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Bb9 Prediction Challenge Is Now Open!


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Come one, come all.

Make this season a little more fun for yourself, with our own little Prediction Challenge (fully sanctioned by Morty himself!)

For now, take a crack at guessing the houseguest's names, ages, occupations and home states.

Once the houseguests' identities are officially revealed, we will be predicting the order they will be evicted in, which ones will be the first to do certain things, where they will each be sleeping, and some other things you'll have to wait to see.

And don't forget that the Prediction Challenge goes on ALL SEASON LONG, where we predict what will happen in the upcoming week, such as:

  • Who will win the HoH (Head of Household) competition? (25 points)
  • Who will be shown in the Diary Room first, after the opening credits, on Sunday's show? (10 points)
  • How many houseguests will be on SLOP this week? (10 points)
  • Name 3 different houseguests you think are most likely to be on the block this week. (15 points each)
  • Whose will be the first key pulled from the nomination box? (10 points)
  • Who will win the PoV (Power of Veto) competition? (20 points)
  • Yes or No, will the Veto be used this time? (10 points)
  • Who will be evicted? (25 points)
  • What will be the final vote tally (5 voters) for eviction? (10 points)
  • Whose good-bye message will be played first? (10 points)
... as well as a bonus question or 2 every week.

So remember, the Prediction Challenge Forum is the third of the sub-forums in the Big Brother Forum.

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