, but it was also exciting."

Although she is looking to make the transition to film, Nixon is not going to close the doors on HBO. "I would love to work with HBO in any capacity. They are a very comfortable company to work with. The original programming department is different then the original movies department, but all the people there take such good care of you and you can depend on all of the production values and all the people being the best people."


Oliver Platt

"Shock" was Oliver Platt's initial reaction to receiving a supporting actor in a comedy series nomination for Showtime's drama series, "Huff." "I'm shocked because we are not on the air and we don't have a colossal viewership yet," said Platt, who was last nominated for his guest turn on "The West Wing."

Platt continued, "I really take my hat off to the Academy for paying attention. It is a credit to the quality of the show and the quality of the writing. You don't always get recognized when you deserve it if you are a new series. Sometimes it takes a couple of years. So this is a really wonderful surprise."

Platt confessed that the only disappointment this morning was that creator-writer Bob Lowry did not garner any nominations. "I would have loved to have seen Bob get recognized for his writing. I think that in a very real way, each of the seven nominations ('Huff' received) is about Bob's writing."


Jon Favreau

Despite the fact that he is not sure if a nod in the nonfiction series category is exactly accurate, IFC's "Dinner for Five" executive producer Jon Favreau is just happy his series was recognized by the Academy after three seasons on the air without an Emmy nomination.

"I think that the categories in this area are fairly new in the last couple of years. I mean, how do you compare our show to a show about unsolved crimes (A&E's 'Cold Case Files')?" asked Favreau. "I think in a way, it is a bit more of a testament because it means that enough people figured out what category we should be in and nominated us."

Favreau continued, "You could easily get your votes split by people who are confused because what is our show? Is it a talkshow? Is it a reality show? Is it nonfiction? And frankly, we don't know, either. We don't have a category. The fact that people think enough of us to nominate the show against shows that are on commercial networks is a real testament to the audience."


Glenn Close

Glenn Close has her father and her BlackBerry to thank for receiving the news of her 10th Emmy nomination, for lead actress in a drama series for her role in FX's "The Shield." On vacation in Maine, Close received a congratulatory email from her father in Wyoming before any publicists or managers could tell her about the good news.

The seasoned actress, who described working on "The Shield" as "a wonderful (acting) exercise," said it was serie's creator, Shawn Ryan, as well as former and current FX presidents Peter Liguori and John Landgraf, respectively, who persuaded her to take the role of Capt. Monica Rawling.

"They flew to New York and they had put together this big portfolio and talked to me about the character they were thinking of. I had never even seen the show, so I watched the episodes and I was impressed and they had great focus and a great passion for what they were doing. So I thought I would love to work with people who believe in what they are doing and are actually highly articulate about it."

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Wow H8 great job posting all of this. Surprised that nobody has commented much on who they want to win or who they thought was snubbed.

My biggest shockers for being on the list:

West Wing for best drama

Hank Azaria for best actor

Ray Romano for Everybody Loves Raymond (of all the characters on the show he is ironically the one I like the least)

Jennifer Garner for Alias best actress (not so much against her but for other in that slot)

Will and Grace for Best Comedy

My biggest disappointments for not being on the list

West Wing over Nip/Tuck NO WAY. Shocked that Nip/Tuck didnt get the nod this year.

Hank Azaria's spot should have gone to Julian McMahon for Lost

I dont watch 6 feet under, but how could they skip Maura Tierney for Crossing Jordan make the list ahead of Jennifer Garner.

Marianne Jean-Baptise for 24

should have gotten nominated in the Supporting Actress Drama category.

Supporting actor is tough but I was disappointed that George Eads for his role as Sawyer in Lost.


Tony Shaloub for Monk Best Actor in a Comedy

Keifer Sutherland a close second) Best Actor in a Drama

I didnt see any of the MiniSeries but I am a big Kenneth Branaugh fan. Rooting for him for Warm Springs, but what a great category -- Ed Harris, Geoffrey Rush and William H. Macy.

In that same vain having not seen the shows, but based on personality and other work I would like to see S. Epatha Merkerson nab the trophy for Miniseries Lead Actress.

Lead in a Comedy I hope goes to Felicity Huffman. It would serve Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher right for trying to be the "star" while Felicity just comes in and does good work day after day. As much as I like all 3 my second choice would probably be Marcia. Making a character who keeps all her emotions locked down still accessible to the audience is tough.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy if its anybody but Peter Boyle I am going to scream. He is awesome and I cant believe he hasnt won an emmy yet for his portrayal of Frank Barone.

Best Supporting Actor Drama is tough. Love both my guys from Lost but I guess if I had to choose I would have to vote for Terry O'Quinn wins I will be happy with that as well.

Best Supporting Actress Comedy I would like to see that go to Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper. I have enjoyed her in every series she has ever been in.

Guest Actress and Actor I am going to go old school and root for Red Buttonsfor Comedy Guest

Reality Show I am rooting for ROMBER.

Who does everyone else like?

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. . . anyone who didnt get a nom that you thought should have

I know you didn't ask me but I'm wondering if Lauren Graham is EVER going to get the recognition for her work in "Gilmore Girls!" She learns oceans of dialogue and delivers every word with rapid speed bringing Lorelai to life.

Great idea to post our picks Lauren! I guess I'll go check the list and make some choices. You would think after posting them all that I would remember them but with 88 Emmy categories, I wasn't kidding when I was waving that white flag at the end! I thought the categories would NEVER end! I was almost convinced that I would soon see categories like "Best Craft Services" or "Best Limo Driver." :lol:

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H8 of course I want your picks!! As for Best Actress I dont watch the Gilmore Girls but it seems the general concensus that she was due for a nom, but then I look at all the other people that didnt make the list. I cant believe Maura Tierney always gets passed over. Her storyline has provided most of the best moments of ER for the past 3 years. Maybe its just that that category has more competition that others?

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Guest ranster627
Ranster anyone who didnt get a nom that you thought should have

Yes and thanks for asking ...

As always, I feel the sci fi world was shunned! Most particularly absent to me was Richard Dean Anderson after many years of SG1 service.

They can create a category for reality to garner ratings? ... and not Sci Fi???? That gets right up my nose!

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Guest ranster627


Question: TV Guide picked Eva Longoria for an Emmy nomination for lead actress in a comedy series. Why didn't she get nominated? She's so funny. What makes Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Teri Hatcher more deserving of an Emmy nomination? Is Eva Longoria the Kristin Davis of Desperate Housewives?

Matt: First off, before we get too deep into this year's unavoidable litany of Emmy gripes, I suggest you check out my analysis of the Emmys from last week. Trying to explain the whys and wherefores of who does and doesn't get nominated is pretty much an impossible task, but in this case, I like the analogy to Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, who often had to sit and watch while her more experienced and acclaimed co-stars got the awards glory. It's not that she's less deserving, but she is the relative novice in these ranks, and her sex-kitten role, though deliciously played, is probably the slightest and least-developed of the major characters. (I'm not going to start a new round of debates here over the merits, dramatic or comic or otherwise, of the individual housewives.) The other three leads are being rewarded in part for paying their dues. Hatcher's comeback story is well-documented, and she has cleaned up at previous awards shows. I'm hoping the Emmys will single out Marcia Cross for her astonishing first year as Bree. She was a revelation. But Felicity Huffman is always first-rate and shouldn't be taken for granted, either.

Question: My question is a simple one in regard to the Emmy nominations: For the love of all that's good and holy, why? How on earth can a past-its-prime, substandard, shrill and increasingly ridiculous show like Will & Grace (which I used to love

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