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July 14th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Eric says (to Rachel) the votes better go 10-1... Says somebody was discussing votes last night.. Pause.. Rachel eats Eric drinks his morning coffee and water...Apparently at 9 oclock they must feed the fish so Eric says...

Rachel says the bathroom is discusting, Eric agrees "Everybody lets things go, but to a point you gotta clean up." Says something about Janelle not doing anything around the house. he knows Janelle doesn't like him so he has nothing to lose.

Rachel "unless she gets HOH"

Eric thinks people should step up. Talks about being one of the first up at the firehouse, usually does the dishes, has coffee, reads newspaper.

Eric tells Rachel that he knows she doesn't trash talk.

Rachel "I don't like to talk bad about people"

Eric " I leave a dish here and there like everybody else but.."

Continues to say that he can see Ivette blow up, and he has told her that she has to keep her emotions in check.

Rachel says the biggest thing is to get sleep. (I think she means to keep her cool)

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Guest Charoliney

Eric and Rachel strategizing.

Eric : Kaysar was pissed at James talking about the war when James know nothing about the war.

r: really

e: if james goes up , i want to take james, but i think what u said is right, he could be devastated.

r: yeah well, we should start cleaning the bathroom

e: let them clean it

r: i need to clean up my room too

e: just be yourself, you will be fine

r: yeah

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Guest Charoliney

Eric trashing each of the houseguest to Rachel.

Most of the time, Rachel is like, yeah, really? ... head nodding.

I wonder how much of this is rachel listening i.e. buying it...

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Eric and Rachel alone in the kitchen, morning chat, some about strategy and votes and pitching in to help out, just to keep from being a target...

E: I know you are sweet and all, and don't like to complain about others, so you can sit and listen to me... [lol]

R:I've tried tactics(talking about past roommate)... I'll let it pile up... and they ignore it... so I end up clean clean clean or fight fight fight...

R: I have to move out by 1(from HOH room?)

E: let's go thru this... (they are looking at the HG pictures, discussing ages of the HGs... guessing some, knowing some...)


now discussing where everyone is from...

after naming Florida so many times, Eric says there's got to be something to it, out of thousands and thousands... and Janelle and James are from the same modeling agency... supposedly they are only a year apart...

discuss who is married, who has kids... the possible Florida alliance, but that won't happen because Ivette and Jenelle hate each other....

E: there are 6 green chairs... dots on the door, 2 puzzles...

E: everything is like 3, 6 and 9... see how there are 9 spices...

R: (something about 317?)

E: there are 3 safes... only reason I'm sharing this with you is because I trust you...

R: all good observatsions... if Michael got it, who would he put up?

E: I have no idea, he is a total wildcard

R: it was good you talked with Howie last night...

E: I don't mind taking him as far as I can.. I hate when others cut him down, he's a good looking guy, thick skinned like me... he's a sensitive guy who cares deeply

R: Jen was upset he was calling her Chunk, he said I'm sorry....

E: that's the difference between H and Michael... he snap... like when you came to me and said I was being crabby and need to watch it... you have to realize and accept it... like when Jen locked herself in the room, and you freaked out

R: no matter what it was, I'm letting it go

E: exactly, those are the things that will... long as you have people like myself that will put you back in shape

R: we have to watch each other

E: I don't want to be in the house with the Ashlea's and Janelles...

R: we'd all be misreable... it will be interesting to see who Janelle bonds with after Ashlea leaves... Kaysar...

E: oh, yea, he's done...

R: would Howie put up Kaysar and Michael?

E: yea, Michael needs to go, he's much more dangerous

R: what if you get it?

E: long as I know for a fact, if I put up Michael... oh, POV... Janelle and Kaysar, and after POV I could put up Michael.. because I have a reason to put up Kaysar... I told him at the beginning, don't break my trust... as long as I know I have the votes to do it... I'd put up Michael and Janelle...

she's(?) gunning for me, but I'd put her off to get the more dangerous

R: right now, what's best for the house is Michael, he's scary...

E: and he's using that...


E: long as I know we've got the votes...

R: you've got mine

E: I'd say it's a game and you're a strong player... and he knows because of what happened to the girls... he said I know you command respect... but this has nothing to do with the game, I don't want a girl feeling uncomfortable in the house...

R: I'm not sure where his mentality is coming from..

E: I think it was reactive, then intimidation... he didn't try you because you know better, he goes after April... blames everything on her

R: sounds like they are doing something out there(the yard)

E: I'm going for it(HOH)... if it's between me and Ivette, I'll let her get it...

