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July 14th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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April, vette and James are talking about Mike again. They want mike out of the house because supposedly he was in prison in Turkey for smashing some guys face in. They think they can convince Mike to put up Kaysar if he if Mike wins HoH, but they dont know they are a pair.

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Guest HermanoGrande

April, James, and Ivette in the bedroom talking about Michael. Ivette is saying that shes "scared" of him.

A: He told me he got thrown in a jail in Turkey from smashing in a guys face once.

Out of Janelle, Ashlea, Michael and Howie, Kaysar group, April thinks that they need to get rid of "the ring leader" Michael. They want to put up Michael and Kaysar next week because if they only put one person up then they will pick the other for the veto and that way save the one on the block and preventing their own nomination. James is playing along but doesnt seem real, He switches the conversation.

A: Dont work yourself up (to I). We need to take out their ring leader.

I: If this fucker keeps talking about me, i swear

A: We cant start changing out mind we need to focus

I: We need to get rid of Kaysar. Hes such a BASTARD!

A: I know

I: Cappy told me that he told them HOW DARE you hang out with "that group" when Beau and Ivette could be the ones to save you. You know i would want to save him, but hes full of shit trying to be all muslim and shit. being all close to allah. You might believe your religion James but your not putting it on people. He cant even get close to allah (sorry if im spelling that wrong!) hes so fucking evil.

James, April and Ivette Exit bedroom

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eric is telling kaysar to stay away from janelle again, people walked in so conversation was cut short. Some are fixing lunch now, eric and kaysar are playing their toss the coaster game again. Howie seems to be cleaning mirrors. Game is now over.

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Guest HermanoGrande

Ivette, April, James, Sarah in Kitchen Area. Howie is wiping the mirrors down (probably so he can see himself better, haha)

okay now Ivette,Eric, and James having whispered conversation in storage room. Couldnt catch any of it tho, my audio was messing up. It only lasted about a minute.

Now everyone is either sitting in the kitchen area or in the bathroom. Nothing worth reporting.

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11:22 [back from lunch here, sorry, I'll try to eat only during FOTH]

two feeds of Eric, Ashlea, James, Howie playing/watching Coaster Toss... Janelle, Kaysar in the bathroom going over HG stats(relatives, siblings, ages/etc) while Janelle noisily brushes her teeth

Janelle asks Maggie if she has a brother(yes, older) Ivette(2 brothers, both older)... Maggie asks Janelle the same(her mom remarried)


the HGs keep losing one blue coaster... Eric says it blends in with the carpet

Janelle, Maggie at the counter deciding HOH comp will be based on questionaires they filled out

Ivette talking with Beau(ironing) in bedroom while April tidys up some

April and James talk about something being or not being there before the lockdown(a glass sitting out?) April says a few have gone in the DR[questioning if they have all come back out?

Jennifer asking Maggie about a powdered meal... Maggie says the guys do it to bulk up.. Jen looks at the package, says they look yummy[credit packaging for that!]


Ivette, April, Beau still talking in bedroom

Ivette is upset at Kaysar for bringing in the bible[haven't seen it myself, but that's always a complaint in the house, isn't it?]

Beau says what he would say to Kaysar, about confiding in him..

Jen asks how to heat up salmon

April planning, what if K gets HOH... Ivette takes over the conversation... I intimidate these people, they would put me up.. if they get HOH, I will not act any differently

[hard to hear them talking softer at times on quad feed when the kitchen audio overpowers bedroom whispering]


Howie in kitchen giving Janelle a shoulder massage, turns it into a chance to say erotic things to Janelle[oh wait, Howie is breathing, so of course he is making it erotic]

Ivette just talked about 100 words a second...

Beau, regardless I can't put up J... (to Ivette)you'll end up putting up your two people, (to April)you'll put up your two, I'll put up mine(basically saying everyone will nominate who they want)

Rachel walks thru, evidently with a basket from HOH room, everyone says for her to keep the basket(my guess is the basket is what her things came in, she was going to leave it in the HOH room, but the others felt she should keep it with her) Rachel is moving out of the HOH room now, getting some help carrying her things... Rachel tells Ivette not to drop her underware on the way downstairs


Michael eating in kitchen, 2 cams of April, Beau cleaning bedroom, Rachel putting her clothes in bedroom

Maggie at kitchen counter with Janelle, complains about bruises from last POV comp, rope burns

April talking strategy with Ivette and Beau.. says you should put up strongest that could beat you, this is a competition... Ivette is going to shower and lay down on bed... focus...


general chatter in kitchen, James walks thru bedroom and sits down...

Michael talks about a movie from 1996, Sam Rockwell, Confessions of Dangerous Mind...

Ivette, Eric, Beau, April, James in bedroom...

