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The Gauntlet III


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premier date WEDNESDAY 1/23/08


Yeah! its back!! some of my all time favorite people (people with a * after there name) are back..

















Johanna**(Oh so hott!!)
















HOTT cast this year!

Who else watches this? I LOVE IT...

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it was okay.

diem looks great!!

ev is a bit scary...........and ct needs to calm down! he's one crazy dude.

and as much as i love coral......her and beth (and katie) need to retire from the challenges.........time to move on and get a real job girls!

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Elle, Its the favortie/ Most controversal people from Real World and Road Rules put on a show together and they have neeto competitions for prizes.. every episode if you loose your challenge, the other team sends one of you team mates into the "Gauntlet".. then your team has to choose the other person to go... the loser goes home and winner stays.... a boy and girl leave every episode...

The end of the show is a "final challenge".. and the winning team gets 150k to split up between themselves..

Alot of drama.. really funny.. I LOVE IT.

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I like Cora because she talk all that smack..however she can back it up. Just stay away from spiders and keep that knee in place...I miss the Miz those 2 were unstoppable..

I was pulling for the veterans but now I cant stand the guys. Trimming the fat???? I hope the girls get wise and start throwing the guys gauntlet comps.. If it wasnt for the girls yesterday, the vet men would have been on the block...3 of their men fell into the water. The vet girls proved yesterday that they were there to play. I was still mad though because they didnt throw that comp and make the guys have to go in the guantlet. The men want the ladies to work hard for them but they do not want to work hard for the ladies. If the other team was smart they would tell the vet girl so they would throw mens comps and the rookie team would not have to worry about going home. The vets would be so busy throwing comps leaving the rookies to coast through the challenges and maybe win in the end.

I have been watching these challenges for years... Beth may have a big mouth and I personally do not like her but she kicks behind on these challenges..the last time she played she got out on a tech. The team kept sending her in and she kept sending other people home.

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Tori is such a bitch. She needs to go. That whole fake quit thing was a total attention cry. An example of "I'm a spoiled little pagaent girl and if I don't get my way I'm gonna cry about it and not go back". The Rookies really suck. How do you lose that digging challenge when you have six less people for crying out loud? The producers try to throw you a bone and you fail. Funny how the rookies plan to send in MJ to take out Frank backfired big time. Morons, you shoulda sent in Nehemeiah for screwing up the challenge. Frank and Jillian kick ass. Screw the rest of the rest of the rooks, they'll take out anyone in the Gauntlet. And at this rate it looks like the final rookie team will be Frank and Jillian as they keep losing every damn challenge. The vets are smart to want to throw some challenges to get rid of Coral and Katie, they're just dead weight that will slow them down for the final challenge.

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Too slow in here :-p

Think people are too busy hating Natalie but that's how it goes :-p

Ok so I like Jillian more and more right now...MAN that girl keeps on fighting...I missed one big episode...what happened to Eric and how did Coral leave cuz I love it as soon as she is gone.


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Basically the Veterans plotted to throw a mission so Evelyn could go to the Gauntlet and eliminate Coral. Coral found out about it and got super pizzed. So the Veterans threw the mission and then instead of going to the Gauntlet Coral just quit and left. Since the Veterans still needed to do a Gauntlet, Casey volunteered since she felt she was the weakest and got ran over by Evelyn in Ball Brawl.

Eric.... is just a big, fat, slow guy. This makes him a liability in the final challenge so the rookies are saving him from the final gauntlet. We were left with a cliffhanger of who the rookies are going to pick to go in. Frank wants to send in CT because he promised Adam he'd send in CT if the Vets lose... Tori and Johanna want to send in Adam because they hate Frank I guess and think Adam is good at puzzles.

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Absolutely loved the ending. When they took Eric away, in an ambulance, and the other vets were like "Lets do it for him!", I was screaming at my TV, cause I coulnd't believe they were going to let them win without all players completing. And then the vets caught up, passed the rookies and raised the flag. No horn. That was so dang funny. I think I'll watch it again next time I am feeling blue, just to laugh my rear off.

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see, and i was ticked at the ending.......pissed that the vets kept eric, pissed 'cause the rooks gave up when they saw the vets arrive, and pissed that the losing-ist team ever won by defalt!
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I loved the ending, could not happen to a bunch of deserving kids... They got what they deserve. The men spend all that time trying to sabotage and were not paying attention to their own back door. In the begining I was pulling for the vets, after their cocky attitudes and disregarding people's feelings, (CT and Kenny) I was glad to see them lose. Boy I guess I watch the ending several times with a bottle of beer laughing at their demise. These people were so upset over a measley $30,000 that they forgot that someones life was instake.. what if Eric collapsed and died. Those people were sick..Paula all of them except for Brad... who stepped up and tried to get Eric help.

This season's vet were clowns. People like Kenny were not even part of the RW or RR shows. They came in off the internet to play in these challenges...

Because of the vet's cockiness, I would like MTV to do a New school vs. Old School, bring back Heather B.. Girl from Hawaii right now I cant think of her name...The Miz...Puck crazy %%% ...a etc I cant remember names but faces, like the girl who brought her baby to the challenge... and the guy who wrote Tim a letter for breaking up his family... I want someone to show CT and Kenny what real camera time is..

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