R: POV will be big

E: you have to put up two people you want going, you can't depend on a variable... I personally don't think Janelle can win one comp

R: she gives up easily

E: she cares more about how she looks than... that picture was a great picture, I want it... but the first thing she said was my arms look fat... indication of where she is in her life.. did you see how much she had in her bag? it was FILLED with cosmetics.. I mean filled, to the top... I'm used to being with someone like you.. Julie will go out looking good, she'll put on blush and eyeliner and call it good[would like to hear from Julie if that's all she does hehe]


E: Michael and Kaysar are going, and Janelle... then it's going to get tough

R: you are right about Sarah and James....

E: watch when Jen is all over James, watch Sarah... I don't know what it is, but there is something going on... I trust James to a point, I've seen him work his magic on some people, but is he working it on me? He's very emotional, quick to read... he was talking about the war... I walked away... someone told me, if you argue with a fool, who's the fool? I asked one question... is Iraq better liberated? He said ask Kaysar, who said absolutely not... and he(James) went off... very quick with the tongue, very sharp, when he's being attacked... Rachel, you saved me the first week, I owe you, I told you how loyal I am, that's serious...

R: it will be interesting...

E: today will be a huge day... could mean the difference in upsetting the balance... putting people on edge.. the odds are in our favor..

R: Kaysar could get it, and then what...

E: I think he puts James up in a heartbeat.. then we need to think about that...

R: I would hope he wouldn't put me up... he might put up Janelle...

E: then we have to make some decisions... Janelles an odd factor.. that might be a hidden blessing... I can work Kaysar

R: we'll cross that bridge when we come to it...

E: he was upset with James at one point... said to James I can't believe how irrational you are.. then James went ding ding ding, and followed him out and talked, realized he'd just made an enemy.. I want to take James as far as I can, but that might be devistating...


R: well, I think we need to start cleaning the bathroom...

E: let someone else clean it, you've cleaned enough... you have to do yours...

R: they said we might be interviewed by Julie.. I said whyyyyy

E: just be yourself

R: let's go down the list..

Jen-she'll follow suit

Mic- we don't know

James-Kaysar, he says Michael needs to go

Sarah-she's following suit

Beau-she'll do what Ivette wants

R: if Janelle gets it... ohhhh

E: if I go up, people could be thinking the same thing, he strong, let's get him now... she's the one that can't get it

R: she may put me, because I got Ashlea out.. oh wait, we have an agreement(surfboard pact)... interesting...

E: I don't like interesting! lol

E: have to consider all angles... I'm not the type to start kissing up to her if she puts me up.. I'm not risking my integrity to stay another week... but the odds are way in our favor, April is sharper than we think in the mental stuff

R: if someone we like gets put up.. if I play POV, I wouldn't want to win it, be in that position...

E: be honest, if they ask you, say when I was HOH I didn't want it used, and you want to respect it... unless there is a predetermined plan... like if Michael isn't up and we want him out...

R: if Ivette got put up, and asked me...

E: I don't know if I could use it... have to respect the decisions, have to be dead honest with them... if you say you will take them off, and then you win POV and don't use it, and they stay, you are screwed with them... that's why there are so many variables... like if Ashlea won POV, I told them we'll worry when we get there, you worry about things you have no control over... right now we have 9 out of 12... I'll take those odds that we can win it... we've got some strong players...

Maggie, she's strong as it comes

Jen says she's strong in memory

Howie, he's smart as they come... not in a bad way, I can just tell it

Kaysar, no intestinal fortitude, he's jumping, like a rat looking for cheese

I misjudged him, he's out there smoking cigarettes

R: they aren't supposed to smoke?

E: I'm sure they aren't... that's cool but don't preach it to me, that you are so solid in your convictions... I don't preach because I know I have faults...

R: it's good we can get this out now! lol

E: our little coffee talks.. I'm not upset in the least, but it's good to get our emotions out

R: I'm sure I'll get to know others better when I move down here

E: Janelle has no integrity, doesn't even know how to spell it[hope I spelled it right lol]

E: I don't find her attractive, she's got weaved extensions... she's so plastic

R: it's sad

E: sad place to be when you are uncomfortable in your own skin... and you look at the opposite, take Maggie who could care less, or you, you don't spend an hour trying to make yourself up... doesn't mean you can't get in highheels and look smokin...

R: well if she got HOH she'd spend all her time in her bathroom...

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R: food comp should be sat... I hope it plays out... (thinking PBJ challenge will happen)... I'm surprised Maggie isn't up...

