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Mary Sartain


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AGE: 29

OCCUPATION: Real estate entrepreneur

HOMETOWN: Emeryville, Calif.

MARY SAYS: ''This is closer to $1 million than I've ever been. I'm definitely in it for the money. I'm largely money-driven.''

JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''I think Mary coming into the game is going to be on the bubble. She's either going to learn where to fit in this group quickly or she's going to be on the outs for the whole time. Mary's best play is to hide in the middle, not become a nuisance, just hang out and see if you can hang out long enough that your vote becomes valuable.''

*Monty Brinton, EW.COM*



Mary Sartain is a co-owner of Statewide Financial, a real estate and financial company that, under her supervision, houses a team of loan officers, salespersons and assistants. She has worked in sales all her life. Sartain attended some college at California State, Hayward, where she took courses in art and business. She also attended real estate school and is currently in Broker School.

Sartain lived in Quito, Ecuador when she was five years old. She moved to Oahu, Hawaii, when she was 18 years old to explore island living. She eventually moved to San Francisco and then Walnut Creek, California.

Sartain's hobbies include painting, basketball and Bikram yoga. She describes herself as energetic, strong-willed and an achiever. She is most proud of realizing her potential at a very young age and having been in business since she was 19 years old. In addition to her ability to adapt mentally and physically, Sartain believes that her skills of being able to put people together (as she does in her everyday work) to create the outcome that she desires will help her go far on SURVIVOR.

Sartain is currently single and resides in Emeryville, California, with her two Abyssinian cats, Kya and Portia. Her birth date is November 11, 1978.


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Survivor: Micronesia's First Fan to Leave Has "No Regrets"

by Nina H

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