E: relax, win HOH


Rachel and Jan are arm wrestling on counter... they debate who won...

J: you really think I'm strong?

Eric leaves the bedroom, I,A, James keep talking..

Rachel: I used to spend hours working out

Jan: what's the most you've sold a horse for?

R: I've honestly rather not say... not under the... [doesn't want the world to hear I think]

R: I really haven't made anything... goes on to explain the costs


April: if they won't take them out, we'll take them out... he listens to me, even if he goes to tell someone else, he is scared of us(Kaysar)

James: I'm always playing the game

Jan/Beau in the bathroom, Jan blowdrying her hair


A: we need to take out the ringleader

James: for some reason they like you(Ivette)

A: for some reason lol

J: when I told you that group wanted to put up you and Beau, that should have been enough...

A: he's trying to play both sides

J: he's trying but not doing too good

I: he's being shady, trying to use Allah... you(James) aren't bringing out your Bible... he was saying this stuff to me, saying he can't say mean things about others... he said I told the people, higher ups, about the game but not details... their whole life is to get closer to Allah, I hope he stepped back a thousand feet...


they break up the Kaysar session... everyone moving around, showering, getting fixed up for tonight... [what's tonight, something going on tonight in the BB house? hehe]


Howie doing some Coaster Toss Trash Talking(CTTT) to Eric... Kaysar and Eric start up a game... Howie still CTTT... 10 coasters... if a guy can't beat me with 10 disks... (Eric beats Kaysar)

H: even with Allah he can't win

H: I'm stuck in a house with a fireman, who sits around the house all day tossing coasters...

Howie is cleaning hall mirror, Kaysar and Howie notice marks, but realize it's on backside of the glass[cameraman's fingerprints?]

Janelle just burned her finger on a curling iron, wouldn't let Michael kiss it, but they model/pose/stare in the mirror... discuss height, Jan-5'9... Michael, 6'2, Sarah comes over and it's decided she is 5'10, Beau is measured back to back with Jan, who debates with herself if she is 5'9 or 5'8 3/4... [for this I missed a quick strategy meeting in the storage room with Eric, Ivette and James]


Janelle and Beau are getting catty about Jan being 5'9...

Beau and Jan debate height of Cindy Crawford... Beau having dressed her for a show, Jan having read it in Cosmo...

Maggie is doing Ivette's hair... or using it as a source to whisper strategy...

M: people I trust are my sources... you have to be careful of snakes in the grass...


Michael: I have a really nice sword collection...

[surprised Howie missed the chance for a lewd comment]

Michael:(talking about someone he knows) he has swords that are so old it's just the blade...

M: talk of a movie... guy at a pool table knocks a pool ball out of the pocket and kicks it so hard it hits another guy in the head...

Howie comments all kung fu movies are the same... then tosses in a comment about 'my little jen'

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Looks like they are getting living area ready for tonight - wishing they would come clean my house -

Janelle still doing her hair

Sarah laying down but looks depressed to me

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everyone is getting ready for tonight... well, except Eric who is perfecting CToss[i get dibs on making a gif of CToss for my new icon!]

Maggie joins him for a game, but pausing to whisper VERY softly...

H: are you still playing this coaster....

E: come on, at least give me a challenge...

E/M start a new game...

Beau, Sarah, Ivette in the bedroom, Ivette thought a glasses case was a cd case...

April and Rachel are in the Gold Room, April complaining that 'she has three drawers of stuff..

Howie calls Eric into another room, and Eric replies to a question by Howie with "Brian Bosworth", then returns to play CT/whister with Maggie


James repeats his claim of seeing April moon him this morning(she stood on tip toes to see in the fish tank)... April will only admit to maybe one cheek

James tries on Kaysar glasses, is said he looks like Dexter from Pinky/Brain cartoon...

April says the bathroom doesn't need to be cleaned because they won't do a view of that...

Eric/Maggie still having fun with CT, crack up when Michael walks in and trips on the table... he joins in the game of CT...

M: are we playing 'in the middle'?

E: anything... on the table...

[i know what I'm getting my kids for christmas!]


M: hey, you guys have more than me, let me use the blue ones also...

E: I'm just unbeatable...

(Beau walking thru making cat noises)

Michael leaves the game to join the bedroom group laying around... Eric, Maggie are at the vacuum, Eric changing the filter/bag, we get some zoomed feeds of the BB vacuum, Maggie is going in the DR to ask for a... [what? didn't hear it, will risk my feeds to rewind it in a sec] [advil cold/sinus]

Howie: Rach, the worse that happens is you go on the nomination block, come on?