E: I was supposed to wake her but she can't workout(yard is closed), so why...

R: maybe we should start breakfast... everyone was down here pigging out at 11:30 last night....

E: James wanted up at 8, so I'll let them know...

they get up from counter and start moving around in the kitchen

E: I think we are going to be lock down all day[bB preparing for tonight's show?]

R: I don't think it will be real strenuous(HOH comp)

E: after I clean I'm going to study this house

R: usually they do a how well do you know your HG... I don't get to play...


they go to storage room for batteries and start doing the breakfast thing...

Eric went away for a bit, came back....

R: is Maggie is getting up?

E: I told her there's no reason, told her about the lock down...


male HG walked by (offsite of camera 1 feed)

R: are you going back to bed?

HG: yea...


Eric has finished making breakfast.. April stumbled out to the kitchen for a minute... then goes away... Eric and Rachel talk to the camera for a second... getting in a better position to watch me eat? James wanders in, and April comes back to the counter...

April starts to take some of the 5 rolls of paper towels on the counter...

R: could you leave one of those, so I can take it up to the HOH room to clean?

James: yea, get my room ready [lol]

Eric and Rachel notice James is measuring out one cup of cereal...

Ivette has come out also...

Rachel says if she had brown sugar she could make something, but it was all used up making cookies or apple crisps...

April: they can't be setting up too much, because I guarantee it's a mental thing


A: Kaysar said last night I can't help it that my momma spoils me

they start to talk[not bash yet, but I reserve the right to come back and change the word] about Muslim family life...

subject quickly changed to yogurt... no bashing... good HGs :)


James: this is the good yogurt for you, because it isn't loaded down with sugar...

E: (to Ivette) you're going to stick your hand down there, aren't you?[in box of cereal? my video is frozen]

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Eric, Yvette ,James and Eric talking about who Mike would put up he if he gets HOH.

Yvette is convinced it will be her and Eric

Eric says "he won't put me up"

James said we have a 75% chance of getting HOH because they have a 9 man alliance.

Eric is not worried acout Janelle getting HOH because "she can't put two brain cells together."

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Yvette and April talking about having sex. April says she used to get it at least once a week. Then she said 2 times a week. Then she said maybe 3.

It depends if Matt catches her in that window of opportunity.

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Eric, Rachel, April, Ivette, James in the kitchen

E: we call him no condiments Joseph(son?)... doesn't like condiments... 7 yrs old... comes out in morning and takes sports section from Eric to check on the Red Sox... James says that's the sport to keep him in... few injuries, and he can even get fat when he's older and still play [lol]

Eric's voice gets soft as they start to strategize... then everyone... [except for loud snoring on feed 1... and cam 2/3 switch to pan cooking on stove? BB worried HGs will get so wrapped up in strategy that the food will burn?]

E: you can't be worried about what is possible... I understand what he is saying, he doesn't want a split vote, we can't take any chances...

They discuss an agreement made last night by a group sitting at a table last night, not to put anyone up from the table... turns out James wasn't there... (which is good, because they thought an option was out because of the agreement, but James could still do 'it')


Eric says again they have 75% chance of winning HOH... 9 of 12...

James questions todays vote... April mentions talking to Beau, that Beau can't vote for Michael... Eric says April needs to find out where he stands... April changes it to Beau wouldn't put Michael up, but would vote him off...

James: he has to be convinced that Michael will go, it's fear of retribution..

R: people are afraid of him, and afraid to put him up...


April says she feels awful because she can't smoke this morning...

A: I'm a smoker while I'm here... I'm not gonna lie.. the first couple days.. uh uh....

J: Rachel, what did you major in college?

R: I took some classes about horses...

J: did you finish?

R: no, I regret it.. when I was little I wanted to be a vet...


James, April, Rachel at the round table... April stands on tip toe to look at the fish... James claims she mooned him [lol not quite, but it makes for good BBtv, right? lol]

James tells everyone, and Eric wants to see also, April teased him some, then they discuss that the women show more in their bikinis...

Rachel suggests April dry her hands with a paper towel because it's cleaner than a rag... they say thank you mommy to Rachel...

[away from feeds from 8:45 - 9:45]

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They are now on LD outside. 9:51 am.

Will be away from feeds rest of today. Be back tonight. Keep up the great work!

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Still all 4 feeds on the gym.Houseguests are locked down outside.

{Hmmm, maybe a luxury comp for the gym and this is BB's way of letting us in on the secret?}

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Guest Domestic_Goddess

Now FISH---but I still see someone walking around.

{And it looks like less fish in the tank}

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