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July 14th Live Feed Updates

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Michael/Jan play their game again, of repeating each other, saying the phrases with different intonation, going from statement to question to emphatic...

You're making me nervous

You're making me laugh...

you're mocking me...

you're fascist...

you are mocking me

[i think my feeds are stuck? lol]

[4 cams of this? lol]

he thinks we're retarded

you're making me laugh (it turns sexy for a second)

you're getting angry

you are getting angry

I'm smiling

you are smiling

you are/aren't happy

I am happy

you are interjectic

you have fleas

I feel offended

you have bugs in your mouth!

I do not have bugs in my mouth!

you are annoyed

you're questionable

I disagree

[anyone getting this recorded, it's pretty good if you can hear it]

you are on my nerves

(we get a cam of Ashlea watching for a second)


you are an extreme dork

you make me laugh

you make me cringe

I'm getting annoyed with you

Jan:I have to go to the bathroom, excuse me!

Michael: that was classic...

He trys with Ashlea.. jeans and a top... doesn't last more than a few seconds

[if any one knows how to save a real player clip, let me know quick, I'd love to have this exchange recorded]

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[This years camera crew is the worst I have seen... constantly putting all feeds on the same thing.]

Jan and Michael are in the gold room. Janelle has face cream on and Michael is drilling her on using proper English.. and trying to help her.

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I just heard a crew member say something... "houseguests?" then said something to Michael through the wall. Then Michael said something about how he had to go put on the shirt he was gonna wear tonight.

Everyone's being told to go outside and "Jan" will walk them through the competition. And now we have fish.

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Michael/Jan are in the gold room, Michael is showing how smart he is to her... but telling her the difference between I'm good and I'm well... and further vs farther... she tries to explain, then he explains

Jan: that's what I said but not in those big words..

M: ok, I'll give you a D -

Jan is waiting 10 minutes to rinse something off her face or body

he asks what she looks like without a tan... she says that was her when she came in the house...

M: get the feeling we are being watched?

Jan leaves to rinse(something in her mouth?), the a BB voice speaks to Michael, and he leaves to change

living room is arranged for show... 5 on each couch, and 4 stools at the far end of the room

back to fish...

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Howie, Rachel and Ivetter in the bathroom...

H: if you get it wrong, you are out... sounds like the rules to HOH game... it's questions... if everyone gets the question right, slowest person is eliminated... but if you get it wrong, doesn't matter the speed, you are out...

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cool avatar georgectv

feeds are back james, rachel and beau are in the kitchen

james:rachel do you have any provacative clothing

r: yeah i used to work in a night club

r: its all boxed up, i don't wear it anymore

j: princes

j: i used to have a 'trust me' shirt, but then i saw bb5 and that dork was wearing one

j: do i eat now or later

b: now, we have 45 min

j: wish i was like howie and had an over active thyroid, bastard he can eat all he wants, ooh we sound like girls

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Beau and James are in the kitchen doing dishes as everyone else is getting ready. Eric is setting at the table watching. Ivette is running her mouth as usual.. not stop and stuffing her face with sandwich meat. BB fusses at Eric about her mike; he says it is on.. BB apologized.

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Guest Jewelsx19

Everyone getting dressed and ready for tonight...Howie walking around in his underwear again :shock: He sure isn't shy!

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Guest Jewelsx19

And fish again...they have been on for about 15 mins, so looks like we might just have fish now until the show is over(?) I hope we don't have to wait until it airs on the east coast!

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Guest Jewelsx19

Cams are back, everyone is sitting around chit chatting. The girls are all worring whether or not they are falling out of thier shirts :roll:

Howie has on one of the brightest shirts I have seen!

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Micheal is freaking me out. Him and Janelle are playing their little "you are staring at me" "no I am not" game... Micheal has this weird look on his face and is staring at Janelle.. It's very creepy.

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Someone says "Can you hear me" (one of the BB people I think) .. Everyone goes to the living room and sits down... Small talk here and there... Eric comments on how many shirts Janelle has had on. She says the yellow one was her "getting ready shirt"..

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WOW! I have never seen this... A guy is talking to them saying that they should have fun. They say usually about 10 million people watching they all scream in excitement. Woopty-doo. Ivette asks if east coast is only ones who get the show live, the guy says thats correct.. 5 min till show.

Says we won't be talking to you immediately, will tell you when you are being shown though.. so you arent picking your crotch or something.. (this guy seems nice)..

Wants to make sure bags are in the right spot... Tells K and Ash to walk over to memory wall... Some ppl run to BR. .. Tells K and Ash to move bags 2 ft from wall or something... 10 secs!!! they have to run!! James jumps over couch.. Tells everyone to sit now.. Just look at each other and talk..

Fish! Enjoy the show!

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BB: Gonna play a tape package before we go live

BB: Remember to not just give one word answers

HG: How many people will be watching

BB: About 10 million


Ivette: Is this only live on East Coast?

BB: Yes

Iv: See told you guys

BB: We will warn you before we go live, so you're not pickin your crotch or something

BB: What I need you to do is walk over to the wall to check if your bags are there.

(Kaysar and Ashlea walk to the wall)

BB: Pull the bags away from the wall like 2 feet

BB: Hurry 10 sec, going live

BB: Sit back and sit up

BB: talk and look at each other

Howie: Jannie you look so cute, I love your whole body

BB: we are going live


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