Beau steals the vacuum while Eric is leaning the couch back for Maggie to straighten the rug... Eric fights Beau for the vacuum, but Beau uses it to help with the living room... Eric moves the CT table, then leans another couch back so Maggie can straighten the rug [hope CBS shows the rug tonight for all the effort they are putting into getting it straight!]


Jan: (to Michael in bathroom) I don't smell like cabbage?

M: that and sulpher...

M: these are definately the most comfortable chairs in the house(in the bathroom corner)

Michael watching Jan, Maggie, Jen prep in the mirror, James and Sarah laying in two beds just staring at each other, James may have fallen asleep...

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Guest Pecker

In the afternoon, they sometimes are asked to do a test run of the HOH competition, seeing as its live and all... Let us know if this is the case. Even though its forbidden to talk about the walkthrough (test run), they sometimes through a few comments like (wow, thats going to be hard, or probably a Q&A competition)... keep up the good work....

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sound of vacuum in the other room

James: Michael, could you tell them to stop vacuuming, I'm trying to take a nap...

Jen and Ivette cleaning windows, Jan still working on her hair(it was Rachel not Jen at the mirror a few minutes ago)

April is in the shower, says the water is cold, it's freezing...

Maggie telling Michael she has a blister

Maggie: it's from my... oh wait, it can't be from my own shoes...

someone asks Jan how long it takes her to do her hair...

Michael asks Maggie how long she's been a nurse(3 years), how much school? (6 years) do you like it?(love it) wear a little white outfit(scrubs)[she's a nurse, not a dancer]

Mike: when you see someone walking in scrubs, things over their shoes, it's because they were in surgery? (yea)

so when you see them walking around outside, that's because they are just done, didn't bother to take them off?

Mag: yea, that's wierd

Howie comes in the bedroom, gets confused when Maggie says everyone will come in to put on more makeup

Michael... the truth is, if you boil a condom, you can fit it over a telephone booth... it can fit over a mini cooper, it's been done before [i only includec that because it didn't get worse, and was so odd to hear! lol]


Michael walking thru the house, stops when passing Jen

J: what?

M: (shaking hands) nice to meet you (and he goes on walking

Howie is walking around, watching everyone clean...

H: those dots are on the inside(to Ivette washing a mirror)

I: you can get these

H: you just need to rub harder

Ivette and Eric are cleaning mirror next to each other...

I: listen, cappy...

E: don't get me cranked up...

I: I was going to say something, but never mind...

James walks up: you know what, I left my water bottle outside and I know it's gone now... because I ran into the be-- and FOTH...


the fish are swimming around, appear to be trying to clean the tank for tonight with their fins... two fish are in the corner playing gravel toss... and one fish keeps hitting on another one, calling it 'my little fin'...

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Ivette, James and Sarah on the couch talking about Howie. How he has boobs.

Ivette said she was never going to get any air time because of her potty mouth.

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back from fish... someone tells eric Janelle has been blow drying her hair for 1 1/2 hours... Howie gets onto Jen for singing...

Howie says Jen jumped into bed with him 2 nights ago...

J: because I thought you were Beau!

Howie walking thru asks if a table has been cleaned... [lol]

Ivette says she broke her diet, had an english muffin

James says 'these are only 25 grams'

Michael is helping Janelle make bed in the gold room... sheet is fieldcreast, Jan says it's from Target or Macys

Howie: if I'm evicted, can I take one of these? I mean, it's my house can't I take my couch? [lol he really is funny, IF you can edit out all his lewd/gross comments]

H: you think I should sit next to my little Jenny or Jan during the live show tonight?

R: sit between them...

H: yea...

Howie talks of playing CT after he wins HOH tonight... tells Jen and Jan he sitting between them tonight...


Howie tells Beau his toothpaste thing is awesome

someone tells James he looks like Woody from Toy Story... then they decide Eric is Buzz..


H: you can't have everything, where would you put it...

Jen:the sad thing is, there are probably women outside who can't wait to meet you...

H: you deserve a kiss-i-poo... she tries to pass, but he leans over the couch and kisses her, then acknowledges others in the living also... even James[james must be ready to kill Howie]

Howie start kissing up to Eric for no real reason... example of what he will say if Eric gets HOH...

H: Lets say Jenny goes back to her dull life... would you really go back to your dull life, or be here? or Michael going back to his fake accents, his swords on the wall, polishing them while he watches his favorite movie, or Beau, doing his gay travel thing, or be here with the fellas and girls... or Sarah, going back into her shell again, being anti social.. or Cappy, you really think you like sliding down poles for a living? you'd rather be here... in the BB6 household

E: have you watched this show before?

H: twice, serious

I: Howie, you're the man! If you'd clean up your mouth, Rachel would be all over you...

[lol this is so good, I'm getting farther behind live trying to get it all!]

I: he'd appreciate you, but he has to put up this facade for the demographics... lol

Maggie to Beau... did you look at my outfit?

Howie to Beau... for a guy that doesn't work out and sits on his butt and eats like a slob, you have some nice body parts...

I: he's helpful, he's sweet, but he's just a mess... he's one of those friends... he's great...

I and Jen together... BUUUTTTT...

Rachel: just don't talk to him

H: all right, let me prep you all for live show... don't look in the camera, when you look at Julie... try to look over her left shoulder, she's a righty... like cable tv, there's a slight amomoly.. anonoly... look to her left, and you'll look right at her... don't answer unless she asks you directly... this is live national tv with millions of viewers...

I: (BB voice) could I please have 5 and 5 sitting please...

H: I'm in the middle of Jan and Jen tonight... next week will be Ivette and Sarah...

I: Julie has yet to come back and tell us who won HOH...

H: they are changing the HOH room, we should go get one more look, they are sliding it around, each week, I read that in...

Howie to Jan... I'm giving everyone the drill, millions and millions of viewers.. do make sudden moves to the lens... look slightly to the left... the camera is slightly off...


Howie says he won't curse, because he wants air time... [lol now he thinks of this? lol]

Howie asks if the gold room is cleaned up... [he's soooo helpful! lol]

Maggie and Jen ironing, doing a bit of whispered talking, discussing going for HOH...

Ivette is sure show will be on live at 5... because it's on at 8 in Miami

Rachel, so it's on at 6 in Colorado? Ivette says it's only live on the east coast... Howie corrects her that Central time is live also.. Ivette remembers her brother in Chicago sees shows live... discussion if it's on live of tape delay west coast depending on how 'big' a show it is for the network...

H: 5 isn't primetime

James: yea it is, because no one in California works


Ivette, Sarah and James agree Howie is the funniest in the house... Ivette says only Michaels eyes look good...

James says Micahel has breasts from possible steriod use...

I: Howie is perfect, says funny stuff... I won't get time because of my potty mouth...

James: yea you will, you'll be the drama queen...

I: he likes me, but I'm too much... he would like me but as a friend... you(sarah) are perfect, you're sweet, cute... a nice balance...

James: my parents never cared when I brought home Latin girls...

Howie back on the couch with I/S/James

I: Howie is at a point in his life when he wants a 3 year lease, not ready to settle down.. it's half time for you... Mrs Longterm you aren't even going down that path right now...

the 4 then discuss their time in the house and what Howie may accidently do when he meets Julie if evicted[read between the lines, Howie is in the conversation]


I/S leave to get fixed up... Michael walks into/out of the room... True or false, Sean Connery was in Mr Universe... true...

James and Howie discuss beating Eric at CToss... Howie comments the place looks good... they get up... [and the 4 feeds stay on the living room for a second! then ALL 4 switch to the gold room?!?!?] where we find Howie, Michael and James, but James leaves...

Howie, tapping safe: there's a gold nugget in there

M: there is, my xray vision tells me so

H: you're lying, because it's lined with lead...

M: really?

Howie then gives an explanation of lead coming from tree bark [which must be a secret, because we go to FOTH]


Howie rubbing Jan's shoulders at the counter... few others sitting around...

Howie: ok, week one's over, who do I bash next week... Sarah, you'll be my project... only cause I love you...

Howie asks if there is always a gay guy in the BB house...

Rachel: ever a gay girl?

Michael(I think) says there is in this one... they start to ask how he knows...

A: unless they told you, you can't know...

R: I told you not to tell!

H: who is the lesbian? I could care less who is.. tri quadro... I've been asexual the last couple weeks...

MOD PICK UP!!!! :!: :wink:

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(conversation about who is a lesbian in the house didn't go any farther)

back to random comments

A: James said aparently you haven't been able to blow dry your hair, and I said yes I have! [lol]

Michael is dancing with Jan, gives her a big dip before they stop...

Beau is putting something on James pinky, after asking who wanted to be in the pinky club, but saying April can't because she is married [not a pinky swear I hope! lol]

April says she doesn't think hers will stay... April asks Sarah if she's wearing jeans tonight...

April says Kaysar needs to wake up... goes to find him... cam switches to bedroom, where Eric is making a face to us...

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Hard to track michael and janelle right now

J: you are questionable

M: I am questionable?

J: yes, you are questionable.

M: I am questionable?

J: you make me angry

M: i make you angry

J: you make me laugh

M: I make you laugh

4 feeds have been on this for 10 min

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Beau helping howie get all pretty for the live show. He is trimming his sideburns.

On fo the girls said do it in the shower as they just cleaned the floor. Now he is trimming the back of his hair.

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